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I have been reading everything out the on the Maya and Mayan calendar.
Include Calleman's books, Jenkins books and Jose Arguelles books.

I am in a dilemma now, in the Dreamspell I am Blue Magnetic Hand, in
the True Count I am 7 Lamat. I can't be both, is the dreamspell
totally bogus? Or is the True Count off?

I sense the power of calendar and want to harmonize with it, but so far
I am getting more confused by the moment. Jose, seems to really be
trying to do good in the world and bring peace, and Calleman seems
really dedicated to being accurate. Is there any final word on this
subject? In Lakesh Richard

Yes the Mayan Elders have the final word on the correct dating. The "True" count is called that for the reason that the Mayan shaman have been faithfully, as the basis of their cultural beliefs, have been keeping track of the count of days, every single day for the last 3000 years. No mistake about it they know what day it is on their calendar.
Look closely at Jose's message. It is full of threat and wanton destruction if we don't do things his way and follow his calendar. His calendar is only concered with the timing of this solar system and the rotation of our moon. This is a very small calendar indeed.

The actual Mayan calendar is tracking the unfolding of all of Creation and not centered on this one little speck of light and mud that we call our home system. Big difference.
You choose of course which one you feel as the more validity.

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

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