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The Galactic Butterfly




I know I'm not alone on this emotional rollercoster,

my love and support goes out to those who

haven't a clue as to what is 'really' happening here.


By following the Mayan Calendar daily, 'feeling' the energy,

being present to the quickness that alters in a heart beat,

this constant flux feels as if I am 'physically' on a

rollercoster, being thrown from side to side inside this 'car'

taking me where ever it wants to go.


So, I've started my own 'ministry'

Temple or Church which ever suits you,

what is happening now.

This is truly non denominational. . .

we are here to share our truths, our feelings, our inner most

expression of who we are, what are we doing here, why are we here?


This concept is under construction, I am totally open

for comments, suggestions, creating a clear path for all of us

so our collective consciousness rises to higher vibrations.


Jotting down notes last night, I wrote question.

Who are we?


Why are we here?

To share LOVE

What is our purpose?



What are your desires?

Who are you being?

Are you living the life you love?

Love the life you're living.

If you don't have good dreams, you have nightmares”

a line from the movie


“In life, Madaline, you can only ever be scared, when you believe in limits.

You can only ever feel lonely, when you stop doing things.

You can only ever become bored, when you no longer follow your heart.

And you can only ever get overwhelmed, when you think the illusions are real.

Whew! Who knew it could be so easy to get back on track? “

    The Universe

"Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating yourself"
George Bernard Shaw

Take a deep breath,

check into your memory bank.

remember what that most magical day was.

What were you doing, who were you with, feel that memory in your bones.

You're right there, holding that day in your heart.

No one, nothing can ever take that away from you.

Allowing is the key

what ever shows itself, whom ever comes into your space,

what ever someone says, listen to them as if they were saying


When you hear someone say I love you, I'm sure your body takes that on.

You feel it deep in your soul.

You feel a contentment, joy, your face lights up.

You might have the same intention to return that love.

Can you imagine people walking around sharing


Hearing only that, what a magical time, to express such joy.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


Hind sight is 20/20

Bringing that into a powerful awareness, instead of recognizing an act after the fact,

pay attention to the words that come.

Once they are out of your mouth, they can not be brough back.

Being aware of being aware.

Hold tight, pay attention to the magic.

Love, love, love

Madaline Weber


“I get up every morning determined to both change the world & have one hell of a good time.
Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

E.B. White

Amazing. Truly amazing.

I've been in Los Angeles for 2 months.

Leaving here on the 20th, going to Arizona for some R 'n' R.

my signature of Aliveness;

“Being of Service.”

here we are, forging through these times,

with 'consciousness' moving faster than the speed of light.

What to do? How to BE?

These are the questions ask of me.

Will it end? When will it end? What can we expect?

the energy feels as though its moving even faster?

It feels as though I don't have time to stop and breath,

is this the norm now?

According to the medical profession

take psychotropics …

this is their cure for any syndrome that arises.


Not when you can take a pill!

Get addicted, keep the system alive.

Consume, consume some more. Instant 'feel' good.

Suppress your emotions, it's only a small pill, look what it can do?

Keep you calm, isn't that what you want?

Don't feel. Keep yourself numb.

All this has become 'normal' . . .

in Santa Monica, in order to park in front of your home,

you must have a parking pass on your car. If not, you are

'gifted' with a 45$ ticket so you can support the city.

Isn't that special!

Each area has a number, my daughter is in section #4.

this pass must be displayed so the 'gestapo' can plainly see when

s(he) drives up and down each block, making sure you

are following directions.


on Monday, you can not park on 'this' side of the street

from 10 am, till noon.

Another gift will be presented to you in the event your

car is still there when the 'cleaning' truck comes by.

On Thursday it's the other side of the street.

Parking meters, 25c for 15 min.

now they've upgraded the meters.

You can use your credit/debit card.

Wow, isn't that fantastic?


have you ever gone into your bank with a check

you wanted to cash, only for them to say,

“we have to keep this for 3 days.”

you say, OK!


they will charge you 35$ over draft.

Then when you want to clear this up you can sit with a

'banker' for an hour and still you didn't have your needs met.


Going to the airport, they wait until you are inside the building

before luggage is checked.

Anyone can walk into the 'building' with a bomb

leave it inside the building, and leave.

I get the insanity of this one.

Next we will be walking through the detector naked.


stay present to what ever is in front of you.

Be with the feelings, watch them, know that 'this too shall pass'

breath deeply. Know that you are being give exactly what you need.

Lorna, my sweet grand daughter had emergency surgery,

she was pregnant, the fetus ended in her fallopian tub.


Her emotional state was/is fantastic, no drama.

I said' “Lorna, everything we are given is a gift from God,

there are times, when the outer packaging doesn't look pretty,

yet, once the ribbon and paper is removed, what we find inside, is

exactly what we need.”

clarity / gratitude / appreciation

reminding yourself that what we are here for is to recognize that

sharing 'love', sharing from our heart/soul is what we are here to experience.


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream...a dream you dream together is a reality."
 ~John Lennon

before Ian passed, he asked me this;

“please, don't give up on our dream.”

I love you, my Mayan Majix family.

I can only be me, with you.

What are we here for?

What is our purpose on our beautiful Mother Earth.

I see only one purpose. share



The Law of Matter

We are ascendance from the law of matter.

As long as we remain in this state, (which we are in)

we recognize that this state of being contains, the

Law of Polarity.


Whether it be an 'illusion' or truth.

Polarity allows us to recognize ourselves by being 'witness' to

an outcome that got experienced.


Personal experience, with judgement, or your point of view is what

brings clarity to the event.

We are witnessing events that hadn't been presented in our personal

life time. There are no 'guide' lines, no recent events could

possibly prepare us for anything that is occuring.


The marriage between spirituallity and materialism congeals in perfection when

one's soul resonates in it's balanced state.


To recognize one's state of balance, look 'within', this is the place

where 'truth' resides.


Science and spirituallity are joining forces.

Within these energy fields all things are possible.

The creator and the creation are of a singular mind set.


“What if God intended to do somethng and then wondered whether it would work or not.”

Dennis Krum

Humans are the most amazing 'species' on the planet.

Not only do we 'judge' ourselves about the decisions we make,

we judge, critisize, make others wrong for the choices they make.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I was reading about weather-modification,

even though I've known about this, what HAARP

is capable of creating.

This statement;

"Wheather Modification could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb."

My body shook when I read this.

[ William B. Meyer, “ The Life & Times of the US Weather:

What can we do about it?”

American Heritage 37, (June, July 1986]


The height of foolishness is to discard an opportunity without full investigation.” 

Benjamin Franklin

There is a time and place for 'foolishness'.

This is not the time or the place.

Mother has given us every opportunity to

step up and be counted on. Where do you fit in?

Have you asked yourself. What part am I playing in this

'Consciousness Evolution?'

am I being totally ethical?

In the event you're not speaking 'truth' to yourself or others,

then, what are you speaking? Who are you being?

Each of us are residing in one of two places.


please remember this;

fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The only emotion that is real is LOVE.

All else is the grand illusion.

I know you know this, it is as simple as seeing

the difference between the front of your hand & the back of your hand.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm on my last leg of this journey in Los Angeles.

I've totally lost track of how long ago I left Arizona.

How I view time is this; anything that isn't 'now'

is sometime behind. Could be yesterday or years ago.

Doesn't matter.

Speaking with 'Source' asking “Whats next”

my soul sister Cindy called to tell me about this wonderful

man who is in his 82nd yr. Who needs assistance. He lives in Camp Verde Arizona.

About 30 min. from Melanie, (where I live when i'm there.)

what a sweetie, we spoke the other day, we will meet when I return,

looks like it will be around the 7 or 8th April.

The angels love giving me 'gifts'

when I was in Santa Barbara with my children that live there,

Ray, Jodi, Reece, Maia & Lucky.

Lucky & I would take a walk each morning, the sun rises over the ocean

are spectacular. . . the colors are breath takeing.

This one morning upon my return, my glasses had fallen out of my pocket.

They are for reading only. So, I went to the store and purched another pair.

The next day, Lucky and I are out, there's an area we walk, its through

the college, there are grassy knoles, so gorgious. Lucky wanted to go

in a different direction, I took his lead off, he took off, I followed.

Sitting on a mound sat my glasses.

Picking them up, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

Thanking the angles, I felt them smile, actually giggling.

That day, I was leaving to go be with my sister, she had gone

to the Dr. she told my sister that she wasn't supposed to walk.

(long story about her feet)

so, Ray drove me to my sisters.

The next morning as I'm walking towards the park, there

was a piece of paper on the ground, (I pick thing up and toss them)

picking it up, it was a reciept. Folded inside was a $20 bill.

OK angles. I got it, you're showing me that what I'm asking for you are

here to provide. Blessings, I love you...

Then on my way back from my walk, there were 2 pennies.

20 02 = 4 stability

I leave you today with this;

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive,
and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman


Here is a short informative video
"The greatest evil? The pharmaceutical industry "



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