Transcript of Feet to the Fire Radio Hour

Host: James Arthur Jancik

Guest: Ian Lungold


F2F: Ian, are you there?

IXL: Hi, I am, yes I am. Hello.

F2F:† Hello, and you can hear everything fine?

IXL:† I can hear everything fine?† How am I coming through on this?

F2F: Itís good.† A little crackly but weíll work on it a little bit on this end.

IXL:† Here, letís try, letís try it like this.† Howís that?

F2F:† Thatís better.†


F2F:† Very good, very good.† So, the Mayan Calendar.† I mean I was spending some time this afternoon going through your web site.† There is, you know, a trillion things there.† Itís excellent what youíve put together.

IXL:† Well, thank you very much.

F2F:† Probably what would be a good place to start would be exactly your method of decoding, if I can use that word, the Mayan Calendar, is unique, or new or special or different than some other people.† Could you perhaps explain the Mayan Calendar from how you see it and your methods of decoding?

IXL:† Well, first I want to welcome everybody who is listening to the program.† And I want to make an announcement to all of you.† And that is do not believe anything that Iím going to tell you.† All of the scientific data is there for your own investigation of this information.† And to just believe it because you heard it on the radio is not going to be satisfactory for the kinds of understandings that are going to be necessary as we move into the future.† When we go through this data, weíll be going through it very very quickly, and it wonít be, it wonít be filled out.† But all of the information is at the web site, so please avail yourself of that.†

F2F:† Thatís a very good point you bring up and I appreciate your philosophy and not just putting it out there and being offended if someone wants to check it out.† Youíre actually offering an opening and hoping people check it out.

IXL:† I want people to do this investigation, yes.

F2F:† Thatís very good.

IXL:† Yes. Itís very, itís vitally important that each person has this information as their own knowingness, not just a suggestion.† We hope that through this expose of what has been discovered people will be interested enough to go in and check out the information.

F2F:† I sure was.

IXL:† Thatís perfect.† Now, yes we have made vast new discoveries about the Mayan Calendar.† And the biggest discovery, the most profound discovery is that the Mayan Calendar was never measuring time the way we think of it. We think that calendars are to measure the days, and thatís just not true.† Not in the case of the Mayan Calendar.† The Mayan Calendar is a system of, for 5,000 years was the center of the Mayan civilization.† And itís actually made up of two different calendars.† A 260 day calendar and a 360 day calendar.† Note that neither of those time periods match up with any rotation of any physical bodies around our sun.† Their calendars were not measuring the progression of our planet around the sun, or the moon around the Earth, or anything else.† And this has caused a lot of confusion because the archeologist who first went in to investigate the Mayan culture didnít really understand their calendar, didnít understand the core of the civilization.† And so weíve been just kind of grasping at straws up until just recently. And a scientist by the name of Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, heís a Swedish biochemical engineer, he started studying the Mayan Calendar with scientific criteria.† And what he came up with in his book called The Mayan Calendar were tremendous, just a tremendous amount of scientific fact that proved the Mayan Calendar to be a meter, or a measure of the evolution of consciousness. And from consciousness comes events or developments.† This calendar is a repeating pattern of evolutionary steps that consciousness has taken. And all of our science proves it flat out.† So itís quite quite different than anyone has looked at the calendar before.†

F2F:† Well thatís pretty amazing because we always kid around when saying things time is going by real fast and the minutes and seconds are still the same but if anybody looks at their life and compares it to events 20 years ago even, itís, its much faster.

IXL:† Well, yes indeed.† In fact, without the graphic, this is going to be a little bit difficult to follow.† Iím just, Iíll try to draw pictures mentally for people.† Or you can grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

F2F:† There you go, actually thatís what Iíll be doing.

IXL:† Now the Mayan Calendar has a structure.† And the structure of this calendar was discovered on a stone in Coba.† It was carved some 2,500 years ago.† And it has been translated over the last 10 years.† And now we know the structure of this calendar.† And the calendar actually looks like a stair step, a series of nine steps from the bottom to the top step.† Each one of these steps, or levels is called a consciousness cycle.† And there are nine of them.† So, you could draw, nine blocks on top of one another, each one smaller, and that would be the graphic.† Another way to think of it would be sort of like a layered cake with each layer being smaller and smaller stacked on top.† And this first level, the most basic grounded level is a period of time that the Maya say is 16.4 billion years long.† Thatís billion with a b.† From the big bang forward.† And has been a pattern that runs through that whole period.† The pattern is made up of 13 equal sections of time.† And each one of those 13 sections by the way would be 1.26 billion years long.† Now 7 of those sections are called days, or periods of enlightenment, when consciousness is open to new kinds of perception, or new kinds of development.† And then there are 6 night periods.† These night periods are times of application of what has now been understood by consciousness.† And the same pattern repeats in every single level. Now here we get into this next level, the one right after or justÖis 820 million years long, and that is 20 times shorter than the 16 billion years.† The level on top of that is 20 times shorter as well. Comes to 41 million years.† The very next level is 2 million years.† And in each one of these levels thereís the same amount of change, but it happens in less time.† Now this is why, now, in our current lifetime, it seems that time is moving faster but more and more event is happening in less and less time.† Probably the best way to explain this is to start in time periods that people studied in school, studied in their history classes.† And we go back to 3115 B.C. and that is the beginning of whatís called the National Cycle on this calendar schedule.† And itís called the National Cycle because the whole concept of nations was developed over this last 5,000 years.† And as a matter of fact at the very very beginning of this National Cycle was the birth date of the first nation, Egypt.† And since then we have developed more and more the idea of national identity or national power.† And the one right above that, just the next cycle is called the Planetary consciousness cycle because rather than thinking of a people limited to a, the human race segmented into nations, the whole concept of humanity being as of one body on this planet has been developed.† That started in 1755 and has come forward.† The most recent cycle we started January 5 of 1999. This is called the Galactic cycle because the same pattern that developed nations, the same pattern that developed a planetary consciousness, is now on schedule to develop a consciousness of the whole galaxy. Not just this planet, or nation, or culture, but of the whole galaxy.

F2F: In these last couple cycles you mention, the time between each marker has gotten less.† Is that the same principle that you mentioned earlier?† That itís

IXL:† Yes. Yes.† During the National cycle the last 5,000 years, each one of those days and nights took 397 years to occur. In other words, nothing much changed during a personís lifetime.† In fact, it didnít change for 400 years. If youíve studied some archaeology and know how they classify pots and weaving youíll recognize this because the patterns in pottery all over the world, and the patterns in weaving changed once every 400 years.† So everybody in your family ate on the same design of plates, they drove the same cart, you know, everybody wore the same style of sandals for 400 years.† Then during the Planetary cycle, every one of these days and nights lasted for 19.7 years.† And it took 19., almost 20 years for concepts or perceptions to change inside of consciousness.† A real, a very simple and very real personal of this is that everyone listening to this program was born to a couple of very nice people, your parents, who raised you up as best they could. And everything was fine until you were about 13 or 15 years old, somewhere in there.† And then you started noticing something.† Something about these two people who are know claiming to be your parents.† Your viewpoint and their viewpoint were different.† You had different solutions to situations.† And in most cases, no matter how politely or not you went about this, you knew you were more open to different solutions than your parents were or ever could be, that you were more equipped to handle more data than they were.† And this is called the generation gap.† The generation gap was researched by many many psychologists, and the consensus was that the difference between one of those viewpoints and the other was a 20 years span of time.

F2F:† Hmm.† And thusly, if you go back far enough back in time youíd have whole generations where no viewpoint is different.

IXL:† Thatís right.†

F2F:† I see. Ok.

IXL:† Everybody looked at things basically the same way. Different cultures looked at things differently.

F2F: Right.

IXL:† But the people within a society, everybody had pretty much the same viewpoint for 400 years.† Then it changed to where it went every 20 years.† As of January 5, 1999, those same amount of changes are happening every 360 days.

F2F:† Wow.

IXL: All of you out there listening remember back last year.† Good luck.

F2F: (Laughs)

IXL:† As to what you were doing, and where you were and who you were.† The amount of data, the amount of event that has come down the pike in the last year has profoundly changed everyone, including yourself.† And this acceleration is going to continue to accelerate.

F2F:† When is the next step?

IXL:† Okay, if we look in some detail at each one of these days and nights, we see there is a pattern of intent on the part of creation, I guess.† The first day is a seed, or the germ of an idea.† The period that follows that is the first night.† And the first night is when that seed gets planted in the ground to germinate.† Then the second day is when that seed sprouts and comes up out of the ground and displays polarity.† It has two leaves.† And then that, if you look at it as a plant you can see that each one of these steps progresses to where the plant puts out another set of leaves then it develops its root system and eventually it goes to flower, and then to fruit.

†F2F:† MmHm.

IXL:† And these stages repeat over and over and over again.† Each time expressing that intention or development on the part of consciousness into physical event. What was happening during 1999, was that consciousness was becoming aware of a thing called Y2K, if you remember.

F2F:† Mmhm.

IXL:† That whole year of 99, Y2K was getting more and more impending. And itís not so important that nothing happened. I mean itís good enough that the computers didnít crash.† But what was really important about that whole period of time is that consciousness was shown the fact that our systems arenít as reliable as we had once believed. †It was just the beginning of an idea.† It was an early warning that things may not be as stable as we had hoped they would be.† We come forward through more and more revelations and complications within our systems.† Like for instance the WTO riots that have happened all over the planet where people are recognizing that corporate interests are stripping the environment and cultures and societies of their welfare.† And theyíre putting up resistance to that. And then we moved up to where we get to things like 9-11, and more and more display of polarity, of the difference between the haves and the have nots. And now weíve just come through the third day of this cycle.† And every one of the third days before in every cycle what has come forward during the third day period, no matter how long or short it was, was that consciousness of your actual situation concerning your continued survival.† Whatís it gonna take to go on creating, or go on to higher stages of evolution.† Thatís what comes to mind during that period of time.† For example, in the last third day which was from 1834 to 1854, what was occurring in consciousness right then was the abolitionist movement.† That is, that it became unconscionable to own another person. And also the women suffrage movement came out, became a worldwide phenomenon during 1834-1854. It was rebellion on the part of consciousness to slavery.

F2F:† Mm.

IXL: And what happened during this last third day which was from December 14 of 2002 up to December 9, 2003, what came forward was the undeniable fact that most people in America are slaves to the corporations, especially the banks and the insurance company. And itís not very, itís a very uncomfortable thing to confront. Itís also pretty unavoidable. Thereís a reason that you guys have to go to work.† Thatís because you have to pay and pay and pay.

F2F:† A lot of that has to due with the fact that weíve been brainwashed and accept it and willingly go out and buy goodies, and stuff and run up debt.† I mean it does include your house and so forth, your living, which everyone has to do but a lot of it has to do with how weíve been trained to consume at all costs.†

IXL:† Well thatís another form of slavery, isnít it?

F2F:† †† Oh yeah.† Itís like, itís like almost a willingness to put on the chains.

IXL: Yeah, Iíve got gold chains on, how about you?† You know?† There are payments you, I mean if youíre going to be active in society you have to have a car.†

F2F:† Mmhm.

IXL:† Which means not only do you have to pay for the car and gasoline, but you have to pay for insurance.† If youíre going to get a car and you donít have all the cash in your pocket then youíre going to have to go to a bank and then youíre going to end up paying 4 times that amount for the car through an auto loan.† Those are things that supposedly you have to pay. And those are those chains that keep us going back to punch that time clock.† And this is something which is the truth, right in our faces.† Now weíve moved into the third night.

F2F:† Letís hold there, letís stop right there.† Weíre going to go take a break and we can start the third night.† Iím getting the impression that weíre in the last step ofÖ

IXL:† Second to the last.

F2F:† Second to the last, okay.

IXL: Weíre in the eighth cycle right now.

F2F: Okay, weíre going to get into the third night and continue on in decoding the Mayan Calendar with Ian Lungold here on Feet to the Fire.

<<<<BREAK>>>> break ends 31:13

F2F: We are live with Ian Xel, I think Iím saying it rightÖIs that Xel

IXL: Xel

F2F: Xel.† Like IÖ

IXL:† Xel

F2F: Lungold.† Thatís a cool name.

IXL:† Yeah.† (Laughs)

F2F:† (Laughs)

IXL:† Itís really cool that IÖI wanted to have nice initials, ones that meant something.†

F2F: Yeah.

IXL: Cuz, Iíve changed my name. I wasnít born with this name.

F2F:† Ah.

IXL: Evidently, my parents didnít know me, you know when they gave me the name.

F2F:† (Laughs)

IXL: So I changed it years and years later.† And I wanted to have initials that stood for something.† And I came up with IXL.†

F2F: (Laughs)

IXL: And I didnít have a middle name for a long time.† And I finally came up with a middle initial X.† For I X L.† And then I went OK, Iím just gonna call it XL, you know, X E L.

F2F:† Yeah.

IXL: Years later I found out thatís a Mayan word.

F2F: †Oh. Well I thought it was.† Just by looking at it I just thought it was.

IXL: Mmhmm.† This was like 4 years later that I found out it was a Mayan word and it means to cut straight through.†

F2F: (Laughs)

IXL: (Laughs) It was funny.† Oh, let me get right back to it.† We are in the eighth out of nine levels of this Mayan Calendar.† And we start the last level on February 10, 2011.† And then it runs up till the end of the Mayan Calendar.† And during that cycle, the same amount of change thatís happening every 3360 days will happen within only 20 days.

F2F: Wow! Oh wow.† Hold on to your hat.

IXL:† Right, this is going to get wild, people.† CompleteÖWell, look out the window right now.† Who could have imagined that we would be seeing the kind of truth from behind the scenes in our corporations, in our governments, in our own personal lives.

F2F:† Yeah.

IXL:† The kinds of issues that are coming forward.

F2F:† I actually for the first time in my life have an optimistic view that quote, the good guys just might win.†

IXL:† Mmm.† Well, letís, letís build on thatÖ

F2F:† Ok.

IXL:† Öas a matter of fact.† Each one of these levels on the Mayan Calendar, each one of them is a consciousness cycle, but the whole thing is developing a flavor, or an approach to consciousness.† Itís working on a level of survival. The very first level, that whole 16 billion years long, which is still running, by the way, what was developed during that period of time was the consciousness of action reaction.† All of the physical laws-gravitation, friction, momentum, inertia, centrifugal force.† All of those were built as the universe came into being and came into order by these various steps and stages.† And this all checks out with astrophysics, too. So, all of the physical laws were laid down, and all of these actions reactions between chemicals and materials all blended together to eventually come up with life. At the very very end of the last, the seventh day of that first cycle, life showed up, 1.26 Billion years ago. Now since then, life has been organizing itself, and starting 820 million years ago we started this cycle called the mammalian cycle where individual cells clumped together more or less for survival.† They were proto-plants living in the ocean. And these clumps of cells started developing a new kind of consciousness called stimulus response. Stimulus response was the tool that life used to survive and evolve over the last 820 million years. It wasnít just action reaction. It was stimulus response. Like photosynthesis, for instance, is a stimulus response mechanism.

F2F: Mmhm.

IXL:† And thereís a big difference between action reaction and stimulus response.† Thereís more consciousness in stimulus response.† The very next level, called the Familial stage started 41 million years ago.† And that whole consciousness cycle was developing stimulus individual response.† The whole basis of the difference between a herd and a family is the recognition of individuals and the ability for individuals to have their own responses to things. Rather than everybody reacting the same way, like a school of fish or a flock of birds or a herd of elk.† They all run.† In a family, thereís more cohesion, thereís more organization, thereís more consciousness involved.† The very next stage after that is called the Tribal cycle. It started 2 million years ago and this is when people started developingÖIt wasnít people at this time, they were tailless apes, Australopithecus. And theyíre deemed to be the first life form to actually have a mind, not just a brain. A mind is something that you make decisions with.† That whole 2 million years was developing a consciousness of similarities and differences rather than just stimulus response, the being could see a similarity in a situation but also recognize the differences where they didnít just have to run away or just attack. They could have different responses to similar experiences. A very important stage.† This is when we started developing our ability to make decisions. The very next cycle started 102,000 years ago.† This is called the Cultural cycle.† And people were still living in caves back then but there was a new consciousness that was begun. And this consciousness was of reason for things. These were the shamans sitting in the caves around the fire, the guys who were coming up with the reason for stars, or what was fire, or what was rain. And they had, then eventually they came up with God behind these physical phenomenon. And that became theosophy and eventually religions and priests, and you know the rest.

F2F:† Mmhm.

IXL:† But the thing that binds a people together into a culture is their shared reason for existing.† Christians for instance are existing to follow Christ.† Moslems worship Allah, and he is their reason. Buddhists and, well you get the picture.

F2F: Yeah

IXL: Itís shared reasons that bind these people.† The very next level, we talked about it a little bit before, that was the one that started in 3115 B.C. and that was about nations. But with a kind of consciousness that was building was one of law, of right and wrong.† Interestingly enough, if you check your history, youíll find that that beginning of that cycle would have been 400 years of the story of Adam and Eve and the introduction of right and wrong, good and evil, crime and punishment.† And we have gone through stage by stage by stage the development of the concept of law. Starting in 1755, during what we call the Planetary cycle there was a new consciousness being developed, a new stage or level, and that was all about power. Power. Those people that who are a little bit familiar with history will recognize 1755 as the beginning of the industrial revolution. This is when mankind started inventing machines to do the work of men and animals and develop more and more power to manipulate raw materials, to manipulate the environment and to manipulate one another. Now, some people may think thereís too much power in the world, that people are not able to be responsible with the power that theyíve gotten, and they may decry that.† But itís very important to take a close look at how this power has benefited every single person in our society. For instance, in 1755 if you had a horse, well at least you could get around. If you had two horses, three maybe, you probably had a business helping people plow their fields or helping people haul stuff to the market.† If you had 20, 30 horses, you were a powerful individual.† But everybody listening to this radio program has at least 280 horses under the hood of their car. Thatís a lot of power. And basically, way deep down inside you know that the only power is knowledge. What or who you know is your real power. In 1755 most people couldnít read, let alone write, or let alone go into the den, hit the Internet and find out absolutely anything about anything within moments. That is power. And it has been benefiting all of us.

F2F: When I went to college, I was a electronics engineering major, and I was programming up punch cards.† Wasnít that long ago.

IXL: Oh yeah.

F2F: I mean, and now a regular old PC youíd buy at Wal-Mart would be like a magic, would be like something from outer space back in the late Ď70s.

IXL: Yeah, Dick Tracy lives.

F2F: Yeah.

IXL: Dick Tracy watches, you know, I mean theyíre for real. And what weíve got in the future is even more fantastic.

F2F: It makes you kid of wonder. Itís like back then when you mentioned Dick Tracy., you had authors who were able to envision the future and now here it is and so now you look at authors who have written later on and the visions theyíve had, i.e. Star Trek and all that stuff and beyond that.† Itís like maybe it really can happen.

IXL: It really is happening. Beam me up Scottie is already going on. Now right now all theyíre doing is, they are transmitting light. They are being able to just telekenese, or just send light. But if you really look at it, that all anything is.† Thatís what we are, thatís what an apple is, thatís what a car is is condensed light. So it wonít be very far away before weíll be able to teleport things, if not people. Itís coming.

F2F: Thereís one thing, I donít know if this is a good place to ask this, thereís one thing that triggers when I hear things like this is most of the things weíre talking about are material advances. It seems like when this equation finishes that we would jump from a material way to talk, like weíre talking through a phone now. I meanÖ

IXL: Yeah.

F2F: Öto being able to talk without a phone. I mean, instead of leaving our material crutch behind and go into the spiritual.

IXL: Weíll be talking about that a little later in the program.†

F2F: Ok, good good.

IXL: What I want to do is continue here.† We left off with 1755 up until current day has been this consolidation of power.† This WTO and the NAFTA treaties are all that sort of consolidation as well. Banks and other corporations buying each other up and consolidating further and further is all a manifestation of this consolidation of power. But now we started a new cycle, a new consciousness cycle that we started January 5, 1999. And this cycle of consciousness is all about ethics and integrity.

F2F:† This is the current cycle, right, you said?

IXL: This is the current cycle that weíre in.

F2F: Okay, ethics. Okay.

IXL: And just turn on your television, open a magazine, peruse a newspaper and there it is in black and white blazing right in your face is the issue, ethics against power. That is what weíre involved in right now, the contention between ethical, integral business practices or governmental practices and the old entrenched power paradigm. And this is happening not only in the mega corporations, like the government.† Itís also happening personally. Itís happening within your relationship. And this is not a problem with your relationship. Itís not a problem with the corporations. It is an evolvement of consciousness. Itís not something to back away from, itís something to understand in depth.

F2F: So now weíre in thisÖ

IXL: This is why itís important to validate this pattern so that a person can apply reason to the chaos that seems to be going on all around us. And this chaos, everyone out there has noticed that chaos is on the upswing, itís more and more and more random events, seemingly random events happening. And thatís going to continue to accelerate.† So the tension and stress that people are under wondering whatís going to happen and how is this all going to come out, and why is this going on, and why me.† All those questions have very good solid answers and you have to find them for yourself. And the more you know about it, the more peace of mind you can have about your situation. And the better solutions you can come up with to rectify those situations. And thatís the whole reason for this information.

F2F: Well, really.† Well, we have about a minute or so before we have to cut to a network break. But, really whatís kind of comforting here is that this particular calendar, this model that you have here is not only explaining why things happen, which is always nice to know, but itís happening for good reason for a change. And itís pointing to an area of time very soon, and itís unraveling before our eyes day by day where the good guys win. And it leads me to believe there will be an actual good guy state of being in the near future, and itís kind of exciting.

IXL: It is.† And when you look at the whole pattern, when you see we use the laws of nature to develop the power and then when you look at the power in relationship to ethics, itís just a beautiful lay down. Because you cannot have ethics if you donít have power first.†

F2F:† Thatís true.

IXL:† If youíre running for your life, ethical considerations are a little bit down the list .

F2F: (Laughs) Okay, weíll put a little finger there in the bookmark and weíll come right back with Ian Lungold as heís taking us through the Mayan Calendar and explaining it.† One thing I want to get in the next hour is how you matched up the dates from the calendar so that we can actually look at the particular dates. That sounds like a pretty fascinating thing.

IXL: Okay.

F2F: So weíll get to that and other things. Weíre going to open the phone lines up in the next hour later on. Still giving you a chance to continue laying the case out.† Weíll be right back Feet to the Fire.


F2F:† Weíre back, weíre live.† Speaking of time speeding up, weíre done with the first hour, back for hour two with our guest Ian Lungold talking about the Mayan Calendar and how it applies to things happening today.† And boy it applies quite well.

IXL:† Uh, yeah. (Laughs)

F2F: I mean those guys, I mean, you know, how did they know how to do this?

IXL: Well, their own legend say a fellow by the name of Itzam Na (sp?) came down and taught the Mayan people how to write and read, how to do mathematics and taught them about their calendar. Now we donít have any firm data on who Itzam Na really was or where he came from. But their legend says he came down and bestowed this information. So all the listeners out there can just extrapolate whatever they will from that.

F2F: Well itís funny.† Different cultures from around the world all have somebody coming down, quote unquote, and imparting information. So it could be a number of thingsÖ

IXL: Yeah.

F2F: Everything from angels and aliens, I guess.

IXL: All that.

F2F: So where did we leave off?† I donít want to get lost in the stair steps here. Itís, let me get a good picture here.

IXL: Well, where we left off was that this whole consciousness cycle that weíre currently in is aimed at creating an ethically based consciousness, just as the last consciousness cycle was based on or aimed at creating a power based consciousness. I think it worked pretty good. Most people I know are either exalting in their own abilities, their own power to transport themselves or to learn what they need to know, or theyíre complaining bitterly about power being forced on them.† You know, the feeling that some people have too much power. And thatís the basic issue. Is do you have power or not, or enough or not. In the current situation that the upcoming, or the ensuing situation is that ethics is moving in to displace raw power.† Now itís not going to take away the power that weíve got. But the power that we have will be ethically applied. That means it will be on a level playing field, not one above the other.† And thatís awfully good news.

F2F: That would be very nice.

IXL: And we can expect to see, during this period of time, a lot of things shifting, a lot of things changing, a lot of power systems or implementations of power changing hands. Basically during the third night in every one of the previous cycles what came about was that systems that werenít working anymore were jettisoned. They were thrown away. What happened during the last third night which was from 1854 to 1873 is that the old systems of suppressing women, making them just chattel, property was thrown away. And the whole idea of slavery, worldwide, was just thrown away. I mean thereís certainly types going on now. But it is no longer sanctioned by humanity as a workable system.

F2F: Yeah, thereís lag, people are lagging behind but itís all looked at by collectively as being bad, a bad thing.

IXL: Yes.

F2F: Yeah.

IXL: Just like well, in the future, the idea of having power over somebody would be the same kind of idea as how we would think of as eating somebody. Weíre not into cannibalism.† You know, thatís passť to consciousness. Thatís not part of our survival mechanisms anymore. And the idea of having power over somebody will be that foreign in the future.

F2F: You know, Iím excited to hear this stuff because it puts legs to feelings or visions that I may have had that in the future, in this future time thatís coming a doctor will be a doctor because he wants to help heal, not because it pays well. And that you will have the president of, the country, if you will, could be your neighbor because itís not going to matter about the status symbols and all that stuff. It wonít matter anymore.

IXL: Right. What will matter is how you feel about yourself, not how so much about how you look or how you stack up against someone else. And that is a tremendous amount of freedom. And thatís where weíre headed, by steps and by stages.† We know because this is a repeating cycle. We know what sorts of consciousness are laying out in front of us here in the future. And we know when, well, within a few days or so of when those consciousnesses come into effect. This is a very important discovery. And like I said, itís full of details. Every encyclopedia is the proof of this unfolding. But it does take your own investigation, your own study. And why do that? I mean, we went to school and by the time we were out of school we kind of wondered why we went through all that, you know. What was the purpose? A lot of what you learned just didnít apply to anything. I know for myself history was not my favorite subject. Why learn any of that? What does that got to do with my life? Well, now that weíve discovered this pattern, oh my god, now thereís a reason to study it. So you can predict more and more with certainty whatís in the future. Now thereís something really important for people to get.† Everybody, no matter what their position or attitude, everybody wants peace of mind. Isnít that right?

F2F: Absolutely. Number one on my list.

IXL: And there is a formula, that came to me as I was studying all this, about how you achieve peace of mind. And somebody might want to write this down.

F2F: Oh well, Iím being one of them as I scramble for my pen. There I go.

IXL: You know, peace of mind only happens at one time, in one kind of circumstance.† And that is, when a person is centered, they have peace of mind. And thatís the only time. If youíre not centered, youíre not going to have piece of mind. So where does centeredness come from?† Centeredness comes from certainty. When youíre certain, then youíre centered, and then you can have peace of mind. Okay, so where does certainty come from? Only one place, your recognition of patterns. When you were first learning how to drive a car, Iíd wager you did not have a lot of peace of mind.

F2F: (Laughs) No.

IXL: You were not centered, nor were you certain of all of the patterns associated with driving.† Number one is how does the key go in? And then which pedal to go which pedal to stop. And what about that third pedal, the clutch? And the gears. All of those things are a pattern. The more certain, or the more familiar you were with those patterns, then the more certain you were in your driving skills, and the more peace of mind you had. And that applies to every single thing youíve ever done in your entire life. Peace of mind comes from centeredness. Centeredness comes from certainty. And certainty comes from the recognition of patterns.† Now we have a pattern for all of the evolution of consciousness over the last 16 billion years. I would suggest that that could supply a whole lot of peace of mindÖ

F2F: Absolutely.

IXL: Öif people become certain of this pattern. Thatís what takes your own study, not listening to somebody on the radio.

F2F: You know what gives me, using your formula, which I agree with 100%, which gives me more of that certainty is Iíve heard now several people give their theories, more of a spiritual theory. You actually have something a little, more tangible, but itís still a spiritual theoryÖ

IXL: Yes.

F2F: Öabout the future, and even though, their, they donít have the calendar as their model, theyÖ

IXL: Template.

F2F: Template, there you go. Theyíve come to the same conclusions and they have their certainty in their template. And when I lay all these templates together, they jive. Which gives me a whole hell of a lot of certainty because I have various philosophies from various areas coming together and corroborating each otherís stuff from their own work. And thatís just a wonderful thing.

IXL: Oh yes, from all over the world. Now, even the Vedic calendar that is the basis of Hinduism and Buddhism and two-thirds of the worldís population, you know.† The Vedic calendar, the most sacred number in the Vedic calendar is 108. Itís, 108 is the number of shifts, or movements of the goddess Shiva as she changes from creator to destroyer. And if you look at the Mayan Calendar, there are 9 levels with 13 sections, 12 divisions between light and dark. Between creator and destruction. You multiply 9 times 12, you come to the number 108.

F2F: Hhm. Those numbers, I know they meant something. When they talked about, I study a lot in the Hebrew, well, what we call the Old Testament, I guess. I studied a lot in there. And theyíre always big on numbers. 40 days, 10 days, 7, you know. Thereís always a significance. It wasnít that they had to walk around for 10 days or 40 years in the desert.† It was that 40 was a lesson in and of itself.† And thatís why these numbers, and when youíre talking about these various steps and how many days and the evening and night and all that, all these numbers add up. And then you take your numbers and add them to another area of the world, and their numbers corroborate. And it turns around and says thatís pretty good.

IXL: Oh itís a fantastic web. Actually, whatís coming out in all of the physics texts is that thereís a marriage happening between quantum physics and shamanism. I call it quantum shamanism. There is a marriage between spirituality and science, which is happening all around us. And that itself is the imposition of ethics into what used to be the power of knowledge.

F2F: Well, actually, if you think about it, and from my perspective, I always liked science and philosophy or spirituality, science and spirituality. And a lot of the earlier scientists, had, at least they accepted that idea. And then it got, then it got very cleansed of anything spiritual along the way.

IXL: Mmhm.

F2F: Now it seems to be cycling back.

IXL: With more, with more impetus than ever. You donít know what you got till itís gone. So, losing that spirituality, and coming back at it from another point of view is even more powerful.

F2F: Thatís excellent. We are talking, for people who might have just tuned in, with Ian Lungold, talking about the Mayan Calendar. He is giving us a rundown on what the various groupings are of the calendar numerically and what they mean significantly and spiritually. And itís a very good message and weíre very close to the present now in your walk through the calendar, if Iíve been following correctly.

IXL: Yeah, weíre right here. Like, this third night that weíre currently in, the one where I said that during this period of time unworkable systems are jettisoned. Theyíre just thrown away by consciousness. So once something goes out of consciousness, it goes out of practice. And what weíre doing right now is that there has been in the past, there has been this concentration on power, on accumulating more and more power to manipulate the environment, raw materials, or people. And whatís currently happening is that we are experiencing a change or shift in consciousness toward ethics with power integrated, with power delivered on a level playing field to everyone, rather than hoarded by a few.

F2F: When is this current night over?

IXL: Well it started on December 10, 2003. And it ends on December 3, 2004.

F2F: OK.

IXL:† The very very middle of that cycle, the midnight of the third night is June 6 of 2004.

F2F: June 6, which has been brought up by, I think everybody who has been on this show in the last several weeks, is when the Venus transit comes.

IXL: Actually, thatís on June 8.

F2F: June 8, OK. All right.

IXL: Yeah. But itís really important to take a look at this, but if you look at the days as a, the days and nights as an up and down graph, like a sine wave, during the day consciousness rises and rises and rises to a high noon, and then it starts going in the other direction. And then it goes down eventually into the night. And then it goes down and down into the night until it hits the midnight, and then it changes direction again, and starts heading back up toward another day. Now Iím not going to go into all the details, theyíre at the web page, that is What happens at the high noon and at the midnight are events in the universe, or in our lives that change the direction of consciousness. During the high noon of the third day which just passed what was going on is the first inkling in Iraq that we were in there on false pretenses. That was when Tony Blair was coming under all that intense heat from Parliament, right during the high noon of the third day when the truth about this whole horrible situation started erupting. Weíre headed towards the midnight of the third night. And something very special, some occurrence is going to change the direction of consciousness at that point, too. I would like to talk a little bit about the Venus passageÖ

F2F: Sure.

IXL: Öthat is coming up on the 8th.

F2F: Youíre about 8 minutes until a break, so I can give you a little gauge there.

IXL: OK. All of you out there listening, you have your own personal ideas, thoughts, feelings or emotions about Venus. But Iíll bet you that most of them include things like beauty, grace, feminine, love, open-heartedness, even-handedness, those types of concepts, the highest principles of human consciousness is what Venus represents. And usually what we witness of Venus is a small reflection of the Sunís energy off of her body and back to Earth so she looks like a little star, just a small reflection of her energy. But Venus is on an orbital path inside of planet Earthís orbital path. So every 122 years or so, Venus passes between us and the Sun. This is called a Venus transit, and it takes 7 hours for this transit to occur. On June 8, Venus will pass in front of the Sun. And the Sun and all of his radiant blazing glory is going to be blasting everything that has to do with Venus right at planet Earth. So weíre in for a download. We are going to be receiving everything that Venus stands for for 7 hours on June 8. Dr. Carl Calleman is working right now, putting together a huge worldwide meditation effort for those 7 hours. And there wonít be hardly a person on the planet who wonít know that this is happening. Thereís something very important, another very important point that we should get across here.

F2F: Okay.

IXL: Itís the number one law in the universe. The number one, numero uno law of the universe. What you pay attention to, you become conscious of. Period. When you look at a label of the ingredients on whatever it is youíre buying at the store. When you pay attention to that list of ingredients, thatís when you become conscious of whatís in the package.

F2F: That seems reasonable.

IXL: It doesnít matter if youíre some multi-dimensional being. If youíre paying attention to five different dimensions all at the same time, what are you conscious of? Five different dimensions. If youíre a little kid holding a stick with three ants on it, and youíre looking at them, what are you conscious of? Those three ants on a stick.† Itís the absolute, number one rule in the universe. So on June 8, what you are paying attention to is what youíre going to become conscious of on that day. This is going to be a very very personal decision. By June 6 or so, life on planet Earth is not going to be anywhere near what it is today. There are going to be a lot of systems that are going to be jettisoned during this period of time, a lot of changes. The last time we were in the third night was from 1854-1873. 1861 was the beginning of the United States civil war. Weíre back into that same energy or that same consciousness now. Look at the polls. 47% to 51% just about across the board on every issue, not just the presidential race, but gay marriage, should Martha Stewart be in prison or not, whoís guilty, whoís innocent. Itís right down the middle. People are split wider than they have ever been in our memories. So things are coming to a head, and June 6 is going to be a very contentious period of time. People will have a choice to pay attention to their current physical situations, which may or may not be dire. Or something which is not physical at all, that are receptions are a new kind of consciousness for the continued evolution of the human race.

F2F: Thereís two ways to have a revolution. You can have, you can pick up sticks and stones and start beating your enemy or you can do like the Ghandian approach or Martin Luther King talked about was basically donít participate in the system anymore.

IXL: There you go.

F2F: You sit down. And perhaps the people who are going to be focused on a war mentality may pick up arms during that energy. But others who are focused on a spiritual aspect of it could, will gain enlightenment during that time.

IXL: Absolutely true. Right on the button. You see, the systems that are going to get expelled, that will be overcome are only those systems that are operating without integrity. Unfortunately, thatís most systems that weíre dealing with.

F2F: Yeah, Iíll say.† Yeah.

IXL: That includes your relationships as well, people. Most of you probably know four or five couple over the last three or four months who are no longer together. They have left either as friends or less than friends, but the issue was the integrity, the ethics involved in their relationship. This is whatís going on from top to bottom. If there are points without ethics or lack of integrity, personal integrity in your relationship, itís not going to make it. Whether that relationship is at work or there in your own home. And that is what Iím saying is going to be coming to a peak right around June 6.

F2F: Which is a couple of months from now.

IXL: Yeah. But itís already been accelerating, and everybody knows it.

F2F: Yeah, but Iím saying that we, you know, I donít know, years ago Iím used to hearing these far off dates and now weíre talking a couple of months and there is evidence to back this up, itís not simply a revelation. It was a revelation that may have been given thousands of years ago which has been proving itself time and time again. Itís something, itís time to like, wake up and say hey this is a real deal and what side am I going to be on.

IXL: Thatís it. Itís exactly that time. Thatís why weíre doing this on the radio, to give people a chance for a new point of view. And I want to also extend a lot of information later in the last half hour here I want to go into our future, which is extremely bright, people. Itís an extremely, more than you can right now imagine, an extremely bright situation weíre moving into.†

F2F: I would imagine that would be for the people who are, decide to step up to the ethics and take the high road.

IXL: That would be them.

F2F: And those who donít, itís perhaps not so bright.

IXL: Not so bright.

F2F: (Laughs) Well anyway, well, weíll take a little break here weíll be back in a couple of minutes. Weíre talking with Ian Lungold about the Mayan Calendar and how it lays out our future. And thatís what weíll be talking about the next half hour, the future to come.††††††† Weíll be right back.


F2F: Ah, thank you Ann, I love that song This Reality is Going on Without Me. And Iíd like to, I would like to Ian, choose the side of the spirituality growth but let me ask you, we had a question come in and people think that youíre, youíre saying a rosy future, but youíre, youíre actually speaking to a minority of the people who will actually get to this future, I would imagine.

IXL: Hhhm.

F2F: I mean, because thereís 5 billion on the planet. How many of these 5 billion are going to be the old power struggling ways versus the people who see and move towards the light?

IXL: Basically itís not my job, or I donít really have the authority to make a prediction on how many are going to make it and how many arenít.

F2F: Mhmm.

IXL: There are two factors that I have identified that, that could produce completely different effects. One, Iíll state first, which is the sacred geometry of the proportions of everything in our experience. Everything in our experience boils down to a ratio of two-thirds to one-third. That is the basis of all sacred geometry, including the Mayan Calendar. One-third to two-thirds. If you look at your own hand, the distance between the first knuckle and the main knuckle on your hand is one-third to two-thirds. The distance of your fingers to your hand is going to be really roughly one third to two-thirds volume of the palm. And your whole body is built on that ratio. All fish, birds, and mammals are built on that ratio. Plants grow in that ratio. The ratio of landmass to water mass on our planet is one-third to two-thirds. The orbital distances of planets around the Sun works out on the ratio of one-thirds to two-thirds. Everything in our experience, including things like the past present future, male female child, father son holy ghost, everything is set up with the relationship of one-third to two-thirds. SO how many are going to make it? Either one or two thirds. What would make the difference? Either not understanding or understanding the process. That is what will make the difference.

F2F: Well that, that, that kind of fits what I would think is that I think more are going to make it than people think and also more are not going to make it than people think because people donít know the actual heart, the inside heart of each other. That there are going to be a, it looks like from our perspective it would be a smaller number because of the large number we see via the filtered news of the trauma going on. But there could be a silent vast majority of people waiting to leap into this next quantum advance.

IXL: There are, I believe there are. The X generation. X generation, the lost generation. We could call them a blank computer punch card. Theyíre not completely programmed in to this power consciousness are they? Theyíre sort of (inaudible), sort of waiting for something. That something just might be June 8, 2004. Every time that the Venus transit has happened, on Earth what has occurred is our ability to communicate to one another has exploded. For instance, the last time that the Venus passage happened was the day that the transatlantic cable was laid and telephonic communication was opened between U.S. or North America and all of Europe, a huge explosion. And what is coming up is another huge step in our ability to communicate to one another. And letís take a look at what happened during the previous cycle, during this Planetary cycle with our ability to communicate. During the first day of that Planetary cycle, 1757 is when it happened, there was a person who wrote down the idea of the telegraph. There wasnít such a thing, but he wrote it down as an idea and published it. Then in the second day of that Planetary cycle the first use of mirrors to communicate through a code were used by two French students, the first optical telegraph was invented. During the third day, the electric telegraph was invented. During the fourth day the telephone was invented. During the fifth day the radio was invented. During the sixth day the television was invented. And in the seventh day, in 1992, the Internet went up. We are on a schedule. And anybody can go and check these dates out. So whatís the next step? Here we are with being able to instantly communicate all around the planet. You can pick up a cell phone at any location, almost. Can you hear me now? (Laughs)

F2F: (Laughs)

IXL: And call people, and communicate. What is the next step people? Telepathy. Now it may be introduced similar to a cell phone as a piece of technology that we use for a while, or it may be that that seventh sense, you know, that application of your intuition to be able to be in communication will just come about by natural selection, by a process of the evolution of consciousness. And Venus, every time she does the transit stimulates this huge opening in our ability to communicate. So we could be looking at a whole planet, a whole world being able to instantly know what someone else knows.

F2F: That would be quite startling.

IXL: Well if you wanted to really have an ethical, an ethically based consciousness what better measure could you possibly come up with other than to have everyoneís thoughts open? You certainly couldnít have any secrets. And if you havenít noticed, secrets are going extinct.

F2F: That has been written in many prophecies of things that are in darkness will be come into light in the latter days.

IXL: Thatís right. And you wouldnít be able to walk around with unethical thoughts or plans, let alone take action on them, in a telepathic society. Now, admittedly, when this bursts upon peoples consciousness, some people are going to have a tougher time giving up their secrets than others. And I think that this is going to be the dividing line. Are you willing and ready and able to be an ethical and integral person, or are you going to go ahead and get off the bus? Because we certainly donít want unethical people going into a time when they are going to be able to manifest more and more their thoughts and desires.

F2F: And thatís exactly what Dr. Michael Sharp, who we had on here, thatís exactly his point again, using a different means to get to that conclusion. But thatís why I tend to put all of these pieces together and I say itís coming soon, and his timetables are similar. Itís time for the old way of deceit, lying and power to go and open up to literal, the literal Christ consciousness teaching of love, loving one another.

IXL: Oh yeah.

F2F: And itís like, itsí like, itís like so tempting because itís like, itís like right there. Itís like oh man I know itís going fail or something, you know. I got that kind that two sides of me going excited and going donít get excited because you know, how many times has it failed before.

IXL: Well, you know what? The dinosaurs went extinct, but not the alligators or crocodiles. You know, life goes on.†

F2F: Yeah.

IXL: Itís, this is not the end, itís a development. And it has happened before, people, and it has happened on a schedule again and again and again. None of us would appreciate Tyranosaurus Rexes running around in the city park. Weíre glad theyíre gone. The same is true of people who are willing to advantage themselves over their fellow human beings. Itís time for those people to take a hike. And theyíre going to be doing it primarily to each other.

F2F: Weíre lookingÖ

IXL:† In their fanaticism, in their, their, well, a lot of people are going to think theyíre going crazy when they start being able to hear other peopleís thoughts.

F2F: Now we have about six minutes.

IXL: Yeah.

F2F: Before we have to go to break and end this. So can you take those and spend those wisely? Because I could ask you a thousand questions. But maybe you should just be able, kind of wrap it up with whatís coming up and so forth.

IXL: Yeah, I want to talk about the fourth day.

F2F: Ok.

IXL: I want to talk about whatís coming. During the third night, unworkable systems are jettisoned so that we can all go forward fresh and new. The fourth day starts on December 4, 2004 and runs until November 28 of 2005. In every one of the fourth nights previous to this one the foundation of the new consciousness, of the consciousness coming in, the foundations were laid during the fourth day. Itís during the fourth day that the new consciousness dominates the old consciousness. And please go back and check your history. Go to the web page and check these dates and then go research as much as you like at the site or go to your own sources in the library or encyclopedias and look up these dates, and confirm this for yourself. But what happened during the last fourth day was that Henry Ford built the first manufacturing plant of automobiles. Also the first hydroelectric dam was built, the first oil pipeline was built, the telephone was invented, and we were setting the foundations of our current society. The telephone, electricity, oil and automobiles is the foundation of our civilization. So what we can fully expect during the fourth day coming is new foundations for an ethical consciousness. Number one amongst those would be the availability of free energy applied everywhere so that there is an ethical application of power. And that we can fully expect to come about during the fourth day and be applied worldwide during the fourth night. Because remember, the nights are the times of application. Amongst some of the technologies that weíll be coming up on is the ability to teleport. So all shipping will be instant. Things like telepathy at least in technological terms, telepathic ability rather than cell phones. And so many more wonders, marvels. Disease is going to go extinct. Weíve already come up with numerous cures for AIDS, which is the most virulent of our, of our pathogens right now. Those things will then be applied and made fully understood and known. Thatís the kind of future that weíre looking at. And it just keeps getting better from there. As more and more happens in less and less amount of time, more becomes possible to occur. Thatís why weíre witnessing so many miracles now. And as this accelerates its, there are going to be more and more miracles in every walk of life available to everyone. It wonít be that long before, about 2009, on the schedule that people will be able to literally, manifest their very desire without any kind of technological device whatsoever. Thatís where consciousness is headed, and that quickly.

F2F: Now, do you see, we got a couple of minutes left here, do you see cataclysm as being as one of the mani, not mani, the catalyst for this. We have a lot of people with predictionsÖ

IXL: Yes.

F2F: Öof a planet X coming in and cometary fragments coming in and thereís going to be a whole lot of stuff like that to bring down the power structures.† Is that something thatís in the Mayan Calendar?

IXL: It certainly is. As more and more becomes possible, weíre not just talking about good beneficial things. Everything is becoming more and more possible. Who could have possibly imagined that our Pentagon, the center of our defense, of the worldís most powerful nation could be attacked? Who could have imagined that being possible? Or the World Trade towers, the center of world commerce being destroyed in a few hours. Who could imagine that kind of event? More and more is becoming possible, including the possibility of civil war in the United States. All of these things, of shifting mountain ranges, of shifting coastlines, of planet, planet X. Itís becoming more possible that it would show up. And you were talking about asteroids. Weíre seeing an awful lot of asteroids all of a sudden. And itís possible that weíre headed into a place in space where thereís more junk. Weíre not just going around the Sun, you know. Weíre also going around in a, in a double orbit with the Pleiades, and weíre going around the whole galaxy every 250 million years.† Weíre moving, people. And everything else is too, things are changing. And as this consciousness accelerates, more and more and more becomes possible, and it becomes more and more important. What you pay attention to, you become conscious of. If you are going to be paying attention to all of the horrible things that might happen to you, then guess what, something horrible is going to happen to you. It gets more and more likely. If youíre paying attention to what sort of miracles youíre looking forward to tomorrow, what are you going to become conscious of? A way through everything thatís falling to pieces around you. That for number one. If you look back at all the horrible things that have happened in your life, the things that you cursed, those circumstances that really put you down, you look back at them now and you know what? That was actually some kind of a favor, wasnít it?

F2F: Itís all teachers.

IXL: All change hasnít been bad. And as long as you can keep that kind of a viewpoint, youíre going to be doing just fine. But as soon as you get all locked up in the fear of what might happen, it makes it more likely it will, to you.

F2F: Well, this is true. Iíve heard this time and again. You have put more meat on it, youíve thrown the Mayan Calendar at it and I tell you, Iím looking forward to the future more and more dealing with people. Weíre right up against a break though. And so we have to go and I appreciate you being on the show.

IXL: Well I want to thank everyÖ.(Break starts)ÖBye.