Mitch Battros interview with Ian Lungold

Earthchanges TV,March 30, 2004


Mitch: Let me introduce Ian to the very few of you left who do not know my good friend Ian Lungold.He is creator of the Mayan Conversion Codex.Ian is a leading researcher of the Maya and their calendar systems, he is also a contributing author, artist and speaker.Now I have asked him on tonight for certain reasons, one of course is I am as interested as anybody else on the follow-up on the US economy, look at all these tell-tale signs that say that we sure are in a tale spin. But I am also curious about whatís going on with the sun, and of course how to handle this on an emotional and human levelÖso Ian are you there?

Ian: Yes I am

Mitch:Welcome my friend once again.

Ian:Good Evening Everybody

Mitch: Yes, you have a very popular following and I sure have enjoyed our journey together.Like always Ian, is there anything you want to address in the monologue before we go into various topics?

Ian: Yes, I would like to welcome everyone to the Third night of the Galactic Cycle of the Mayan Calendar.What we are all experiencing, the test that each and every one of us are experiencing, is all part of the expansion of consciousness through the third night.Each and every one of us are being called forth to confront our actual situation and to take action as needed to propel our survival and thatís what I want to talk about tonight.

Mitch:Wow, well you sure have my attention as you always do.I donít even know where to start Ian, of course, I and I think most of our audience tonight has certainly been experiencing tests, maybe less defined.Could you help us define just exactly what you are seeing coming or actually I guess we are already here?

Ian: Actually we are already here.I trust that most of the people who are tuned in tonight have listened to previously shows and have some idea as to what the Mayan Calendar is about and the various levels of consciousness that has been built by or according to the Mayan calendar and have built a stair step of consciousness.We are walking those stairs according to a very specific schedule and if youíre not familiar with that basic understanding or foundation, then I suggest that you look at the archives that Mitch has on his website or visit my website at and read the information there or listen to the archives to get more filled in.†† What we are going into tonight is the actual application, of this Mayan calendar schedule, of what is happening today and what will necessarily follow.We are not going into all the basics.

Mitch:OK good.Letís do that then, letís launch right in Ian. I guess we can look at this as a several part series, as a matter of fact, I canít think of a better way to address these issues as they are unfolding.I agree with Ian 100%, instead of taking time to build foundation, go to his website and find all the information you want.Iíve decided to bring Ian on at least once a month.Then as we get closer and as things escalate, I will bring him on every other week.†† So Ian, take us to where youíd like tonight.

Ian:Well, letís talk about the third night and what sorts of things happen during the third night.OK. The Third night is when new consciousness or new expectations of humanity come.When new expectations occur, that expectation lasts, itís like exuberance when this realization comes.But then thereís this space of time before it manifest and that turns into dissatisfaction. Itís called impatience and thatís exactly where we are at this stage of consciousness in the Mayan calendar is in impatience.Everyone has had this experience in his or her personal lives and you know that your state of mind during impatience is not very rational itís reactionary.

Mitch: Yes, I want to mention Ian a guest I had on a few weeks ago.Her name is Solara.She wrote a book aboutď11:11 The DoorwayĒ.The way she described it is that many of us have been waiting for the green light, if you will, in our journey. I love the way she put it.It was a great visual.†† In other words, we have some intuition.We have some concept of whatís going on.We might even know what some parts of it might look like as we go along, at least, in our hope and faith.And those like you and me, perhaps, have been often getting red lights- stop; and often-yellow lights, but we are very impatient for the green light.Please take it away.

Ian: Everyone gets his or her own internal signal.I guess some people are getting their signal earlier than others. For instance, there are those of you listening to this program and you are listening with a particular consciousness and it is definitely different than all those people who have not tuned in.This is a self-evolution. This is not by chance, this is by choice and we are making that choice by paying attention.

Mitch:We are making that choice and sometimes begrudgingly because of the discomfort it often causes when we do change or when things change.

Ian:Be thankful that you are recognizing the source of the changes even if the changes appear bad.It is good that we are identifying the source.The more we identify the real root of the problem, the closer we are to the solution of that problem.And thatís exactly what is happening right now.During the third night is when consciousness becomes impatient for the solution.This causes revolution and civil war every single third night.What happens during the third night is people become aware of the systems, which are now consciously flawed.†† In other words, people are aware of the foibles in current systems and they fail.Itís during the third night that those systems failed in every previous cycle and we are witnessing that right now, not just economically, not just politically, but ecologically as well.Weather is going strait to Armageddon.

Mitch:Itís hard to disagree with that.My stance on this is that itís cyclical.

Ian: Well, of course, that is what we are talking about is these huge cycles that are telescoping.In other words, instead of this cycle being four hundred years long, like it was when Egypt was getting torn apart and Greece and the war of Troy which all happened in the third night.Or it being like the last one when the third night was 19.7 years and there was the Spanish, French, Chinese, and East Indian revolution and revolution in Warsaw Russia and in Japan with samurai who were determined not to let western consciousness into Japan and a huge long civil war there. And finally our US civil war during that last third night.Instead of it lasting that long, this one will be one year long.There is no mistake here. There is a definite reason the incorporation called United States is divided right down the middle in consciousness.Thatís exactly what this period of time in this particular cycle is supposed to do.It is suppose to tear everything down to its most basic element and be fully, fully examined.Thatís all thatís going on here and itís not comfortable. People are so afraid of people finding out their secrets through big brother.That is a tension, a source of fear.Well, I got one question. What are you doing with those damn secrets in your pocket?Youíve got to get them out.

Mitch:Time to get rid of them, to shed our skin, to find our place in integrity and empowerment.

Ian: And become human.Humans are able to make mistakes and recognize that and move on from them, not sit there tight hiding them.All the people who end up doing that are not the kind of people who would evolve naturally.People who are more flexible, who find new tools to work with new purchases in consciousness, those are the people who actually evolve on by natural selection.This is no different than the dinosaurs going extinct or the Neanderthal or the Roman Empire or the Nazi regime going extinct.Itís no different in basic principle.Itís different in the details on the surface.

Mitch:In other words, we all have to adjust, shift or evolve and I donít mean this in a negative way folks, but I guess experience the strife that would go with it otherwise.Is that correct Ian?

Ian:Well, who are the best, most widely renowned football players?They are the ones who play the game and to heck with spraining an ankle here and there.They are out there playing hard, every play, taking their licks and giving them as good as they got.And thatís what we all respect and honor. Thatís why we pay them so damn much money because we wish we were them.And we identify with them and thatís right to do.But itís more right to be that than watch it.Thatís the test that we are all at right now.

Mitch:You know I have been taking an interest in where society is going with isolation. With the age of computer, with us having to work two or three jobs to live in a way we are used to or comfortable with, and to be distracted by so many things, we have lost that sense of community.And without that sense of integration, I think thatís where these fears and problems are starting to manifest, Ian?

Ian:†† Exactly right, and that is again just an exercise of this consciousness of the third night.What the third night is about is discernment of what did work and what doesnítí work and ejecting what hasnít worked to advance consciousness. Thatís how it evolves and then the surviving consciousness goes on.†† Whatís happening with your friendship and relationship is that your becoming more and more discerning and itís harder and harder to adapt or accept another kind of viewpoint.And so this leads to the breakdown of the agreement that people have made for their relationship because most of those agreements were based on very physical considerations, physical attraction being the first.Not that Iím down on that at all, thatís just a fact that they have that agreement.After the physical attraction, then there is the emotional attraction, and then the mental attraction.Those things are what are harder to hold together.Those things up to mental are all really based on physical things.Only people who have a common intent and purpose in Sprit, in just the intent of their livesÖthose people who have a common goal that is bigger than themselvesÖthose people will have successful relationships.

Mitch:Yes, I am witnessing that Ian, through electronics, the computer, and that people are gathering together.We are finding and feeling a part of a community. The down side of that, at least what Iím seeing at this point, is itís through email and through electronic services possibly telephone but usually not even that.Do you believe that sometime in the near future, there will be something that takes us from this cumulative thing thatís going on, except adding isolation to it at this point, and take us from there to physical community again?Is that possible?

Ian:Actually, where consciousness is right now is on the Internet.Thatís were the stream is.It isnít to your next-door neighbor.It isnít very much to your grocery clerk.Where it is, is on the Internet and that is where people are communicating. This is very important for us to understand, because itís a step in the next evolution of our consciousness in the ability to communicate.And there is an event, which is coming up on June 8th of this year and that is the passage of Venus between the Earth and the Sun.Now if everyone out there just thinks of what you know about Venus: beauty, grace, allure, romance, strength, the feminine, Hathor, heart, and Quetzalcoatl who is their Jesus Christ of the Mayan calendar - Quetzalcoatl is Venus.What will happen on June 8th is that for 7 hours Venus will pass in front of the sun, and the sun in all his beautiful raging glory will blast everything about Venus straight at earth.

Mitch: What do you think might occur?Now, usually, folks, itís not like turning on a light where it happens from one second to the other, although maybe it will happen that way, but it is often a more gradual thing.Ian, paint us a picture of what that might bring in.

Ian: Telepathy


Ian: Yes

Mitch: Telepathy?


Mitch:And how fast do you think it will come?Will I notice it on June 9th or will I see a gradual unfolding?

Ian:Youíve already seen the gradual unfolding.What is coming is a vast acceleration from that point on and the people, who are ready to avail themselves of that ability, will be more fully participating than the people who arenít as willing.Just like thereís certain people go to see a certain movie and others stay away.†† This availability will be there for everyone. Those who participate will receive it. Those who donít believe this kind of thing could happen or donít want it to happen, wonít get that ability.

Mitch:Tell me more about what the happening is.

Ian:Let me refer back to the Mayan Calendar. Letís build some foundation here.In every one of the Venus passages that have gone before, what has occurred, and it was usually in the first day of the cycles of these consciousnesses, is that there was a tremendous jump in the ability of communication, every single time.And you can go back and study those and look at your history and you will see the development of communication.During one of the passages they completed the Trans-Atlantic telephone cable, right during the passage, and the one before that had to do with circumnavigating the world.It is just completely fascinating that there have been huge jumps in our ability to communicate.So looking at the Mayan Calendar and what we can expect of the next step; we have gone from leaving our hand prints on the wall and painting pictures of bison; to being able to write and then to print it; and then being able to broadcast through the radio and telephone and television.All these things come right on up to the Internet.The Internet, where now, people are communicating without even looking at each other, which is awfully damn close, excuse me, to just being able to telepath.†† So that would be the next step to our ability to communicate with one another.And that step, that jump, happens historically during the Venus passage.


Ian:This is going to freak people out you understand.But also understand, people, that this whole cycle is about ethics. Ethics is that truth that dwells from within yourself, your own personal integrity.And the way to have safe telepathy is to be in integrity people.That is where it is, a forced play, itís not something you either do or donít do, itís a forced deal.And to make it through, each person has to stand in their own integrity and follow their own truth.The more sustentative facts you can pin on your truth, the more solid it is, thatís why Iíve done all this study.

Mitch:Oh yes.I canít help but think of politics. Or I guess the better word would be society.And itís hard to skirt around politics as I start to see this play out.As Ian is describing these things, I imagine that (politics) would be the arena that it will play out in.We are already starting to shift.And I believe just since January we have regained our voice, many of us anyway, on what we believe right, and just, and coming from a place of integrity.We are no longer fearful, at least most of us, of being Dixie Chicked.Itís that kind of scenario that may play out in many areas.Am I on the right track, Ian?

Ian:Exactly right, thank you Mitch. Those are great examples. I believe that people are finding their spines in many ways.In the court system all across this country people are standing up to the corruption of the courts and complaining and writing newspaper articles and editorials.Thereís more and more of this happening.It looks horrible on the surface because all of this is being disclosed, but itís been going on the whole time, people. Itís just now that you are starting to be able to pay attention to it.And thatís just the people listening to this program and that Ďs not the people you work with. They wouldnít be listening to this; they have dinner waiting for them at home.Iím sorry, but thatís just the way it is.

Mitch:Just to shift a bit from physical, do you expect any shifts cosmically other than Venus coming through?

Ian:Oh yah. We were touching on it earlier. I also mentioned that there was this acceleration of consciousness going on.And the faster that things happen, the more can happen in any particular given time.†† If you have a bowl with 3 marbles in it, then there are just three colors.But if you pour 50 marbles in the same bowl, you have more possibilities.Thatís whatís happening around us.Thatís why things look so frantic.What that means is more good things can happen and more bad stuff can happen, more things that are completely beyond our imagination both goodly and badly.One of the badlyís is that we are probably moving into an area of space where we have never been before, because remember, we are not just going around the sun, the sun is also in an orbit around the Pleiades and then we are all moving around the galaxy every 250 million years.So everything is out there moving.We are getting into space we have never been in before.We have always been doing that.†† You ever seen a meteor field?

Mitch: Oh yes, of course,

Ian: Well, if there could be a meteor field out there, then whatís the possibility that we are moving into one?

Mitch: Well, I must say, and I mean this scientifically and backed up by many amateur astronomers, that the counts of asteroids and comets have increased sharply.And, of course, that is to factor in that we can see things better.In other words, that we have better technology and telescopes.Well, I was going to say more eyes to the sky but thatís not true at all.I think there are probably fewer eyes to the sky than ever before.

Ian:But you know what? We have more galactic consciousness. Thatís what it is.I mean for crying out loud, this guy from Denmark or somewhere rented a telescope and happened to just find this comet, come on.†† This is galactic consciousness, baby.This is magic and itís all around us.

Mitch:Oh boy, I wish you didnít mention that word magic. I just saw a report on CNN about three hours ago.Due to the movie, the Passion, they were monitoring people who were experiencing miracles.But Iím equating the idea of miracle and magic may or may not be related to the movie. I saw the movie so I could certainly see how it could be related to it.†† But let me put this to you, as you will, do you believe we will begin to see reporting of miracles begin to unfold?

Ian: Absolutely.The miracles we hear about are technological ones and we have gotten used to that now.Look at the size of your watch. Weíve got lots of technological marvels.So whatís the next level of marvel to bring to consciousness?The ones that arenít explainable by science and yet totally natural to each person who experiences it.That kind of thing is all part of the realm of possibility.For instance, letís say that we are running into a field of meteors.Well, that would pretty well wipe out everything wouldnít it?Unless consciousness evolved to a point that they could actually change their situation, or that kind of thing, with the ability to telepath all consciousness, focus on one reality or another.

Mitch:Did the Mayans ever get to that, did they ever actually experience those themselves?

Ian: I believe they did before the fall of their civilization.And they had predicted the fall of their civilization, by the way. They had a different kind of consciousness then we have, so itís very difficult for us to imagine them.They saw completely different things in the sky.They had this deeper understanding that we are now just appreciating. They had a deeper understanding of Creation.And a tremendous amount of their knowledge was lost in the burnings of all their books by the Spanish.It wasnít until now that we understand. Now that we understand, of course, this is exactly the time itís suppose to happen.This is the time for this information to come forth.Itís not information for everybody because not everybody is interested.Itís not something that anyone can shove down anyoneís throat, although, it is going to run right over the top of them.This is part of the uncomfortable part of all this, that we can see the signs. You know the story of the grasshopper that plays his fiddle all fall and didnít store anything and died in the winter? Itís an amazing story.People are just fiddling away but with more and more diversion.

Mitch:Now, to use Edgar Cayceís idea,ďas within, so as withoutĒ.†† He challenges, that the inner turmoil a human being experiences, will often play itself out or manifest itself in an equal reality in the universe. If there is a strong shift of consciousness, as you are speaking of, in some way there is going to be at least a period of chaos, right?

Ian:Thatís what the third night is all about.And we have until December 4th for this to play out.Then a little bit tapering off.Itís going to be pretty dramatic. Especially, when we get past the midnight of this cycle, which is June 6th.Every day has a mid day and the sun changes direction.And every night has a midnight and we move towards dawn.And the same thing happens in the third night.†† We have 360 days and June 6th is the middle of it.

Mitch: Two days before the Venus Transit.

Ian: Thatís right. Usually at this time something happens in the universe, something changes the direction of the consciousness.

Mitch: Ahh now. For those who have just tuned in, you are listening live to Ian Lungold. You can catch up on Ianís information that we have been talking about on his website and much, much more.Now, to further describe the things that will perhaps help us along, letís touch on the economic collapse again and towards end of show, we can talk about the earth changes.So what is the latest on the predictions of the economic shift?

Ian: I am not really an economist and I wouldnít admit it if I was.It doesnít look good for the economy.According to the Mayan calendar, here we are in the night.And in every single one of the nights through the whole planetary cycle and now into the galactic cycle, through every single night, there was an economic collapse.Go check it out, look at the stock market.Actually there is an article on my web page written by Dr. Carl Calleman called the ďMayan Calendar and the World EconomyĒ with charts and graphs right there.Check it all out and look at the dates yourself.The best measurement of the Mayan calendar is the production of the world stock market. The stock Market is based only on consciousness; it is only based on how people feel about things.This is a perfect measure.And in every one of the nights 1st night, 2nd night and 3rd night, there was an economic crash, so it shouldnít be any surprise.

Mitch: Do you still believe itís going to be in AprilÖ April 17th I believe?

Ian: April 17th corresponds with the date the civil war started last time around in the United States.Iím telling you guys, take a look at the campaign and listen to the rhetoric.Itís all battle, strikes, shoots, hits, you know this is a war guys and itís a civil war.Itís not all guns and bullets and bombs and terrorists.Itís a civil war thatís going on and itís going on in the courts.

Mitch:I would agree.Matter of fact Ian, in the news reports that I heard today that was almost the exact language that they used, they didnít go to revolution†† but they did describe that we are a divided country.At least at this point, we are not pulling out our guns.But somethingís got to give and Iím very curious at what will facilitate this purge, if you will?

Ian:Panic would do it.Something like earthquakes or big natural disasters or misunderstandings. That would do it.

Mitch:Do you see that happening this year or at least a build-up to that point?

Ian:Well, I certainly see a build-up.I really donít see anything in particular†† happening.I can see what has happened in the past and see what is possible now. Everybody out there listening, I donít have to tell you what might happen, you got them all.†† Thereís a bunch of stuff that could happen and probably might happen and God, donít hope it doesnít happen.Itís all that and this is all part of this challenge of this consciousness.I want to thank everybody out there who is listening. Thank yourself for confronting your situation and for having the dream to be able do something about it or be different than this.And itís very, very true that evolution continues.I really want to talk a little bit about the 4th day because everything seems so bleak right now.†† Thatís itís really important that people know that there is a light and not just the hope of a light but a whole bunch of evidence that during the 4th day, consciousness rebounds or is victorious.If it wasnítí true, none of us would be here talking about this because weíve been through lotís of 3rd nights before and always went into a 4th day.

Mitch:Tell us, what do we have to look forward to, what might the 4th day look like?

Ian:Well, it might look like your consciousness not being burden by everybody elseís, I canít and you canít do that.Thatís the biggest, baddest thing about the 4th day.†† The limits are bound on what is possible and what is not possible start to change dramatically.Theyíve always done it in the past.

Mitch:When do we get to the 4th day, how long is the 3rd night?

Ian: The 3rd night is until December 3, 2004, and December 4th is the beginning of the 4th day.

Mitch:That would make it one week past the election.Oh boy.What does that mean?

Ian: Well, the image or impression of this 3rd night, the emotional turmoil and what not, it does not die down immediately.There are holdovers.But during the 4th day, in every one of the cycles, the new consciousness that is coming in over powers the previous consciousness, it has happened every time in the 4th day. The last one Iíll talk about.What occurred in the 4th day is power overcame law and corporations became not just individuals but corporations became the government of our United States.††† And what is happening now is that ethics will be overcoming power.Weíll be moving to where the basic consciousness will be based on ethics, not morals and control, and on our understanding of being part of everything. And so we would not hurt some one else anymore than we would bash our own toe. It is a consciousness that most of us aspire to and are living as best as we can.We are actually already living it today.We are being ethical.We are not looking to hurt anybody or lie to anybody.We just want to be left alone and do our best, which we know is a lot more than anyone is giving us credit for.Everyone one of us is living that way or you would have turned off this radio program a while ago or this web page.We are already aspiring to this.Thatís the kind of consciousness we will be entering more fully with less and less burden of dark consciousness.

Mitch:How do you see this playing out in the cosmos, if you will?Do you have any special inclinations?Of course, much of it is based on the Mayan calendar itself and then of course your gift of intuition, Ö and as you describe it, itís a meteor field.Of course, itís not really a meteor field we will run into, and what Iím thinking folks and Ian Iím telling you for the first time as well, that historically, if Iím reading some of this material correctly, we will see the smaller rocks first before we see the big one or the bigger ones†† I donít believe itís a meteor shower that we are running into or an asteroid belt is shifting. I think it is just simple cycle and usually just an elliptical cycle that we are coming into.With that as a background Ian, what do you see as coming in the way of cosmic events and do you have a timetable in mind?People usually like to have an idea of whatís coming up in the next few months.

Ian:I donít really want to paint big, bad, dark pictures but what we are experiencing already is just the beginning of this acceleration and things really have to change to where the powerful are not powerful anymore. Can you imagine that?

Mitch:†† So here we are back to what the intervention might look like.†† I think Iím catching on.If I was to make a priority list, Iíd probably put nuclear interaction as last, I know thatís going to surprise some people.I would have to put in the first three, something to do with natural phenomena.Ian, what do you think?

Ian:First of all, something like 80% of the population lives on the coastline.Forgive me, but if one of those rocks hits the Pacific Ocean?

Mitch: Oh yes, 500 foot tidal waves.

Ian: Thereís nothing we can do about that other than be conscious of it and believe our intuition. If your animals freak out, you should to. That Ďs all we can do about that.I donít want to be a doomsayer. The fact is that things have to change really drastically.And I donít see any of the powerful willing to step down.And in every time before, there was civil war during this period of time.I donít wish to see a lot of shooting going on.But I am looking forward to heated exchanges of law and of a civil take over of the government and corporations, which are one in the same, by the people.It will be returned to the people who gave them the charter to form the corporation in the first place.It was your consent by which the government and all corporations were and are established, and by the retraction of your consent, they lose their charter and cannot do business.Now thatís a big huge step from where we are now in consciousness.Most people are frantically trying to pay their bills to the corporation that owes them their allegiance.And itís completely stood on its head.This consciousness is leaking out here and there and everywhere.And the more necessary it becomes for people to change their lives because of their credit situation, the more open they become to the actual truth of the situation that they have been s-c-r-e-w-e-d, and we can then do something about it.All that kind of thing is happening right now during this impatience stage of consciousness

Mitch:Well said.Ian, I am going to give you the last minute, my throat is trashed.Please Ian take the last minute.

Ian: I want to thank everyone who has tuned in.This has been a very important experience for myself because I have come to understandings as I was talking on the radio.And I know you were a very big part of that and thank you very much.I want to let you know that there is a lot for us to look forward to.Free energy, we all have heard about it and some of us have seen demonstrations of what we believe to be free energy.And that kind of technology will become available to consciousness during the 4th day and forward.Things like being in more close or more open communication with people, you could call it telepathy will become more normalized. It wonít be a freak experience.Genetic understanding will dwarf medical miracles, which we have gained over the last hundred years.Also healing techniques using sound, light, and color - all natural harmonic healing modalities Ė those things will come to be understood and utilized like acupuncture is now. There will be more and more refined types of healing techniques. All that sort of thing is right there on the threshold.And Mr. Bush and his boys are not going to stop that kind of technology from existing or proliferating. So we just have to hang on and keep creating our own future.DonĎt buy into what is being sold by the insurance salesman. Create your own future and thatís the way we make it through all this.

Mitch: OK. We will have to end it there.Thank you Ian. If you can write an article for me to post on my website and weíll keep the communication up, on an on-going basis.And Ian, I think you are posting daily on your site.Thank you Ian.

Ian: Thank you everyone. Thank you very much.

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