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What about the Dream Spell Calendar system by Jose Arguelles ?

The basic problem with the Dreamspell calendar is that Jose tied the Tzolkin to the Lunar calendar. The Maya never did this. In fact they never tied any astrological movements to any of their calendars. They only studied those movements next
to their spiritual calendar.

The Gregorian calendar is a physical calendar. That is it is based on the 365.25 day rotation of our planet around the sun. The Tun (360 day) and the Tzolkin (260 day) calendars are not about any physical motions of planets, galaxies or anything
else. They are a measure of "Creations Intent." The effects of these intents play out across the entire physical universe in a loose natural way. Like the migration of animals or the growth of a plant. The animals are not on a rail and plants are not scaffoldings. The motions of planetary bodies are an approximation of the intents and that is all.

Then there is that pesky .25 days per year. 13 X 28 is 364. Close but no cigar Jose. That means that every 4 years the Dreamspell system must drop one day from Creation and say that it does not exist so the calendar is constantly slipping. Erasing a day from Creation and negating its purpose onto Creation is a pretty
arrogant act. No way Jose. When Jose was making up his calendar the Maya
shaman who have been keeping the days for the last 3000 years could not come down from the mountains for fear of being killed due to a 20 year civil war. So Jose could not confer with them for the accurate date. He made his best guess based on an astrological alignment. Being a pioneer in this study he didn't have the benefit of the most recent discoveries. The important thing is we have that information now and need to share what has been discovered.

" Creation is speeding up and the changes in all of our lives will be getting faster and faster."

The end date is a mathematical count of the days left from where we know and can prove we are in the plan of Creation. The Maya themselves made this -420 day correction 1000 years after they started their calendar. These corrections are carved at Palenque. Look at the Tzolkin, after keeping track of all of Creation for 16.4 billion years why would the cycle end on 4 Ahau instead of 13 Ahau? This is what the Maya discovered for themselves. Oct. 28th 2011 is 13 Ahau.

In fact the actual end date is of little consequence as time and space considerations will be evaporating rapidly as we approach the calendar's end. See Creation Cycles for the detailed schedule. I hope this answers some questions. Carl Calleman's book goes into much greater detail and I suggest that everyone read it for more data.

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Ian Xel Lungold

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