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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

January 2013

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In this present moment,  all is in divine perfection

James Madison, the fourth president, 
known as 'The Father of Our Constitution' 
made the following statement:

'We have staked the whole of all our political institutions 
upon the capacity of mankind for Self-government, 
upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, 
to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to
The Ten Commandments of God.'


I've asked myself,  'how attached am I to my thoughts?'

  At times the thoughts that appear seem as though they could take me down a dark tunnel where no light appears, no sounds, no other human connection.  In recognizing that I've gotten myself there, I can and do remove myself from the center of; (what I will call a confused state of being) only  when I'm aware that I've 'walked' into the darkness, the  illusion, the untruth where I've hidden God from my present state of love, then and only then can I rise out of this insanity, facing Granpa Sun, feeling his love/warmth energy beaming onto my entire 'soul'.

Where would I be going? How would I get there? Who will be with me on this journey?  What would it take to get out of here?  No matter where I go, here I am. 

There seems to be a continuous berage of questions, where do most people look to get their questions answered?  How would one know if the question fits in or not.   I know when my question is answered when the 'feeling' in my body remains stable.  Centered.  With truth comes stability, falsehood, my chest feels as though someone or something is sitting on my chest, at times I cant breath.

“Educating the mind without the heart is not education at all”  Aristotle

Looking back, witnessing the education system from my era, knowing that the 'history' I was being taught was bogus, I payed little attention in class, consequently I received the grand that represented my lack of interest. I would be sad about getting a 'poor'  grade, mainly for my father, I wanted him to be proud of me, (he was always proud of me)  in my today's reality, knowledge, I'm very interested in history, the truth of what, where and how people were, how they felt in their world hundreds of years ago.

My life was/is about the 'truth',  not some cockeyed persons view, some made up, misconceived belief of what they wanted others to believe.

This life is all about discovery, discovering 'my' truth, what feels right, what resonates deeply, where my heart sings knowing that this is what I've thought about, now I have confirmation that what I had believed resonates within my entire being. 

Albert Einstein;  “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”



Love is the bridge between you and everything else.


When you live in a city with no stars to wish on, you have to wish on each other.

- Francesca Lia Block -


The Unknown; but not hidden.'s photo

1  A New Happier You!


The greatest goal you can set for this year is to make peace with your life, no matter what your circumstances. These ten powerful insights from Eckhart Tolle will get you started.

Don't seek happiness. If you seek it you won't find it, because seeking is the antithesis of happiness. Happiness is ever elusive, but freedom from unhappiness is attainable now, by facing what is rather than making up stories about it.

2. The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Be aware of the thought you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral, which is always is as it is. There is the situation or the fact, and here are my thoughts about it. Instead of making up stories, stay with the facts. For example, "I am ruined" is a story. It limits you and prevents you from taking effective action. "I have 50 cents left in my bank account" is a fact. Facing facts is always empowering.

3.  See if you can catch the voice in your head, perhaps in the very moment it complains about something, and recognize it for what it is: the voice of the ego, no more than a thought. Whenever you notice that voice, you will also realize that you are not the voice, but the one who is aware of it. In fact, you are the awareness that is aware of the voice. In the background, there is the awareness. In the foreground, there is the voice, the thinker. In this way you are becoming free of the ego, free of the unobserved mind.

4.  Wherever you look, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence for the reality of time - a rotting apple, your face in the bathroom mirror compared with your face in a photo taken 30 years ago - yet you never find any direct evidence, you never experience time itself. You only ever experience the present moment.

5.  Why do anxiety, stress, or negativity arise? Because you turned away from the present moment. Any why did you do that? You thought something else was more important. One small error, one misperception, creates a world of suffering.

6.  People believe themselves to be dependent on what happens for their happiness. They don't realize that what happens is the most unstable thing in the universe. It changes constantly. They look upon the present moment as either marred by something that has happened and shouldn't have or as deficient because of something that has not happened but should have. And so they miss the deeper perfection that is inherent in life itself, a perfection that lies beyond what is happening. Accept the present moment and find the perfection that is untouched by time.

7.  The more shared past there is in a relationship, the more present you need to be; otherwise, you will be forced to relieve the past again and again.

8.  Equating the physical body with "I," the body that is destined to grow old, wither, and die, always leads to suffering. To refrain from identifying with the body doesn't mean that you no longer care for it. If it is strong, beautiful, or vigorous, you can appreciate those attributes - while they last. You can also improve the body's condition through nutrition and exercise. If you don't equate the body with who you are, when beauty fades, vigor diminishes, or the body becomes incapacitated, this will not affect your sense of worth or identity in any way. In fact, as the body begins to weaken, the light of consciousness can shine more easily.

9.  You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge.

10.  If peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace.

Excerpted from Oneness With All Life, by Eckhart Tolle.  Published with arrangement with Dutton, a member of Penguin Group Inc. Copyright ú 2008 by Eckhart Tolle.




This is the no B.S. free zone.

At this time, each of us must take total responsibly for our lives, the choices we've made way before we incarnated into 'human' form. Decisions were made and agreed upon.  The moment we emerged from Mother's womb, taking our first breath onto this magnificent Mother Earth, everything we had known vanished, amnesia.

In the 5th, 8th resonates of consciousness  our complete 12 strands of DNA had been in tack, as we entered onto this 3rd D. Ten of our stands had remained dormant, until now.

So many of us have awakened to our original 'blue print', meaning, we've 'woken' up these strands that hadn't been aware of our god-self. Our consciousness/soul/love is prominent, allowing all energy to emerge from the dark caverns into the light of love.

We are converging from separation, disconnectedness, me, and mine, to;  knowing our hearts are connected, we are one. Sound waves that once might have come through as  static  rather then a clear channel has vanished. Being conscious of every word that is spoken, every sound that is omitted out into the universe. The technology of this era continues to segue-way our awareness. From the early radio, to black and white  TV that when a 'bulb' blew, all you had to do was replace the blub. Amazing how quickly we've come to where we are now.

“Information, when combined with experience, becomes knowledge.  When this knowledge becomes the frequency upon which we base our thoughts, words and deeds, then we are entering the resonance called wisdom.”
Michael Brown,  The Presence Process.

How many revolutions around the Sun will it take for the entire world to wake to this memory?  Does it matter? No!  What matters is; what are you holding in your heart? How do you go about your day? How do you speak with others? If you answered;'everything comes from my heart, filled with love.'  then you know you are riding on the wave of love/light energy. You shine your light where ever you are.

Speaking about the BS zone, the age of analyzing something to the point where what ever it is, gets chewed up, spit out, then nothing happens. Being spontaneous, taking that plunge, the reasoning mind wants very much to stay in control. Has this served you? Has it ever served you?  Look to see when the happiness  you felt was so powerful,  you knew you could move that mountain with your conscious thought.

We've been slaves long enough, now that we know we had given our power away, the effect from that knowledge has brought us to our sovereignty. How magical is this? Fantastic. We had participated in the system because we had been handed, from our ancestors how they were given the same mis-information. We work to give our money away, (taxes)  they take our land, our homes with no regard for the 'people'.  They tell us there taking care of us,  more  BS.   We've upgraded our operating system. Take heed, pay attention to the small voice that I know you've heard, and sometimes listened to, while other times you ignored. Remember a time when you ignored that voice. I do. 

 My body was in pain, going to see my chiropractor, when he was complete with working on me, he said, “Go home.”   I knew I 'should' go home, yet, I over ruled the voice, my daughter asked me to pick up some lens cleaner for her contacts, I said I would. I was in a parking lot, going about 5 mph. Looking for a place to park. I missed the brake, hit the gas, ran right into a brand new car. While feeling tears running down my cheek, asking, “what will it take for me to listen all the time?” The man came over to me, seeing me sitting there with tears running down, I said; “The last thing I wanted to do was hit your car.” He put his hand gently  on my shoulder, said in a quiet, gentle voice, “Go home, this is a rental.” God works in mysterious ways, he is an angel in human form. (this was 20yrs ago)

 I'm clearer now then ever, I listen closely, pay attention. There are still times, (in this 3D world) that my human mind runs over me, feeling as though I had been hit by a Mac truck. When I witness this, there are two choices;
(1) choose to be the witness of the emotions, knowing I'm not my body. Then change the channel.
(2) Ignore the situation, thinking it to death, wanting IT to go away, wondering why  my body is falling apart.

Everything, every moment from the time before time,  we~have~chosen.  There isn't anything in our entire lives we hadn't chosen. 90% maybe more had been unconscious thoughts/actions.

We have the know how to recreate our reality,as we come together as a collective consciousness, we are rebuilding our world as this blank slate is set before us to recognize. Pick up your pencil, gather all your relations, now is the time, now is our moment to shine our magnificent light onto Mother Earth and beyond.

Vibrating at the level that 'feels' right for you, each of us lives out of our own emotional field. Emotions are unique in our galaxy,  other dimensions, other Beings from far away planets might not know what 'emotions' are, they might know or heard the word 'emotion', being emotion is something 'felt' in the body. It's possible that there are few if any other planets that rests on an emotional plan.  Emotions connect us to our Spiritual Body.

There are emotions that you may have been carrying around since childhood, emotions that came from mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher, someone said something to you, you took those words in, you made it 'mean';  I'm not good enough, if he loved me he wouldn't have left me, I'm not loveable.  Sound familiar? Your entire life is built around this, every action you take is built around; I'm not good enough.



Your  job, if you choose to accept, is to remove, reset, recreate your 'hard' drive, high-lite and delete any and all words, memories, stories that no longer serve you.

Replace this space with brilliant golden light. Feel the love, feel how it amplifies when you surrender to Source. When you know/feel and acknowledge your God self, you know for sure that you are being gifted these moments from God.

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on.

- Oscar Wilde -


Each form of created life is energy manifesting in matter, ever=changing, ever-flowing into something always capable of more expression, more unfoldment, more revelation of spirit world potential,  The true human is designed to aid the development all life forms, drawing out their ever-expanding capacities to provide always fuller revelations of that which lies in the heart of God.
Ken Carey,  Return of the Bird Tribes



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