note: ***  = word(s) of interview that were not discernable to transcriber


MB = Mitch Battros

IXL = Ian Xel Lungold


MB:      Ian, are you there?

IXL:       Yes, I am.

MB:      Welcome to the show once again, my friend, uh, you’re starting to become a very popular person and I believe it is because of your message. What, where do you want to start tonight?

IXL:       Well, the first thing I want to talk about is the true test that we’re all up against. And, the true test of everyone that is listening and everyone who is, uh, in contact with those listeners, in other words, their friends and family. The biggest test we have, at this time, is to stay in our own center.

MB:      Oh, amen to that.

IXL:       Now, this, your center is your discernment of your own reality, your own truth. Do not believe anyone. But evaluate from your own viewpoint, what is true or what is not. This is the most important test that we’re up against.

MB:      Well you can certainly put me in that pile, uh, Ian, as you know, I’ve broken down on the air at a couple of interviews with you, as a matter of fact, when the tension would get so high, I would be so un-centered, uh, confused, in dismay, in disarray, uh, and, you know what, I needed someone like you and I’m sure you’re the same way where you need others too. When we get to those kinds of places, and like you say I believe we are certainly going to be tested, I know I am, that yes, even though it is an individual thing we need to stay within our power, do you also suggest, Ian, that we try to develop community as well?

IXL:       Yes. As a matter of fact, the Mayan Calendar, which is what I am basically all about, discusses that there are days and there are nights, to the progression of consciousness. The days are openings of consciousness. New revelations. The nights are always times to apply what has just been learned, what has just been realized. It’s during these nights that birds of a feather are to flock together. That is, the people who have realizations are to apply what they have now learned.

MB:      Oh yes, uh, boy, easier said than done I guess you could say. My goodness—to apply what we have learned.

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      [sighs] You know Ian, I, yes, of course I agree with that, but you know, like with anything, whether it be a new job, learning a new program on the computer, learning some type of new technique in the studios for me, even though I’ve learned it, it’s when it comes to those first applications that are so difficult. What do you think? What are your suggestions about that?

IXL:       Well, they are the most difficult times, and we are currently in the Third Night of the Galactic Cycle. We just have had revelation after revelation of truth about our actual situation. Our actual situation, to most of the people out there listening, your situation is you now understand yourself as a slave to corporations.

MB:      [laughs] Oh, please don’t get me started! But yes, of course.

IXL:       It’s coming more and more clear. That is the fact. Now, our illustrious leader, Mr. Bush, is totally on the side of the corporations, and all of the people listening out there, other than those employed as bugs to the corporations [laughs], all of them are feeling the effects of that devotion of corporations over personal freedoms.

MB:      Uh, and folks let me, oh, my goodness, lookee here, uh, we just broke another record, Ian, thank you, I am sure in part that has very much to do with it, you, with you being on the air. And of course it has, it’s a reflection of the times itself. Thank you folks, thank you so much for making Earth Changes TV your number one rated science, earth science and space weather site. And now making it one of the most popular shows in the nation related to what we do. We’ve just broken another record into the number of attendants, uh, thank you so much. Now let me get back to Ian. What I wanted to say, what you’re hearing Ian say now is not a political statement, folks, believe me. Him and I have engaged in conversations many, many times. He’s getting ready to fold this back into Mayan Calendar and Mayan Prophecy. So he’s basically setting the stage now, but do not listen to this through the ears of, uh, political assumptions. Listen to it in the way of civilization and where we’re going. Uh, Ian, please.

IXL:       There is a schedule of consciousness. Consciousness includes government and its direction. Consciousness is what directs the actions of those who are supposedly in charge of civilizations, as well as every individual within a civilization. And consciousness is dictating, that there are going to be massive changes in our social and political situations during the next 300 days.

MB:      Oh really. Now, that’s interesting that you say—well, gee, I’m acting as if I’m so surprised. Uh, Ian, if you don’t mind, I’d like to jump right in to some of these things, because I know a lot of the listeners right now have tuned in, in part due to what Carlos Barrios had to say,

IXL:       Oh yes.

MB:      His time frame was the exact same thing. He didn’t, he may have specified 300 days, I don’t recall, I’ll have to listen to the interview again myself, but what I do remember is that he simply said this year. And since we’re in January, certainly wouldn’t be more than 340 days.

IXL:       Right. Well, here we go.

MB:      All right. Here we go, folks.

IXL:       [sighs] The last time that we were in this segment of consciousness, was the period between 1854 and 1873. The consciousness which is now playing, was happening between 1854 and 1873. That was the Third Night of the Planetary Cycle—that was the cycle that proceeded the one that we are currently in. On January 5, 1999, we started a new cycle. We are now in the Third Night of that cycle, corresponding with 1853, I mean 1854 to 1873. What happened

MB:      I’m sorry, Ian, can you give us, uh, do you have written down some events that occurred back in 18--, back in that time frame? 1854, was it?

IXL:       Well, the most important for our listeners in America, was that in 1861, April 12, Fort Sumner came under attack, in other words, the Civil War of the American states started--

MB:      Oh my gosh,

IXL:       --in 1861. Now, just not that long ago, I had a realization. And that realization was, that a day on the Mayan Calendar during this current cycle is 360 days. 360 days equals one day on the Mayan Calendar. Now, if you were to superimpose that on a clock face, then the clock measures the day in 24 hours. That is, from 12 midnight to 12 noon and back to 12 midnight.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       That is actually two revolutions of 360 degrees, but we can superimpose the procession of consciousness now, onto a 360 degree arc. And we can calculate how many days there are to each hour on that clock. Each hour, from 12 o’clock midnight until 1 o’clock in the morning, or to 2 o’clock or 3 o’clock, takes 15 days. 15 times 24 equals 360.

MB:      Okay, so a 24 hour period equals one year.

IXL:       Uh, on this Mayan Calendar it equals 1 day of 360 days.

MB:      Gotcha.

IXL:       Okay?

MB:      Okay.

IXL:       So, now we can look back over past periods, and see what happened during that same hour on the clock. For instance, 1861*** during the previous cycle, happened to start on April 3***of cycle. We can ***project or superimpose them. What happened on April 12 of ***1861 now lies to *** April 23 of 2004.

MB:      Uh, are you referring to a Civil War?

IXL:       Yes I am.

MB:      Oh my goodness. Absolutely, absolutely. Now, there of course civil war doesn’t just pop out of nowhere. People don’t just one night decide, let’s just go kill somebody else—

MB:      Right.

IXL:       --arbitrarily. There was a build-up to it. Now, during the previous cycle, during the Planetary Cycle, from 1854-1873, each hour on the clock was 300 days. Now it’s 15 days.

MB:      Oh my goodness. So, uh, those of us that feel that time is speeding up, that’s just not our imagination?

IXL:       Actually, time isn’t speeding up, but creation is. There are more and more events happening in every moment.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       So, there’s more occurring in a shorter amount of time.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       This is the secret, this is the most important part of the Mayan Calendar, is to comprehend that time is not speeding up, it’s not your imagination, it’s not that you’re getting older, as most people believe, it’s really the fact that more is happening in less time. Which is good and bad. The more that happens in any period of time, the more can occur. More miracles can occur, more things that were previously impossible, are now available to occur.

MB:      Okay. Let me see if I understand this now, Ian. l think, my goodness, I think I’m starting to get this. Um, the time it took to get to a flashpoint back in the 1800s, probably took months and years, probably years.

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      Uh, to get to a flashpoint today, could literally take weeks and months.

IXL:       Yes, exactly true.

MB:      Oh, boy.

IXL:       Now, you look at the situation that we are now in, and you see a dramatic polarization, between those people who absolutely love and adore our president for the profit he represents, and those people who fear him.

MB:      Absolutely. There are comments about that all around the world, Ian, of how polarized the United States have become. I’ll tell you, world citizens are very concerned about what’s going on.

IXL:       Well, they have every right to be. They have every right to be concerned.

MB:      You know, Ian,

IXL:       Please understand, everyone out there, please understand this, that President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, and Secretary Ashcroft and Secretary Ridge, all of them are consciousness, aren’t they? They are an expression of consciousness, and it is consciousness which is dictating their actions. They may be puppets of the Illuminati, oh, big deal. The Illuminati got nothin’ over the power of the procession of the evolution of consciousness. And that is what is dictating their actions and their oppressions.

MB:      Uh, given that scenario, Ian, is that suggesting that the majority of people are wanting the mentality that we’re seeing in the Bush administration?

IXL:       Are wanting?

MB:      Yes, you’re saying that they represent our consciousness, our—

IXL:       Yes, as a matter of fact, everybody out there, take a look at the movies which are playing and which are most popular in the theaters right now. Anybody gone to see “Cold Mountain” or any of the other Civil War movies that came out during this summer? There’s been five now, five Civil War movies all of the sudden. Where did those movies come from? They came from consciousness, people.

MB:      Good point.

IXL:       What were the most popular movies of the summer? Hacker, slasher, killing, thriller, terror movies. Where is consciousness? Why do people vote with their dollars to go see horror and terror and destruction and suffering? Because they agree with it. That’s the only reason.

MB:      You know, in my short-sightedness, Ian, I guess, I would have simply said “To escape, to be entertained. To escape from their reality.”

IXL:       That is on the surface. Why are they going to see those rather than musicals? Or comedies? The most popular movies were ones that depicted the most suffering.

MB:      Well, Ian, this is the piece that I don’t understand. You’re my age, and you remember the 60s and 70s—

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      What the hell happened to our voice? I mean, you’re speaking of, in terms of revolution, but I’m not seeing a damn thing.

IXL:       That’s because the public, first of all, the public has been dumbed down drastically, by our education system. So most of the public are unaware, they are fed, particularly, by the Murdock and his ilk, through the media. What you pay attention to, you become conscious of, period. That’s all that ever happens. What people are paying attention to is “Friends,” and “Sex in the City,” and “Saturday Night Live,” and “David Leno” er David, or Leno and uh—

MB:      “David Letterman.”

IXL:       David Letterman. So what people are paying attention to is the entertainment which is presented to them. They are dumbed down, drastically.

MB:      Let me ask you this, Ian—

IXL:       Still, when this comes to a peak, people will not, in general, people will not realize what’s happening to them--this is all by design. Now, think of Pompeii, and Mount, uh—

MB:      Vesuvius.

IXL:       The people that were found in Pompeii, were in the midst of living their lives. The people that were turned to ash were doing their business. They were in full-blown party. Mt. Vesuvius had been going off for months.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       It was a tourist attraction.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       All the light show at night. There had been earthquakes, there had been all sorts of things going on and the people stayed and did business, and hung on with whores, or whatever they were doing--

MB:      [laughs] Hee hee! Orgies, yes.\

IXL:       --until they could not breathe.

MB:      That’s right.

IXL:       That’s exactly what’s going on now.

MB:      That’s right.

IXL:       Precisely. This is human nature.

MB:      Oh God, that’s scary, you think—

IXL:       Human nature abhors change. Okay you guys, all you guys out there lost your job in the last few months, how much did you enjoy that? All you people that had your insurance raised, all you people that had your taxes raised, and your rents raised, how much did you enjoy that? Nobody wants change, because it all looks bad. So people ignore change, they hide from it.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       They will decry you, they will say you’re crazy. They will kick you out of the family, before they will accept change.

MB:      So, Ian, is one message tonight, to pass on to our listeners, is, um, well basically, wake up, but that you’re giving meaning and understanding, to that old saying that something comes upon you before you, you know, I didn’t see it coming, is a typical phrase used, I didn’t see it coming, when in fact it was occurring the whole time, you just weren’t looking.

IXL:       Yeah, all those divorced people out there, hey, take a look—it was happening the whole time.

MB:      Wow. Uh, Ian, Carlos mentioned something about an economic collapse, and it kind of rocked me on my heels just a little bit, because, I guess, just exactly what you’re speaking of, I just didn’t think that it would come so quickly, and I also, I think I also assumed, that I would see it coming. But I’m suddenly realizing that, uh, that may not be the case. Your thoughts?

IXL:       Well, the signs are all there. You were just talking about the U.S. Treasury reneging on the 9 point something or other interest.

MB:      That’s correct.

IXL:       Okay. You’ve also seen the Euro growing, far above, 20%, above the U.S. dollar.

MB:      Unbelieveable.

IXL:       The dollar is just about, well, the dollar is falling like a leaf. What does that mean to everybody in America? That means that your dollars are worth less and less and less. Now, I guess you haven’t noticed that there is no inflation, but bread that used to cost $.50 now costs $3.50.

MB:      That is right, folks. [laughs] ‘Course, we all know that.

IXL:       There’s only one reason that this is actually going on. And that is, every credit card purchase, and every check that every American writes, becomes new money in the economy, through the banking system, through the Federal Reserve system, every credit charge, every loan, every check you write, becomes new currency.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       That means that there’s lots more currency in our environment, don’t it?

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Exponentially, every year, more and more and more currency, which devalues every dollar in your pocket. By the way, those dollars in your pocket are paper, friends, there is no intrinsic value to anything in your pocket. And that credit card? That credit card contains electrons.

MB:      Yes,

IXL:       Just electrons. Now, physicists will tell you that electrons appear and disappear in a particular frequency—they are here, and then they are not here. They are not stable in our physical reality.

MB:      That’s correct.

IXL:       Gold, and silver, on the other hand, are stable commodities. Electrons as themselves, do not exist. 80% of all commerce in the world, not just America, but in the world, 80% of all commerce is done electronically, in other words, the transfer of electrons.

MB:      That’s right.

IXL:       There is no stability in your currency or your credit cards. There are no sureties. America went bankrupt in 1933.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Go to our website, that is www. mayanmajix.com***. Go *** Deeper Truth files in the Articles section, read, people, read the facts ***, do not listen *** anyone, read the established, recorded, congressional facts, about our economy and the basis of it.

MB:      You know, Ian, I do want to bring this up now that you’ve said that, I have noticed a trend lately, in marketing, that those in the know, if you will, those that have gone to school and studied and looked at graphs and rhythms and cycles as part of their curriculum, realize that the middle class is going away. And now when they do their pitch, if you will, their advertisement, they do it to the small 20% that are, you know, not middle class, upper class, and that, we, I’m starting to see it in so many ways. For example, you may have seen that Lexus commercial, which I thought was outrageous. Here is a commercial, where somebody has given a Lexus to their partner, as a Christmas gift, and I’m starting to see that kind of thing in many, many areas. I’d like your comment on the possible fall of the middle class.

IXL:       Well, hey. Lexus is wimpy. Buy a Hummer. That way, you own the goddamn road.

MB:      [laughs] Ian, I have to bleep you out!

IXL:       Sorry. Own the road. That way, you own the road. Yeah. That’s happening. As a matter of fact, what’s going on guys, imagine a backroom, power broker poker game going on. These guys, if you believe in the Illuminati or whatever, it doesn’t matter. These guys know that the end of our system is very very close. They know because they have engineered it, all along. And they, right now, are grabbing every chip off the table. And jiggers, here comes consciousness. And what they’re doing, is scraping every chip off the table. That includes your house, that includes your business, that includes, well, your job, they’re going to grab every single thing they can off the table right now.

MB:      Will there be a point, where no longer can we be in denial, and do you believe that it’s actually possible there can be an uprising in this day and time?

IXL:       April 23 is the same date of consciousness as April 12 of 1861.

MB:      Are you suggesting that one week after tax day, that, which, by the way, I don’t know if you realize that, but April 15, that one day after our taxes are due, or excuse me, one week after they’re due, that something may happen?

IXL:       I’m suggesting that there’s a lot of things happening right now, which will increase in its unsufferability, until the population rises up, as they have throughout all of history. And overthrown unscrupulous leaders.

MB:      Oh, this is going to be interesting.

IXL:       Of course, it’s going to be interesting. Um—

MB:      Now, Ian I—oh, by the way folks, we’re at the bottom of the hour, well, were actually seven minutes past the bottom of the hour, forgive me for not welcoming those that just tuned in. You are listening to Ian Lundgold, creator of the Mayan Codex, which explains to those many of us, including me, who has a very difficult time in understanding the Mayan Calendar. He calls it the Mayan Conversion Codex and it’s really quite an instrument to have. You can get all this on his website at www.mayanmajix.com. He*** has a full array of news, commentary, and events that are coming up. His site, he’s really beefed it up, it’s really looking wonderful. Be sure and check him out. Now folks, we’ve been talking about, well, social status, about where communities are going, and especially the United States, which was once the powerhouse of the world, which many of us had also realized that it’s also just another Roman Empire, and like all empires, with no exception, there is a rise and a fall. And Ian is suggesting that we are at the cusp of that fall now. Ian?

IXL:       Yes, well, uh, people, now is the time to raise your head, and look around, and for everyone that you care about, for every person that you want to*** time and company with, advise them of this situation, and advise them with facts, not just your opinion or your fears but *** of the facts that *** that every night of every consciousness cycle has been an economic debacle. 2001 of this year, was the beginning of the Second Night of this consciousness cycle that we’re in, and we all experienced something called the Tech Bubble bursting, do you remember?

MB:      Oh, yes, the Dot Coms.

IXL:       The Dot Com burst, that happened during the Second Night of this cycle. If you carefully go back, now we have all these dates recorded at Mayan Majix, and there is a particular article under Mayan Calendar, it’s by Dr. Carl Calleman, and he lays out all of the cycles of economic growth and economic depression, through these consciousness cycles of the Mayan Calendar. As a matter of fact, it is the most accurate reading of the Mayan Calendar, it is what we would call the Stock Market. In every day, the Stock Market *** and *** night, there has been economic debacle. We are now in the Third Night of this cycle, and we are going to see not just a depression, the depression was a Sunday picnic, next to what we’re going*** at this time.

MB:      Oh, my gosh.

IXL:       Imagine, California cutting off all Welfare payments.

MB:      Oh. What time period are we talking about?

IXL:       In the next few months.

MB:      Oh, my gosh.

IXL:       Because, California just defaulted on a $15 billion bond. They could not find anyone to buy the ***California. And to leverage them out of their debt. Drastic, drastic cuts, are going to have to be made in California. What’s the first thing to be cut? Public services. This is not some fantasy—go and read, study.

MB”      Now, Ian, please guide me there right now, because I want to guide the folks listening in right now. I’m on your website, and from the home page, click on what?

IXL:       Articles.

MB:      Click, Articles, okay. *** me just a second, *** articles,

IXL:       Well, there are very many

MB:      Oh, Deeper Truths?

IXL:       The Mayan Calendar category, the Truth files which has current Events, and ***Deeper Truth files,

MB:      Oh my gosh, Ian, when did you post this? I had no idea that you had been following this—how could I not have known?

IXL:       Well, I couldn’t tell ya.

MB:      Holy cow folks, you’ve got to go to this page. Uh, go to mayanmajix.com from the home page, let me go backwards because I want to steer you to this, this is, this is ***, then go *** Articles, click on Articles ***down, when you go to the Articles *** click on Deeper ***, and nice, look at this, this uh, here are the titles, folks, “The Bankruptcy of the United States,” “The Truth About Your Money, Your Bank, and Your Debt,” “31 Questions and Answers About the Internal Revenue Service,” “The IRS Has an Income Tax Problem,” and it goes on—it looks like there’s 12 articles. Ian, how long have you been following this? My interview with Carlos was the first time I really switched my attention to the possibility of an economic collapse in such a short period.

IXL:       Well, as a matter of fact, frankly, to you and everybody else who is listening, we were forced into bankruptcy. We were forced into bankruptcy in December of last year, and since then we have been entrenched in the court system, and investigating the actual status of each individual person as opposed to the corporate identity they have been assigned. You see, each person has been created as an individual corporation, by the corporation of the United States. The number of your corporation is your social security number.

MB:      Yes, that is true folks, they either give you a Federal Tax ID number or it coexists with your social security number, and that is, I can tell you because Earth Changes TV is a corporation, that is your corporate number.

IXL:       Yes. Now, the fact is, that each and every person out there, living and breathing, is not a number.

MB:      That’s right.

IXL:       All of the corporate debt that America has, is applied only to that number. None of you are that number, unless you agree that you’re that number. You can agree by tacit consent, that is, by your silence. Unless you stand up and notify people that you are not the number that they assign to you, then you are that number.

MB:      And what happens, Ian, when you do such a thing as say, “I am not that number.” What—did they come down on you? What happened?

IXL:       Not at all.

MB:      Really?

IXL:       No. In fact, they have the forms to actually make that statement, at every Secretary of State’s office or webpage, in the nation. It’s called the UCC—the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code is the law of the planet. Everything is commerce. Court is commerce. Law, all law, is based on commerce.

MB:      Yes, it is.

IXL:       And, so the Uniform Commercial Code is worldwide law. And you can register yourself as not being part of that system. I would advise every single person that’s listening to this to go to your Secretary of State, of your state, go to the webpage, and look up UCC. You’ll find a UCC-1 form. Now, they don’t give you real particular directions to fill it out, but the fact is, that by registering that you are not part of their corporate identity, you then taking steps to your own sovereignty.

MB:      Now, my guess would be, I haven’t experienced it Ian, you have, so the first thoughts that come to mind is that they’re going to punish you for that kind of thing.

IXL:       They cannot—it’s their own law.

MB:      Did they welcome your changes and suggestion, or did they frown, did they try to discourage you—

IXL:       Not in the least. They acknowledged them.

MB:      Really?

IXL:       Yes. In 1933, President Roosevelt made a declaration, that the nation was in bankruptcy. And at that time, he introduced the New Deal. The New Deal was, you turn in all your gold and silver, and we will give you paper. Whooooeee—New Deal!

MB:      Yes—Bum Deal.

IXL:       The fact is, that if—people can go to our site and research this—HJR, that’s House Joint Resolution number 192, states that every American citizen is absolved from any debt. In bankruptcy, there is no way to pay.

MB:      Yes,

IXL:       They just kind of forgot to tell everybody about that, they made a law and tell anyone. So, everybody out there, listening, you are not in debt. There is no debt possible in a bankrupt system.

MB:      Really. Now, I’m trying to grasp this Ian, what you’re saying is so, gosh, I don’t know any soft way to say it, but what many have got to be thinking, it appears to be outrageous, it couldn’t be this simple…

IXL:       Okay, let me make it much more simple--

MB:      All right.

IXL:       --for everyone.

MB:      All right.

IXL:       All jurisdiction, now everybody out there is supposedly under some jurisdiction, right?

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       Okay. All jurisdiction is predicated on one fact—the borders. Whether its the border of your city, the border of your county, the border of your state, or the border between United States and Canada and Mexico, it doesn’t matter. All jurisdiction is predicated on one thing—the border. Okay, go find me the border. Go show me the line on the ground. There is no border, so there is ***no jurisdiction—that’s it.

MB:      I, I, I, folks, I, maybe you’re having an easier time with this, I just can’t grasp this, I never followed the militias, and I never followed some of those type of groups, so maybe you have and you have a better understanding, but uh, you know, it kind of scares me that I don’t understand it because so often in my life, when I get this kind of feeling, it’s usually the precursor to a much greater understanding, meaning, that I’m in the middle of it. So perhaps I’d better go to Ian’s site and read up on this myself. Uh, Ian, let’s, we’ve only got about 8 minutes left, and I want to circle this back around to the Mayan Calendar—

IXL:       Yes,

MB:      --and Mayan Prophecy, and this date folks, write this date down, it’s April 26, right? Is that it, Ian, April 26

IXL:       April 23.

MB:      23?

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      April 23, of this year—

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      Uh, and uh, tell us more, Ian, what, give us some signs, what are some signs that will be coming up that will tell us that we’re on the way to this, boy, significant change.

IXL:       Well,

MB:      What are we likely to see in the next, uh, several weeks and months?

IXL:       Number one, is the Mayan Calendar, because it is the schedule of the evolution of consciousness. It’s a repeating schedule, and this schedule is not refutable—it is historically recorded, that events follow consciousness—events follow the schedule. So—

MB:      Hold on, Ian, I really, I want to understand this, and I know many people do. Whenever I hear the word consciousness, and “follow consciousness,” I think of my consciousness, and I think of like-minded people consciousness. Now what you’ve been suggesting, evidently, is that the majority of consciousness, in my humble opinion, is not taking me down the road that I want to go. Are you suggesting that on an unconscious level, that my consciousness as well, is also taking us down this bumpy road?

IXL:       Yes, this is a co-creation. We are all putting our two cents in. Now, there are people out there who are holding secrets, things that they may not be so proud that they did or thought.

MB:      Well who, who couldn’t say yes to that? I mean, we’re all human.

IXL:       We’re all human. Every one of us has things that we’ve done or thought or said, which we’re not so proud of.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       All of those secrets are scheduled to go  extinct.

MB:      What do you mean by that?

IXL:       Well, one manifestation of it is Big Brother. Big Brother is a tool of consciousness. Big Brother is saying, no more secrets. Everyone knows everything about you personally.

MB:      Uh, but Ian, isn’t it more that the power mongers, the controllers, are really the ones who know more about us, in other words, the insurance companies, the medical companies, the pharmaceutical companies, unfortunately, all the corporations. But that’s not the same as everybody knowing, I think most of us are in the dark.

IXL:       Well, what it is, is availability of that consciousness.

MB:      Well, that’s true, that’s true.

IXL:       The availability is there.

MB:      Yes.

IXL:       And for all you hackers out there, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

MB:      Yeah, I’m afraid so.

IXL:       So, consciousness has dictated, right now, that all secrets shall be revealed, that includes your own personal secrets.

MB:      Interesting, interesting. And where is this leading us?

IXL:       Where it’s leading us to, is the ability to have telepathy. The only block of telepathy, is people being afraid of their secrets being exposed.

MB:      How can we get to that other side, Ian, where we would actually be comfortable in such disclosure?

IXL:       Through ethics.

MB:      You know what Ian, I’ve got to tell you something. Do you remember my January 7 article when I was just fed up, I was just, I had a very dark moment. And I expressed it publicly, to thousands of people. Regarding, that’s the article I wrote about “What happened to our voice.”

IXL:       Yes.

MB:      And you wouldn’t believe the response I got to that. And then here you are tonight, live, on the air, disclosing your bankruptcy. Are these examples of what you’re speaking of?

IXL:       Yes, but also the bankruptcy was an integral part of my own consciousness coming to grips with the actual situation. And the cir-- situation, or the circumstances which the power has imposed upon us all. And through my investigations, I have uncovered massive, massive fraud, within the loaning institutions, and within all the banking institutions in America, well, the world.

MB:      In other words, Enron is not the exception, it’s the rule, isn’t it.

IXL:       Yes, indeed it is, and it applies to every single person who is making any payment to any credit card company or any bank in America. I would suggest that people investigate their situation, and from their investigation, make a decision whether they are going to continue to pay their supposed debt or not.

MB:      You know, uh, gosh I wish I had more time, but folks, remember the last time you paid $35 for an NSF, for “not sufficient funds,” remember the last time you paid $35 when you were $.03 underbalance? Do you remember that? Do you realize that if it was Guido that was charging you $35 for $.03 he’d be put in jail, but yet our banks get away with that every single day.

IXL:       Every chip they’re scraping off the table right now. If any of you think that these guys have enough attention to pay attention to you individually, and what you’re doing—forget it. They are far too busy. I would suggest that every person listening fully investigate the situation. Become appraised. Become elucidated, educated, into what has been perpetrated against all of us. This is a massive, massive fraud, and this really is the impetus behind the civil war which is coming in April. If you are in any--

MB:      My God, that’s three months away.

IXL:       Yes? What was that?

MB:      That’s three months away.

IXL:       That’s three months away. Everybody who is listening who is in a major city, get your stuff together, and get out of that city.

MB:      You know, Ian, this is how I thought it was going to come down, and still think that it would come--. If indeed there would be an economical collapse, and let’s say it was to even occur by April, the only way I think that that would happen would be a so-called terrorist attack, that would devastate. You know, I don’t think people understand what happened when the two World Trade Centers went down. It was so much more than just two buildings going down. The ripples from that effect financially, were still maybe 10% on the way to recovery just from that alone. If anything like that, even to a much smaller degree, were to occur, that would be it. Ian, what do you think?

IXL:       Well, I think that the sun has more to say about this than George Bush. I say, that the sun, which has been pumping more and more and more energy into our electromagnetic envelope, is more or less like a balloon that keeps getting pumped with more and more air. Eventually, that electromagnetic envelope is going to crush or explode under the pressures. We’ve all seen the evidence of more and more increase of geomagnetic activity, of geological activity, with volcanoes and earthquakes, and in the vastly changed environment, with the weather. This is going to exponentially increase.

MB:      Oh God, now you bring it up at the end of the show. Oh man.[laughs] Well, folks, how ‘bout that for a teaser? If that doesn’t call for a part two, I don’t know what does. Ian, we are there, matter of fact, we’re over time, but I do want to stretch this and give you the last 30 seconds here. As always, what would you like to leave with our audience?

IXL:       Okay. First of all, find your center. However you go about it, find your center. It is from there, that you are creating your own reality. Now yes, it is a co-creation. So there’s a lot of junk in your reality. But it is a co-creation. You can literally, and have, literally, been creating your own reality all along. What you need to do, is find your center, that may take some more information on your part, getting some more information to make it stable, but find your center, and start creating your own reality from there. That is, a reality that doesn’t depend on social or governmental systems. The very very beginning of this whole consciousness cycle started with Y2K. Y2K was not a disaster, it was a message. All the—

MB:      Ian, we’re going to have, we’re going to have to stop there. I’m flat out of time, I want to thank you so much for coming on the show again, and remind me, the next time I have you on, which will be in a very short period of time, that let’s start with the sun and go from there.

IXL:       Got it.

MB:      Thank you, take care, my friend.

IXL:       You’re welcome.