MB = Mitch Battros, ECTV

IXL = Ian Xel Lungold


MB:      Ian Lungold, are you there?

IXL:       Yes, we are.

MB:      You’re coming through loud and clear, and thank you for coming on the show.

IXL:       Well, thank you. In fact, Madaline, my partner and I, want to thank you again, for the opportunity to bring forward information.

MB:      Well Ian, personally, you’re doing more than just bringing me information, I’m actually on the air right now consoling with you. Uh, this last few weeks have been very upsetting to me, these last few days even more so, and you were the perfect person I could think of that could help walk me through this as I’m becoming very puzzled and off-center, and I need some help. Uh—

IXL:       Well—

MB:      Go ahead, Ian, please.

IXL:       Let me, let me begin by reading a statement by the Hopi Elders. “There is a river. There is a river flowing very fast. It is so swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart, and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has a destination. The Elders say, we must let go of the shore. Push off, into the middle of the river. Keep our eyes open and our heads above the waters. And I say, see who is in there with you, and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.”

MB:      Oh my God.

IXL:       “Least of all, ourselves.”

MB:      Oh my gosh.

IXL:       “For the moment we do, our spiritual growth comes to a halt.”

MB:      Oh, geez.

IXL:       The time of the Lone Wolf is over. Gather yourselves together. Banish the word ‘struggle’ from your attitude and vocabulary. All we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones that we were waiting for.”

MB:      Oh my God, Ian. I swear folks, I swear we did not rehearse this. Uh, Ian, that could not be, that could not be more direct in my own personal dilemma, in addressing the absolute core of exactly what I’ve been suffering. Uh, I guess I had a human reaction of the feeling of the loss of control, and I was trying to grab the edge of the river. Uh, it is very scary to let go, Ian. Uh, what say you?

IXL:       I agree that it’s scary, but it’s the safest act. What is along the shore of any river? Snags and logs and rocks and everything that you could possibly bash into. What’s out in the middle? A strong force that you can work with, and actually avoid obstacles downstream. Kayakers do it all the time for kicks, friends.

MB:      Yes, indeed.

IXL:       This is your life.

MB:      Uh, Ian—oh, by the way folks, uh, here’s another announce--, we just broke a new record, my God, I, I, I, uh Ian, thank you for participating in this. Uh, mark it in your calendar, you are the guest of the moment that has broken yet another ECTV, uh record. We have more hits now and more audience than we ever have. Thank you folks, for tuning in. I am just as pleased to be back and with you as you are to be with me. And what a wonderful guest to have this with. Uh, Ian, during my monologue, I mentioned that you and I have discussed in detail the challenges we may have externally in the way of Earth changes, earthquakes, volcanoes, solar flares. You and I have discussed in detail the challenge we have, challenges we probably, we will have, and do have, internally, such as that of conflict. But what, but could you address this challenge that I wrote about yesterday that suggests that, that there actually could be forces, I you will, I’ll use that term in a very generic manner ‘cause I don’t want to say the GWB word….

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      Please Ian, could you tell us what you personally, and what your studies of the Mayan calendar say about a possible evil force coming at us?

IXL:       Well actually, the whole of the current cycle of the Mayan calendar that we are in, the whole cycle of consciousness that we are currently in, is one of duality, is one of pointing out the differences between one thing and another. And everything, and everything else. It is some, it is all dedicated to the difference. And what is the most pronounced difference that we can see, is light and dark. Good and evil,

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       And everything is getting a tag, isn’t it?

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Doesn’t this sound like Judgment Day to all of you?

MB:      Yeah, actually I hadn’t thought of it that way, Ian, but what I’m seeing happening in such plain sight. I mean, I, I, I would never have thought it would have unfolded this way. It’s happening in my country in front of my eyes, and I would have never have guessed that I would have seen such a harsh McCarthyism-type judgment as I’m seeing right now.

IXL:       Of course, this is an exercise of conscious-ness. That is, the consciousness of evil, or darkness, or power, which is the consciousness which has had the most emphasis up until now, and this new ethical consciousness, which is moving in—those two are right now in a wrestling match.

MB:      Oh, boy…

IXL:       and that’s what we’re witnessing.

MB:      Ah, you know what, Ian, maybe this is what is going on with me, anyway, that, that maybe I knew that this kind of wrestling match was going to occur, but I, perhaps I thought I was going to be the one on top—I never thought, I don’t know why, what a stupid thing on my part, maybe just ego, that I would be pinned down on the bottom, and feeling rather powerless.

IXL:       The meek shall inherit the Earth. Go ahead and be powerless. Go ahead. It’s all those people with power that are causing all the problems in the first place, isn’t it?

MB:      Yes, it is.

IXL:       Go ahead, and be powerless, and be, just in your own space. Be conscious of what’s going on around you, because that’s what they do. But you don’t have to become--you can be in this world but not of it.

MB:      Well said.

IXL:       It’s really possible.

MB:      Ah Ian, I had an interview last week, I believe it was last week, maybe it was the week before, with Carlos Barrios. I know you know of him, you may have even consulted with him.

IXL:       I did, as a matter of fact.

MB:      He is saying, or was saying, very much the same thing as you are now, and I had a challenge for him, and one of the things that he said was that, that if we do not change our ways by this August, that we will “reap the wrath,” if you will. And they, both Carlos Barrios and Adam Roblin (sp?) were, in a positive note, thinking that we are powerful enough to make the change, and yes I do believe we are powerful enough to make the change. But I must say, I did comment that I don’t think we have a chance in Hell in making it by August, anyway. Then he mentioned another time of challenge was 2007, but let’s stay with this thing that’s coming up in the next few months, Ian, could you better clarify this—I guess relate it to the Mayan calendar—what energies are shifting.

IXL:       Okay. First of all, understand that the National Forest Service has had a huge problem by controlling natural burn. By stopping every little forest fire, when one gets going, it is out of control—and it totally devastates the forest, rather than just burning the underbrush. And we’re coming up on that same kind of situation, where events here are going to be intense, briefly, like a natural forest fire that just clears the underbrush. And all the people running around saying we shouldn’t have a fire—there shouldn’t be any—are perpetuating the problem.

MB:      Wow!

IXL:       Yep. So let these people do their thing. Let’s see your stuff, a hose, let’s see what you’ve got.

MB:      Well, that’s pretty profound, Ian, I like that.

IXL:       Genghis Khan, was the biggest scourge on the face of the Earth. Genghis Khan was big and bad. You know what Genghis Khan brought with him? The Black Plague.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Anybody sound familiar? I mean, does this sound familiar to you guys? And guess what—we’re still sittin’ here, talkin’ about it.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       It’s no big deal to consciousness. It’s just part of the process—let them do their deal.

MB:      So let me see—let me make sure I understand you, Ian, um, although I do believe you’re speaking with clarity, but I do not want to misinterpret anything. If—what I’m hearing is that: Mitch and audience, take a breath; breathe in, breathe out; realize that what’s unfolding now is all part of a bigger plan. It could be no other way. Be centered. Stay focused, and keep your eye on the ball, so to speak. Uh, Ian, could you help clarify, further?

IXL:       Big man. [Laughs] You did a wonderful job, Mitch. Wonderful. Now, I want to let people know that the cycles that we’re going through are 360 days in length. Understand that the last time we went through this was the Civil War, when consciousness was changing once every 20 years. Now we have only 360 days to endure. Now it may look very drastic, it may be quite a bit of change for people’s lives in the short-term, what is coming up. Now I want to talk about that.

MB:      Okay, please.

IXL:       But, uh, please understand that it’s very short-term, and according to the same Mayan Calendar that predicts the trouble, there are magnificent advances once we get past this. So there is no doom or gloom here. What basically is going to pass away, is the consciousness of power and domination. And all the people who really cannot pry themselves consciously away from those systems, are scheduled to go extinct the same way that the Neanderthal and the dinosaur did.

MB:      Wow. Once again—

IXL:       That’s all that’s happening. And look how far we’ve come, since the dinosaur and the Neanderthal.

MB:      True. Uh--

IXL:       So, theres a 16 billion year history of the Universe, and it’s very, very evident, that more good happens, in the Universe, than bad. Or this would have broken all down billions of years ago. More goes right than bad. Keep that in mind, please.

MB:      Well said, well said. Uh Ian, again relating to the Mayan prophecy, Mayan Calendar, Mayan texts, will we receive some help in some way? Now I don’t mean necessarily help in, you know, necessarily extraterrestrial-type help or that type of deal, but going back to the prophecy that an energy change that is going to occur within us, a shift of consciousness, will that be the assistance we will need to make it through these very difficult times? What do you see as the glue that we can use as spiritual beings to walk through these incredibly challenging and fast moving, shifting, river?

IXL:       Okay. Uh, first of all, let me just explain what is going on right now. Right now, we are in the Third Day of the Galactic Cycle. And the Third Day of each cycle previous, has been a time where there was an appraisal of the situation of consciousness. There was a new alignment of consciousness that was established. For instance, in the last Third Day, was the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and the Abolitionist Movement. That was a definite sprouting, or flowering of consciousness. That there were whole masses of people held in enslavement. And previous, the Third Day previous to that, during the National Cycle, was when Moses received the Ten Commandments, and established the basis of law, and what was right and what was wrong. Today, people are waking up to the truth of their actual situation. Most people are wage slaves

MB:      Wage slaves.

IXL:       They have a mortgage payment, and things they must pay.

MB:      That’s true.

IXL:       And people are waking up consciously to that—it’s not a comfortable situation.

MB:      That’s right.

IXL:       And what comes from that is an inspiration for the word “freedom,” when you realize that the shackles are there—then, you are chasing freedom, and that’s what’s going on amongst everyone right now.

MB:      Heh. Ian, I chuckle, I—again folks, Ian and I did not have a discussion before this—this is totally spontaneous. Ian, I was just speaking with my business partner, Sherry Todd, just, maybe three hours ago, and, myself and her, we’re both getting some laptops, some powerful laptops, computers. The reason we’re doing that is that both of us, me in particular, will be taking Earth Changes TV on the road. I was just telling her, three hours ago, that I am putting the house up for sale, or I’m going to rent it out, here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I am going to be traveling, starting in June. Now, with the, with the current technology that we have, I will be able to do that, and bring the show to wherever I am at. And I just want to confirm with you Ian, with your psychic abilities, I suppose, whatever it is that you’re doing, but it’s certainly working with me, that I was suffering from feeling just the thing you said about being stuck. Uh, folks, I wonder if you have been feeling this kind of anxiousness lately, as well? Uh, Ian, could you elaborate, please?

IXL:       Well, basically what’s going on, is the truth is coming out everywhere, in every way. People are facing their own truths, but there are truths about the government, theres truths about the military, theres truths about the industries, and the Cong--, you know, Congress, the truth is just pouring out everywhere, everywhere. The truth about our home monetary system, and how fraudulent it is. Everything! The truth is everywhere, flooding everyone. And as more truth comes out, theres more betrayal shown.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       With more betrayal shown, there is less trust. Now, trust is the only thing that supports our economy, or any of our social systems. Just trust. Now, Friends, out there who are listening, do you trust the beliefs? Do you trust your government and elected officials? Do you trust social services? Do you trust the education system? Do you trust the health care system? Do you trust any of these things? As consciousness brings more and more of the truth of the actual situation that we live in forward, there will be less and less trust of any of the systems that mankind has built. And the only systems that will be left standing are the natural ones. The ones with the most integrity. Think of it this way—here’s a Boeing 747 flying straight down into the ocean, as fast as it can go. It impacts the ocean—which one gets hurt? The natural system or the man-made system?

MB:      That’s right, of course.

IXL:       Just the actual thing we’re going through.

MB:      Yes. Wow. My gosh, such powerful statements, Ian. All I—I have to take a moment folks here just to, to kind of  contemplate what Ian is saying and it’s so rich, Ian, that these are the type of things that, I don’t know, I know I will I imagine that many of the audience will be thinking about these things for some days to come.

IXL:       I hope so. But remember, that just on the other side of this train wreck is a wonderful situation. We already have free energy being produced, and tested, and set up for manufacture. Now do you suppose that the oil cartel would ever, if it existed at all, would it ever allow that to come forward?

MB:      Never.

IXL:       Ne-ver. So what must happen?

MB:      Well, they’re going to be either ousted with natural sources, or it’s going to be human sources, I suppose,  in the way of overthrown, power shifts, uh. Which way do you think it will occur?

IXL:       Well, what happened to Rome?

MB:      Oh, boy,

IXL:       Rome was the most powerful empire on the face of the Earth. What happened to them? Consciousness changed, that’s what happened. Consciousness changed. People didn’t believe that the Caesar was a god anymore.

MB:      Oh boy,

IXL:       That’s what happened--.

MB:      Oh, my gosh…. You know, Ian, once again, this was the day before yesterday, actually, I was in San Antonio, Texas, just a few days ago. Um, I’ve never felt so vulnerable in the United States, in my life. And I was asking many of, many of my elders about what’s going on now with the events that are unfolding, and the actions and the intrusions and the invasions that we’re doing that, that the infrastructure of the United States, perhaps, as just as you just said, is no longer supportive of these ways. And then what happens—is it like an Achilles Heel? Ian?

IXL:       Well, it is. It is for people who ascribe to the structures, the power structures that are running our country or our world right now. They have a very short fuse. Consciousness is overrunning these folks, and there is nothing they can do about it. It’s like rats in a warehouse—keep on turning more and more lights and theres less and less places for them to hide, and that’s what you’re seeing is the franticness of these guys scurrying around and trying to gather up as much or consolidate as much power as possible. Now, we’ve talked many times on the radio before, or your program before, about the power consciousness. The planetary cycle that started in 1755, and has always been about amassing more and more power and consolidating more and more power. Understand that that consciousness is still running, it’s still doing its job of consolidating power, and we’re witnessing it—it’s getting stronger and stronger of a consolidation. But what is also happening, and this is to the completely, to the, well the people in power are completely ignorant or unconscious of, a new kind of consciousness that is moving in over them. Ethics. A higher vision. A deeper view. A more pervasive, level playing field for everyone. That kind of consciousness is moving in, and these guys don’t have the tools to do anything about it, except fear and dominate. And, you know, for anyone to go into fear, they have to first agree to be afraid. Watch a scary movie three times, and you won’t be jumping, because you don’t agree it’s scary anymore.

MB:      Wow. There you go again—giving me more to think about. [Laughs]

IXL:       If we see the pattern, then we have certainty, and we’re more centered, and we can have our peace of mind. So, like in a horror movie, you watch it enough times, you get used to the patterns. Well, theres a whole pattern of creation, of these ups and downs and clashes and impacts and theres a bigger, bigger understanding behind all of this. I know, Bush is a puppet, pulled by the strings of consciousness, to make these plays and accelerate the whole process so that it gets over in 360 days. I’m glad that it’s him doing that job.

MB:      Wow.

IXL:       I don’t want it.

MB:      [Laughs] Uh, well said, Ian, again, quite a bit to contemplate. It’s certainly helping me look at these things in a different way, a different angle, a different light. Somehow it gives me comfort, I don’t know why.

IXL:       It’s uh, maybe  because it rings true. Or maybe it’s because it’s speaking to your intuition.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       But I wanted, I wanted to bring that up. Because the path through all of these troubles, trials and tribulations is your own intuition.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Each person’s own inner knowing. You can’t rely on news to tell you what’s up.

MB:      You know Ian, that’s one of the things that really took me back over all this last fiasco over the last several weeks, is that, I don’t know, once again, I thought that there would be so many more people genuinely aware of what’s going on, and, and, and it least in my small world, I was definitely in the minority. It was about a 70/30 split, and I was unfortunately in the 30%, and I was just shocked. That 70%, of at least my world, and perhaps that of the United States, could not see what I was seeing. I was just, just blown away by this.

IXL:       Well, theres one of two things, one of two different things going on that I see. One, is that a lot of people are just chicken.

MB:      [Laughs] That’s true, folks.

IXL:       And the other, is that there are some foxes out here in the hinterland. The fox is very wise, you see. The fox takes only what he needs. Okay?

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       And then he splits. Uh, the fox, he has one entrance, and he has 15 exits. The hounds, the hounds are very stupid, they are very sick, and they’re quick to fight one another. You know?

MB:      Yeah.

IXL:       They also, once they chase the fox down his hole, they will sit there and dig at that hole, and bay, into the moon, until the Master calls them back. Meanwhile, the fox is gone out of one of his 15 other exits. Understand? There are people who are not showing their heads.

MB:      Yes. Boy, do—

IXL:       There are people who are just taking what they need, keeping aware, and are just rolling with the punches.

MB:      I agree with you, uh, Ian, matter of fact, in my monologue, just before I brought you on, I was mentioning that what the hell has happened to our Congressmen, what has happened to our Senators, those we are so familiar with who, who are, at least, what I thought were very independent, and certainly spoke their truth, what the hell happened to them? What Master, as you say, with the analogy of the hound, what Master is so threatening, that all these people are quiet?

IXL:       Well, the first Master is themselves. You see, the real war is integrity—personal integrity. And these folks have bought and sold theirs so many times, that the whole idea of standing up for a principle, rather than a pork barrel,

MB:      Or political gain

IXL:       yeah, it would be unconscionable, they wouldn’t be able to contemplate it. Um, this is all part of the power consciousness concentrating. You underst—I mean, it’s not just our country.

MB:      That’s true

IXL:       All of Earth is being more and more concentrated into singleness of mind and to one power system. The WHO, the WTO, the UN, I mean, there are so many unifying, or uniform consciousness-measures out there. It should, it should be no surprise, because the whole of the power consciousness, which is raging full steam right now, is all dedicated at bringing about a single planetary consciousness. Now we’re going to need that single planetary consciousness in order to do Galactic Business.

MB:      That’s true, very true.

IXL:       Can you imagine Walmart—each department in Walmart doing its own business? No. The photo department’s not got its own business, and the sporting department got its own business, and it’s going to be chaos. We can’t be dealing with other solar systems with our planet divided. So overall, it’s a great deal, it’s just that we’ve got some real power-mongers up there doing the heavy work of getting everything slammed into shape, then consciousness comes along and picks up the ball with ethics as its driving principle. Now we can have a true world government, ethically applied, level playing fields, all surviving citizens, everywhere, and we’re open to Galactic business—that’s what’s happening.

MB:      Wow. Once again, another portrait painted—thank you, Ian. Uh, let me ask you a specific question, just for clarity, Ian, and the audience wants to know as well. The 360 days you’ve mentioned—could you tell us when that began, and when you believe that to end.

IXL:       Okay. Well, actually, the Third Day began on December 15th of 2002, and it ends on December 9th, 2003.

MB:      Uh, yes, Carlos Barrios, to be more specific, he did say that it was going to be a time period between August and December. He did specify August and December. In your studies, Ian, why does it appear to be broadened over August, September, October, --, over 4 months—is it a subtle kind of a graduation, a stepping up of energy over these months?

IXL:       Well, actually, the High Noon of the Third Day--. Now remember, the Third Day is about the truth of our actual situation coming forward. The High Noon is when the most truth would shine. It would be like “Zoom“—when everything is illuminated. And during this period of time, that that –[lost signal]. …of 2003

MB:      I’m sorry, could you repeat that last bit, I had a little--.

IXL:       June 12 of 2003. High Noon of the Third Day.

MB:      June 12, 2003.

IXL:       That’s right.

MB:      Okay.

IXL:       That’s the High Noon, and that is when, basically there will be two different camps of consciousness, not just in this country, but everywhere, between the Power Elite and all of those who aspire to be their lackeys, and those other people who feel that something should be done, or, that there is another way. And these camps will be very well-delineated, about June 12th or so, as the truth becomes very very well documented of our actual situation.

MB:      Ian, using your own personal intuition,

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      and your skills at understanding the Mayan calendar and all the research that you’ve done,

IXL:       and to past occurrences at what time, yes.

MB:      Yes. Do you forsee, like this article that I received today about a possible nuclear interaction with North Korea, tomorrow, for Christ sakes,

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      But let me widen it. Do you forsee a nuclear exchange or heightened Earth changes occurring, between now and December.

IXL:       Well, this is—I’ve been doing some other research. Now, most people who are familiar with the Mayan calendar have heard about the Tzolkin calendar, that’s the 260 day astrological calendar of the Maya, and that is one part of the Mayan calendar system. The other part of their sacred calendar system is called the Tun calendar, which is a 360 day calendar. And the research that I’m uncovering now, about past occurrences, and the turning of this 360 day calendar, point at some very interesting results, early results. I’m not, I haven’t finished the results, but I have some preliminary findings. Now, this 360 cycle, it changes from, from like 12 o’clock noon to 3 o’clock every 90 days—excuse me, every 45 days, and it goes from 12 to 6 every 90 days, and there seems to be a pattern here of our interaction, of America’s interaction with Afghanistan, and the UN and Iraq, and now, we have April 28th coming up which would be 9 o’clock on this clock thing, and we have the Korean situation broiling.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       So, these points shown by the Mayan calendar, have, within a day or two of these points, major events have happened. So, we’re on a very strong track of being able to predict, within, even 15 days, what kinds of shifts or change in consciousness, will bring about some sorts of event. You can look back into the fact, what we’re doing right now correlates very very closely, to Hitler and his acquisitions of the Rhineland and of Austria—we took Afghanistan and then we took Iraq. I mean, it’s--

MB:      Now were looking at Syria, then Iran, then Korea, where’s it end?

IXL:       Well, after Austria, it was Poland, and the war was on. That’s what was happening.

MB:      The world was on to the game?

IXL:       The war was on.

MB:      Oh, the war was on. Okay.

IXL:       Yes, after—when he declared war on Poland—

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       --and shortly, very shortly—the next day, Britain and France, the war was on. And, we’re following that exact track, except that we’re doing it much, much faster than happened previously in history.

MB:      And that certainly is consistent with the Mayan calendar.

IXL:       It certainly is. Yes, it is. That’s what I’ve been researching just recently, and I’m going to continue this research. And we’ll bring this forward at our website, which, by the way, remind people—

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       It’s “” That’s And theres a message board there where we’re--that is very active, and theres also the articles section and then theres beautiful pictures of the Mayan ruins that—go in and take a virtual tour.

MB:      Yes folks, I encourage you to do that. Let me repeat that—the website is And you will, you will, you will get a wealth of information. And I, I received the Mayan calendar conversion code, and I requested the one that folds up, kind of like a menu, it’s laminated, and it really kind of helps explain some things. You may be interested in that, folks.

IXL:       Well, as a matter of fact, could we talk about that just for a minute.

MB:      Go ahead.

IXL:       Because lots of people, everywhere, ask me over and over and over again, what can I do to prepare for this? What can be done?

MB:      Correct.

IXL:       And I’m going to give everybody the answer that I give all the time. The same answer. There is a basic law in the Universe, that what you pay attention to you become conscious of. And it just goes from the bottom to the top—any time you pay attention to something, you become more conscious of that thing. So. The Mayan calendar, as it’s now proven out, has been the meter of the flow of creation. So if you are paying attention, day by day, to the unfolding of creation, then what are you conscious of? You’re conscious of that flow. And that flow is the source of your intuition. It has always been so. Every time you’ve tapped into the flow of creation, you have been in your intuition. And you felt the difference. That’s what we’re talking about. But it’s a tried and true and proven and proven and [?] method that works for absolutely everyone. By paying attention to what the energy of the day is, what the attention [?] is today, you ignite your intuition. And your intuition is going to be your life preserver through all of these shifts and changes. So that little piece of paper that is folded up has all the Mayan information about the number of the day and the aspects of creation of that day, is really important. And I beseech people to give it a try. It costs $15, you know. [Laughs]

MB:      Exactly, folks, I would agree. Ian, we are once again out of time. That’s a good place to end it. I want to thank you once again, not only for being on the show and helping to explain at least through the eyes of a Mayan scholar, and that of Mayan philosophy, Mayan prophecy, and the Mayan calendar. And I want to thank you personally, for helping me get back on track. I guess what happened is that I lost sight of the bigger picture and I, instead of expanding, I was contracting, and holding on just a little too tight. So thank you for loosening me up tonight.

IXL:       [Laughs] You’re so welcome, and thank you, everyone out there, who is listening, thank you. We’re all in this together. And we love you.

MB:      Thank you Ian. Take care.

IXL:       Yeah.

MB:      Bye-bye.