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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

March 2013

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Are you sitting in 'Park'  or are you in 'Drive'?

“Observe the Wonders as They Occur Around You. Don't Claim them.
Feel the Artistry Through,  and Be Silent.”


1What ever you choose is what will appear.  Maybe you have narcolepsy,  Anyone there to wake you up?  Sure hope so. Remember, the mind is
is a dangerous place,  don't go there alone.

28th February 2013
“Traveling through time & space, all is
recreated from memories gone by.
Filtering it all through fine linen,
Colors cascading from the heavens.

Who am I? This familiar face. 
Awe, I remember now. I am You, You are Me.
We are One. What a fine mess you've
gotten me into this time Ollie.

Side steppin' into the next chapter
this one is Kind & Gentle.
Being cradled in Gods Arms.                                         
Relaxing every fiber of my being.

We've agreed upon this experience
You and I.  Our very own creation
Everything, every experience is
acknowledged, digested, carried with love.” mw

Who would be the most dangerous species walking this planet?  Humans who believe everything they say to another, almost everything they hear from others, then spew  out as if it were universal truth.

I was thinking about how easily we speak about unconditional love as if we had no judgments, criticism, objections to how another speaks.  In this 3D world,  I see us as a machine that uses words as if they will be heard by others, thinking what I am saying are pearls, with unconditional consciousness of love.  Not so, not from where I look.

This 3D world has gifted us the understanding that where we are, who we are, what we desire for ourselves and others is unconditional Love.  With our light continuing to brighten, hearts opening wider, allowing energies in that we hadn't allowed in the past.  In this evolution into the 4th  5th D, the experience of Unconditional Love will reside within our
BE ingness,   certain words that are used in this 3D world won't have a place in our  'knowing' of who we are, who are family is.  Why,  Should, Hate, War, Anger, Frustration, Jealousy, Revenge.  The list goes on.

The generations that following won't be exposed to these words, beautiful thing for sure.   Now is the time to asses all words that come from the self. 

Personally I'm taking on my language to support myself and those who are listening.  I'm either empowering myself and others, or not.  The words I use are powerful, how do I want to leave those who are listening!  Feel good stuff. That's what.

 "The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable"




Separation is unnatural and uncomfortable
nothing is what it seems,  everything is in the perfection of Being.





Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve...You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.

- Martin Luther King, Jr. -

My life is all about being of service.  Melanie and I have a 'service' called;
Goddesses to the Rescue.  You might be asking, what do I do.
Goddesses to the Rescue provides a service, what you would like, want to have done,
yet, you don't physically want to do it.  Clearing out your home, office, garage, having
a 'sale' unloading 'stuff'. 

At the moment we're assisting a women that has completed her 81st  revolution around
the sun.  She has cancer, her desire is to have her 'stuff' removed, and physically move
to California where her son lives.  This process will take about 10 days, she has a lot of
stuff.  This is a 'Treasures'  sale,  not a yard/garage or estate sale.

In the event there's anyone who would want to create Goddesses to the Rescue in your
area,  that would be fantastic,  and If you do, please let me know, lets make this global.
Being of service is what fills me, lightens my heart, gives me purpose.


Comfort in Patterns

1Have you noticed that what ever part of the country you're in, every walmart, all the big named stores, the grocery stores that are nation wide have the same configuration?  When you walk in, there's a recognition, comfort, this is intentional, they want to make sure that ones you're in the store, you stay and shop. Buy more stuff that isn't needed.

 In the event each had it's own uniqueness, you might walk out, being, you hadn't found your comfort zone.

I don't shop at these stores, over 92% of every thing in these stores comes from China. They've driven out all the small  'mom & pop' shops, saddens me.

Then we have all the fast foodies, wow, the insanity continues, do people really believe they're eating real food?  OMG.  Keep packin on the pounds, waddle your way into mac d's . . . have a double, double, with a large fry, and a diet coke.  WHO ARE YOU  KIDDING? Then you feed this unfood to your children, what are you doing?  Slow kill. Then wash it all down with a milk shake.  Right!..............

At the movies,  I've asked what it is they call butter?  They don't know, and if they did, they wouldn't tell me.  Msg,  taste good, yum.  Poison, slooow death.

All the fast foodies are laden with msg.  entices you to want more, give me more, I'm still hungry.

You know the difference when you eat 'real' food, how your body feels, content, eating from these fast foodies places, you leave unsatisfied.  A quick fix. Bad drugs.

Those of us who have awakened to the reality that being lead by the dark cabal (news media), the Illuminati (government) no longer has a hold/grip on the intense light that we're projection out into the universe. We're gathering those who are awake, creating villages  of like minded people, our souls have and continue to connect.  Hearts open, words spoken come for my heart. Surrendering to the highest order from Source.  

We've been lead like sheep to slaughter, 'they've'  been on a trajectory for thousands of years. The beauty of our 'now' time, we've removed the sheep skin, standing on our own two feet. I've had visions of WW II,  people standing around waiting to be tortured, beaten, gassed.  Sure they had guns, yet, the people out numbered the 'guns'. 

This insanity  is coming to a halt, I haven't had a TV in years, don't read the newspaper, I get my info from Mayan Majix,  it's been an amazing journey, recognition, seeing what had been brought to our awareness where we've allowed situations to take precedence over our God given right to 'choose' where, how, we want to live.

They dictate what color we can paint our home, they tell us how we can live, how many children we can have, who can marry whom.  Insane,  no wonder people end their lives, they can't handle the insanity.  I know I'm blessed, I follow what my heart tells me, not my mind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This  emotional state I'm experiencing is the most unique ever ,  five house in Pieces, water everywhere,  I'm Fire, feeling  Mother Earth, Granpa Sun, Grandmother Moon, the sun spots, Mama shifting, sometimes I feel as though she were squirming.  In the event I weren't aware of these shifts, I can see where this could take me, emotions flying in all directions. We're not to take anything  personally.  Then the ultimate solution when you allow your mind to take hold, oops, suicide.  Nothing is personal,  nothing anyone says, does, projects, none of it.

Let everything roll off your back, water off the ducks back.  Holding onto anything at this time is gravity you had been looking at, wondering how to 'dump' it.   No thoughts needed, remove it all, everything that doesn't support  you   'right now'  make room for more light.  

The other night, before dark, I stepped outside, then, I was on the ground, I hit a metal  chair under my right arm.  Looking at what this was about, I had gotten real clear.  I'm moving to Los Angeles, this is where my children are.  This June will be 14 years I've been in Arizona. My body feels really different,    this is  about  completing my 70th revolution around the sun.

This was a gentle tap, when I woke this day,  I heard,  September,  ok, this is my departure time.
I picked a card from “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms.”  The Resting Tree, patience, stillness;
“The Resting Tree is a sign for me to stop focusing and planning and be at peace in the moment.  This is the representative of nonaction and relaxation.  Patience is the key to being with this Ally.

The Resting Tree asks me to slow down, sit back and watch the rose bloom and the birds feed in the meadow.  This isn't the time to forge ahead in any way.  I may not be taking enough breaks, so I'm invited to be still and contemplate my good fortune, even if it means blessing the chaos in my life.  This is a sign to allow everything to fall away except the stillness of the moment;  it's like living within the space between breaths.

When the Resting Tree appears, it signals that  I've done all I  can for now and it's time to unwind and allow my story to unfold of its own accord.  I've earned the right to rest and relax.  Amazing ideas will come if I do. Remember the ancient saying; “we do without doing and everything gets done.”

I love these cards.  Before drawing it, I spoke with Ian, “Ian, please share with me your thoughts.”
this card is perfect,  the perfect answer given to the questions I asked.  Thank you Ian.

Be kind to you, take baby steps. Enjoy each movement made.  Laugh often, sing, play.  Bring lightness into everything you do, everywhere you go, with everyone you're with.  Step into every moment with a song in your heart. 

Mantra for the day;   God loves you, pass it on.

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