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The Galactic Butterfly

Matty's Journal

November 2010

1 / Night (akbal)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


Do you have a vision? A purpose that others might not see as you do?

Being a visionary hadn't been a popular place to reside in.

Nelson Mandela hadn't been acknowledged for his vision until he had been released from prison.

There are more of us 'awake' then ever. Uniting with, holding onto truths that hadn't been seen, or experienced.

"No matter how frustrated you may feel, there is Always a way out. In every situation that arises, we choose to be powerful or powerless. It may not always feel like it, but it is a choice. And there are consequences for these choices in terms of the results we get, and the subsequent increase or decrease in our power and influence. If we choose powerlessness, it is often because we doubt there is any other option."

-- Blaine Lee


powerfully said;

when you view your life, what choices are you making?

"People who consider themselves victims of their circumstances will always
remain victims unless they develop a greater vision for their lives."

-- Stedman Graham


Los Angeles is a high energy place, I feel it, enmeshed in it.

This is an observation, not a judgment.

Yesterday, I took my grandson to the 'Mac' store.

Cole's I-Phone broke, he made an appointment to get a new phone.

Make an appointment?   OMG

There must have been more than 70 people in this store.

They have it set up so there's room to move around, check out all the new Apple computers,

plus all the accessories , you name it, they have it.

They even have classes to teach you how to navigate around your new computer.

It's wild. Watching people, ( being the observer ) either texting, or talking on their 'cell'.

By using this technology. ( I love this technology) we've removed our energy from 'human' contact.



Sun God

Are we connecting ourselves to one another, or disconnecting?

Which one FEELS better?

Feels better to be connected, I've been asked how long I will be in LA.

I'll be here until my daughter is strong enough to take care of her needs.

Her surgery was successful.

At this point, she's doing really well, saw the x-ray, wild. Plates and screws in her neck.

She MUST keep her neck straight, the Doctor said, “No B.L.T. “

NoBending. NoLifting. No Twisting,


“We are fallen creatures . . . and all very hard to live with . . .”

while growing up, all that had been presented to me, and all that I received from everyone around me,

guided me, protected me, showing me how life is presented.

What I did with it was totally 'my' decision, 'my' choices, 'my' interpretation.


Then I got into a relationship, not thinking about how 'different' this person's

interpretations about life occurred to him / her.

My thoughts weren't there to acknowledge that their point of view wasn't' mine.

Until I had gotten clear about differences and similarities, space to 'see',

not only with my eyes, with my soul and heart, did I understand who I am, and who my partner is.

Some time ago, Jo-e asked me what happened to have me divorce her dad.

“We hadn't a means of communication at that time.”


the essence of contentment or disharmony

Are you content with yourself?

Are you content with how you are seen by those closest to you?

Are you looking to alter who you're with?

Is the job you've been at sucking the life out of you?

Please remember that 'changes' are count-on-able. . . they are consistent . . .


"When we blame, we give away our power."

-- Greg Anderson


When you embody your true essence self, you master both worlds.

Being in our 3 Density world, ( body ) and the 5th simultaneously.

Human, and Spirit form.

In this energy field there is no separation, you are limitless.

What separates us is the mind.

Listening to all the chatter that wants to 'blame' others for our life not working.


Allowing yourself to Be the Buddha . . .

calm in the face of all adversity, then and only then

will our world be where we desire it to be.

When you wake each day, can you see the day brand new?


Do you take your yesterdays into / onto this 'new' canvas?

We live in this infinite universe, every choice is available, what ever you think about you can manifest.

Make sure the one you choose supports 'the whole',

not just a portion of something, supports your entire 'being'.

With love a gratitude I celebrate you.


The Unequal Distribution of Genius!

Each of us carries unique abilities.

My scientist friend who can't remember where she left her car keys.

Taking off her glasses, then looking for them with great frustration about not finding them.

Looking into a microscope, she can tell me how that microscopic 'figamagig' found its way into

that person causing the body to break down.

When I think about Ian, his genius was so encompassing, bigger than big.

Vast in so many directions.

He had written an eight page poem that he could recite from memory.

A four hour presentation without notes.


When it came to taking care of his well being, meaning eating nutritional foods,

he wouldn't take the time.

My scientist friend would have cookies and pretzels for lunch.

Matty and D

This is my sister, 'D', ( Dorothy) we were celebrating her husbands 80th Birthday.

He's standing behind her.

We look more alike now then when we were younger.

'D' has talents she's forgotten about, she played a solo piece on the piano at the

Hollywood Bowl when she was a teenager.

She won an award for he clothing design before she was 20.


The sweeter she's wearing in this picture, she knit.

Here is where I feel there's some what of an off balance.

Taking care of her well being. Not doing her own research when a doctor

gives her meds to take, believing everything they say, watching her get ill from them.

What's up???

Now is the time for us to take back ALL the power we've given to others,

possibly thinking they know more than the self.


No one is walking in your moccasins.

These wonderful people that have gone to school, study, study, study

some more about the human body, they're constantly practicing.


Sure, they're doing what they 'believe' is right for you, and there are times when

they've hit the right cord, while other times not.

My friend's father went in for surgery, he died, they said, the surgery was a success.



I'm in Los Angeles, daughter Jo-e surgery was more intense then what had

been seen on the MRI. . . her healing is fantastic.

It will take months before she regains all her strength.


Chocolate Chip Cookies


a few days before leaving Arizona, I made fish for dinner.

Melanie and I ate outside, overlooking the Sedona red rocks, the

sky changing colors, breeze filling my senses.


Taking the dishes back into the house, the smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the house.

Melanie was right behind me, “do you smell cho. chip cookies?” she took a breath.

“Yes, that's weird”...

the angels are here.


Last night, sitting and talking, the cookie smell was here and strong.

Yet, I was the only one to enjoy it.


As I write this, it is 11 ~ 11. at 11 o'clock Jo-e and I sat in meditation.

We will be doing this for the next 10 days.

11 days of meditation.

Come join us.

/ Eagle (Men)

4:30 am, dark and very quiet, everything is packed and ready to go.

My van sold, so wild, Tuesday, 10 / Reed, call came in, the mans voice said, “I'm standing by your van, I want to buy it.”
I said, I'll be there in 10 min. he said he would wait. He wanted it for the church, they didn't have a vehicle
to take the children in one van, this is perfect. “how much?” $600. “Sold”, we shook hands, made a date to
meet at the DMV at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

I left the registration at Gary's, thinking in the event the van didn't sell until after I left for Los Angeles, he could handle the details, he lives a couple hundred yards away from where the van was parked. Walking back with the registration in my hands, another call comes, “I want to see the van.” I see him standing next to it, telling him I'm walking towards him and we can speak in person. When I told him I just sold it a few moments ago, he asked what I had sold it for. He had that 'look', $600. he said, “
I had seen the van a while ago, then it was gone, thinking it had been sold, then when I saw it this morning, I told myself
I'll stop on the way home.” the look on his face was priceless. It was all so perfect, the children will have a wonderful ride,
and the church is happy, I'm happy.

I needed to rent a car to get to LA, and have gas money. Driving the van 500 miles, no can do.

Wednesday morning we transferred ownership, he handed me 6 100$ bills, happy faces. Picked the rental car up
at the end of the day. Ready for this journey. By 5:10 am Thursday I was on the road. Driving thru the desert
early morning, being witness to the sun rising, it's breath taking.

12:30 Jo-e calls, “where are you?” just getting onto the Santa Monica freeway, be there in about 20 min.”
“Wow Mom, amazing, I need to be out of here by 1, get my car into the shop, and be at my
Dr. appointment in Beverly Hills by 1:40.”

Timing, perfection.

She called back to ask me to meet her at the dealership. I dropped my stuff off at her apartment.
Got back in the car, picked her up, drove into BH, waited until she was done with all the pre op for
her surgery that will be happening on Wednesday, had Krista pick up Cole from school because we were
running over the time to pick him up, then got the rental back by 4:30 so it only cost me for one day.

By 9:30 that night, I was 9 sheets to the wind, beyond tired.

Los Angeles is beautiful, I feel blessed, this is where I grew up. Watching Los Angeles mature
to where it is now, watching the emerging of this wonderful city. Hollywood, home of the 'Stars'.

The San Fernando valley was all farm land, (not now) no freeways then. Slower, peaceful, no bars on windows,
we didn't lock our doors. I walked everywhere, people felt secure.

Fast forward, life in the fast lane.


"Remember, most of the things you think you need are ego trips designed to bolster your image and your perception of security.... You'll waste a lot of energy satisfying your ego only to find that, as soon as it's got what it wants, it ignores all your efforts and promptly nails another list of demands to your forehead. The ego will always try to force you to slave for its vision. I wouldn't stand for that BS if I were you."

-- Stuart Wilde


Did you ever see the film "Super Size Me?"

You know, the one where the guy from New York
(Morgan Spurlock) ate only McDonald's for 30 Days.

In case you don't remember, "Super Size Me" was the
blockbuster movie that exposed the major health risks
of eating a processed diet.


Who and where do you want to be in 2011?

How do you want your family to be?

If not now, when?

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