Transcript of Earth Changes TV Radio Hour
May 18, 2004

Host: Mitch Battros

Guest: Ian Xel Lungold



ECTV:  Welcome.  It looks like we have a large audience tonight.  As I thought we might. My guest is Ian Lungold.  We’re going to jump right into that.  Of course we’re going to talk about Mayan prophecy, Mayan Calendar predictions, and just general intuition.  And it’s, really folks, quite exciting out there because things are coming into fruition, where we’ve been talking about for years and years.  Thank goodness, it’s coming on in a more gentle speed if you will, as it unfolds.  However, I have a feeling it’s going to pick up, rather quickly.  Well let me, let me start with this article, I can’t help it.  It has to do with the financial, economic collapse, if you will.  I have two articles here. One is titled, “Has the financial collapse begun?” Indian markets crash, on turmoil, another title is, Asian market, near crash, and that is a Reuters Report.  Bombay, India - Indian stocks plunged as much as 17.5% on Monday, in their biggest one-day fall ever, ever.  The rupee and bon both fell, having been boosted, over the past years, by record levels of foreign investment pouring into Asia.  The stock markets crash wiped-out, as much as, forty billion dollars, in investor wealth.  The market turmoil forced the Reserve Bank of India to make an emergency statement.  Reassuring investors it would intervene, if necessary.  Well folks if it happens there could it happen in Japan next?  Could it happen in Europe and then happen here?  Now my hunch, as Ian has said so often.  That even though it seems to be manifesting in Asia and then perhaps Europe, I’m suggesting as Ian has said, that really it began here.  And yes, this is May, and yes this is what Carlos Barrios said would happen and when.  And here we are.  As you know Ian Lungold has been mentioning this many times and I think he might, I have a feeling he’s going to want to share some of his own personal story and how it’s affected him personally.  And perhaps his experience of such will help the rest of us cope, as this thing unfolds.  All right very quickly, because I want to get him on, I’m anxious as you are. Sunspot count jumped to triple digits.  Day before yesterday sunspot count jumped to a hundred and forty-eight, yesterday one forty-seven, today still over a hundred.  Six, huge, sunspot regions, one sunspot region 609, the size of eight to twelve Earths, has a good chance of lashing out with M-Class flares, followed by CME’s.  I mentioned yesterday, over twenty-four hours ago, watch out for freak weather.  Folks, we’re already seeing it here, in the States and abroad.  Tsunamis have come about, in the Asia, in the southern hemispheres and Asia.  And right now we see a huge thunderstorm rolling in from the northwest.  Tornados are predicted.  Forecasted warnings have been put out.  But are you really surprised anymore?  Gee, could it be the sun?  Increased, solar brightness and warning, excuse me solar brightness and warming of Earth since 1979.  “Historical records of solar activity indicate that solar radiation has been increasing, since the late 19th century”, says Dr. Wilson.  If a trend compared with the one found in the study, persisted during the 20th century, it would have provided a significant component, of the global warming, that the IPCC report claims has occurred.  And that’s a, it’s a very long article, but well worth reading folks.  It’s on the website.  In one sentence, basically, it says, “It’s the sun”.  But are you really surprised?  The Venus transit, coming up.  Boy is that really catching fire.  Venus will transit across sun, in one, in a one hundred and twenty-two year cycle, and it is a six-hour event, and it occurs on June 8th.  I have a feeling Ian might have something to say about that as well.  Well who is Ian Lungold?  Of course most of you know him.  He is the creator of the Mayan Conversion Codex.  Ian is a leading research, researcher of the Maya and their calendar systems.  He is also a contributing author, artist and speaker.  More on the predicted U.S. economy collapse will, which is, has begun, and we’re going to discuss some of that tonight. Ian, are you there?


IXL:  Yes, I am.  Hello, everyone.


ECTV:  [laughing] Everyone says, “Hello back”.  Ian, I think I’m going to have you pick it up if you would, with just the monologue alone and then of course, we’ll go wherever you like.


IXL:  Okay.  Well here we are, in the Third Night, approaching the mid-night of the Third Night.  And I think everybody out there pretty much can recognize now that there definitely is an acceleration factor.  Not only in the rapidity of invents, but the seriousness of events that are happening all across the globe.  And we can fully expect for this acceleration to increase.  What we also want to talk about tonight…


ECTV:  Ian let me, let me get you to speak right into that phone, I’m, theres just been a slight drop, go ahead. 


IXL:  Okay. The other thing we want to talk about tonight is all of the miracles that are happening, not on the news, but for each of us, to each of us, through each of us.  There are miracles abounding, and the more that we recognize those and validate those and participate, and then expect those, the more and more those miracles will be a part of our everyday life.  And that’s part of this evolution.  Not just all of the shocking stuff you see or hear on the news.  Or the threats, of the environment, whacking out.  Which, it certainly will.  But besides those threats there is also a whole other side to this acceleration of creation and this opening of possibility.  So, I want to talk about that tonight. 


ECTV:  Wow, Ian.  I can tell, just in the tone of your voice, you appear somewhat solemn, almost in a meditative state.  Has, what has happened that got you to this place today? 


IXL:  Well, that’s a very long story.  But over the last twenty months, Madeline and I, have been engaged, in a match like a chess match, in court against banks.  For, what we have discovered within the banking system is, systematic fraud.  And we brought that forth and we ultimately won in court and with a default judgment. 


ECTV:  Let me get you to speak right into that phone again. 


IXL:  We, we…


ECTV:  There you go.


IXL:  There we go. We recently won in court for the default judgment.  And, from that, I mean during that period of time, we, we and most of the public out there understand, you don’t want to go to court because it’s just not fair.  You know?  You know that.  It’s just not fair.  And so, we went in with the law.  We won, to their chagrin.  I mean, that they were surprised that, that we without being lawyers, could do this.  And they struck back, in the way that they can, and they had us move from our home.  And so we’re in the process of going back to the courts to recover that.  And that’s currently what’s going on with me, and Madeline.  But what’s more important, than our personal circumstances, is our viewpoint of these circumstances. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Taking responsibility, for the fact that we were the one’s who picked this fight.  And there are going to be up’s and down’s in any battle and so taking responsibility for that, and then getting on with enjoying the change.  Rather than being comfortable at the breakfast table and huddled around the fire, we were suddenly put into a different kind of environment. 


ECTV:  [laughs] Ian would, is it fair to describe it as the proverbial fork in the road.  You could either go, yelling, crying, screaming, fall into a deep depression or embrace the unfolding. 


IXL:  That’s really it Mitch, you hit it right on the head.  I mean we could have gone either way.  Fortunately, we have enough understanding of the law, to know where we’re standing.  Most people, who are ejected from their home, have no bearing.


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  They don’t know what to do.


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  They don’t know there is anything to do.


ECTV:  Right. 


IXL:  And so we’re in a different situation than those folks, because of the path that we took.  So, that’s all to our benefit.  The most important part of that is that knowledge is power. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  For everybody out there listening. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  What you know is your own personal power.  Now, that’s not just physical knowledge or book knowledge.  That’s also your intuition.  Now, funny, I, I, I guess I’ll just tell the story or a little bit of it.  When the sheriff showed up with this bogus Writ of Restitution, to move us out; they had the guns, so we had to go. 


ECTV:  [laughing] Yeah. Right.


IXL:  We didn’t have any place to go.  We have a hundred forty pound dog and the two of us, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff.  So we ended up going down and camping for a while, and it was something that when we were sitting there, and the sheriff’s were declaring that this was for real and we had to go.  I went, “ah-ha!”  I mean this knowing came over me. Ah-ha, we’re supposed to go to ground. 


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  We’re supposed to go embrace or be embraced, in the bosom of Mother Earth. That’s what’s supposed to happen here and…


ECTV:  Ian, can I ask you how long it took, from shock if you will; certainly there must have been an at least an initial, somewhat of a traumatic, shock of sorts.  What was the time between shock and acceptance?  And I think that’s so important. I’ll explain...


[Recording skips]


ECTV:  Fantastic.


IXL:  What were; you know in the slurry of activity, of just handling the situation, there wasn’t a lot of time to be upset. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And of course after, when we were all done and we had made temporary arrangements, by that time we had accepted what had occurred and are looking forward to the fight to get the house back, because we know exactly what to do. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And woe be on to them lawyers which is; you know it’s not, I don’t mean to be vindictive, but there has to be a stand. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And you might as well win if you’re going to stand up.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And so, that’s what we’re about.


ECTV:  Wow.  Folks, how humble can you get?  Ian, I hope that; let’s see how can I put this?  I would like to have the humility that you have as events unfold in my life.  And folks I, you, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s going to happen to each and every one of us, in different areas of life. If it’s not some type of foreclosure or financial distress, which is certainly in the air, it could be any kind of thing, even the loss or death of a loved one.  And earlier Ian, when I mentioned the time it took from the shock and, traumatic shock and denial to the time of acceptance; and Ian said just a few minutes ago that he has been working on himself; and he has a wonderful working knowledge of what’s unfolding.  And I think that’s the only difference between Ian perhaps myself and many of us, that are studying what’s going on and staying awake, and those who are not.  It’s not that the events aren’t going to happen and it’s not that we’re not going to be prone to shock and trauma ourselves.  The difference is the time it takes to stabilize.  I think that is extremely important.  Ian, your thoughts?


IXL:  Oh, absolutely.  I mean the, the; and from that other stable point, you know when you do get stabilized?


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  You do have a different viewpoint and you can look at things differently.  Just this afternoon we went and picked up a piece of our car that was still left in the garage, at the old house.  And the viewpoint that we had about the house is very interesting.  It’s


ECTV:  You weren’t attached.


IXL:  still admiration for…


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …for that but yes, not as, not attached, and that’s very important.  That stage is very important for each person out there listening, because all of us are attached to this or that, our job, our car, our girlfriend, or wife or not.  All of us are attached to things, and that’s perfectly fine, until you are caught…


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL: …by those things


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL: …and then it’s not so much fun.  And we have just had a real life experience.


ECTV:  Oh, yes. [laughs]  


IXL:  With a rapid change and really enjoying the fact that we were able to ride, this change.  I mean celebrating the fact that we weren’t upset.


ECTV:  Yes, yes, yes, I understand. 


IXL:  We went down and camped, in a beautiful place in Sedona, Arizona.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Right on the stream.  I caught over twenty trout.


ECTV:  [laughing] Good for you. [still laughing] You didn’t pound your chest did you?


IXL:  No.  But I did lay out, in the sun.


ECTV:  Okay. 


IXL:  You know, we just, we of course; some days we were scrambling just to get all our stuff…


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …put away and what not.  But I’ve, been, been building muscles.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Things; you know my body that I haven’t used, for a while. Because I’m just, I’m a, hey guys, I’m a sculptor and I’m a computer guy, you know, reading and writing.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  So, now I’m chopping wood and hauling camping gear. [laughs]


ECTV:  Yes. Yes.


IXL:  It was wonderful. 


ECTV:  Yes.  You know, Ian you, we as humans, we do put quite a bit of energy into keeping things status quo.  I think we put an enormous amount of energy in trying to make things predictable and that could be a fault.  What do you think?


IXL:  If your trying to predict things in too small of an area, or pattern…


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …you’re going to have problems.  If you can look at the bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger picture then you can kind of predict things.  That’s what the Mayan Calendar is doing.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  That’s why, what we’re looking at here, is during the Third Night, systems that have been recognized who have false, you know, quirks; when, when you learn something new, when you learn a new technology that overcomes a older technology, it’s apparently obvious what’s wrong with that older technology. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  It doesn’t have this or this or that, or it’s got this big problem.  Well, the same sort of thing happened at each one of these levels of consciousness.  So right now, during the Third Night, is when systems that, are recognized to be flawed, are jettisoned.  They are thrown away by consciousness.  And the entire world economy is based on debt, not production.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  The whole entire economy of the world is based on debt.  No wonder most of you listening out there are in debt. Even, if you supposedly had money in the bank.  Each one of those greenbacks is a debt note that says how much you will pay if an when; there is ever any real money. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Real money, being gold or silver most commonly.  No currencies in the world, well there, actually theres two little islands, off the coast of England, that have gold-based economies.  No other place has that.  Now, we have an electron-based medium of exchange going on.  Which means that this electron and they, they aren’t even real.


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  They’re only a mental concept.


ECTV:  It’s like the futuristic movies were money’s not exchanged.  You get this, kind of plastic card, kind of a futuristic credit card if you will, and it’s simply credits. 


IXL:  Yes!  Well, that’s already what’s going on.


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  It’s just not as slick. 


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  It’s more cumbersome and far more for the people who are who are using this system to milk all of us.  That’s why it’s going down.  The system was designed to fail. 


ECTV:  Designed, to fail?


IXL:  Who makes all the money during a depression? 


ECTV:  Uhhhh, well does that, is it that, the, the idea of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?


IXL:  Exactly. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  All of the wealth is consolidated during a collapse.  And so, the whole thing is designed; I mean look at it.  Every Night, during the Planetary cycle, there was an economic collapse, every twenty years an economic collapse in the world.  And now, we’re going through, in the First Night of this Galactic cycle; we had the tech bubble burst.   


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  During the Second Night we had the corporate scandals.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  During this Night, we’re having the Asian market fall out the bottom. 


ECTV:  Oh yes.


IXL:  And drain so much capitol and generates so much fear, amongst Internet [recording skips] masters


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …that we’ve got a real serious problem.


ECTV:  Yes, we do.


IXL:  We’ve got; the thing that Madeline and I have been going through is just a microcosm and a preview of what is going to be happening for millions of people.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  You see Freddie Mae, er; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not government insured.  They are only government sponsored. 


ECTV:  Oh, really?


IXL:  Yeah. 


ECTV:  How many of you knew that, knew that out there folks? [laughs]  I should’ve known that, but I didn’t.


IXL:  And, when interest rates go up to 2.2, on the prime rate, than Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac are insolvent.                  


ECTV:  Insolvent?


IXL:  Because of the amounts, of reify, they’ve done on those low interest rates.


ECTV:  When they, when it goes up to 2.2; what is it now?


IXL:  I’m, I’m not quite sure because, frankly, I haven’t been on the Internet for the last…


ECTV:  Well 2.2 sounds awfully low.  How much lower can you get?


IXL:  Well it’s been below one, it’s been below 1 and ½ percent.


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  But Greenspan, as you reported earlier, was going to raise the rates.  So, it is impending doom, for our economic system. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And anybody who isn’t paying attention to all of these signs and doesn’t avail themselves of the facts, for whatever reason, probably deserves their fate. 


ECTV:  Wow.  Now, I know you saw this coming Ian, and you’ve said it on the show so many times, and thank goodness.  I must say this.  Thank goodness it’s unfolding, unfolding in a more gentle way than I thought it could have, at least, for those of us who are awake.  In other words, now I see it coming, tangibly.  Where as, I’m not so sure if very many people are even noticing what’s happening in the Asian market. What, what’s your read on this Ian, as far as people waking up?


IXL:  I think that people have a wonderful opportunity coming, to wake up en masse, and that is the Venus transit. 


ECTV:  Oh yes.  What is that all about?


IXL:  Well, first of all Venus; what is Venus all about? 


ECTV:  The love planet?


IXL:  Yes, beauty, grace, allure, feminine aspects, artistic, every want, every single want of the highest aspirations, of human kind.  You could boil it down to, Christ consciousness 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …is, Venus.  In fact, in the Mayan legends, Quetzacoatyl, when he left this dimension, this planet, he became the star Venus. 


ECTV:  Oh.


IXL:  And his energy, Quetzacoatyls energy, is what shine’s to Earth as the Venus energy.  So, Quetzacoatyl is also destined to return, similar to his other, his counterpart, Jesus Christ.  Their consciousness is due to return.  Every hundred and twenty-two years or so, Venus transits the sun.  Then it has another transit eight years later.  And then it doesn’t happen again for another hundred and twenty-two years. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  There’s, there are many, many fascinating facts about, about Venus and our relative orbits and spin and oh, it’s just, it’s marvelous.


ECTV:  Ian, I know that often you are able to recall events a century ago.  Are there any points, that typical people like myself, maybe many of our audience; is there anything that, that was noticeable a hundred and twenty-two years ago?


IXL:  Actually over the last few, hundred and twenty-two years, there has been one thing that has stood out about every single Venus transit.  That is, our ability to communicate and cooperate, between each other as human beings.  Has been, it just; it went, leaped forward, during every one of these.  For instance, one of the Venus transits was when Magellan was setting out the plans, to take his round the world voyage.  So, he did it between the first and the second transit, of Venus. 


ECTV:  What time period is that?


IXL:  That was in the 1500’s.  1532, I believe it was. 


ECTV:  Okay.


IXL:  I don’t have my notes right in front of me. 


ECTV:  All right well the 16th century.


IXL:  Another one, that was not very long ago, was the last Venus transit; was the laying of the Trans-Atlantic cable.  So that Europe and America could communicate, instantly.  What that did is it opened up global communication. 


ECTV:  Oh yes.


IXL:  Because, between Europe and China, they already had electric telegraph.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  So during, right then during the Venus transit they finished the cable.  That sort of thing has happened again and again, and again and again.  And that means, if we look at all those historical events running up; and all this detail, by the way, is at our web page under the Articles that is


ECTV:  Okay.


IXL:  …mayanmajix, m.a.y.a.n.m.a.j.i.x. . com. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And under the Articles section in the Mayan section, you’ll find articles about Venus and the past transits.  So…

ECTV:  Oh hold it, hold it right there.   Ian I’m sorry.  We’re doing station identifications now.  It’ll be just a 30-second break.  I’ll be right back with Ian Lungold.  Stay tuned.  You don’t want to miss this.




ECTV:  All right.  We’re back and welcome back.  You’re listening to Earth Changes TV Radio Hour.  My name is Mitch Battros and I’m your host.  You’re listening to a live broadcast, this May 18th.  You’re listening to my guest and myself.  Ian Lungold.  Ian Lungold, is one of the best teachers.  That’s how I would describe him, a teacher, of Mayan, not just the Mayan Calendar, but Mayan philosophy if you will.  Which has a grand perspective on life, on the unfolding of life, the transition, and I don’t know about you, but for me it helps keep, keep things in, keeps things in perspective.  Especially when my normal paradigm starts to rock-n-roll.  When it starts to get rattled, it’s really good to have a foundation.  Ian, welcome back to the show.


IXL:  Hello there.


ECTV:  And welcome.  It looks like we have many new guests who’ve just tuned in.  Well gush, good, good, good.  Thank you.  I’m just now noticing some of the statistics.  Thank you for just tuning in.  I see that some of you’ve just come aboard at the bottom of the hour; and this interview will be on our audio archives after tonight’s interview.  And Ian a gift to you, I’m going to be passing this one directly along to your Webmaster, to post on your site…


IXL:  Oh, thank you.


ECTV:  …and it will be free, to all who wish to access it. 


IXL:  Yes.  I mean you and me Mitch. I mean we’re doing this as free as we possibly can. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  I’m doing it so free, I’m…


ECTV:  [laughing] You’re living in the woods. 

IXL:  [laughing] Yeah.  I think its great.


ECTV:  [laughing] Yeah.


IXL:  You know, because we’re not suffering.


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  What we are interested in being able to do is to be able to be in closer communication, so that we can be of more assistance. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  That takes a little bit you know; it takes a base somewhere.  So, we’re working on establishing that.  And matter of fact we’re going to be leaving fairly soon on a trip into Canada, up into the Yucans.


ECTV:  Will you be stopping this way?  Perhaps you could give a lecture to the folks in the northwest.


IXL:  I would love to do that, that’s why I, yeah I would, I would love; if anybody out there knows of a group, or a couple of groups of people, who would like to see or meet, Madeline and I, and get caught up and, on recent developments, and ask the questions that you’ve been wanting too; we are wide open to that and…


ECTV:  Folks, listen to this. Look I know theres some coordinators out there, some of the most brightest and brilliant and enthusiastic people, listening to the show.  Folks, come on, one of you who live up here in the northwest put your coordinator hat on and, and, and make it happen.  You can get a hold of Ian through his website.  His e-mail address is on the site and I didn’t know if you wanted to reveal any other information, probably the site would be the best.  Ian?


IXL:  Yeah, that’s the best way, and that’s Ian, that’s I.a.n., at 


ECTV:  You better spell mayanmajix, again.


IXL:  m.a.y.a.n.m.a.j.i.x. .com. 


ECTV:  Very good.


IXL:  And you coordinators out there.  Make it fair.  I mean you know, we want, we want to charge or have people donate, but we want it to be a fair donation and…


ECTV:  Ian, were you able to grab your, your multimedia system?  Visual aides?  Did you grab your slide projector?  Will you be able to have some slides, from your travels?


IXL:  No.  I wasn’t able to get that.


ECTV:  Damn!


IXL:  But I did bring my easel. [laughs]


ECTV:  [laughing]


IXL:  That’s cool anyway.  I could use a, I could use a stick in the dirt and it’d be just fine.


ECTV:  [laughing very hard] Okay.  I love this.  I love this.


IXL:  So do I.  And I want you all out there to realize, that this, none of this; remember the Hopi said that, “There’s a river, running very fast.  It’s so swift that there will be many who are afraid.  They will, they will try to hold on to the shore.  And because of that, they’re going to feel like they’re being torn apart”.


ECTV:  Yes.  That is so true.


IXL:  You know it’s not time, this is not the time; and Ruiz with the Toltecs, the wisdom, don’t take anything personally…


ECTV:  Absolutely.


IXL:  …least of all, yourself.


ECTV:  Ian, if, if, if I can and, and you know, please put me back to the direction in your message for tonight, but I can’t help but think; here we are in May, and it was March I think, I think it was the end of March.  It was a year and a month ago or so, it may have been the first of April; I had you on the show Ian.  I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The war had just broke out.  I could see through bubba Bush and what he was doing.  Immediately, I was livid.  You brought me back to reality and helped me calm down and get the larger perspective, and not be prone to hate.  And one of the things that you told me then, which I did believe you then, but it means so much more, seeing it happen.  Was that you said this was the year of integrity and watch what happens to the Bush regime.  That the house of cards will implode.  Now, at the time, no one would’ve believed it.  He was bulletproof.  And now looks what’s happened. 


IXL:  He wasn’t consciousness proof, was he?  Ha-ha-ha-ha.


ECTV:  That’s right. 


IXL:  [laughing]


ECTV:  That’s right.


IXL:  [laughing] As, as we go this is going to get actually, funny.  You know?  Have you ever watched a stupid program and you end up laughing anyway?


ECTV:  Even though you know what’s going to happen and, and, and the guy acts so surprised, when it does.


IXL:  Yeah.  It’s like camp.  You know? 


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  I mean it’s silly that you’re even sitting there watching it.  That’s what events are going to start looking like to us, if they haven’t already; I mean this whole thing about the torture.  Right?


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  I don’t know how many of you out there have signed up for the Third Night News, but at our web page you can go on and we have a, I do a monthly newsletter.  And one of the newsletters I put out, one of the Third Night News, was talking about the seduction. 


ECTV:  Yes.    


IXL:  The seduction of your time and attention by the media, in behest of the powerful.  Who; they already got your kids, they’ve got your car, you never own that the state has it.  You know the house?  The bank has it.  You’re, basically, everybody out there is already kind of bought and sold.  But now, they want your time and attention. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And what they’re doing is they’re ratcheting up the disclosures of horrible ideas to fascinate people, and get them more and more and more incensed.  Because the more angry you are the more out of control you are, emotionally. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  The easier it is to control… 


ECTV:  Yes. 


IXL:  …the population.


ECTV:  Yes. Yes, it’s true.


IXL:  They can be herded and steered like, well like, steers.


ECTV:  Well, you know, I hate to mention it because it’s been overused, but I can’t help it.  Folks, a perfect example is Germany and Hitler.  That’s exactly what happened and exactly what he did. 


IXL:  And it’s following the same formula.  I mean, I’ve heard this western song before. 


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  A lot of times, I think that many of us out there are already having that kind of feeling.  But let’s go back to the Venus passage and transit.


ECTV:  Oh, yes indeed. 


IXL:  Now, I’m going to give a little background, just really quick. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  This Mayan calendar we’re talking about has days and nights, and every day has a high noon, and every night has a mid-night, and theres a certain pattern that it follows through.  Well the, the day’s high noon is a bright understanding that occurs.  But during the nights, during the mid-night, there is some kind of occurrence.  I mean, its, consciousness comes to a turning point.  It doesn’t go down anymore.  It hits bottom... 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …and then bounces up toward the next day, the next dawn, the next idea.  So, June 6th of 2004 is the mid-night, of this Third Night.  Now remember we were talking earlier, we were talking about, during the Third Night, old systems are jettisoned. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Okay?

ECTV:  Yes. Things no longer work.


IXL:  Right.  They get, they get, pitched. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And, so, here we go.  We have every Venus transit; there is a jump in our ability to communicate to one another. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  We have the telegraph, then the telephone, then the radio, then the television, now the Internet and then cell phones, which are getting smaller and smaller, and smarter and smarter.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  So what is, going to be, a quantum jump from cell phones? 


ECTV:  Telepathy?


IXL:  Well, I think so. 


ECTV:  Oh my gosh. 


IXL:  Now…


ECTV:  Well that is what the Mayans often speak of saying, “That our intuition will increase, exponentially, from this point forward”.  Is that correct?


IXL:  That’s correct.  As more and more happens, in less and less time, more is possible to occur.  Including miracles like telepathy. 


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  It’s already happening, isn’t it folks?  You kind of got the idea who’s on the end of the phone, without even using your caller ID.  The caller ID was, sort of, a intermediary step.


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  Of knowing who is on the other end.


ECTV:  Fascinating.


IXL:  You get this?  I mean this, this consciousness, is steadily walking.  And the way, we can see where it’s going, is in the technology.  So, we’ve got this increase in ability and ease in communication.  Now talk about getting rid of an old unworkable system.  Hey you guys, I mean, you love paying your phone bill? 


ECTV:  Skyrocketing.  What about gas?


IXL:  Oh, you mean the, the, the gasoline? 

ECTV:  Oh yes, three dollars a gallon.


IXL:  Well yeah, yeah well that; what’s going on there is that, is only more pressure applied, to the public.  It’s not an economic necessity.  It’s something, which is applied as pressure, sort of, like pliers on your molars.  


ECTV:  Oh, gaud


IXL:  [laughing] You know.


ECTV:  Jeez.


IXL:  That’s, that’s the whole idea.  Remember, we’re in this Third Night, this; we’re at civil war. 


ECTV:  Ian, didn’t you mention that, that part of the Third Night; is when, the powers to be so to speak, the so-called controllers, they are grasping with every fingernail they possibly can as, as, as, as they start to lose their grip if you will and they’re, and desperate acts are occurring?


IXL:  I think I called them, as, suffocating animals.


ECTV:  Ah yes.


IXL:  Yeah.  I mean not just starving and not just dying of thirst, but now suffocating and theres, still, lots of kick in this beast.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  That, kind of thing, is what’s going on right now. 


ECTV:  Yes. Yes.


IXL:  You know we’ve, we; the passing of these old systems, we shouldn’t imagine them to be all that easy. 


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  But we can make it easy on ourselves, by understanding the whole process. 


ECTV:  That does help folks.  I, I, I, like I said earlier, I don’t think it’s going to eliminate the shock and trauma that may occur.  I mean we just can be stunned.  However, I think the time period from the event to acceptance, if you will, can be shortened dramatically.  Ian, is that a fair assessment? 


IXL:  Absolutely, and especially with what happens on June 8th.  Remember the mid-night, of the Third Night, is June 6th.  We hit bottom and we bounce, whatever that bottom looks like, whatever that event is, theres a, some event, which turns world consciousness then.  And it starts going in the other direction.  Two days later, forty-eight hours later, we have the Venus transit.  Which is when, if people are open to it, they should be receiving some, sort of, of, energy or download having to do with their; a new, well, I shouldn’t say new but a, remembered sensory perception, that is each other.  And this isn’t, something that’s, going to just come on like a flashlight in peoples, you know, lives.  I don’t think.  I think it’ll probably come on as a little blinking light somewhere.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  It just keeps blinking. 


ECTV:  Yes


IXL:  You know?


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And the more you pay attention to it, the steadier that light becomes.  To where you can then, finally, find a switch and turn it on and off, for yourself. 


ECTV:  Yes.  Ian, here’s an interesting measuring instrument.  Or at least to me and to maybe [recording skips] but I’m going to throw it out anyway.  Because folks, this comes because of the field that I’m in.  Ian, do you believe, in the next several months, that, there will be an increase in anti-depressants, in mood, in mood repressants if you will?  Rather it, be anxiety, depression, or manic episodes?  Or will there be an increase or do you think there’ll be a decrease?


IXL:  I think there’ll be a dramatic increase, but very short.


ECTV:  Interesting.


IXL:  It would be; what’s going to happen here, is that secrets, as you are already finding out, as we’re finding out.  Secrets are going extinct.  There’s, it’s too easy, for anybody to find out everything. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And so, secrets are going extinct.  That is about you personally, each of you out there personally, or about what’s going on behind the scenes, inside the government, down in the deep dark chambers.  I mean, just, everything is coming out. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  So, secrets are going extinct.  Now imagine, that all of a sudden, the perception of telepathy turns on for, the vast majority of, humanity.  Not everybody is going to be happy about it.  I mean theres going to be some problems here. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Because, a lot of, people have secrets from one another, that, they just wouldn’t want other people to know about.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And, they will be upset.  And I would imagine, that during that period of time, people who are prone to using anti-depressants or whatever they can do to get away from…


ECTV:  Or addictions, for that matter, I suppose


IXL:  Yeah.  They’ll; it’ll be quite a jump. 


ECTV:  Okay.


IXL:  But, only for a short period of time here, an adjustment period. 


ECTV:  Yes. Yes.


IXL:  So, that’s


ECTV:  What; let me; I want a, I’m, I’m just fascinated with this Pluto, excuse me, Venus transit, it, it, it; I, I always like to know if theres any, tangible, thing, that one might see or feel, say, a couple of weeks before or during and after this event?


IXL:  Well, the thing your seeing is Venus getting brighter and brighter.  Announcing herself every evening.  I would advise people just go out and stand, for ten, fifteen minutes, and just stare at that planet.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And or read a book.  A “kid’s” book, about Venus.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Read some of the legends about Venus.  Then go look at the planet and the beauty and the feeling that comes off of her.  Now remember, when you’re doing that, what you’re looking at is a reflection, a reflection of her energy.  That is the sun is shining on her and a little thought of her energy is coming back.  And, whatever it is, that you’re experiencing there is that reflection or that little spot. 

ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  During the transit, on the other hand, Venus for six hours passes between us and the sun.  Now the sun is getting ready for a party.


ECTV:  Oh boy.


IXL:  She is amping up the solar flares.


ECTV:  Oh yes.


IXL:  And, as she comes by, theres going to be all guns blazing. 


ECTV:  Wow, I am going to mark that down.  Folks, I, I will track this very closely and, and what Ian has just suggested is that we should see a sharp increase in sunspot and, and, M and X-class flares and, my gosh, I hope that’s true. What, what…


IXL:  Except this time, listen to this.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  This time, all of that energy that’s coming on to Earth? 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Will have in it, Venus energy. 


ECTV:  Oh boy. 


IXL:  Because, everything that Venus has got or stands for, the whole of her body and, of, atmospheric planetary existence, all of it, will be blasted straight at Earth, by the Sun, for six hours. 


ECTV:  Oh wow.  What a thought.


IXL:  So let’s have a CME of love... 


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  …and divinity.


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  Let’s have that. 

ECTV:  Let’s do.  Let’s do.  I, gosh, I, I, I don’t know if we could handle it Ian.  I think we’d be overwhelmed.


IXL:  What?  We can only handle bad stuff?


ECTV:  Yeah, that’s what I’m; I’m, I’m really kind of saying it tongue in cheek.  Or, or, or am I?  I’m not sure, but you know, I know this.  I know when people get conditioned to a certain way, and even when something very good can happen, it can feel weird to them. 


IXL:  It will.


ECTV:  But I’m going to accept it.  I’m going; let’s, let’s, let’s try it folks.  Let’s try and accept love for a change.  Think we could handle that? 

IXL:  Yeah, we can accept that our president is an Abe body.


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  We can accept, we accept, that. 


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  We can, we can accept that we’d better kill like two-thirds of the world’s population.  That’s what we’re saying. 


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  We can get by, with that. 

ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  But, we cannot understand or tolerate the fact that we can love one another? 


ECTV:  [takes a deep breath] Wow.  Wow, I’m speechless.


IXL:  Well, an ethical consciousness, you see?  We’re headed for an ethical consciousness.  That is built by personal integrity. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And, with the ability to be a telepath, the; first of all, the people who will be the most able will be the people who are ethical.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  They aren’t blocked by their own secrets. 


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  They have their, they have integrity, or they’re willing to share. [laughs]


ECTV:  [laughing] Yes, it’s so…


IXL:  But then, that’s the point.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  There’s many, many people, who will not be willing to share. 

ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  Now it’s unethical to reach into that person.  But, sort of like, if you’ve got a neighbor with a, with a yard, you don’t run over there and jump around on it, now do you?


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  Okay, that’s all fine, good, and dandy.  That’s integrity. 


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  You have your yard he has his.  Now, if that mother goes and builds, an eight-foot brick wall, between your yard and his yard, you definitely notice it, don’t you?


ECTV:  Right.


IXL:  Well, that’s going to be the situation, for people who don’t want to participate, in that consciousness which opens or welcomes telepathy.  Those people will stand out like sore thumbs.


ECTV:  Wow.  Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?


IXL:  Well, it will and it won’t.  Because, remember that, this whole cycle, of the Galactic consciousness, is to divide, to separate.


ECTV:  Oh, yes.


IXL:  To cleave one group into another, or an individual from even a relationship.  I mean it’s cleaving and cleaving, and cleaving, discernment, discernment, discernment. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And that’s going to be all part of this. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  This is the, this is really an acceleration guys.  And it’s not just in one little level or area.  It’s in everything. 


ECTV:  Yes.  Is there anything that you; well actually, well we’re almost there.  Jeez, I, I, we, just realized what the, it’s, it, it’s a; we’re more than halfway through May.  June is just around the corner.  That is the focus.  Really, theres no; well I have heard this, Ian.  I might as well ask you.  There are some who are suggesting that after this, hopefully good, experience through June, that perhaps maybe this is part of the division if you will, or the purging, that some may have an extremely challenging time in August.  And then again in, I think, its November, December.  Any comments on that?


IXL:  Well, I’d go along with people, some people, having a horrible time.  And I would also go along, and mostly go along, with people being able, to rise to the occasion, to be more than who they ever dreamt themselves to be.


ECTV: Hmmm.  Yes, indeed.


IXL:  I see that more. 


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  I see people, coming forward to help us, right now, with more than they thought they could give. 


ECTV:  You mean, you personally?


IXL:  Me personally.


ECTV:  Oh yes, yes.


IXL:  It has been one miracle after another, after another.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  And I don’t see any reason, other than one.  I can see one reason for all of this miracle to stop.  And that is, if I was to not be in integrity.


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  That would, that would undue it.  And that’s such a great reason. [laughs]


ECTV:  Yes, of course.


IXL:  So, it’s a…


ECTV:  Ian, by the way, I wanted you to know I’m going to have Carl Calleman on June 3rd.


IXL:  Oh, wow. 


ECTV:  So.  Because I wanted to get him on, before the big day June 8th and, now that you’ve mentioned it, June 6th.  I know he’s putting together that huge gathering, on the scale of the harmonic concordance, type thing. 


IXL:  Oh yes.

ECTV:  I, I suspect it’s going to be larger, maybe even, as, as, maybe even twice as large.


IXL:  I would imagine so, because this is going to be, very mainstream, as well.


ECTV:  Yes, I have been…


IXL:  A lot of you listening out there right now are mainstream guys. 


ECTV:  [laughs] Don’t insult me like that.  No, you’re right, you’re absolutely right.


IXL:  And thank all of us for gathering here, like this


ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  …to discuss these important issues and to grow together.


ECTV:  Absolutely.  Ian, we’re down to our last couple of minutes.  You know, I always like to give it to you and, and, to leave us with whatever message that is on your heart, at the, at the moment, and, and then I’m going to give your website out, once more.  Go ahead please.


IXL:  Okay.  Well, we’ve got this forth day that’s coming up and it’s time for us to get ready for our dreams to be manifest.  Now, you’ve probably noticed already that, there has been a general gathering, of like-minded people around you.  Out of nowhere you’re meeting people that just match up, with what you have in mind.  And the Third Night, as well as being a time of discarding unworkable systems, is also a time for birds of a feather or points of view that agree, to come together, to plan for application.  Then, during the Fourth Day, this plan comes to manifest, with new awareness.  And that new awareness is then applied, to planning, during the Fourth Night, and on we go.  But this, particular, Fourth Night is when ethics overcome the consciousness of power and opens up, the true possibility of, a level playing field.  During the Fourth Day, during the Third Night, things are going to get pretty well flattened.  But, during the Fourth Night, they will be established as a level playing field.


ECTV:  The Fourth Night, or Fourth Day?


IXL:  The Fourth Day. 

ECTV:  Okay.


IXL:  The Fourth Day, excuse me. 

ECTV:  Yes.


IXL:  They’ll be established as a, level, playing field.  Now, primarily, amongst that would be things like free energy because, really, that’s the only discrepancy between rich and poor.


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  How much energy they have at their disposal. 


ECTV:  Yeah.


IXL:  So, making it all level, that’s, that’s something that will come, manifested, during the Fourth Day. 


ECTV:  Is that before 2012 or after?


IXL:  That’s, way, before.


ECTV:  Way before?


IXL:  Because that’s December 4th


ECTV:  Oh, wow.


IXL:  …2004.  That’s three hundred and sixty days, from December 4th, of 2004…


ECTV:  Wow.


IXL:  …to November 28th, of 2005.


ECTV:  Well, Ian, we’re going to have to leave it right there and what a wonderful place, to leave it at.  With, such beautiful, hopes.  You can reach Ian Lungold; folks once again, I, and really, matter of fact, you know what I’m going to do Ian?  If, if, if as soon as someone from the northwest contacts you, count me in.  I’m, folks, I am going to join Ian if he comes out, up here to the northwest and I, you know, I’m, I’m not going to do much of a lecture.  I’m just going to be there, for him.  Maybe I’ll spend an hour there, say hello to a lot of people.  But I’d sure like to see this happen.  So, those coordinators out there, “Let’s get it rolling”.  You can reach Ian through his website at,  That’s m.a.y.a.n.m.a.j.i.x. .com.  Ian, best wishes to you.


IXL:  Thank you very much and thank you everyone out there. 


ECTV:  Take care, Bye-bye.


IXL:  Bye.

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