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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

October 2011

Matty's New Radio Show




Guilt TRIP or Joy RIDE

This is a historic week on the Mayan Calendar as Madaline discusses the next two days leading up to "UnPlug" Day on Oct. 28th. To find out how to prepare yourself, tune into this week's show. You also don't want to miss finding out whether your life is a guilt trip or a joy ride! 




What is your most pressing concern?

At this time of 'dramatic' change, seems that what we are faced

with in each moment allows for an enormous amount of choices.

I am clear that I alone am writing my life's scrip.

Being that's said, where I reside with my 'breath' that I take

presents a 'gift' called My Life.

Live your own life

"We don't always know what makes us happy. We know, instead, what we think SHOULD.
We are baffled and confused when our attempts at happiness fail...
We are mute when it comes to naming accurately our own preferences, delights, gifts, talents.
The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people's expectations.
The tongue of the original self is the language of the heart."

-- Julia Cameron

Do you know what makes you happy?

What would your life look like if you gave up all the chatter that runs ramped in your mind?

My Mama was 'the' worrier. She asked me, “Don't you worry?”

“No, you worry for everyone, I wouldn't want to take your job away.”

Then I asked her, “what would your life look like if you gave up being worried all the time?”

she thought about it for a long while, then she said;

“I can't”

I figured at eighty plus years, she truly wouldn't have known what, or how to 'be'.

How blessed am I.

Couldn't have chosen a more perfect mirror.

I hand you my most precious gift. My loving heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cold outside, what Melanie and I love to do at nite is sit

outside, watch the clouds, the moon is a little past half tonite.

Brilliant, tonite we're inside, way to cold. The reason I'm telling you this,

I'm writing about Mama, looked up to see I wasn't outside, I'm not

sure how to put words to what happened, I'll keep writing it will come.

When I looked up to see we were inside, a shiver ran thru me.

We were outside, then . . .

I returned into my body.

I voiced this to Melanie, went back to writing, it happened again.

Being in two places simultaneously.

I've been out of my body on occasion, this experience I hadn't

ever felt, I love all that I am given.

Been having dreams of being on other 'planets'

wonderful dreams where all the energy I feel is 'love'.

Everything is possible. So much of what Ian had spoken about,

well, here we are experiencing all of it. Staying out of my own

way could be the challenge we have been asking for.

Now, this scrip I'm writing is Divine, when I wake in the morning,

knowing that this is the ONLY day, the only hour, the only minute,

the only second I have to live, I can NEVER get that

moment back. Making it the best moment of my life.

I don't care what other people 'say' about me, what ever that

person says is theirs alone, has no-thing to do with me.

Its not personal, never has been, never will be.

This is where freedom lies.

Tom sure knows how to play, putting his kitty in the cosmos, what a hoot.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I have a request;

email your 'most pressing concern.'

I care, I love you, we are one.


I really want to hear from you,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How did the Universe wound you this time? mmk

Facing your demands could be the most frightening experience of your life.

Only the bravest allow themselves to enter the void.

You have your script in front of you, is it a comedy, or tragedy?

In the event you might think someone is 'doing' something to you,

think again. When the 'heart' speaks, all is Divine.


“It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"


So, look at your life today, where is this energy coming from?

Are there others who are dictating how you should act, how you should behave?

Do you allow their words to take you away from your personal destiny?

The heart emotes 5000 times more electromagnetic waves then the mind.

When I heard this, my entire body vibrated with confirmation,

what my heart says is the absolute truth.

When an alternate experience appears that 'feels' stronger then the one I

had, I will wear that experience, see how it feels. Like a

relationship, meeting someone new, seeing how it unfolds, this person

might be in my life for a short time or long, there's something that

the two of us agreed upon so we could experience what Source 'wrote' in my script.

If you are inclined to look up to the heavens and say, Thank You God,

put your hands on your heart, close your eyes, say; thank you God.

You are God. When Ian would say this at a presentation,

there were many who wouldn't allow themselves to accept this as a truth.

When trust in the self is present, there's no separation, ever.

The darkness of our world
Is not knowing and understanding;
Light can only come, when we
Make it our business to find out.
Socrates ca. 470-399 B.C.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this link leads you to poems that were written by my adopted granddaughter.

These young ones are here to wake up those who

have found they've taken a longer nap then they had intended.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Altering My Awareness

For the past whatever time, I've been waking up two to three times during my sleep.

I would get annoyed, this morning, it dawned on me, that I had

put 'negative' energy on my waking, being what I WANT is to

sleep thru the nite. (night) I like nite better.

Anyway, to embrace each moment, breathing in the 'gift' being

presented. All the gametes that arrive are for me to observe my

reaction/response to each experience...

being annoyed is wanting something, (whatever it is) to be

different then what is being set before me.

I'm writing my own scrip, why would I want to be annoyed?


I truly treasure all the experiences.

Pretty soon we will experience the 5D.

Thrilling, it's all so thrilling.

“If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.”

-- Norman Vincent Peale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Time to awaken your soul to who you were born to be.


Melanie, Lorna, Gary & I were sitting around the fire,

requesting we have a spontaneous ceremony.

Breathing as 'one'. . .

I spoke to the Galactic Federation,

sending our love and gratitude for this fantastic life.

Each of us sharing our grand appreciation for all that continues to appear.

Gary looked up to the sky, moon is almost full, lite coming thru

the clouds. The formation the clouds made were clear.


we were jumping with excitement.

Then 3 crafts appeared.

Looking in the opposite direction,

the clouds formed.

I Luv U

Sedona is an amazing place, amazing.

Sedona is being called

“the crystal city”

Come visit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are five things that you cannot recover in life:

                1. A Stone.........after it's thrown,

                2. A Word.........after it's said......

                3. An Occasion.....after it's missed

                4. Time.........after it's gone.....

                5. A person.........after they die......

being this is what we could be left with, what now?

A Stone is solid, holds power, grounding in all aspects of life.

Our words have us stay connect, communication with ourselves & others.

An Occasion, creating a blessed day, feeling your aliveness, waking up, feeling your breath,
stretching, feeling your body, knowing this is the ONLY day you have. Love it, treasure it, share it.


Awe, then there is Time, the 'Grandest' illusion ever.


A Person, Gaia's gift to the Universe.

Treasure's are held within each of our Souls.

Death is another one of those illusions that we bought into.


What now?

All life, from the beginning, is ours for the asking.

In the event this is your first incarnation or your 100th,

there's no separation, everything resides in this moment.



Feeling the intense love.

For a women who has given birth,

that first moment when your new baby and you set eyes on one

another, you might have felt as though your heart would

explode with so much love you felt tears of joy beyond words.


If you could imagine that 'love' energy, all the time

everything in your world would always be perfect.

It's the mind that takes us away from that perfection.


"As a holistic being you shatter the illusion of your separateness and reveal your
connection to everything. This empowers you in a way that the ego-driven
self could never contemplate."

-- Wayne Dyer

But from the brooding beauty of the night, and daily dancing shafts of golden sun …

The mystery and wonder of the world … that play the soundless music of the soul

And fill the heart with memory’s olden dreams … From these will come at last your faith in God.


Max Ehrmann



One of my soul sisters came over for

the 'New Moon'. (she didn't know she was being a part of the ceremony)

Two days before the new moon, my body starts vibrating,

it happens every new moon, when I

remember what's causing this energy, I take a deep breath,

thank the energy for being with me, relax into it,

sit quiet, Talk to Sher in Hawaii,

Sher who Ian went to after he shed his physical body, she was the only one

that he spoke with and could hear him.

Much longer story than I will say right now.


Sher and I have remained in conact, almost 6 yrs.


I Called Her, the day before the new moon, she is right next to me when we connect thru the 'wires'. . .

over the years she and I have had 100s of hours

where we've done, (what Shar named)

Internal House Cleaning.”


its brutal, my mind (at times in the past) didn't want

to let go, being angry at someone, having justification...

yeah, I'm right, he's an ______...


this energy still exists with many beings on our planet.

No judgment...

always choice,

free will.


Mother Earth

how grand you are


while we were speaking, Shar said,

there's some more stuff you're holdin onto around

how you could have been different while taken are of

Ian those last few months.

Those issues will strangle you, wanna letm' go?”

diving into that space, that dark space where no wo(man) dare go,

yet, knowing how I feel at the other end, I'm sooo willing to

dive into the deepest caverns of my soul to clear space for more lite.


Damaging to hold onto anything that doesn't serve Mother,



each of us has our own experience, you know this.

An hour and a half later

we had cleared the energy that I hadn't known on

a conscious level was there, once you start there's no turning back.

This bringing to my immediate attention is the

starting point.

Once its cleared, that cavity is filled with golden lite.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

nite of the new moon

This has my body be quiet sensitive.

Soon after the sun set, I set out four candles,

one for each direction.

Taking my Galactic Butterfly off my neck, placing it in

center of the circle.


The air was still, candles glowing, holding hands,

breathing in the magnificent energy provided by Ian, the Divas,

Galactic Federation, Mayan Elders, Fairies.

Their 'presents' was felt.


I had my entire Mayan Majix family with me.

I breath in your love, exhale my love to you.

Glorious these moment are, truly Glorious.

Grateful am I


while Cindy, (my soul sister that came over)

listening to her 'stories' that she believes are real,

she used the word... 'T R Y'... several times.

I asked her to pick up her keys, she did,

here's the question I asked her,

try and drop your keys.”

she dropped her keys,

what did you just do.”


I dropped the keys.


you can not 'try' to drop them, you either drop them, or you don't.


She asked me to write down all the words she uses that I

deem, dis empowering.

There are words that empower, while others don't.


                    1. T R Y

                    2. W H Y

                    3. S H O U L D

                    4. B U T

                    5. C A N T

                    6. D O N T

                    7. H A V E T O

SO, here we are, close enough to the 5D to taste it.

Let go!!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this is my personal funny thought.

There's one word that is so descriptive, yet many take offense.

While lying in be the other night, this is what come;

changing that word for funny.

Who the funny do you think you are

what the funny

get the funny outta here

you gatta be funny kidding me

they kept coming, lying in bed laughing with myself.


In the event you have stories you would like to share with me

I would reeeally love that.


I thank those who do reach out to connect, makes my heart sing.


We sure have come a long way.

A Majic ride for sure.


I love you


This is Makenzie



at 10 months

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