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Discover the Deeper Side of Your Personality with a 15 page Mayan Astrology Report. Coupon Code: 1320 gets you $2 immediate discount!

Learn your Mayan Sun Sign and Tone, Your Night Lord, What Venus Phase you were born under and the significance of your birth year. Also included is a list of critical days you will experience in the next 5 years.

Better than a Western Astrology chart. Accurately describes your personality. Learn about your shadow side that others do not see and maybe you have not fully understood?

Read what others have to say on the testimonial page. Most are blown away by the Mayan Astrology Reports accuracy and get more charts for friends and family members. Sometimes employers or teachers will get charts for their students and clients. Excellent parenting tool to better know and raise your children supporting them in their uniqueness and assisting with their inherent personality challenges.

Invaluable information for an affordable price!

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