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The Galactic Butterfly

3 - Sun (Ahau)


We are made of Star Stuff, poised on the edge of forever.”

Carl Sagan

humans are both strong & fragile

it takes only one breath,

is it the first



Linda, one of our beloved soul sisters passed away today.

She was born the same year, same month, two days after me.

She brought laughter, joy, contentment where ever she went.

Though her physical body hadn't been strong,

her love for her seven children, numerous grandchildren

will feel her absence,

we will miss her deeply.

How strange it feels to have this absence.

One sixth of the circle is missing in the physical.

There's a grander appreciation for my life when someone departs.

Especially a beloved sister.

Tears flow, why? Linda is resting, no more pain in her body.

So, why the tears. Why do I feel my chest collapsing?

I'm here, I'm breathing, I feel, I am love.

Yet, this hollow senstation lingers.


Oh, the irony of life, we're here for such a short time.

Treasuring each moment. Honoring the Divine.

Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous.

- Confucius -

I called daughter Jo-e to hear her voice.

Thinking about Linda's children, the absence of their mother.

I needed to connect, to be with Jo-e, even though there's

five hundred miles between us.

Hearing her voice has me be right next to her, feeling her breath,

her warmth, her love.

What I'm experiencing could baffle me, yet, with the

awareness that resides within, the experience is such that I am being

turned inside out.

Being in the 'cab' of the rollercoster, being thrown from

side to side, no grip keeps me solid.

When Ian spoke about “fastening your seat belt.”

now is the perfect time to make sure it's in perfect order.

Speaking with my 'immediate circle of kin,' this is a collective

experience, being turned inside out.

Most likely, (from my point of view) there might be

an enormous amount of 'Earth Suites' that will

be departing Earth.

The soul remains.


What to do, honor their choices.

4 - Crocodile (IMIX)

Myth, or Fact?

Do we create all these metaphors just to find comfort within our 'being?'

until we realize that we are 'not' separate from one another, that

'souls' are connected, including all of plant life, animal life,

stop believing that reading the bible will get you to heaven.

There's a multitude of ways to traverse life.

In the event one has created a 'box' around themselves,

thinking there's no way out, it could be like, focusing on

a spot on the wall, without seeing the entire wall.

We are only limited by our thinking process.

This is where the myth takes over.

When myth is confused with fact, the road that winds around could

bring you to the same spot you started at.

“To notice is to select, to regard some bits of perception, or some features of the world,
as more noteworthy, more significant, than others.

To these we attend, and the rest we ignore—for which reason conscious attention is at the same time ignore-ance
(i.e., ignorance) despite the fact that it gives us a vividly clear picture of whatever we choose to notice.”

Alan Watts

from his writing


On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are


When you interfere with micro-organisms in the body,

the alteration takes on that which the body hadn't been born with.

The more one interferes, as in using psychotropics that suppress

emotion, one's body 'must' readjust to this 'foreign' substance

that could become an addition.


I fear our world is crumbling, I believe that this must occur for us to

return to our roots, this is where we began.

The village runs smoothly when there's cooperation.

No hierarchy, collective energy that feeds on a solid foundation.

5- Wind (IK)

Wind brings change, as we meander through all the choices being presented.

Remember, you are writing your own script. Make it a good one.

6 - Night (Akbal)

Our bodies are inside the soul!

Viewing the world through a lens or myth that there are apposing

energies, light/dark, up/down...

it could be we would be battling with false forces, this would

be saying there's only one side to a coin, only heads, or tails.

Being there's no-thing left out of any equation, what would

any of us gain by contradicting the inevitable, we are ONE.

We've always been ONE, through the lens of deception, we've been lead to

believe that we are separate, not connected, that you will fight your

brother for some 'reason' that you bought into.

When we take on fiction for fact, disharmony takes over.

Being the Soul resides as the master proponent, the factor in our Human equation.

The infinite carries everything 'this' human needs.

There's NO measurement when one recognizes the 'I' as the

entire galaxy.


In 1752 the British government instituted a calendar reform which

required that September 2nd of that year be dated the 14th September.

The people were rushing to Westminster screaming, “give us our 11 days back.”

fact or fiction

society has created a monster by using 'time' as our enemy.

When you look at your day, it all revolves around time.

'I don't have enough time!'

there's no way I can get everything I need to do in this short period of time.

I've put in enough time on this project, I'm finished. . .

if we thought that we could separate or brain from the stomach, liver, kidneys, any part of our body,

how could we survive? We couldn't, it takes ALL our organs to work in harmony so the

entire structure functions as a whole.

Removing the queen bee from the hive, the workers bees would die.

Only with a queen do they thrive.


“Just as the tumultuous chaos of a thunderstorm brings a nurturing rain that allows life to flourish,
so too in human affairs times of advancement are preceded by times of disorder.
Success comes to those who can weather the storm.”

-- I Ching No. 3

7 - Seed (Kan)

Planting new ideas

Bee's go about their day, hunting & gathering for their Queen,

keeping her from harms way, bringing her the sustenance so the entire nest thrives.

Then there are the ant colonies, busy from day break to sun set,

building, gathering food to sustain their village.

Seems there is little attention put into these 'creatures'.

They're doing everything humans do, why then do 'humans' feel so superior?


The differences, bee's, ant's work in cooperation with one another.

Unlike humans who are in a constant battle for one upmanship.

Gathering more than could possibly be needed.

For those who have a huge abundance, living in a 10,000 sq. ft. house.

Are they happier then the person who lives in a 500 sq. ft. house?

How much 'room' does one individual take up?


“A life led consciously can be a form of intense devotion even though that life is full
to the brim with obligations because each pursuit we undertake provides us
with yet another opportunity to express ourselves as individuals and to live
in accordance with our deeper values
Katie Marie Kat


8- Serpent (Chicchan)

full moon, extraordinary.


9- Transformer (Cimi)

Amazing, when the full moon is upon it's fullness,

I feel it in my body, it feels as though the inside of 'me'

become so full, there's no room for me to move around in.

seems it pushing everything to where all the energy is contained so

tightly that if I wanted to add one more anything, I would implode.

Wild senstation, once the full moon is complete, my body relaxes.


Conscious thought vs. Unconscious thought

How does one decipher the difference?

This is my thought about this question.

Conscious thought comes from one place,


Unconscious thought;

Fear, Destruction, Anger, hatred.

E G O drives the unconscious thinking.

A friend told me he was so distraught that he was contemplating suicide.

He went on describing how he viewed his life, couldn't see a way out.

I knew he wasn't asking for a solution, or help, he needed to

dump all these words and thoughts out of his body.

I did ask; “can you see any joy at all?”

no, there wasn't anything he could see that would make his life beautiful.

I said; please know, whatever choice you make, I honor that.

I would choose for you to stay, the excitement has just begun.

Haven't been able to speak with him for a few days, don't know if he's

still with us. God be with you dear friend.


When we protect Mother Earth, honor her,

we will 'earn' the respect 'She' bestows upon us.”


Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

- Albert Einstein -

"What if, you were SO totally present to every moment,

that what you experience, is in total harmony with the Divine."

mw mk


Every moment counts now

we are like the seasons, experiencing what lies' in this instant.

My script was presented to me upon my agreement to incarnate into

human form

to manifest my 'dreams'

surrender, allow everything to be with perfection from our Divine energy source.


Recognizing myself from a place of centeredness,

creation remains with-in my soul.

This is where I reside.

Resistance is Futile.


Living in the high desert of Arizona, I feel as though I'm

in a protectied cacoon.

Being aware of other parts of the world where intense storms are

presistantly damaging large areas of earth, sitting here

being warmed by the Sun, blue sky's, sweet smells of spring.


Finding it hard to fathem that others are under this deluge

of tornatoes, golf ball size hail, lose of lives.


It's all an illusion anyway.

What are we doing here?

What's our purpose of being alive?

I asked Gary, he said to share love.

Wonderful, what is our purpose?

I can't see a true reason for humans at all.


When I travel, (in the etheric field) feeling such joy,

emence contentment, returning to this 3D 'illusion'

I still ponder the question.

'what am i doing here?'


My daughter asked me to come to take care of her.

She is having a 3rd surgery, the pain hadn't subsided from her 2nd

surgery, this one is less invasive, ortoscopic on her sholder.

On Sunday, I told Melanie, "I don't feel as though I will be going."

on Monday, Jo-e called to tell me that she could handle this,

so, it's better for me not to come.

She's allowing others to contribute to her, something

most of us are challenged to allow.


I've become quieter, my present energy is more relaxed.

Being I chose to be born into a Polish/Jewish family,

this has an enormous impact on my life,

When I viewed the movie, Schindler’s List

I wept through the entire film.

There were so many of my family that i hadn't had

an opportunity to meet.


My Mama was born in 1910, in Poland,

Daddy in 1908, even though they hadn't met until

1933, they had come to New York,

Mama came in 1928,

Daddy, around the same time. They

met on a ship going to Paris. (1933) that 'magical' day.

A love story for sure.

One day I will write their story.



Subj: Croatian Oscar Winner is Bar Mitzvah

LOS ANGELES -- Branko  Lustig, 78, two-time Oscar  winner for “ Schindler’s List” and “Gladiator,” celebrated his bar mitzvah on May 2 at Auschwitz, in front of barrack  No. 24.  He missed his rite of passage as a 13-year-old because at the  time he was a  prisoner in the very same barrack, having been deported from  his Croatian hometown to the death camp when he was 10.

To mark the belated bar mitzvah, Lustig was accompanied by some 10,000 participants in the March of the Living, nearly all teenagers.

Lustig’s life story from child prisoner to successful Hollywood producer seems so implausible that even he and his good friend Steven Spielberg might hesitate to put it in front of an audience.  Sitting in his home in West Los Angeles, Lustig recounted the story to JTA.

 When the Nazis and their Croatian puppet regime started to round up Jews, his father  joined a partisan unit while Branko and his mother were arrested and sent to  Auschwitz.  Upon arrival at the concentration camp, mother and son were separated. Although Branko was only 10,  he was quite tall and escaped  immediate death by passing himself off  as a 16-year-old and therefor fit  for labor.

He was sent to a nearby coal mine and got lucky again to be assigned the job of ladling  out water to other prisoners, leading a white horse pulling a cart with the  water tank. In the closing months of the war, the boy was transferred to Bergen-Belsen where, miraculously, he was reunited with his  mother. His father did not survive the war.

Lustig was lying on a camp bunk, emaciated, ravaged by typhus and covered with lice, when he suddenly heard some strange musical notes.  “I thought I had died and was in heaven,” Lustig recalled.  Actually, the music came from a Scottish bagpiper, heralding the arrival of a company of British liberators.

After recovering, Lustig returned to Croatia and eventually joined a local film production company. When the ABC TV miniseries “The W winds of War” did some filming work in Croatia, Lustig signed  on as associate producer.

He moved to  the United States in 1988 to work on  the sequel, “War and Remembrance.” Shortly after his arrival stateside, Lustig was introduced to Spielberg. Three years later, the famed director, then planning the production of "Schindler’s List,” invited Lustig to a short meeting. The two men chatted for a while  before Spielberg got to the point. “You are my producer,” he told  Lustig.

The moment marked the beginning of an enduring professional and personal relationship. “Schindler’s List” won the Best Picture Oscar in  1993, along with six other Oscars. During the ceremony, Lustig joined Spielberg and associate producer Gerald Molen on the stage. Few who watched  are likely to forget the first line of Lustig’s  acceptance speech: “My number  was A3317. I am a Holocaust survivor.”

Besides his Hollywood credits on such films as  “Sophie’s Choice,” “Black Hawk Down,” and  “American Gangster,”  Lustig also organizes an annual festival of films on  Holocaust and Israel themes  in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

A few months ago, Lustig was approached by Phil Blazer, Lustig’s partner in their  Six Point Films production company and president of the Blazer Media Group,  which includes the Jewish Life Television (JLTV) network. Last year, JLTV broadcast live highlights of the  March of the Living – the annual event that brings some10,000 participants,  predominantly high school juniors and  seniors from 40 countries, to Poland and Israel -- and is doing so again  this year. Blazer suggested that Lustig participate in the march and, at the same time, celebrate the bar mitzvah he had missed 65 years earlier.

Lustig thought it was a great idea. This year, March of the Living participants visited Auschwitz on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on May 1, to commemorate the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews and to pledge to fight intolerance and prejudice in the future.

On the  following morning, May 2, Lustig celebrated his bar mitzvah out-side barrack No. 24, wearing a tallit  presented to him at an April 4 tribute  reception at Universal Studios. Lustig announced that day that he’d donate scholarship money to cover the cost of participants in future  marches. In the afternoon, the massive phalanx of  teenagers, accompanied by survivors and  Israeli, Polish and other dignitaries, walked the three kilometers, or nearly two miles, from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the extermination center of the Auschwitz complex and site of the gas chambers and  crematoria. There, Lustig and other survivors spoke of  their experiences, lit memorial  candles, and recited prayers.

In the  meantime, like any bar mitzvah boy,  Lustig worked on his speech.  He recalled his pledge, as the youngest prisoner in his Auschwitz barrack, to tell the world about the fate of his elders who did not survive. Lustig conclud ed with these words:  “The message I want to share today is the  most important one I learned  from my years in the concentration camps. It is the message of tolerance. We must all get along. We must strive to respect and love one another, so that the horrific days of the Holocaust will never happen to us again. Tolerance is my bar mitzvah wish today,  and ‘Never Again’ is  my hope and my dream for always.”

Jo-e BD
my daughter Jo-e

This video is soooo powerful, changed my life

I feel everyone could benefit so that we can alter our consciousness, being present to

what is really occurring on our beautiful Mother Earth.

click here to view video


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