Mitch Battros interview with Ian Lungold


Earthchanges TV, October 7, 2003





MB: Let me get right to my guest. His name is Ian Lungold. Many many people are discovering who Ian is. He’s becoming very popular, as a leading researcher of the Mayas, especially the Mayan Calendar and our understanding of it. He has a gift of making it palatable, something that we can understand which I have always found very difficult, but Ian kind of helps move us along to best explain it, in how it affects us today. He’s also contributing author, artist, speaker, and the developer of the Mayan Calendar Conversion Codex. Ian are you there?


IXL: Yes I am!


MB: Welcome to the show, my friend, once again.


IXL: Hello, hello! I’m glad to be back.


MB: Yes, Ian you just returned from Denver Colorado, where you facilitated a workshop. How did that go?


IXL: It went very well.


MB: Excellent! What was the emphasis or what did you focus on most? What were some of the things you covered in your workshop?


IXL: Well, one the workshops was to go and meet with visionaries who are planning figures of the future based on Sacred Geometry. And they had me there to give some perspective on the timelines that all of this would be implemented.


MB: Ok now, Ian, one or two people might not know what Sacred Geometry is, and I’m not even sure if the Mayans,...actually, they do. It just dawned on me. They don’t call it Sacred Geometry, they have another name for it. They tend to lean towards describing it in the way of acupuncture points or energy points. Please, tells us about the sacred Geometry.


IXL: Well they do. It is Sacred Geometry, matter of fact there is a field of cosmic flow.


MB: I’m having....hold on just a second Ian I’m having trouble with reception. Is there anything on your end?

IXL: I’m’s this?


MB: Better!


IXL: ...and... how is that? [adjusting voice clarity]


MB: That is the best!


IXL: All rightie!


MB: Thank you!


IXL: Ok, now there is a field of cosmic flow within the pyramids, that has been discovered. And a central chamber or....


MB: Now, what pyramid are you speaking of?


IXL: The pyramids of.... all of the pyramids in the Yucatan.




IXL: All of the Mayan Pyramids.




IXL: And there was a presenter there who was very versed in that, and his first name was Alberto, his second name just flew out of my mind.


MB: Is he from Guatemala?


IXL: He’s from Central America.


MB: OK...


IXL: And so that was very interesting. But what this is about is gathering consciousness. Gathering the people who have for the last twenty years, felt themselves at the fringe. And gathering them together and providing clarity of how we will be living in the next few years, and it was quite dynamic.


MB: When they were giving their presentation Ian, did they still feel they are on the fringe? Were you able to share your experiences in how very slowly perhaps, but at least I feel and I see you in the same position Ian, that we are kind of creeping along away from the fringe, and I think we are getting right in there. What do you think?


IXL: Well, I think we are gathering centrifugal force out here on the fringe. That is what I think.




IXL: I think that people who have most of their attention on physical, on physical solutions and physical problems, those people are fairly close to the center of our civilization. They are attached to physical, and even their own personal worth is measured most by what stuff they have. These folks are fully supported by our system. And then, there are people who are less and less attached to the physical aspects of life, and they are more and more interested in what is beyond that. These people are more and more outdistanced from the center.


MB: Now Ian, do you mean that geographically, or emotionally, consciously, you know...


IXL: Consciously. Now, the emotional part gets stressed all in between, but your consciousness is not necessarily attached to only physical. Or we do not need to be looking to only physical. A lot of people’s consciousness is obsessed with what it is they have or what it is they may lose. The only thing you can’t lose is your consciousness. That will be with you everywhere. Probably even after death. So...something...when people feel that on the fringe, its because they are not looking at the certain things that most of society is looking at. Now this is a great benefit. People who are close to the center, are much more subject to gravity, And if there is anything that collapses in the center like a black hole, these people are going to be the first ones sucked up. On the other hand, outside on the fringe have something that called centrifugal force, which gives us more latitude, more kinds and types of solutions, even leaving the systems completely behind. Which is what we are going through; that is the process that is actually happening. That is the migration of consciousness.


MB: Interesting. Interesting analogy. I don’t think I’ve heard you put it this way before.


IXL: Thank you. And, there is so much that’s now starting to come through. It is just terribly exciting. I have so much to share with everyone, and right away, I want to apologize for the short amount of time that we will have this evening. But there is an upcoming event in Phoenix Arizona, at the Stone Pavilion, at the Phoenix Zoo. And we are going to be doing an all day event, on October 25th.


MB: October 25th folks, and Ian, is there a contact phone number or do you want to do it strictly by e-mail? How can they get more information?


IXL: The phone number is Danielle Parker’s phone number, and that is: (480) 363-8566


MB: One more time Ian.


IXL: (480) 363-8566.


MB: And folks, we will repeat this at the end of the show. This is the phone number to contact if you’re interested, and I would encourage you to do so, to go to this workshop I mean we really just scratched the surface here, nothing like spending several hours to really get into it.


IXL: Some of you have seen the tapes. And thank you very much for watching those tapes and thank you for buying those tapes, for watching those tapes and for copying the tapes and sending them free to all of your friends. I want to thank you very much for that. This information,  its absolutely imperative it gets out to everyone who is bearing consciousness right now. Anyone who has the slightest inclination needs to have more of an education of what is coming down, because it is coming down really, really fast.


MB: Yes it is! So fast, that its damn uncomfortable sometimes Ian. [Laughs]


IXL: Yes it is! And I can assure you it is going to get a little more uncomfortable.


MB: Oh thank you!


IXL…for everybody! And only the understanding that this is a process, and being able to confirm that its a predictable process by knowing the steps that are coming and seeing them come and pass. Only by doing that, will people keep a real good grip on what they have.


MB: All wet our appetite now, what are some of those steps?


IXL: Well, right now, as we have explained in the past. What we are talking about basically, everybody, is that we have found the schedule of creation...or the schedule of the evolution of consciousness within the Mayan calendar. And the last few years we’ve been detailing that. That is what I go and make presentations about, and that is what October 25th is about. It is of laying out all that we have discovered. Now, there are thirteen sections to each level of creation or consciousness that have come about. The last cycle that we are just coming to complete, is called the ‘Power Cycle‘. It is the planetary consciousness that is aimed at power.  At developing power available for all of consciousness to use. Now, the whole of that planetary consciousness, is a Unitarian Consciousness. That is, like sharpening a pencil. You get it to a finer, and finer,  and finer point, of power, concentrated. As we get closer to the end. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


MB: Not to me. And coming to a point of the sharpening of a pencil... give me one more analogy.


IXL: Then Bush baby, just about, the lead of the pencil.


MB: [laughter] that brings it home!


IXL: There ya go! You see, power, the whole world is being further and further concentrated to a finer and finer point. All of it going through one individual. And, its not a healthy situation, for everyone. But it is a natural one, and totally dictated by the Evolution of Consciousness. Now that is, the power structure, and the power cycle, that we have entered since January of 1999. A new consciousness dawned, and that was the consciousness of  Ethics. So both, the power is getting concentrated further and further, and through and through all of this is streaming, the Consciousness of Ethics. All of the trouble that you see out in the world, is where power is putting up resistance to ethics. And there is a big explosion, that will continue to go on. We are right now, in the Third Day of this Ethical Consciousness.


MB: Let me ask you something Ian, in a parallel analogy,


IXL: Yes.


MB…this idea of coming to a point, and this last word you used: “explosion”, to me, that sure seems to match what we’re seeing in geomagnetic or Earth sciences such as Earth Quakes, and, Volcanoes.


IXL: That is right! And, all the activity from the sun.


MB: Yes.


IXL: Comes to a power point, and is getting much more intense and concentrated


MB: Yes.


IXL: But on earth. What is happening here on earth, is that, during the Third Day of any one of these cycles, what happens is the truth comes slamming forth?  The absolute truth of your situation concerning your survival. And, we go over great detail about this during the presentation. So what we are seeing right now, is a torrent of truth. Not that you want to hear all of those truths, but the truth is pouring forth. In fact, people saying: “I’m only hearing lies...I’m only hearing lies.... ” The fact is you know that they’re lies...and that’s the truth.


MB: Yes.


IXL: The truth is coming out everywhere. Including about...well, it is going to...the story is a little late, but the truth is about why Arnold Schwartzenegger is being elected in California, is that he is in bed with, Enron.


MB: What! There is an Enron connection?


IXL: Oh God yes! Kenny Lay and he, had meetings in hotel rooms, two weeks ago.


MB: Did this come out in the Arizona News?


IXL: What is that?


MB: Where did you get this information?


IXL: Off, well, from the, Internet and from, Newspaper reports.


MB: Hmm….


IXL: Yes, well, it will prove out in a very short order. Because Bushemonte, and Davis, are currently in court, demanding that the 9 billion dollars was robbed off from Enron, by Enron, has repaid California. We will see whether California gets that money, when Arnold Schwartzenegger is in office. Won't we?


MB: [laughter] How far will this go Ian, I know where you're going with this, and its very uncomfortable for me to hear this, and in the sense of knowing what's unfolding. Again, I am.... I am slipping back into that powerlessness, of observing and not being able to do anything about it. Help me get some power here. Where is all this going?


IXL: The best thing you can do is understand that it’s going on. Its like a train wreck. You are not going to do any good standing on the tracks between the trains. You are not going to do any good riding on that power train. It is going to be better, to go have a pick-nick on the side of a hill and watch it happen.


MB: Oh my Gosh! Are you really suggesting, non-participation?


IXL: Absolutely! Not that you can get away from all of the effects, but there is no use resisting what everyone else around you in going to be resisting, or is oponing. Don't get yourself embroiled!


MB: Well, can't we find a happy medium here Ian, because you know so much of what I write about, of course my own internal affirmation, and that is what I suggest to so many people and that is the quote that you've seen so many times in my articles and that is "follow your truth, not mine or anyone else, and also speak your truth". So, how can we stay in our integrity, speak our truth, and be passive.... It may be that's a misquote on my part...the word passive.


IXL: Rather than be passive be preparing.


MB: OK...OK...OK


IXL: That is the task to do. Paying attention to the squabbles, is like paying attention to which is wrong, Democrat or Republican.


MB: Right.


IXL: Its not going to get solved. We have a lot of work to do, to get ourselves in a position to ride the rapid changes that are coming forward. Now during the Third Day in every cycle, the truth comes out. During the Third Night, which are periods of application, that is when the truth is applied. The last time that we were in the third night, was when we had the Civil War.


MB: Wow! That’s  a pretty dark picture.


IXL: Look around.


MB: [laughter] know we are not shooting and stabbing each least not overtly, but, yes, I can say that I don't believe I have ever witnessed Americans so polarized.


IXL: Oh that is exactly... now, I have told you that the planetary or power consciousness was a Unitarian Consciousness. The Ethical Consciousness, which is moving in now,


MB: Yes.


IXL: …is a Dualistic Consciousness.



IXL: So everything is going to be torn completely apart down the middle, for full investigation. Everything.


MB: How long does this period last?


IXL: Well, the Third Day is 360 days, and the Third Night is 360 days.


MB: Two years.


IXL: Basically, but its very important to understand that the Mayan Calendar is not measuring anything by years. Its measuring it by 360 day periods. And this is a complete shift of consciousness from obvious physical evidence measuring the procedure of our civilization, and looking at another force that is active within the whole universe which propels the conscious evolution. It is on a 360-day period. Very important to understand that.


MB: I am starting to get that picture, and again I want to bring an analogy, a parallel analogy, of the flipping of the poles. No not the voting polls folks, I'm talking about earth's poles, North and South, the magnetic poles flipping.... we’re talking about the solar poles flipping...which I had Dr Hindler on...which they have not done in their typical 11 and 22 year cycles. We found out very quickly that Dr Hindler and NASA and NASA I am going to quote that again and NASA I am talking about the top authorities at NASA, all agree now that they were wrong about cycle 23. It is not, I repeat it is not a typical 11 and 22 year cycle, they believe it to supersede that and I use my words in the interview live, I said "Dr Hindler, I can't believe I'm the one that's come up with these two words and that is: Mega Cycles. Do you agree that this could be a Mega Cycle?" He affirmed the idea Ian.


IXL: I got it! This is crunch time. Now, if you want to know when the poles are most likely to shift, is there anyone out there interested in that? According to everything we have been able to discover, according to all of the scientific evidence that we can present only the past 16-24 billion years, and the patterns of this cycle, June 7 1004, is the most likely day for those poles to shift.


MB: Put that down in your calendar folks!  June 7th. What kinds of things do you think will happen Ian, both with the human, cause I love the way you can size that up so well, but also the physical earth as well. What kinds of things do you expect to unfold between now and then?


IXL: Horrible weather! Horrible weather. Because of the Mega Cycle. And because of the general excitement of the consciousness and the increased vibration of everything, things are getting much more fluid in all ways, and change is accelerating more and more. We are having more and more wild weather. So, the weather is going to be bearing heavily on our personal lives, and of course the economy, and then the effectiveness of the government. It is going to be a dramatic change during these next few months.


MB: Ian, can I share a personal story that is really troubling me and I want to get your opinion on this? As much as.... As difficult a time as I'm having with this rapid change, I'm aware of it I have.... that puts me way ahead of it right off the bat...simply being aware of what's going on. Does not mean that it is still not challenging - it is...but this is what I am watching happen and it into her 70s... and... it breaks my heart to see her suffer... Things are not what they used to be.... Routine has changed...rhythm has changed... And I am thinking to myself: "how many people in the world could be really suffering, that simply don't understand. All they know is that there is too much change and they are just having trouble coping.


IXL: I live in the center of that because I have solutions. I have things that I can explain, that other people can take that information and go out and substantiate for themselves in any library, and on the internet, can go out and substantiate for themselves that this is absolutely true and that there is absolutely a pattern of creation that has been through many tough times in the past and has come forward shining and shining and shining through. We are going to shine through again, but only with the understanding.... Only...only by evolving will we continue.


MB: It brings a tear to my eye Ian that I wish I could talk to my mother like that, and that she would have even the slightest as semblance of what 'm speaking of, but I get that glazed look whenever I even try to approach this, and....I guess my journey is to let go and I'm just having a really hard time.... Any suggestions?


IXL: Honor.


MB: Did you say honor?


IXL: Honor. Honor her experience! Honor her, as the wellhead of all tradition, and genetics and everything else that brought you forward so that you can continue and evolve into the next generation. Honor that process.


MB: That is beautiful! I did not even think of that, you are absolutely right. You are...what do I owe you now a few thousand dollars by now [laughter] with the counseling you have given me live on the air. But you know I do this for a reason Ian because based on the emails and the interactions that I have, I know that thousands really hundreds of thousands of people are going through the exact thing or very similar thing that I'm going through and that's why I like to bring it up.


IXL: Well, that is why I want to call out to everyone who is listening tonight: if you can at all get yourself to Phoenix Arizona. We have 500 feet available, I think we have sold 100 tickets so far; we got room to put on this really nice event. And what is most important is that you go away from there, bearing this information to your own community.


MB: Yes.


IXL: Bearing this information so that you can help people get a grip.


MB: Folks... that is why I love having Ian on, because he brings it home for me. He personalizes it and I sure hope that's what’s coming through these microphones tonight...that it is personalizing it for you: it's not just the study of the Mayan calendar and the books you read with the Mayans. All that is extremely important...the message is there. But, I always wanted to know how do you apply it right here, right now. , and how does it affect me personally and that is what we are doing tonight, and that’s what Ian will be doing in his workshops.


IXL: If I can just mention the fourth day so the people are not left with a bad taste. OK




IXL: We go through the third day. That is over December 9. Then we go into the third night and the third night is over on December 3rd of 2004. OK? So, it goes from December 9, 2003 to December 3rd, 2004. Then we have the fourth day. Now in every fourth day, the incoming consciousness becomes the dominant consciousness. In other words, in this case, ethics will dominate over power.


MB: Do you promise?


IXL: The calendar promises. And then, I promise that those people who investigate this will find that out for themselves. It is enough for me.

MB: Yes of course. Ohhh boy! Folks, I guess it is really a journey about faith isn't it? ...To be aware, to be conscious, to do your part, find perseverance... perseverance...perseverance in what? I'm going to suggest perseverance in principles and I'm going to leave that up to each individual what your principles are, everybody follow your own truth, I have some principles and sometimes I call them spiritual laws and that's what governs me. How about you? Ian what do you think of that idea?


IXL: Ethics is what you are talking about.


MB: Ethics, there it is.


IXL: ...and integrity. I have a definition for Ethics.


MB: Yes.


IXL: And a definition for morals. Lets cover morals first so there is no confusion. Morals are a blanket solution thrown over spontaneous situations. That would be like a little Palestinian boy meeting a Jewish boy in a playground, could not play together. A spontaneous situation with a blanket solution thrown over it.


MB: OK...


IXL: ...I mean morals is our justification for being there in Iraq.


MB: Yes.


IXL: ...and conquering those godless heathens...


MB: [laughter] right!


IXL:..…And besides, they are standing on our oil...


MB: Yeah. [laughter] that is right! [laughter] the nerve of those people....


IXL: We are totally, morally, justified to be there. Now, Ethics.... Ethics is spontaneous solution to spontaneous situations. In other words, it comes straight from the heart. There is no figure, figure, preamble, or what am I getting out of this. All those are moral judgments. This is just doing the right thing.

MB: Wow! (Sigh) well, doing the right thing now you know you get anybody from any opposing points any different points...they would tell you they feel they are doing the right thing.


IXL: Well, if they have to justify what they are doing...


MB: Yes.


IXL: ...a belief or a tradition, or some kind of a law, then they are already off base. If there is no reason to have to justify anything, they have committed an ethical act.


MB: My Gosh! Ian do you realize what it takes...the person you are describing.... The word humility comes to mind. Do you know how difficult! Well that is the negative connotation of just how difficult humility can be, but let me put a positive slant on it. The most powerful people I have ever met in my life, are the most humble. I', almost sometimes intimidated by them they are so powerful inside, because of their humility. Maswell called know folks Masswells hierarchy of needs, and he puts on top of his pyramid something called self actualization. That is a person that knows who they are, and where they are going. They need very little external stimulus or direction. They have a sense of knowingness. And they can be the most humble people in the world. They can be extremely powerful people without saying a word. Ian, your thoughts?


IXL: You want to survive? The meek shall inherit the earth!


MB: Wow! I think I have heard that somewhere before....


IXL: yah!


MB: That is not in the Mayan Calendar is it?




MB: they probably put it a different way but something similar.


IXL: I'm telling you, know...what I'm telling you is that those people who will hold on to power and the basic power is the ability to control. Those people who need to have that as part of their consciousness are going to go as extinct as the  Tyrannosaurus Rex.


MB: Yes.


IXL: And all those people who can divest themselves of those ego games of that 'I have to be better than you... People get rid of will be just fine. And all of creation is going to force that into a curve whether you want it to or not. Are you ready? Are you ready for the systems that you are so dependant upon to totally fail?


MB: Oh my Gosh! You know its...I don't know what to tell you Ian, I guess part of me wants to say yes, the other part of me is the frightened little kid know... instead of jumping in the pool I'm tippy towing in.


IXL: We have a real situation here. I mean it has got a really happy ending...


MB: Yes.


IXL: But, if you are attached to this power system of dependent upon it, you are TOAST! and just hearing that. Its ok if you don't believe it, just hearing that now, in another two months you will know. It will start to dawn on you. That you have been lied to from birth about most everything.


MB: I cannot disagree with that in any way.


IXL: You know what A M E R I C A means?


MB: No.


IXL: 'A'. One of the definitions of  'A' is 'not' like asymmetrical right?


MB: Yes.


IXL: Asymmetrical is not symmetrical. ’meri’ means ‘no mercy‘. 'ca' means 'sheep'. So, the word ‘America’ means ’no Mercy to the Sheep’ anybody got a baaaaa out there?


MB: [laughter] Wow! Ian, you are really fired up tonight! Something got a hold of you, its like toggle switch went off, and you say: look folks, it has been fun. I have enjoyed all this chitchat but its time to roll up our sleeves and get ready.


IXL: well, that is what this event in October is all about.  The 25th, we are going to bring the house down. With facts, figures, reports, graphics, come on...we are ready to show you.


MB: Wow! Fascinating! You know what going to help you along the way are the earth changing events that happening unfolding right along side of you and I suppose that is no coincidence is it.


IXL: Of course not! We are talking about these things that have already transpired a year ago.


MB: Yes.


IXL: there is mistake. I mean this 16 billion years string of coincidence might as well go on being coincidence huh?


MB: Right.


IXL: Yeah [laughter] so...

MB: Ian, maybe this is a good time, if you think so if not lets go with your rhythm, and that is this thing that is occurring on November 7 or eighth or whatever...


IXL: Oh yeah!


MB: Tell us what it is and what does it mean.


IXL: It is the Harmonic Concordance. The Harmonic Concordance is an aberration or an alignment actually of the planets into a perfect Star of David, and this is all over the Internet. ...And if you just put in 'Concordance' you'll come up with the web page and links that will give you more about it.


MB: Now is this an extenuation? I remember in 1987 I was dancing naked in the field with all my hippy friends at the Sufi Retreat at the Manzano Mountains. That was.... Lets see...probably August of 1987, the Harmonic Convergence. Is this another stage of that?


IXL: well, yah this time we will be naked and much closer together.


MB: [laughter] I am not sure what that means [laughter] ok.... gee folks take it from there and I am not going to touch that one....


IXL: OK, what is actually happening here, is that the...alignment is a portal. Its not a door though, its not a door to walk through...its a window. It is a window that people can view new consciousness through. Or if you have the inclination, you can open this window and have a fresh breeze of consciousness waved over you. Now as far as any message to open that window...yours is the only one that will work.


MB: ...and when you say that you are speaking to each individual.


IXL: Each individual out there listening. Your own decision, your own intent to open that window and receive is all that is necessary.


MB: Folks I want to let you in on little something that I haven’t mentioned...I called Ian almost immediately. I think it was that night or the next day after my interview with Dr Ernest Hildner and one of the questions I asked him in our interview, and I approached it very carefully, was that of how NASA and NOAA sort of government researchers accepted ancient text ancient prophecy and so forth. To my surprise, Ernest said that him and colleagues do in fact monitor such events, especially any astrological readings that monitoring the sun, Egypt, speaking of RAH, the Mayan Calendar, the Aztec Calendar in particular, and he did stop short of a correlation today in this moment between what ancient text says and what scientists say. Now, I am comfortable, I am ready to take that leap and probably have done so. They are a little more reserved but they do acknowledge that they do monitor this stuff. In other words, folks they are listening and watching more that we think they were. Ian?


IXL: Yes.


MB: Scientifically.


IXL: I am impressed that they are being swept along with this wave of consciousness.


MB: Yes, that’s…


IXL: I am impressed! I mean first of all these guys put themselves out as pioneers.


MB: Yes.


IXL: And in science and ...radical They would be some of the first. See, they are on the fringe too...that is why you bump into them all the time.


MB: You know...I never thought of it that way but you are absolutely right.


IXL: [laughter]


MB: Yup! That is true!


IXL: see some of these guys are some of the first that actually get this enhanced, upgraded information that comes through. We are just a little bit further out than they that is all.


MB: I do not even know if I would say that I just say it is different.


IXL: yah, well, we were getting it first?


MB: [laughter] OK...


IXL: [laughter]


MB: All right I am on the edge of my seat Ian, I have a feeling there is a lot of folks out there the same way, tying in this Harmonic Concordance.


IXL: Yes


MB: Lets clarify something. I know there was a bit of controversy. I have had Jose Arguelas on the show a few times, I do like him and I have certainly enjoyed what he had to say.


IXL:  I firmly respect his work and what he did. Yes!


MB: yes, and some of the discord was coming from the actuality of the harmonic convergence being related to Mayan calendar. Is there controversy with this also or do is there controversy with this one also or do you believe that in fact, at least in your research, that the Mayans have in some way.... Spoke of this?




MB: No, OK


IXL: I think it doesn't matter one twit. The Mayan Calendar has never been measuring anything physical. It is only been measuring the rate of flow and the intent of creation itself. In other words, prime cause.


MB: Yes.


IXL: All of the secondary effects which are the creation of sound, light, planetary bodies, stars, all that, all that's secondary.


MB: Yes.


IXL: That is more of a loose kind of a floppy pattern.


MB: Yes.


IXL: It is not a precise one.


MB: Yes


IXL: in fact, when consciousness sends an intent into creation, it sends it on a precise day. When it occurs physically its not precise. I mentioned this about pregnancy.


MB: Yes.


IXL: Pregnancy is a natural cycle; they are not all identical.


MB: that is true


IXL: and so the same thing with all processes in creation. There is an insemination point


MB: Yes


IXL: ...and that actually comes about as a natural cycle.


MB: That is true.


IXL: All these alignments are part of natural cycle unfolding within physicality. They have nothing to do with the actual timing of the Mayan Calendar.


MB: OK...OK...fair enough. So...what do you expect...I mean...I did feel something.... But I had been fasting for 3 days...I was up in the Sufi retreat know...4 to 6 months that I stayed there, know I was on a spiritual high to begin with, so to me...that particular night was absolutely magical.... And the days in and around it.


IXL: yeah and those little blue aspirins didn't hurt either...[laughter]


MB: no, no....that was another time [laughter] this was truly...all in a real spiritual way...Is it something that a person would feel, experience in and around this date?


IXL: oh, I believe so. Just as much as if you have looked out the window, you would notice a new point of view. If you open the window, you will feel a breeze. Now, I am trying to put out in a kind of parable I guess. The physical, a physical recognition that is going to be a spiritual one. It is going to be a consciousness experience, to the degree that you participate. If you don't look out the window, you are not going to see what's out there.


MB: Yes


IXL: and the vast majority of the public are never going to look.


MB: Right.


IXL: So, it’s going to be a select few who actually take time to actually do whatever it is that... I mean just noticed the time...




IXL: And looked out the window.


MB: Right.


IXL: You actually do some sort of a meditation, or pick up your favorite crystals, or whatever it is you are going to do. If you do that, with the intent of opening the window, you are going to get more of the experience. Just real simple. Now this is just an opportunity, to get another point of view, that will help in the transitions that we are coming up on. Now, June 7 on the other hand is a whole another situation.  June 7th is the midnight of the third night, of this titanic battle here between Ethics and power. We are going to see absolutely astounding events.


MB: Ah, that, that is not going to be that assassination of Bush is it?


IXL: Oh…[sigh] I don’t think they really want to get rid of that willing puppet.


MB: No, no, and I mean this kind of seriously folks...I don't mean that in a half hearted way, I'm saying that there has been predictions about this even before he was nominated, and many people, Nostradamus based and other psychic type people, related to his chart, the timing of the presidency that many people truly believe that that Bush will never really walk out of office.


IXL: That's probably right, but what is going to happen here, that you know, there High Noon is when the sun is the highest in the sky, and then it goes back down. And Midnight is the darkest of the night, and you go out the other side. June 7th is Midnight of the Third Night. So, according to the schedule, this is a very intense period. June 8th, the very next day, that is after we have hit bottom and bounced, the very next day, is the Venus Passage.


MB: And what does that mean?


IXL: Well, everybody out there think of what ever you know about Venus: Beauty, Grace, Honoring, Integrity, openness of heart, purity, clarity...all of those things, are usually, or our experience of that energy, is usually, vague reflection. In other words, the sun shines out towards Venus in her orbit, and then that little bit of her energy, comes toward us by reflection.


MB: All right folks.


IXL: A little dot.


MB: What on earth could happen that would have such a climax in one day, and let's even say it was weeks maybe even months in a build up and we all experienced it in its buildup, and then it climaxed in one night, and then to have such a relief the next day? What on earth could that be? I was thinking well, quake, major disaster, but no would be something like Jesus coming down on a cloud, I mean my gosh what could it be that would have that much of an area that...


IXL: Listen to you a little bit.


MB: What?


IXL: Venus, according to the Maya, is Quetzacoatl. Quetzacoatl is the reincarnation of Christ in Central America. So, June 8, Venus passes between earth and the sun. And so, every bit of Venus's energy is blasted at us by the sun.


MB: Oh my God Ian, do you know what you just described? You just described the Third Letter of Fatima.


IXL: (momentarily silent)


MB: Ian are you there?


IXL: I'm here, yeah.


MB: Folks, the Third Letter of Fatima, speaks of such revelation and if you remember when the miracle occurred in Portugal, the sun in a twinkling of an eye, the world stood still. In other words, a miracle occurred. And the Third Letter of Fatima, talks about the warning and then the miracle to come after. And a miracle that everyone on earth would notice. I mean something of that magnitude. What do you think? I'm just coming up with ideas of what could...


IXL: I think that the Poles are going to shift on June 7. And because of that, consciousness is going to have a decision to make. That is each one of you listening, and each one of you not listening, is going to have a decision to make. Now, there is going to be a lot of physical problems to be dealing with about June 7. A whole bunch. It would be easy, very easy, to keep your attention on just your own welfare. Physical welfare. On the other hand, there is an event happening, which is not at all physical. Which one are you going to pay attention to? To all of your problems, or to phasing of enlightenment.


MB: Wow!


IXL: Someone else that I’ve heard about, had to make such a decision. And he made it on the Cross. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do".


MB: And folks, that is where we are going to have to end it. If that does not wet your appetite for another interview, nothing will. I know I am sitting literally, sitting at the edge of my chair. Ian Lungold will have a workshop in October, Saturday October 25, in Phoenix Arizona. Ian could you give that phone number please, contact phone number for those that are interested.


IXL: Yes; Danielle Parker


MB: That's the person’s name.


IXL: (480) 363-8566


MB: One more time Ian and we got to run.


IXL: (480)363-8566


MB: OK My friend, that's it, were out of time, I will get this interview over to you as soon as I can Ian so you can put it up on your site. Folks we are going to have this on our archives, so you can listen to it, and hopefully many time times as we just watch this unfold and unravel day by day.


IXL: Please come for more details to bring back to your own Communities.


MB: You got it! Thank you Ian.


IXL: Thank you.


MB: Take care. Ian Lungold folks. Another one to put in the history books. Very powerful!