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Hi Mike
I Just recieved the report and I find it to be extremely acurate
I had been somewhat confused by the Dreamspell cosmology and feel more
empathy with your system.
Thanks for the important work you are doing

Thank you Mike, i have received and could open the file.
Very true must say, just amazing. Will recommend to my friends.
Best Wishes,

The accuracy of the prediction of my nature has astounded me. Time to start living by the Mayan calendar.



Hi Mike,

thanks, report gladly received and read ! Good insight, very accurate, helpful advice for right now !

Best wishes - from Kathmandu by the way,


Hey Mike,

I have received the reading, thanks! It is quite accurate. Kinda puts you on the right path when you read it. I tend to be somewhat skeptical and mostly think that many of the similar readings resonate with people because of Forer Effect, yet even despite of that this text touched me deeply. In the end it isn't really that important how "true" is it, but does it kindle within you (and yes, i was actually reading it on amazon's device :)).
It is also nice that you put information part at the end so one can better understand the whole analogy. The way Mayan people mapped the time is truly fascinating and by my standards most natural. Following my intuition I will always get the same advice as from Mayan calendar for that day (listening for that advice is another story :)).
You now for Croatia? Seem to be rare occurrence these days, you ever been here?
All this talk but what I really wanna say is thank you for walking this way.

Have a great day,


Thank you very much for this report, it is right on the money, it's all me. I will be requesting also for my lady fiancé and for my daughter once I have their agreement. 


This Aztec Astrology Report is really powerful. I didn't expect that it will be so accurate.
Good job- keep going!

All the Best

Hi Michael!
Recievied the report.  Its so accurate about me its as if you're in my head or know me EXTREMELY well! Even my son & his family couldn't get over how accurate it is! Thanks so much!

Hello Mike, I did receive the report. It is amazing, frankly it was on point. My father was born in Guatemala, and Mayan culture and astrology have always fascinated me. Thank you so much, I love the website too.


I have never seen a report that describes my personality so specifically. 
I could go line for line - and it all would match up.  So, thank you again.  It is amazing.



Yes, I received the files and have read them thoroughly.  I'm impressed with the accuracy of the reports.  I have checked into other Mayan Astrology reports and found them lacking in substance.  I will be recommending your site to others that I know will be interested.  The background information you give on the Mayan cycles is easy to understand and very helpful in expanding our knowledge of all that we really are in this world.

Thank you, for your work.

Thank you.  I have received it and it is fascinating!  It is so very on target.

Thank you again.

The report is shockingly spot-on!
This is a remarkably accurate description of the motions and emotions in my life.
And a very good sign post for what is to come. 

Thank you so much

I'll keep in touch with Mayanmajix. Keep up the good work



Thank you for the report! It was scary how right on the money the report was!
Once again THANK YOU for your hard work.


Thank you I received it today & read it & found it extremely accurate
& want to use this as a tool through my life...

Kindest Regards

Your personality assessment is superior to any Western astrology thing I have seen.


Thanks a lot for the report.

All I can say is WOW!  From the outset it seemed I was reading a researched psychological assessment rather than an astrological reading (which generally tend to be too vague for my liking). Really impressed with it and glad of the deeper insight to myself.



Amazing...absolutely amazing.



I recieved the report and was able to open it, it was stunningly accurate, even the areas I view as my faults which I'm always open to admitting were spot on.  WOW!


Thanks very much, wow Im amazed at the accuracy of your report for my time/birth date, it's great!  Just had a quick read, now I'll go over it again but it is so very accurate, really helpful in understanding yourself.... now to see if I can figure out how to work with it!

Thanks again/Brenda

It’s a bit of a blowout how close to the bone it is!!

Again thanks and enjoy the moments

Hi Mike!. Thanks a lot for the report. I already read it and found it really amazing!
Both good and bad tendencies of myself are reflected in this report. It make me see clear the challenges I've been facing, some of them already overcome (at least is what I believe) some others still a challenge to be worked.
Thanks again.
Best regards from South Texas


Thank you i have received my report. I enjoyed it and believe it to be very accurate.


I have had a bunch of western astrology reports done and none hit home
so hard as this one for sure.

Thank you for your time and work, I found this very interesting!!

Take Care,

It amazes
me really, so predicted. It decribes me very exact and also helps me to
understand my lifesituation as it is today and my future. Great!

I was a little suprised at the chart. It described me in such a way that I thought would be imposible. I must admit it's a little scary to see yourself from an "unknown source." It was right on.

I found it very interesting and helpful in understanding my character, something I had never discoverd in other reports regarding Western Astrology. 

All good here, MIKE. Great report, feel like I'm reading my biography! many thanks
Sue in Australia

Thank you very much.

Parts of this have me laughing out loud about how accurate it is.  This is certainly some good food for thought, something I will reread and reference as I continue on my way.

Thanks again,


Thanks!  Freaky how accurate it is!

Hello Majix!

Thank you very much. I just read the horoscope and it was amazing.
Everything there made so much sense. 
It was fascinating and very special to me.
Thank you again, Tor.

thankyou very much for my calander reading very precise &acurate
will help with the future bring on 2012.

 Wow - so real, describes me to an absolute tee.  I am going to come back to you with 3 more birthdates later today.



Thank you Mike for sending the Astrology report.

It is an incredible accurate characture of myself on some of the most intimate details. Most unbelievable! It gives me confidence to express the strong points in myself that I sometimes try to hide because (perhaps from my childhood were not permitted) it might not be acceptable. This is what I have been recently understanding within myself and it comes to reason that the transformations that I have been experiencing over the last, weeks, months, years are all in line with my readiness and preparedness for the transformations of evolution.

Blessings..................... Helen

Thank you so much, the report was so precise. I am still surprised and in shock.
And thanks again.

It is absolutely spot on and very accurate profile of personality traits and tendencies and it made me laugh out loud at the preciseness of the evaluation!!! I will recommend  this to my friends and family to explore as well.

Thank you for the Report. I found it to be of great value.

Best regards,


Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this , I'm very appreciative of it .
I been browsing thru the report , and I'm stunned for the accuracy of the information , w o w !!!  I have in the past , other astrological charts made but none of 'em are so clean sharp about definitions of character , behaviors , inner life , faces  mood faces .
I do regret not having this info. 40 years ago , my life would be different now
( much much better I would say )


Thanks ,

Great reading, very informative, totally agreeable. i will read again to re-evaluate.



thank you for the Mayan report. Yes, you are absolutely on the money.

I can't believe it. Everything, the way I behave, think, reason, react, anger issue, no one came this close. Pretty raw and revealing.
This is a keep, something I will have to revisit often, thank you again.


Zee Matej

Dear Mike,


Thank you very much, I received the report in good order and it is very interesting to read. It is remarkably precise on characters that are written about my personality. With the fact that it is written in extend with different points of view, it makes it excellent. 

Thank you again and I will encourage other people to do the same.

Kind regards, 


I was amazed at the info particularly regarding one issue that I had never mentioned to anyone.  I'm in the process of doing much more study regarding the Mayan calendar.  Thanks so much for the report.

I recently order your Astrological reading. This was very interesting and a lot more information than I had anticipated. I'am very happy to have experienced such a chart.

thank you for your asistance and I found my report to be very scarey because it was so true. Rachel and I read hers last night, and she says the same, amazing how your report can be so intune with who we are with out ever know a single one of us.

I must realy say that Iam impressed. I could almost never found anything which was ringing my bell with the european Horoscope as a virgo and , yes the Mayan Astrology report did just that. I could see my old life with a lot of Jaguar struggles,and happiely I am over it. Yes I am a healer and Iam writing books as your report indicated. Thank you for the horoscope
Blessings Isma

I just can’t believe how all three of them are pretty much dead on with our personalities!


Thank you for a most interesting reading it will help me in my time remaining on this planet. I already see a lot of myself that I can recognize this is remarkable but most profound in that it awakens an understanding in to realms that I have long sought after.


I am totally floored by the accuracy of this report…
Even better than “traditional” astrology reports!!



Thank you very much for the report its great. cant wait to recieve
everything else.

Working for the light,

I just received and given a first read to my Mayan Horoscope thank You.
In the reading of it, I have never uttered so many 'uhus' in my life!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
In the last year I have only just begun to open my heart to Global Consciousness.
There is absolutely no doubt in my heart that what the Mayans have described
is part of the plan for the human race.

Got the report and after picking up my jaw in disbelief, wanted to let you know as I'm sure you hear quite often, how appropriate much of this feels. Never heard it as related to a Gemini or other reading before - almost unnerving how accurate!

Thanks much,

Your astrological report of my birthdate is right on the money! 


  We recently received our astrological reports for ourselves and our children and find the information  both insightful and amazing accurate.

Perfect and might I say that report is right on point! Fascinating-

Thanks to you!

Me and my wife are amazed by the accuracy of the report.

All the best!


Thank you so much.  This one for me seems very accurate.  Which means the one for my boyfriend must be accurate as well and should help me to understand him a little better.  I can definately see him in the report you sent to me for him as well. 

Thank you Mike for responding so quickly, and sending me the astrology report by e-mail.
It's truly an amazing report.
Love and Light


I received the attachments thank you so much. The reading was incredibly
accurate and has highlighted things about my personality traits that I knew
already, as well as making sense of certain things that i had less awareness
of. Having done a lot of reflection work already, the reading in some ways
has expanded upon what i have learnt already. It really is a great tool for
showing the areas of my life which i could focus on and areas that i can
work on to facilitate the develpment of my conciousness.

Thank you so much for all your help in decoding my birthdate and providing
my reading. I will treasure it!

Much love and thank you again,


Mayan horoscope was great. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand
on end. I thought you might like the feedback..

Thought I'd let you know that my astrology report was right on the nose!
I have just ordered a report for my partner


Thank you so much for that astrology report. I only read
about ten pages of it, but it is so true, I don't quite know what to
do with it. I will continue reading on and study the other aspects of it you suggested. Thank you so much Kate

Very interesting indeed! It is me to the detail !!

Several things in that file were stunningly insightful!  I recognize certain traits now that I see them presented from a new, detached perspective.  I can really see the wisdom and accuracy of this Mayan / Aztec Astrology now.  It is so complex, goodnes---you possess quite a wonderful skill to be able to so completely understand it.

Thank you so much again ! 
I will recommend your wonderful ability and insight to others!

Best Regards,

Thanks , this is pretty amazing...I know of the Mayan Calendar and it's history by way of Jose Arguelles' book the Mayan Factor and this report seems to be right on target for me...very informative....

Thank you for the Mayan Sun-Sign Report.......incidentally, I was initially sceptical of what the report might state; I tend not to regard astrological reports as realistic ( which, ironically, was stated in my report! ).
Notwithstanding, ninety percent of the report was quite telling, and honestly, my wife and I are simply astonished. I read the report subjectively, and my persona was illustrated with wondrous accuracy.

Thank you. My report was very accurate and insightful.

Your report on my girlfriend was so close it was amazing. She said it was like
handing her a mirror. Thanks Fred

Thanks and again Iam completely surprised. The Horoscope is my husband
in every single aspect. Like somebody made a photo of him.

A mutual friend of ours read mine and thinks it fits to a "T."
Many thanks, and keep up the good work; we do appreciate all the learning we receive!

This info is dead on.

Thanks ,
They were quite accurate for both of us.

Thank you so very much!
I decided to order one of your reports after obtaining the Mayan Calendar
and Conversion Codex about a week ago. When I looked up my day sign there,
instantly a long-standing, unuttered question that has abided with me since
I was old enough to acknowledge it, was answered.

I have always LOVED storms and am much more "at home" in my "digs" on a
stormy gray afternoon than on a sunny, summer one. My "Leo" mother turned
it into a major issue in my early childhood! The reason why this tendency
persists as strongly as it does has always alluded me...until now.

Thanks again!!

C ya in the Light!!

the profiles have been enlightening and entertaining in addition to being, for the most part, accurate and sobering. For me, it was like a glimpse in the obsidian mirror - an energizing experience for which I value and cherish.

Whow! What amazing information. There is much to go through and take on board. Thank you for sending this report.

It is so interesting that I would love to just read on! And I must say - they're incredibly accurate. Never before have I seen such a good "description" of myself.

Thank you. Very accurate. Hard to believe I never would have considered
anything like this years ago! Ha ha, well people change, don't they?!

It's scary a calendar can know me so well.

The report was amazingly right on. As I read it I was thinking....if I had known this when I was in my 20's maybe things would have gone more smoothly for me. The patterns it revealed have certainly been played out in my life. I found the information about things I would be good at to be affirming. They are things that I already do, to a degree, but the report helps build my confidence. Thanks again.

I have to tell you everyone that reads these are stunned and amazed! I am a midwife and mine hit me between the eyes! Right ON! And the others have been very accurate too....Helping to understand certain "personalities" (read that difficult) and to adjust expectations! Thanks again!

All was good thanks very accurate to!!!

I would like to say that I was very impressed with the accuracy for the report It was great..
Thanks from Australia

Its amazingly accurate and will be of much use.
Thanks again

Hi Michael! Been wanting you to know: I really enjoyed reading my report;
it is so accurate, and I saw many correlations between it and my Western
astrology natal chart. As well as my numerology chart. It's all so
fascinating. And, guiding. Thanks again.

What an amazing Astrological Report. Impressed with its accuracy and validates my intuitions.

Thank you very much for the Mayan/Aztec Astrology Report that you produced for me. It's highly detailed and overall very accurate. It gives me so much to think about, and to work with towards self-improvement. You've obviously put a lot of work into this, and I am extremely grateful and honored by it. Thank you!

I was VERY impressed with the astrological reading you sent me. It was
RIGHT ON !! ME to a tee !!

Thank you very much! The chart you sent of me several weeks ago, describes
me so well.....very accurate.

Thank you! I really appreciate it!
These are fascinating.. as I am positive you already know.

By the way, my report was so accurate it about blew me away.

Thanks for the report. It was very accurate and gave me some completely different information than I gotten through a western reading. I have some other people I want to get readings for.

The report I got was the most accurate horoscope I've had. I was particularly impressed with the discussions "darker" aspects of my personality which usually get glossed over in other horoscopes. It was helpful for me to understand what's going on with me sometimes.

I ordered 6 horoscopes for my family a couple of weeks ago and we were all surprised at the accuracy. My first date of critical days started the same day as I received my horoscope and I was amazed. It all started 5 days before - just like you stated.

I just finished rereading my chart that I got from you a few months
back. I want to say that nothing has ever given me such an accurate
outline of myself and I truly have searched in many quarters for some
understanding. It was only through the urging of a client who knows me personally
that I got the report from you but I knew instantly that your method
of approach was correct as I was able to instantly identify with the
over view and was stunned by the blueprint of myself that was given.

For years I have struggled with the other Mayan works but have always
felt repelled instinctively so much so that it felt entirely out of
sync with the very movement of the Earth and the Stars. Others I have
discussed this with have had similar experiences.

I just wanted to say this to you as I feel your information is very
important but more so correct!
There is no disease except Congestion,
There is no cure except Circulation!



Galactic Butterfly / Hunab Ku

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