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I always tune in to the energy of the day according to the Mayan energies. I thank Ian Xel Lungold for the amazing insights he perceived and presented. Knowing my own Mayan Sun Sign has been a blessing and a wonderful support, because when I wonder what I should be doing I always come back to that information. Seeing Ian's talks some years ago (on dvd as I am in the UK) changed my life. It all resonated so strongly that I knew it was highly important. It's still more important to me than anything else I focus on. My life experience feels more sacred now. Bless you Ian, and thank you dear Madaline.

Love Janet Nunn xxx


When I look at the mayan calendar it harmonizes my perception of this fractioned illusion we live in. 

Andy, QLD Australia


As a Cherokee Day Keeper of the Sacred Calendar I had started working with all the knowledge I had learned. The elders I learned from encouraged me to learn the Mayan Tzolkin since the worked hand in hand. Since 1987 which now seems like yesterday, I have become closer and closer with the Mayan and all the knowledge of their teachings. It has been extremely amazing seeing where this all has lead me on my path. My path as healer and day keeper has opened up more and more as I just go with the flow of the Galactic Universe. Many Thanks to all who have been there.

Smiling Butterfly, NY, USA


The Tzolkin has been very helpful in understanding the nature and qualities of spiritual/psychological energies represented by the Trecenas. I have some knowledge of astrology, but could not see how sign qualities fit into a systematic evolutionary pattern. But now understanding the Trecenas and how these energies cycle and recycle over a period of time, I see the overall pattern of how these forces accompany and direct our development.


"The Tzolkin has added to my Sacred Bundle of healing and a bigger world view. ."


The Sacred Calendar of Tzolkin reminds us of the sacredness of our life. As soon as You fine tune to Tzolkin everything You do becomes sacred. To follow Tzolkin is to become aware of this aspect in the Universe and in ourselves. It is both to appreciate and honour the Greatness of Creation and to truly participate in the co-creation on the Earth. Let us join our hearts in uni-verse!


The Tzolkin provides an understanding, a map, a perspective of Creation.
It has great organizational power, answering the age old questions of who am I? And what am I doing here? The Mayans have brought forward the knowledge of the ages......answering......this is the intention, energy and flow of life right now and here is who you are and what your intention is as Creation this moment, this lifetime. We come to know the essence of the energy expressing each moment, each day, and ride the wave of our own uniqueness within the whole. We celebrate the harmonious balance knowing the intention of our fellow creators. It makes for a simple beautiful life experience.

Thank you Mayans, thank you Mayan Majix.


The Tzolkin brought me into an alignment amongst life's natural rhythms and the daily presence guided by the Gregorian calendar. Attuned to the Tzolkin, it became possible to trace the patterns and weave movements in response to what is. Synchronized with the Tzolkin, a bigger and wider perspective became possible which enabled daily events to be sensed in relation to the collective rather than stay restricted in the personal.

The Tzolkin reconnected my being with an organic universal time system that holds the thread upon which all can be manifested in linear time. Discovering the Tzolkin, through Mayan Majix and Ian Lungold, in 2010 was a precious gift in my journey.

With deep heartfelt appreciation.


I find the "calendar" has shown me the order in my life and given me a new hope because I KNOW I am doomed to succeed. I am much happier and more easy going knowing I will get there no matter what. ;)


The Tzolkin has allowed my soul to reclaim the rights given to every conscious being!


The Maya may live their daily working lives in accordance with the Gregorian calendar, but traditionalists still live their spiritual lives according to the tzolkin. To live the ancient calendar – to plan one’s actions, one’s daily rituals, and one’s meditations in time with the ancient rhythm of the tzolkin -- is to step into a whole other way of “being.” One dances to the music of sacred time, with “ordinary” time left far behind. After living a few rounds of the tzolkin in harmony with the teachings that accompany each day’s sacred lore, one begins to see life from a different perspective – more slowly, and with more respect for one’s community, one’s ancestors, and, most importantly, one’s spirit.


Meditating with the Nawal of the day brings me meaning and magic. Using this divine tool has unlocked my intimacy with the natural world, the ancestors, the elements and soul. As this awareness grows, it's easier to surrender to the master plan and open to love. Is there a greater gift than this?


The Tzolkin calendar has been for me a tremendous opening for a better knowledge of myself, of others and of the world. It brings a deeper understanding of the active interactions of the different elements constituting all Living Matter ; through its energetic language in constant movement, it is equally a guide for a better understanding of the purpose of our present incarnation, a support to integrate our everyday experiences, and a road map showing us the right direction to take at every given moment.

I personally use the mayan calendar more than I use the gregorian.  I have found it most accurate on the days, the 13 day Trecena, etc. I plan & organize my days around it resulting in more peace & contentment.  As for the sun signs, I use them in my life coaching practice to assist clients in an understanding of their life's purpose - what they were destined to live out, from day one.


We do each have our roles to play, all are aspects of the Divine plan, but all as particles uniquely and purposefully engaged in a Bigger Picture. Our part in this creative process has been designed into it from the very beginning. I believe this with all my heart, because after revealing something as insignificant as a persons Mayan Birthday I am filled with such awe it can't help but bubble right out of me. It truly inspires me and elevates me to a place of love and appreciation for this life force that always has its intention our joy and well being.

Knowing your number and day sign (the day you were born) and knowing what number and day sign it is today allows you to establish your unique viewpoint of time, space and spirit as it relates to the natural rhythm of creation.

Following the Tzolkin encourages introspection and opens up awareness to other levels of being. It also Enables us to retain a part of our ancestral heritage - the part of our humanity which has been slowly eroded by the advent of civilization - the part that still believes in magic, our spiritual nature. By being in tune with ourselves, we are matching our frequencies with the constant heartbeat of the universe.

Einstein taught us that everything is energy. The Maya taught us that the universe has a rhythm, a pulse, a motion;  The Tzolkin. By using the Tzolkin daily, one learns how to be in the flow of the universe's energy and as is with a river, it's always more desirable to 'go with the flow'.  After using the Tzolkin for over 10 years now, I can truly say it has changed my life!

The Tzolkin is an organic, natural gauge of growth. It taught me that time is not a resource to be gained or lost, but rather a byproduct of my awareness focus. According to this sacred map of consciousness each day is a unique piece of my own personal tapestry of growth and evolution. By tuning into the Tzolkin rhythm I gained an ability to recognize and focus attention on the most subtle and rewarding opportunities.

The sacred cycles of Creation that emanate time through our being can be understood in the Tzolkin. These cycles show us that we are always provided what we need to further evolve through the different stages of the growth of the Cosmic Tree of Life. From a spiritual aspect the benefits of studying, understanding and following the Tzolkin allows for one to be able to intuit your path of life for the better of yourself and the whole.

The Tzolkin has two gifts held within it. It shows us who we are and how to best use the present day. It gives us a way to take our power back and choose the best way to live each day.

The Tzolkin describes the sacred flow of time. It gives your life structure and rhythm and helps you a great deal in grounding yourself. The different layers of this calendar can take you in unknown depths of your own personality. The Tree of Life (of your birth day) shows all the potentials you have in this lifetime, and it also tells something about the obstacles. The old wisdom hidden in the Tzolkin is addictive!

The Tzolkin is a daily energy field.  Resonating with the energy of the day, I glide into 'the' energy that I am experiencing.   These past twelve years as I've grown into a wave of comfort  with the days energy and my personal energy, I ride the tide of change. Clear hearted.

The 260 day count is not a calendar. It is honesty about life, the essence of paying attention. Seeing it move is life. Watching this is what it means to be present. Everything but the 260 day count is a calendar for scheduling mind stuff. The 260 day count is an event in and of its Self. It is seeing your Self. This is your actual path in and through all worlds. It is the decoder lens for knowing the meaning of what happens on the path. This is a compass. This is more valuable for your point of reference on every journey than seeing stars in the dark.

I think the most important aspect of the Tzolkin is the 260 day cycle matches the human gestation cycle, and is a map to our bio rhythms that each of us experience in relation to our personal day sign. I've found burner cycles to be significant in my life.

The Tzolkin describes, day after day the flow of the Creation energies of the universe. Like the river of the Hopi, it's better to follow the flow eyes wide open than wrestling it blind.


The Tzolkin entered my life this round, in a dramatic way in 1987's Harmonic Convergence. Although I was curious then, I have finally consciously decided to seek to keep that natural resonance and apply it daily..The short time I have patterned my thinking based on the sacred flow of time I can tell a lot of difference already... I believe my higher self has kept time until the rest of me caught up! I reached 13 my last round of reincarnation! Going Home soon!♥


Personally I get the benefit of starting each day posting to Face Book the days sacred instruction, to share with my family and friends. ii have done this for years now.

Though it sounds ordinary boarder line crazy, ii also have the privilege to remind each who read my AM Facebook post the following "Today is a good day. " They may not know for reading it so often, or occasionally, but such has been done by me for them as a gift.

I discovered I am Kin 215 Blue Resonant Eagle, and part of a multidimensional family.
I am one with the Earth.

Galactic Butterfly / Hunab Ku

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