Host:  Mitch Battros

Guest:  Ian Lungold



M: Let’s get to the reason we are all gathered here today and that is for our good friend, Ian Lungold.   He is the creator of the Mayan Conversion  Codex, Ian Lungold is the lead researcher of the Maya and their calendar systems.  He is also a contributed author, artist and speaker.  Tonight, of course, we will be discussing what is in store, from the stunning interview we did some weeks ago when Ian laid his bombshell on all of us, uh, a date when all this could occur related to the U. S. Economic collapse.  Ian, are you there?


I:  Yes, I am.


M:  Well, welcome to the show, my friend, and lemme tell you, you have quite a following.  (laughs)


I:  Uh, thank you all.  Thanks to everybody who tuned in. 


M:  I don’t know where to start, Ian, as always.  Do you want to pick up in the monologue, or do you want to right into some of the government disclosures we’ve heard on the news as of yesterday and today. 


I:  Well, basically, I want to let people know that this show is not for entertainment.  This might be a little tough to listen to, um…we’re not going to be pulling punches.  We might be delivering some.  And, what I want all of you out there to know is that knowledge is your power.  Your own knowledge.  Just listening to someone like me and believing in what I have to say just isn’t going to cut it.  Taking someone else’s word for what’s going on is, frankly, a weakness, especially when the data is there to study.  So I’m encouraging everybody to basically, snap out of it.  You’re not in class, taking a test.  This has to do with your future and the future of everyone you care for.  Information is available.  We’re making it available at our website.  It’s available and free as it can be.  And, please, study.  Study what we’re going to be talking about.  Don’t just take somebody’s word for it.  Does that make sense?


M:  Boy, does it ever, Ian.  You’ve got me sitting straight up as you go off about the…you speak about the truth, and I am so grateful for it.  What has come to you since we last spoke?  What would you like to share with us tonight?


I:  Well, later on, I’m going to be talking about the Passion of Christ.  I went to see that movie at the very first showing and that’s going to come later in the show.  What I want to talk about first, is you.   That is, you, sitting there, listening to this broadcast.  You are the person who is going to have to handle whatever it is that occurs in our future, and I want to address each and every one of you as an individual.  This is very important.  Basically, each of us is made up of three parts.  There’s your consciousness, your mind, and your body. 


Now, the first thing I want to talk about is the body.  So it’s the easiest to prove that it exists.  And I take it that this is what you want to hold on to during the coming changes, right?


M:  Uh…our body, or our soul or our consciousness…can one go without the other, Ian?  Do you mean this in a literal sense?


I:  Yeah.  What I’m talking about here is there are three parts.  There’s the consciousness which goes on indefinitely, with our without a body.  


M:  Yes.


I:  There’s the mind, which is sort of an interface between spirit and physical.


M:  Yes.


I:  And then theres your physical body that you’re sitting there in.


M:  Yes.


I:  And it is grounding your spirit in the physical.  It is my perception that what we’re all doing here is taking up a challenge.  A challenge against physical circumstances…a challenge to tame the universe.  Each one of us intends certain things in our lives.  We intend to get a job, we intend to graduate, we intend to have a girlfriend.  We intend different things.  These are all challenges that we’re constantly posing against whatever may come.  And we have big challenges in our future. 


M:  Ian, let me ask you about intention.  That’s often brought up in spiritual circles that intention is not enough.  That intention is only worthy if it’s followed by action and discipline.  Would you agree?


I:  Well, intention only works with persistence.  Persistence is all that really wins. 


M;  Yes.


I:  If you intend something one day and don’t keep on intending it the next,  then you’re on to something new. 


M:  Yes.


I:  And, and so intending something is not enough.  Intending with persistence, that is your applied will against physical, is what brings about results. 


M:  Yes.


I:  In every case.  Now, there are going to be some very specific challenges uh, to your body in the near future.  Uh, most of us have been hearing rumors and more rumors about super plagues.


M:  Yes indeed.


I:  And maybe some of you have been on the internet and have received , well, these rumors, but now there are reports from scientific magazines that laboratories around the world  (not understood) that they’re tinkering with the genes of various viruses to produce super flues and super plagues.  Now it only makes sense to me that if theres any way to bolster your body’s immune system against any possible uh influenzas produced, that it would be prudent to do so.


M:  Yes.


I:  And at our web page which is


M:  Let, let me


I:  That


M:  Yeah, let me spell it for them.  It’s


I:  Right.  And there are links there and if you click the health link you’ll be apprised or be accessed to the most recent bio-chemical research on how your body’s immune system actually works.  It really works by using three different proteins that body, and each cell in your body converts to a compound called glutathione.  Glutathione is the active ingredient of your immune system and it does everything, not just fighting disease, but is actually what helps build your muscles and bones and tissues that are damaged or depleted in any way.  Now all of us have been growing up in a polluted atmosphere with more and more pollutants added and stress added, that have been constantly attacking your immune system.  Most of you don’t know what a healthy immune system is.  You’ve been


M:  Good point.


I:  Getting along and surviving at this current level and from. ..How many out there have heard a rumor about someone or something for maybe months, maybe a couple of years, you keep hearing the same rumor?  What happens?  Man that happens to be pretty true about that person or about that circumstance. 


M:  Uh, in the sense of a rumor of a person being challenged or even dying from uh some kind of exotic disease, is that what you mean?


I:  I mean personal rumors like somebody stealing from the company, and it turns out that the person really was.

M:  Oh.  Uh, so I see.  The idea really is that at times, uh, rumors may consider, you may want to consider giving some rumors some credibility.


I:  Actually, when you hear them over and over again, from many sources, not just the one source, and what I’m talking about here are the rumors of a super plague that’s going to be released in order to control population.


M:  Has it already been released in other words, Ian, do you believe that AIDS wastheres some that believe that AIDS was this very same thing.


I:  Yes.  It’s a persistent rumor, isn’t it.  With more and more research coming out about the actual, uh, research done by Libby Lab so, you know, it’s something to pay very close attention to.  And if it’s


M:  Well, let me ask, Ian.  What I’m seeing in the news most recently is the bird flu, uh, West Nile Virus, is it any of those things that we’re seeing now?


I:  What they’re doing is tinkering with the germs to make them more passable from human to human. 


M:  Is this an inside job, or is this an outside job, meaning


I:  It’s a paying inside job on the premise to figure out how genes mutate they’ll be more able to prohibit or make vaccines for these things.  Meanwhile, they are making higher and higher strains of this disease.  So I would implore people first to do whatever they can to improve their immune system and if you go to the health link at our web site, you’ll get the most recent research and do your study.  Do not believe anything that I am saying.  Look at the broad research being done on Glutathione across the planet.  This is like:  Penicillin is an antibiotic.  It is a great breakthrough, but antibiotics are anti-life compounds.  This is like using dynamite to get rid of termites in your house.  What dynamite does to your house is what antibiotics do to your immune system.  So the first thing to do is


M:  So, so in other words it’s overkill?


I:  It’s way overkill and in fact that it atrophies your immune system by taking antibiotics.  But now we have it’s been researched on how the immune system really works in the first place, and you can feed your immune system directly.  And it’s very important that everybody listening out there look into this.


M:  Well, let me ask you a couple of things, Ian, uh, uh in um, do you believe that what  we often call alchemy will come into play in the near future? Uh, do you believe that we will be able to access healing sources and power outside of standard medicines that we know today?


I:  We already have.  We already have.  The current idea is to blast your system with antibiotics.  If that doesn’t work, then shock you to pieces.


M:  Yes.


I:  That’s the current system.  And now theres been a breakthrough in how the immune system actually does its job to repair an organ and to keep a disease from disabling you. So please avail yourself of that.  The next thing I want to talk about is your mind.  Your mind is already under a lot of stress from basically being overtaxed with too many pieces of data and information for the process to handle comfortably.  And


M:  Ian, do you believe that istheres some that believe that that is done, that is being done by design.  In other words that those in power, and I hate to kind of lay this out in a  kind of conspiracy theory thing, but I don’t know any other way to do it.  There’s some who believe that uh, it is by design that we are being overwhelmed today .with trying to make payments, we’re trying to keep food on the table.  We’re just trying to keep our life together and uh, of course, clogging our mind uh in that this could have been implemented by design.  Your thoughts?


I:  Actually, it has been but let’s look at this in a much bigger way.


M:  Alright.


I:  The Mayan calendar shows that consciousness itself is expanding and accelerating.  Consciousness itself.


M:  Yes.


I:  All the bad guys and all the conspirators are all playing inside of this construct or plan of consciousness itself.


M:  Yes.


I:  All of those people are only elements of this coming along and as we go, more and more becomes possible.  That’s why all these miracles are showing up.  Because more is possible to occur.  That means more bad is possible to occur and more outlandish bad…we just got missed by an asteroid.  But also more good is coming along, in fact necessarily, more good is happening than bad.  Has been all along or we wouldn’t still be here talking about it.  More good’s always been happening than bad so let’s research.  I mean, all we’re hearing from the media is threat, threat.  (not understood) put your heads down, shut up, go home, that’s what we’re being told too.  The thing to do is investigate all of the good things that are happening.  Lots of very wonderful things that are going on free energy machines that are functioning right now, of course you’re not going to be able to buy them down at the Ace Hardware Store.  There’s a huge chemical energy company in the way for the moment.  But those things are actually out there and functioning.


M:  So, Ian, I must say that I , now that you’ve brought this up, I have been feeling better, and you know one of my benchmarks related to this is that I’m beginning to marginally more empowered.  Uh, and I’m also feeling that Bubba Bush is starting to lose his power and the more Bubba Bush and his regime is losing their power, funny how the more empowered I feel.  So I am starting to uh, turn into positive thinking and feeling hopeful once again.


I:  Well that’s very, very good and correct in all the ways.  Now, people on the outside, what you’re going to be seeing is, as these guys lose their power, they’re going to become more and more desperate to hold onto it.


M:  Yes


I:  So they’re going to become more and more draconian or more and more drunken with their own power.


M:  Yes.


I:  Now a drunk sailor is a whole lot different than a sober one.  You know, huh.


M:  Oh yes.


I:  Actually, more dangerous.


M:  Oh yes.


I:  And all of us have to keep that very much in perspective but in mind.  Speaking of mind, the mind basically…what the mind is is an interface between spiritual and physical.  But what we do with mind is we reflect past experiences into our future.  Would you please cut that out?  The future is not going to be very much like your past.  Most of what’s happened in the past won’t apply to possibilities in the future.  People who are limited by only concepts of what is possible or not possible are going to be reparted by those considerations.


M:  Wow!


I:  The best you can, put that away.  You still have a mind, you’ll still be able to add two and two, but the if you stand back and look at what your mind has done to you over your whole life, all the fears, worries, doubts, dreads, it’s not your friend.


M:  Hold it right there for a just a second, Ian.  Wow!  Now I can tell you folks, and for those of you who have been following Ian and myself for some time, he has been rock solid and consistent about what I call the transition related to consciousness and related to the Mayan Calendar and what is unfolding.. I want to welcome all of those who are just now tuning in.  Here we are at the bottom of the hour.  It is 7:30 PM Pacific Time uh.  You’re in for quite a ride already Ian has introduced some material that I wasn’t even aware of, but, of course, that happens a lot on this show.  In the first 15 minutes, Ian had outlined his ideas about mutation, about genetic manipulation, um and the good news is about our healing powers and capacities are increasing.  Natural abilities to heal are increasing and you can imagine what a threat that is to the pharmaceutical companies.


I:  Oh my God, yes! 


M:  Absolutely.


I:  They’re up against something like a 16 billion dollar a year industry.


M:  Uh huh.


I:  A breakthrough.  It’s going to take the public, accessing it themselves.  You’re not going to see commercials for this. 


M:  Right.  Now hold on…and also folks, for those of you just tuning in, just to let you know that yes, we will be, of course, talking about what Ian believes, and folks, I’m right next to him.  The beginnings of an economic collapse, beginning now, and yes, we all saw Greenspan’s announcement, and Ian’s very much aware of it.  He will be addressing this, which is just the tip of the iceberg.  So for those of you who have tuned in to hear more about the Mayan perspective of the upcoming economic woes, well, stay tuned. 


Alright, now we’re back with Ian Lungold.  You can reach Ian and more of his information at  I’ll spell it for you (spells.)  and now back to my guest.  Ian, are you there?


I:  Yeah.  Now, besides your mind, you, the being, the consciousness, the person who is paying attention to what’s going on here, YOU.  You are what knows things or can know something.  OK?  The mind can think, can consider.   The body does, but the being knows.  The more you know, the more you’re able to be.  Got it?


M:  Yes  and Ian, in that, it’s in this shift that we’re going through, this transition , however you want to put it, as our consciousness and intuitive nature increases we have to be very careful to balance that to not get overwhelmed and to try and not revert back to old habits and beliefs, which we as humans tend to do.  As a therapist, I know that when a void is created, what we as human beings tend to do…this is all of us…is we will revert back to our most dominant, previous habit.  So here we are in this moment of evolution as our consciousness and intuitive nature grows, but yet it’s unknown, and therein lies the discomfort.  Am I on the right track, Ian?


I:  Well it’s because all the discomfort is in your mind. 


M:  That’s true.


I:  That’s where it is.

M:  It’s an illusion, isn’t it.


I:  It certainly is.  The mind at a loss.  And your intuition is the solution.  You see, there is an evolution going on here and evolution of consciousness.  We have gone through a physical form.  We have dropped certain tools that we used earlier on.  That was claws, and teeth and fangs even the tail.  We put the tail down right about the time we picked up the mind as a tool we used for survival.   Now evolution is demanding that we release our grip on the mind and move into intuition.  The mind itself is going to be more and more overwhelmed as the acceleration continues.  So the mind, basically is a 1986 IBM PC.  You know?  It works best as a


M:  (Laughs) You might remember the old 386 then the revolutionary 486.  Good analogy.


I:  We are going through this whether we like it or not.  If you decide that you want to survive, through these changes.  I mean, it is your choice whether to survive or not.


M:  Yes.


I:  We’re going to be going through some very drastic changes in the near future.  The Mayan calendar predicts that theres going to be a Civil War, well, already we have civil war in Venezuela, in Columbia in Iraq,


M:  Haiti?


I:  Haiti, in Afghanistan, it’s Civil War going on out there, guys.  This is part of the consciousness of the Third Night.  What we’re in right now is the Third Night of this consciousness cycle and every time we get here, the public wises up and throws off the chains of slavery.  The slavery that we’re all in right now is the slavery to commerce. 


M:  Oh yes.


I:  We are enslaved to the bank. 


M:  Yes.


I:  And to the insurance companies.  That’s why you have to go to work in the morning, because you’re a slave.


M:  Yup.


I:  And theres a way pass that off and I’m going to tell you, and I don’t have any time to go into the details of it, but it’s at our web page.  Again, there are coursed there that you can sit down and do.  They’re called, “Cracking the Code, The Matrix Revealed.” 


M:  Oh I love it.


I:  And it’s this step-by-step process to first of all disclose the Matrix.  And if you go watch those movies again those movies are an exact allegory of what, in fact, has been done by the banks to every person on this planet.  And there is definitely a way to wake up and pull all those cords out.  But, it’s going to take study.  It’s not going to take advice, it’s going to take you studying to know that.  I mean, it’s going to cost you some time.  Maybe you won’t be able to go out on the weekend, maybe you’ll have to cut out some television programs, but what’s more important?  That little bit of enjoyment, or your freedom? 


M:  You know, Ian, I, I as you do so often, how timely.  I have been taken to task with a few of my fans uh, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit terse with some who are writing to me, asking me uh, for advice or direction or to research for them and I apologize folks,  for really, it’s no it’s no excuse for me to have been short with you, and I do realize that is what I did, but Ian, my message to them when I do  write back to them, it’s basically, I’m saying , “Stop it, you’re being lazy.  Do, do your own work.  It’s right there.  Besides, you’re not here to follow my truth.” 


I:  Wow!  I can’t breathe for you. 


M:  (laughs) Yeah.


I: At some point, you’ve got to do it for yourself.


M:  Yeah.


I:  And this is my doing.  At some point it’s really important especially because the ends speak.  Evolution has brought it around to the point that it’s available.


M:  Yeah.


I:  It was not available before and it was a point of frustration, but I’m saying at least give it a cursory look and if it starts to make sense, dive in! 


M:  Yes.


I:  And do your own research get yourselves extricated from your bills.


M:  Oh boy, you hit a solid nerve where every time you bring this up.


I:  Now listen, the whole deal is going to come down fairly soon.  Uh, theres not a lot of time.  But the more you understand about how this system was built, and how this enslavement was perpetrated


M:  And he’s talking about the economic system, folks


I:  then the easier time you’re going to have, seeing it all go away.  You see, the dollar bill you have in your pocket…each one of those is a death note.  It doesn’t have any value to it.  It is a promise whenever there happens to be real money, we’ll pay you.  This is why the government. This is why the rest of the world looks at everyone in America as a criminal.  We are all considered by the rest of the world criminal.  They outnumber us. 


M:  Why do they uh, uh.  Take it from a perspective of someone uh in another country. how do they see us as a criminal?  If we were to ask them, what would they say?


I:  Well, first of all, let’s just look at the statistics.  America occupies about six and a half percent of the world’s land volume.  And we gobble up 25% of all the natural resources every year.  6% to 25%


M:  Yes.


I:  Now, the viewers out there listening…  is that ok?  Because we deserve to be 19% more rich than everyone else on the earth just because we’re Americans?  Does this give you a clue as to why theres terrorists?  It’s not because they envy our freedom.  This country is free to the degree you can pay for it.


M:  That’s true.  Boy is that ever true.


I:  So, we’re in a situation here, where the whole world has recognized that we’re the ones who are perpetrating all the environmental crime, we’re propping up all the despot governments around the world who are tromping on their people, and selling the natural resources out from underneath them…to who?  America.  And for what?   A promise to pay.  Some day, we’ll pay you.  Right now, you can have these pieces of paper.  This can’t go on.


M:  Oh, ah...uh Ian, for the first time in my lifetime that I’m aware of, we have a government official, who yesterday and today goes by the name of Greenspan, came right out and said,  “We don’t have the money to pay.”


I:  That’s right.  There is no money.  There is no money.  America went bankrupt in 1953.  Officially.  To the world.  We went bankrupt.  And a bankrupt system… you can’t pay it.  (laughs)


M:  Yeah.


I:  You can’t.  And, also, no one can ask you to pay.  When you go to the website, and you look this stuff up, you’re going to find a public policy that was put out in 1933 that was called HJR192.  HJR192 absolves all Americans of all possible debt.  There is no possible debt in a bankrupt system. 


M:  Uh was that for like for two years?  Was it really open ended?  Ian, will you explain more about that?


I:  Well, you’ll have to go and read, because, I mean, theres lots to it.


M:  OK


I:  It’s much better to read it for yourself. 


M:  OK


I:  Because theres all the government documents, all the public policy, it’s right on display.


M:  If I don’t make a payment on my car, they’re going to come and repossess it. 


I:  That’s the matrix.  You don’t have to live in a matrix.  We don’t live in a matrix.  We told you we went bankrupt, didn’t we? 


M:  Yes?


I:  Yes.  We have been living in our house without making any payments on the house for the last 15 months. 


M:  Yes? 


I:  We’re still living here. And it’s all fallacy.  It’s all a big, big, fat lie.  Now what’s going to happen, very, very soon is that all of us Americans, every single one of us, are going to be caught with our pants down and our hand in the cookie jar.  The jig is up.  The world knows that we’re not going to pay.  If Wimpy came to you and said, “I’d gladly pay for a hamburger today … on Tuesday for a hamburger today, and he did that for seventy years,


M:  Right.


I:  What would you think of Wimpy?  You’d think he was a criminal. 


M:  Right.


I:  He’s stealing.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing to the rest of the world.  And all of us have been sitting here, fat and sassy and happy, watching CNN and the boob tube, you know?  We’ve been living high on the hog, on what?


M:  We’ve been hypnotized. 


I:  On nothing.  On promises that are no good.  And that’s why theres going to be a financial collapse.  What you have in the bank is a debt.  In other words, if you are a millionaire, you have a deeper hole than someone who has a $10,000 deposit in the bank.  You are more in debt, the more money you’ve got of Federal Reserve notes, the more you are a hole.  That’s the truth of it.  That plastic card in your pocket, that only has electrons on it, it’s all imagination.  There’s no value to that piece of plastic.  Except, maybe, cleaning under your fingernails. 


M:  (Laughs) Yeah.  Uh...Ian, can you help uh, what...  I always like to be as visual as possible.  Can you describe to us what it might look like, and I’m guessing in the next few months, folks, uh, uh, is it going to be a sudden thing, like an asteroid hitting the earth, is it going to be gradual?  What are the benchmarks?  I think we’ve already seen one benchmark today obviously, with Greenspan coming out and saying, “Look.  Remember that Social Security we promised you?  Forget it.  We don’t have it.”


I:  It’s been gradual, since 1977 when we dropped the gold standard.  Now it’s not so gradual any more.  And yes, it will seem to most people who have no concept that the money they are carrying around has no value.  All of a sudden, it’s going to be worthless.  Buy silver. 


M:  Precious metals, and maybe commodities?


I:  Buy silver and buy seeds.  Seeds to grow food are going to be very, very valuable.  I know this is going to be hard for you guys to hear, but the public, like the public utilities are not a public service.  They are a for profit business.  And the trucking companies that bring food from wherever it’s grown into the middle of the cities is not a public service.  That is a for profit business when theres no profit in it, there will be no delivery. 


M:  Ian, when this goes down, theres a lot of people out there just like myself.  Are people going to start taking things from us?  Will there be an order to stand down, and everybody can keep, like everything is frozen and everybody gets to keep what they have at the moment?


I:  Hey.  What is the basis of the law?  99% of the law is possession. 


M:  Yes.


I:  If you’re standing there, you’ll own it.  With banks out of the way and their horrible, huge, tremendous claw that they’ve put on everybody, when that is disclosed, the person who is utilizing for a benefit for the community and himself  a product, or a piece of land, or a home, that will be your home.  Just think back when there weren’t banks.  Think back to the 14th century.  People occupied a piece of land, and it was theirs.  They gave it to their descendents.  You know, they passed it on down the family line.


M:  Yes.


I:  And it’s going to go right back to that kind of order, and not this salad.  Now it’s going to be rough.  But, boy won’t it be a relief to not have this lie that we all have to live.


M:  What about renters?  People who are renting home, leasing homes?  Renting apartments?


I:  same deal.  You in there?  You own it.  All of it is a lie.  The whole thing about mortgages.  All mortgages are a fraud.  The moment the deed is signed, the house is paid for.  Without any payments.  It’s already paid for.  Including your car, including everything that you could possibly desire because we’re a bankrupt system and there is no possibility of debt.


M:  Ian, I’m getting some emails.  One email saying that they had their house repossessed.  This was five years ago.


I:  Yes.


M:  Was that an illegal act?


I:  Yes it was.  And we have the data to prove it.  In cold cases the (undecipherable) and foreclosures are absolutely illegal.   Absolutely.  This has been hidden, hidden, hidden.  You see, the lawyers are in league with the courts.  The courts are sworn to uphold the banks.  Uphold the fraud put forth by the government.  It’s that big.  The matrix is surreal.  Except it’s commerce. 


M:  For those of you just tuning in, (laughs) you’re listening to probably one of the most popular shows that has been produced to this date with Ian Lungold . We’re talking about many things… well, really four in particular.  What we’re talking about now is commerce and, uh, the collapse that is already on its way and evidently Ian clarified that I guess it really goes back to 1933, but, in 1977 I think he said is when the ball started rolling and really picking up and I guess it’s moving along exponentially and now we’re probably close to critical mass.  I don’t know...  Some of you young folks out there may not realize what a stunning announcement Greenspan made.  Uh we, people my age and older, we would never have conceived such a thought, that Social Security would be taken from us, and it’s probably been in the planning for some time.  So what we’re going to show uh we have broke another record.  My gosh, it’s still growing, Ian, it’s still growing. Um, last time we were on, you mentioned a date, and it was in April. 


I:  Yes.  April 17th is the corresponding date in this cycle in this time with the last cycle, which was the beginning of the Civil War in America.  April 17th of 2004 corresponds to the same date in 1861.  So we go around these cycles, and we do repeat them, but each time at a higher level.  We’re entering, we’re in, we’re approaching a Civil War.  Civil War.  Now, that doesn’t mean just bombs and rockets.  It also means the public wising up and realizing the initial issues that the government, the powers that be have imposed upon them.  In other words, we don’t have to go out and just mow people down.  We can go in with understanding this time and pull the plug.  Just walk away. 


M:  Will they allow that, Ian?  What… the proverbial “they”?


I:  (Laughs)  I think they will be screaming and kicking and grasping and everything they possibly can.  Aren’t they already doing that?


M:  Yes.  But, do you think it will get bloody?


I:  I think it will get bloody.  I think not everybody in America is tuned into this program.  Not every is reaching out for understanding.  Most people in America are going to take vengeance on people around them for the betrayal that they perpetrated.

M:  Oh yes. 


I:  That’s where knowledge comes in.  The more you know about all of this, the better control you have of your own self.


M:  Yes indeed.

I:  And less likely to get drawn into the conflict.  You see, we’ve got one battle going on here.  During the Third Night, it’s the same battle going on at the same time.  And that is, Spirit against Commerce.  Being ness against Money.  Why was Christ killed?  What was the deal? 


M:  You know, Ian, I, I, I this came to me, and by the way, I saw the movie yesterday and wow!  I saw the Jewish Pharisees, the high priest if you will, which is a select few, folks, just for you that are anti-Semitic,  or choose to make this anti-Semitic in my opinion, this was a very small, select group, the high priests who were  the ultimate authority, so to speak, uh, who in, who I am comparing to corporate heads of today.  To CEO’s to all corrupt, corporate power hounds.  UH


I:  The moneychangers.


M:  Yes.  So it was, it was, your question was, “Who killed Christ”  it was a pretty big question…


I:  Who killed Christ?  The Jews didn’t kill Christ.  People killed Christ. 


M:  And partly, I think, at least, the beginning of that whole episode deal, was about the fear of losing power, wasn’t it. 


I:  Exactly, and what was losing power over?  Commerce!


M:  Influence, and commerce.  That’s right.


I:  Commerce!  What could be bought and sold?  Christ was put up there because he told people not to pay their taxes!  


M:  Oh my gosh!


I:  My goodness.  New Hampshire just passed a law through the legislature, banning the 16th amendment.  To abolish the IRS.  The reason they did that was for contract infraction of the Federal Government to the states.  They’re not keeping their bargain so they kicked their butt out!  They also minted a silver coin with New Hampshire on them.  And abolishing the Federal Reserve notes.  Federal Reserve notes are dead notes.  They are a hole in your pocket rather than anything positive.


M:  Ian, how did this not make national news in be played every 10 minutes?  This is the first I have heard of this. 


I:  Because why wouldn’t the matrix.  The nature of the matrix has been in all the newspapers on that. Because it’s the deepest secret that can possibly be held.  And I’ve just blown the lid off it.


M:  Boy have you, my God, folks, did you freakin’ hear that?  No, Ian, as a matter of fact, what they’ve done to me is they’ve tried to uh keep me occupied in Massachusetts by the way, is one of those things, uh, New Hampshire, I mean is the same sex marriage junk.  Uh, do you think that that is simply deference, or not deference, but deflection?


I:  Yes, as a matter of fact, all of the consciousness cycle of the galactic consciousness cycle this whole thing, this whole 8 years, is all about consciousness dividing one side against another, against, what I am going to talk about is,  consciousness dividing or separating out every single thing.  That is, the job of consciousness to discern one thing from the other, and another from the other.  The more conscious you are, the more discerning you are.  The less conscious you are, the more everything looks the same.