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The Galactic Butterfly

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“TO understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do'.”

Khalil Gibran

When you look at your personal accomplishments, what do you see?

Do you give yourself coodoes, or berate yourself for not doing

the task 'better'.

''IF you have once opened yourself to the Divine, if the power of the Divine has once come down into you and yet try to keep to old forces, you prepare troubles and difficulties and dangers for yourself. You must be vigilant and see that you do not use the Divine as a cloak for the satisfaction of your desire!.''

Mother of Pondichery

What are you holding onto?

Coming from your heart is the only place to reside at this time.

Find that place with-in that brings you peace.

See how long you can stay in this state of 'heart' . . .

Are you holding onto upset towards others?

Look to see where this serves you.

How long will you allow this energy to thwart you from your heart?

Does it serve you to hold onto pain?

No judgments, all is as it is meant to be.

Judgment, is an illusion.

Detach from illusion.

Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' But conscience asks the question,
'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Problem, Reaction, Solution


As of this day, (24 July) there are 97 days

until 28th Oct. 2011

there's no time to sit in contemplation whether you will

give 'upset' up, or hold onto that which causes destruction

to yourself and all others.

“If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.”
-- Norman Vincent Peale

The days are running into one another,

October 2010 while in Los Angeles, I decided to

write a blurb daily, seemed that I couldn't remember what

I did 'yesterday'. . . not that it really matters.

I had been asked; what do I like and dislike when being in a relationship. . .

Thoughts about what I appreciate in a companion.

Intelligent, communicative, sensitive, romantic, generous,

loves surprises, enjoys quiet time with one another, sense of humor.

Compassionate, loves to travel, be spontaneous.

Loves to have their own space, and appreciates the space.

Had a wonderful childhood, love for parents & siblings.

Has no need to 'defend' under any circumstance,

knowing each has their own belief about any subject.

loves the outdoors, and all of nature.

Love for the animal world.

There isn't a 'right' or 'wrong'


This is how I describe me.

So, this is what my desires are with a companion.

“It is while trying to get everything straight in my head that I get confused.”
-- Mary Virginia Micka

This Movie is Worth the Time.

“My intent is to remain grounded in the divine order of the crystalline energy provided by Mother Earth.”

Madaline Freedom

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What are you choosing?


To be in acceptance of all that is being presented, coming

straight from the heart.

Knowing all is well, all is in divine order.

You know that the chatter going on in your head is the

grand illusion.

Uniting with the 'one' at all times.

Being witness to the emotions that present themselves.

We've been waiting to meet our neighbors,

well, they are here, they will be introducing themselves

to us shortly.


Fear will keep you separated from them and yourself.

Keeping center point, even through those moments

when you might know who you are. You might feel as though

there's no 'hope', then a few moments later, or a day or hours,

you won't even remember what was there. What those

feelings/thoughts were, they vanish.


I know this is occurring for you, we are 'one', these are the experiences

that have appeared for me. There are moments when my system shuts

down, the only thing that my body wants is to lie down.

I've been listening to the Galactic Federation's


Here's a direct link.


A few days ago Gary and I were listening to a 'transmission,

when it was over,

I said, “ I must lie down.”

getting comfortable, closing my eyes, the vision that

appeared was so clear, so real, I felt an expansion in my chest.

A huge orange hawk flew by me, then landed in a tree.

Not a dream, a clear vision.

Makenzie, ( my youngest granddaughter) was diagnosed with 'Infantile Spasms'

she is 17 months old now, doesn't walk nor crawl.

She lives in Chicago, daughter Kelly came to Los Angeles when

Makenzie was 3 months, that was the only time I've seen her, (other then skype)

I had a dream; walking into daughter Jo-e's, she was reclining on the

couch, Makenzie was lying on her chest, Makenzie turned her head,

looked at me, smiled, said “Nan” . . . (what all my grand children call me)

I asked her if it were ok to hold her, she lifted her arms, at the same time,

Kelly walked into the room. As I reached to pick her up,

she shape shifted into the cutest animal, brown and tan with black spots, huge brown eyes,

holding her close to my chest, she shape shifted back to Makenzie. We were speaking telepathicly, beautiful.

End dream.

I was speaking with Kelly, sharing my dream with her.

Kelly was telling me that Makenzie has two moods,

happy and miserable.

Kelly said, “maybe you can speak with her telepathicly and find out what she wants,

because I can't figure out what she wants. Dont' know if she's hungry,

tired, needs her diaper changed, all the motions are the same.”

last night sitting outside, watching the day come to a close,

the sky turning from the bright sun lite day to a soft blue

pink sky, moon coming up, brightening the entire area.

Soft breeze moving through the trees.


I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, I asked Makenzie

what I could do for her.

Sitting still, not thinking of anything, allowing the energy to waft by.

This is what I heard.


Tell Mama I'm sorry I can't communicate clearer right now.”

there was a pause. She went on to say;

Tell Mama when she picks me up to relax, and breath into her belly.”

I felt hot tears, non stop. They were burning my cheeks.

I called Kelly, leaving this on her machine.

I pray she doesn't think I'm a crack pot or something.

Here is Makenzie


Gary is a Qigong master, Melanie and I have been

doing the movements almost daily.

Today while the three of us were deeply into these

slow, steady movements, Linda, ( our soul sister who passed into

her light body a while ago ) came to me, she asked me to ask Melanie

to find out how her chicken is.

Linda has had this beautiful black and white chicken for 8 yrs.

When Linda asked me, I said, ( in the silence of thought )

I forgot her name.

Loudly I hear.



when we completed our Qigong, I told Melanie that Linda

requested she check up on Moppet.

Melanie said she could do that. I asked Linda why she

hadn't gone directly to Melanie, she said,

“she can't hear me.”


Expect the Unexpected.

We, as a human species want to compare everything.

Last year at this time, it wasn't this hot.

Last time we were here things were different.

Everything is different, everything we could count on,

have you been shopping at the same grocery store for how many years?


When to your surprise you walk in and they've moved things around.

You might become disoriented, you've been on auto pilot.

Have you noticed that almost every strip mall is lined up the same

as every other one?


Clever they are, wanting to keep us as 'dumbed' down as possible.


We've been waiting for these times to arrive, (even though

the thoughts had been hidden )

they've come to the surface for us to 'see', there's no

turning back, we've walked through the door, face forward,

the beauty is beyond anything we've seen to date.

Take a look around, close your eyes, your imagination grows with each

breath you take.


Come walk with me in the meadows, willow trees dancing in the soft

breeze, sky bluer than any blue you've ever seen.

White clouds, the shapes bring a smile to your face.

Look, over there, its a bear, and a dragon, wow,

look at that one, its a huge heart with wings.

The colors take your breath away, these colors hadn't been seen on

Mother Earth before.


Children playing in the pond, water cascading from the falls

splashing, creating bubbles.

Add what ever you see to this vision, know you can enter anytime you wish.


Follow your heart, this is where you belong.


- Monkey


“We are made of Star Stuff, poised on the edge of forever.”

Carl Sagan


I've been watching the position of the moon intently for the past

many days before the full moon.

Two days after the full moon, as it had been presenting

itself, shifted to the westerly direction.

It showed up in the afternoon, still this day it is

presenting itself in this westerly direction.


The techtonic plates have shifted, this is evident by the

position the moon has taken its direction.


I feel something dramatic will be presented to us shortly.


Mother Earth is shaking herself, removing 'debris' from

her inner and outer surfaces.

Time now to pay as close attention as you allow all

the energy you are experiencing remain with-in,

keep you contained in the center of your being.

Reminding yourself, 'there's no-thing' out there.

From the David Icke Newsletter

That diabolical duo, Father George Bush and Bill Clinton, supported Agenda
21 during their presidencies and so it must be about death, destruction and
control by that definition alone. Clinton established The President's
Counsel for 'Sustainable Development' by Executive Order with no political
or public debate. The term ‘sustainable development’ is classic Orwellian
language in that it appears to stand for one thing, but means something very different.

I am all for doing things in ways that are sustainable in the sense that
they can go on indefinitely as opposed to slash and burn and other such
environmental destruction. But (a) the people behind this are devastating
the planet with their activities and (b) Agenda 21 is not about sustainable
development; it is about sustainable control – and mass depopulation. The
internationally-binding Biodiversity Treaty was launched at the UN Earth
Summit in 1992 headed by Rothschild-Rockefeller front-man, Maurice Strong,
and the 'environment conspiracy' has come a whole long way since then.

The aim is mass depopulation and extreme levels of control for those that
are left. A United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment Report called for
an 85 per cent reduction in human numbers. Heck, you only have to look at
that map of the planned 'sustainable' United States to realize the scale of
population reduction that would be necessary to implement it. The late Aaron
Russo, the award-winning film producer who produced Trading Places with
Eddie Murphy, began to alert people to the conspiracy in the years before he
died. He said publicly in 2007 that a member of the Rockefeller family, Nick
Rockefeller, had told him that the population was going to be reduced by at least half.

John P Holdren, the ‘science czar’ appointed to the Obama administration, is
another of these ‘cullers’. He says the optimum human population is one
billion and he co-wrote the 1977 book, Ecoscience, which proposed
mass-sterilisation by medicating food and the water supply and imposing a
regime of forced abortion, government seizure of children born out of
wedlock and mandatory bodily implants to stop pregnancy.

These people are completely bonkers, but very dangerous because of that.


grateful am I

to be riding the tail of the


From Wikipedia

The idea that a curve may come arbitrarily close to a line without actually becoming the same may seem counter to everyday experience. The representations of a line and a curve as marks on a piece of paper or as pixels on a computer screen have a positive width. So if they were to be extended far enough they would seem to merge together, at least as far as the eye could discern. But these are physical representations of the corresponding mathematical entities; the line and the curve are idealized concepts whose width is 0. Therefore the understanding of the idea of an asymptote requires an effort of reason rather than experience.


There isn't anything 'out' there, everything IS in this

'NOW' moment. (period)


This is from my daughter Jo-e

“Thought I'd share the talk show interview i was on,,, Kelly's radio show is called 'the awakening zone.' ”

I linked the show to the left sidebar of my website. Its over an hour long...  just in case your interested, its about
"talking to yourself" a technique that i do a lot of....



In my stillness I observe others, as an observation, not as a judgment.

How someone will enter a space, seeing if they 'honor' the space they walk into,
or, so oblivious that they enter with a huge presence.

The other day, sitting with Melanie,

a friend walks in, not paying any attention that there was a

conversation going on, she starts talking as if we had been waiting for her arrival.

Even after I said, “I'm in the middle of a story.”

there was no stopping her from continuing her story.

Common sense!

Somewhere lost in the cosmos.


This has gone on each time she arrives.

Until this incident, I would take a deep breath and let it go.

This one grabbed me around the neck.

Being she is in my life, yet only because she is a good friend of Melanie's.

Listening to the chatter around this for hours, I knew if I didn't

speak this out loud, and be heard, I would carry this discomfort, and I know

what happens to my body when I suppress my emotions.


I addressed Melanie and Gary whom happen to be here, stating I needed

to express something so I can remove the chatter, I also requested that

I be heard, I wasn't asking for 'coaching' or fixing.


They honored my request, listened, I felt better.

We will see if anything shifts. Being it was about another person.

4 - Jaguar


5th day in a row, temp. 100 + degrees.

'Mother' is doing her best to 'shake' us up. She's doin a grand job.

5 -Eagle

101 degrees

being in the high desert zaps my fluids, doesn't matter how

much water I drink, (gallons a day) my skin feels like an elephant.

Cream and more cream.

What to do? Stay indoors.


Something I've learned to do, pay attention to what my body tells me.

Last night, around 7:30 pm, everything shut down, “lie down.”

this is what I did.

This is what I heard;

'How deep do you allow your emotions to go?'

we've been taught to suppress emotions from an early age.

What ever gets hidden remains, the sub-conscious hadn't found a way to release any of it.

There's a process that will allow these emotions to come to the surface,

then and only then, can these emotions be 'seen' then eliminated.


Carrying around 'stories' from one's past, believing that if 'I' don't give them attention,

they can't hurt me.

Ask yourself if you are healthy, is your body strong?

Am I anxious, is fear running my life?

If one's body isn't in total homeostasis, you might be holding onto

secrets that could cause 'dis ease' . . .

“ a secret could be something you are ashamed of”

No matter what your story is, how devastating you've made your life to be,

this devastation is by far the most dangerous place to reside.

There's a little over 100 days until 28th Oct.

clearing out anything that doesn't serve your soul would be best off removed.

When you evaluate your life, how do you speak about it.

Do you love your life, does your family love who you are?

Are you honored and respected?

Answering yes to these questions is a blessing.

Being every experience you've had has brought you to this very moment in time.

Staying in the 'moment' in this 'now' moment is all there is to put your attention on.

Love is the answer no matter the question.



at 10 months

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