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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

February 2011



Sitting outside, watching the wind blow thru the trees.

This is the thought that came;


I am acutely aware of a more profound consciousness

at this very moment then I had ever experienced to date.


I am more ME then ever.

Centered, joy-filled, love pours out & thru me with each breath taken.


Sharing smiles with all that pass by.

A greeting of recognition that who that person might be is another me.



From what? There' hadn't been, nor will there ever be anything that

separates me from anything.

Man, animal, plants, trees, etc.

We are one in the same.

I believe the ego could very well be the culprit, thinking that 'we', humans,

have some higher consciousness, where in my belief system, humans are 'barbaric'.

We kill for a reason that only the ego can manifest in a way that

creates such havoc, such dis-harmony, chaos, fear, you get the picture.


The continuation of these energy's are coming to a screeching halt.

Those who re-member who they are, why we chose to be here at this time,

to create our Mother with what 'She' deserves, what we desire,

bringing love to everything, with every breath that our soul

knows from the core of our being.

Mending Mother Earth

Mending Mother Earth

One heart at a time, that's all it takes for us to recognize one another.

Look into that persons eyes.

See their soul, that's you over there.

"We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  --  Aristotle

you thought that person was someone else. HA, fooled ya.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from

Javier Arce

he had been interested in all the info that he had been reading, and viewing

from Mayan Majix, watching all of Ian's presentations

telling him I was going to be in Santa Monica, he asked if we could meet.

Setting up a date, we met with two other's that he wanting me to connect with.

Sam Shulman


the other magician

Agente Chavez “Nestor”

Nestor's Talk Live show is a year and half into presenting

what I love calling, more then what you might hear on CNN

they asked me if I would be interested in being on their show.

This has been in my thoughts and desire for almost a year.

The 19th Feb. I was introduced, we had a fantastic half hour.

I will be on the air again this Saturday 26 th Feb. at 6 pm.

Fun time for sure.

See you there



I had been speaking about my desire to create a village,

'Safe House'

Ian and I had/have a dream.

Before he passed, he asked me;

please, don't give up on our dream.”

Never, was my response.

This morning while speaking with Gary, talking about

Mother Earth, and how we've been

methodically manipulated in believing that we (collective we)

are different then some of our brothers and sisters.


Some are willing to 'kill' another because they

do not have the same believe systems.

One will say, (s)he's 'black' 'brown' 'yellow' 'white'

not even knowing who they are, a gun is drawn.

It's insidious, these are thrilling times, waking up to the

realization that indeed WE are ONE PEOPLES.

Anything else is totally an ILLUSION, once viewed can be

eliminated in that moment of recognition.


I heard an interview from:

Adult children who's parents died in concentration camps,

the second group

were adult children who's parents were the gestapo,

the German guards;

they agreed to be with one another for an entire week.

Of course no one knew what to expect, how could they.


What transpired?


there they were, no place to go, no place to hide.

They talked, they shared their stories,

The German peoples grew up with an enormous amount of guilt.


The Jewish peoples, hatred, fear, & anger.

They hadn't had the opportunity to grow up with their families,

through out they're entire lives, they're hatred for the Germans

had such a hold on them, believing that their anger was justified.


A week of talking brought understanding, clarity that in fact

we are one peoples, we come from one place,

Mother Earth. . .

when you allow yourself to hear someone else prospective,

keeping an open heart / mind, allowing without judgment,

then, wow, that's where the freedom lies.

( I hadn't ever had a middle name, I do now... FREEDOM )


the 9th wave grows ever closer, 'wake up now, or forever hold your place'

and what place would that be???


What are you holding onto that doesn't serve you?

What doesn't serve the collective you?


Check out Cheryl's Tapping

this is by far the simplest method in releasing

just about anything that your body had been holding onto.

Go ahead, you have no-thing to loose.


You used to be different, now you're the same.

Cheryl Richardson is THE personal coaching pioneer and 

best-selling author of 5 books. She has appeared on Good 

Morning America, The Today Show and even Oprah...


she is the expert

----- Tapping World Summit -----

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love sharing what I am truly excited about,

The Art of Navigation”


Felix Wolf

Travels with Carlos Castanada and Beyond

a quote from the book

It is the consistent choice of the path with heart which makes a warrior different from the average man.
He knows that a path has heart when he is one with it, when he experiences a great
peace and pleasure traversing its length.”


A 'Navigator' moves through life as a result of his or her direct link with universal consciousness.”


Glimpses of what is real catch it if you can

written by: Cathy Lieberman

retrograde motion reverses the flow

endless repetition of what you already know

wordless renditions as i watch it all go

dontcha know?????

It's ALL about LOVE.


innumerable postulates masturbates minds- SPEECH!!!

it's a tool - a weapon- a blind!! (venetian style)

planets align to our own design while we 'worry about the time' 

and the only thing certain is change.


simplicity is key

karma is dharma

visions of what is and can be 

ecstatic energy - kundalini!

the doors are the core-it's up to you to decide

open or close your mind

and your body is one.


visions of grandeur deluding dilemma's

tales of fame and power

subversive innuenda

psychic subterfuge return to sendah ( could be an electrical problem LOL)

and it rocks and it rolls

don'tcha know????????

it's ALL about LOVE!!!!


sensual insatiability deceives the senses 

in full Mayan presentation ( TECHNICOLOR)

innocence and intention

if it's 'the end' then i say GREEN LIGHT MEANS GO

my heart slightly quickens

my stomach it sickens

and I know

it's ALL ABOUT Love


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