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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

December 2011

So what part of 'life' do you understand?

Happy is a way of being. . .


written by

Eric C Wyndham


At this stage in my life, I have no agenda, no goals, as it were.

I am not interested in furthering my institutional education.

I am still trying to unlearn the litany of misinformation gained

heretofore in our state controlled and certified schools.

I am not striving for a better career. Even though money plays

a part in this existence, it does not rule my life.

I may want much, but my “needsare simple. And my wants,

thank God, are ever changing.

I am not hormonally driven to seek out and conquer sexual experience.

Although I am not celibate, I reserve intimate relationships for

tender, loving romance, not impersonal sex. I have also come to

recognize meaningful conversation with time spent

together in harmony, as spiritual foreplay to true intimacy.

I no longer seek God for I have seen Her face and this face is reflected

in my eyes. I have discovered the purpose of my life both physically and

spiritually. This purpose is to joyfully express life and assuredly "
claim my own divinity in every breath I take. I realize when one see's me,

they see that which sent me.

I am not trying to get to “Heaven” for as Jesus said, “Heaven is with you”.

I have long ago accepted this and live accordingly.

But if I had to state a goal, it would be easy, My goal is to out Love everyone!

Please don't misunderstand. It is not for noble cause I love, rather for pure

selfishness. For as I receive and transmit our Creators gift of Love, I get to keep

the original copy. I get to “feel” the pleasure and privilege of Loving.

Can you imagine? Love, manifested in form, projecting Love to itself for it's

own joy and pleasure?

I do.............

I do, I do, I do.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


(The Act or Process of Dissolving)

I wrote this 14th Dec. 1999

so you think because I'm in this big body I have answers?

You might think because I've been on the planet for all these years

I should know better.

How would you respond to me if I were just six or five years old?

Would you get angry at me?

Would you want me to automatically know everything?

I know that's not true.

Wouldn't you want to teach me what you know.

How many times would you allow the process to go on?

Would it matter?

Being six or five, I know you would be kind to me.

You would find the patience to teach me what I don't know.

You would be gracious and patent.

If you were teaching me how to ride a bike, would you give

up on me after the first time I fell?

You would be excited to see my progress.

So why do you get so angry with me now???

I want to learn and I want to learn from you

yet when you think that I should know what you know

and I don't get it right away, you loose your patience

I'm asking you to take a deep breath, find a way to give me

that space you give to that six or five year old.

I want to please you, I know you want to please me.

How can we find the harmony?

Can we find the trust? I know that I trust you to teach me.

Can I trust you to be kind?

Please find the inner child within yourself so that you

can understand that we're here to guide one another

we've come to a place where we have so much fear

that the safety of allowing someone into our lives could be too


I want total trust, to feel





Will you give me the space to learn, will you listen so that

when I speak I'm not afraid?

Listen the way you would listen to my six or five year old.

I'm exploring the world from my open heart.

Open yours, join me.

Know that we are all children

know that we are all one. God said, love everyone as though thy were thy self.

Give everyone the grace you want in return.

Smile to your friends, hold hands when you cross the street.

We've learned all these lessons on how to be nice

did we loose them in the sandbox?

how did we get to this place? This place where we find

that being critical served anyone?

We get to choose.


or discomfort

peace and blessings to all, I send you a rainbow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I haven't written in a while

seems as though being in the 'moment'
there isn't much to say.

One of my dreams were fufilled,
the dream had been to have a radio show.
'Conscious Planet Radio'
gave me the opportunity to share my voice.
I am grateful

Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

Louid Schwartzberg presents a visual, as well as spoken word in grasping
life from the perspective of a new born baby.

The innocents, the magestic beauty in every breath.
We have eyes to see, ears to hear, breath to live by.

We've come a long way to get 'here'. . .
you've earned love, you've earned respect,
being filled with gratitude, allowing each new day to be that,
a 'new' day. Everything that had been is left where it rests.
Today, the beginning, at the end of the day when you lie
your head on your pillow, breathing in the memory of 'this'
day, knowing this day is the best day of your life.

Each day is the best day of your life.
There cannot be any other.

Please listen to my latest radio show.

Click here to Listen

In the event you have questions, write to me.
I will answer.

I love you
In Lak' ech



at 10 months

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