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The Galactic Butterfly

This request for support is from Madaline's daughter.

Dearest friends and family of Jo-e Sutton:

I am writing to you on behalf of my sister, Jo-e. 

As most of you probably know, Jo-e is going through major medical challenges. (For details click the link below). 

If you are receiving this e-mail, than I probably don't have to tell you what an angel she is; in fact, you've probably been on the receiving end of her kind, generous, and loving heart. 

Jo-e is the quintessential care taker who is now in need of receiving. 

Please send her your healing prayers, loving blessings, and any other support you can provide.  

A fundraising website has been set up to help with her medical bills and the 3 months of recovery during which she won't be able to work. 

If you are so moved, any contribution will make a huge difference - there is a give button and you can change the number to any amount.

THANK YOU!  Here is the link if you would like to see more about her condition.

Thank you so much for being such an important part of her loving community.

Jo-e's sister,



1 / Seed



“To The Life I've Chosen”

Ten days, can it really be ten days since Spirit shed his earthly body!

Wow, amazing, imply amazing.

I love hearing from you, I love sharing our stories, I love you.

Spirits picture is on my computer screen, kissing the top of his head is my favorite thing to do. Rubbing my cheek on his.

Jazzie, (kitty) will nuzzle with me, telling me she's here, having her is such a gift, she's so playful, a toast, to the life you've chosen.

We are the ones we've been waiting for, what a hoot.


4 / Deer


Sitting outside with Melanie and Gary, listening to the roar of thunder,

lighting crosses the sky behind the blackest of sky's, Gary is

giving Melanie a foot rub, the coolness wafts over my face, cool, summer is complete.

Hearing the sound of crunching behind me, yet not giving it much

attention, Gary says, look, it's a skunk, it was less then a foot away from us.

She's beautiful, her tail is thick, the undercoat black, over coat white with long hairs

shooting down to the ground.


I said, “oh how beautiful you are.” Melanie didn't want me to encourage her,

I said, “I'm sending love.” the three of us sent her love, she hung around for about five minutes.

I've never been in the presence of a skunk. When Spirit got skunked, I didn't see it.

She walked around us three times, then took off somewhere else.


It could have been that Spirit has a sense of humor and sent the 'skunk'

to let us know he's handing around with us. Felt that way.


This happened around 6:30 p.m.


The other day while sitting at the computer, I'm hearing this sound, know what a 'squeak' toy sounds like,

well that's what I'm hearing, walking towards the sound,

there's a hawk sitting on top of the post that's on top of the pond.


It's beautiful with its striped tail.

The next day, Melanie and I are watching the sky turn from it's perfect shade of blue to its

darkening shades until it turns almost black.

At dusk, some 14 morning doves appear.

They're eating the bird food that the smaller birds have dropped.


They have their look outs in a close by tree, three tweets and the were off,

in comes the hawk, faster then a blink of the eye, he wasn't fast enough.

He hung out in the tree for a bout a minute, then took off

checking to see where his next meal would be.


There's a yellow and black snake that hands out here, the first time

I saw her she was in the fig tree, (how apropos) what an amazing space this is.


Just started raining, door is open, hearing the sounds, soothes my soul.

I will be heading to Los Angeles on the 30th of October, Jo-e will be

having here surgery on the 3rd of Nov.

need to sell my van so I can get to LA. Or if anyone is taking a road trip and

would like company, I'm easy to be with, and could share the drive and gas.

This is the update about my grand-daughter


Makenzie had a 24 hour EEG October 13.  The results confirmed what we already knew - the medicine did NOT stop the seizures.  She will start an aggressive dose of steroids October 21.  If they help, she will be on the medication for 2 weeks, which the doctor said should flip the off switch to the seizures.  If it doesn't work within a week, the medicine will be discontinue.  Makenzie will then have to go back to the hospital to administer a different kind of steroid, which will also be on a short term basis.  If that doesn't work, then....she will have to live with the seizures until she out grows them (around 18 months old), at which time they are likely to be replaced with a new kind of seizure.  I'll definitely keep you posted as to the results as we get them.

Thank you always, for keeping us in your thoughts, prayers, and blessings.  And a special thanks to everyone who is helping with food & contributing to

In gratitude,

Kelly * Donnie * Makenzie

With the planets in the alignment they're in at this time, and the full moon

approaching, I know I'm not the only one feeling 'this' energy crunch.

I feel there will be many who might find themselves hurling so quickly that they

wont be able to stabilize themselves.


Please don't hold onto any emotions that could take you away from your center.

Talk to whom ever you feel comfortable with, someone that will listen, if you want advice, ask, other wise,

make sure you get it out of your body. Allowing it to fester could be detrimental to your well being.



3 / Reed


That's how I feel right now, helpless.

Spirit's hind leg is inflamed, he hasn't moved for over 30 hrs.

at 137 lbs. lifting him is out of the question.

Nothing I say to him has given him any encouragement to get up to go outside

to pee. How much can his body stand before his bladder lets loose?


My heart feels as though it were being crushed, haven't found a way to

get out of this emotion, allowing all of it to take hold.

Even if I had the funds to have a vet look at him, I couldn't get him there.


On top of all this, we're in the 4th day of amazing storms, not much let up.

Hail stones the size of marbles. Winds at times around 40 mph.

Spirit won't go out in the rain. He's not a water dog.

When the rain lets up for a while, I encourage him, yet, there's no way he's going to move.


Looking into his eyes, seeing so much sadness, as if he wanted to do what ever
I asked to please me, yet, his body is unable to cooperate.


Putting 'wintergreen' oil on him reduced the heat that was coming off his leg.

Giving him 'glucosamine & hyaluronic acid with MSM, I know this is assisting in lubricating his joints.

nothing is making a difference


the hours are ticking by, the storm has taken down the internet,

can't get on to do a search to see what could happen about him not peeing.


Helpless is being mild, jumping out of my skin, feeling my heart skip a beat.

Every few minutes I touch his face, kiss him, asking him to get up.

He looks at me, sad eyes.

It's just about 40 hrs. since he last emptied his blatter, how much longer can he hold out?

According to the information I received, critical time is around 70 hrs.

it would be okay with me if he let go in the house, the floors are tile, so it doesn't matter.

My emotions are all over the place, from gut wrenching cries, to laughter.


My newest grand daughter was born with a growth on her brain, she's been having seizures that have lasted as

long as 20 min. they haven't determined if she is blind at this point. Makenzie was born on the 7th Feb. 2010

having a conversation with daughter Kelly about her baby, Kelly said, “I know we chose each other for this

journey, that Makenzie knew she would be taken care of the way she needed to be taken care of.”


I had been asking Kelly what I could do to assist in any way, being she lives in Chicago,

I'm in Arizona, other then prayers, ( I do daily) what else, she sent me this email;


Hi Mom:

Once you told me you wished there was something you could do for Makenzie.  Now there is.  Donnie's marital arts dojo wanted to do something to help us too.  They found this website based fundraiser to help raise money for Makenzie.  They put the website together for us.  If you could post it to Mayan Majix or include in your journal (and to anyone else you think might be interested in helping) to help spread the word that would be very helpful.  The fundraiser ends October 31.  Here is the website:



Jo-e, sweet, kind, talented, passionate about life had surgery to remove spurs on her spine,

and remove plaque that was causing her pain that ran from her back down her arm.

For over a year she gave 'alternative' medicine a go, being she had educated herself in

'Oriental medicine' for 3 yrs. at a collage, and continues to search out alternative
ways to heal the body.

Three months after the surgery, she hadn't felt much relief, she went for another MRI

which showed that there were other spurs that were hidden the first time around.

Jo-e and son Ray have ulcerated collides. Talk about challenges.

They don't complain, they've done their do-diligence, taking care of their body,

researching everything about nutrition, what to eat, and what not.

Jo-e makes 'green' drinks, her clients continue to grow, she's making around 30 bottles a week.

Ray has created gluten free, wheat free, vegan cookies.

For anyone in the Los Angeles area, Ray's cookies are in:

Earth Bar

West Hollywood

Santa Monica Blvd & Kinds Rd.


Ray is 5th generation baker, my great grandmother, grandmother, dad & brother

were bakers, my dad and mom were born in Poland, my sister, brother and I are first born in America.

My dad's passion for being a baker brought my brother into the fold,

they opened Weby's in Studio City California.

People spoke about Weby's as being the Saks Fifth Ave of Bakery's.

It was family run, with a huge extended family.

Our motto;

Everything Baked with Love”

They're quite clear that they've chosen this way of life to experience what is here for them to experience.

by Barbara Marx Hubbard

1Every personal crisis is an opportunity to change, to grow, to evolve. We all face crises. We have deaths in our families; friends become ill; we may lose our jobs. Each of these crises is necessary to jolt us from our daily routine, our planned path, and give us the chance to move to a new level.


3 / Reed


Early evening, Spirit is in the same position, Melanie brought over

small rugs with a grip on the bottom, we put them under Spirits legs,

with any luck, he could get a grip and stand up.

We encouraged him, he got in a sitting position, I wrapped my arms around his mid section,

taking the weight off of his hind legs. He pushed and almost got up, his back legs gave way,

he fell, my tears were burning my eyes, he tried two more times, after the 3rd go, he gave up.

Melanie and I sat on the floor with him, wrapping ice around his leg that is twice the size that it should be.

My tears soaked his head. The look on his face, as helpless as mine.

A sound came from him, a sound I hadn't heard. It was a toning sound,

we chimed in with him, toning, he raised his head to create a higher pitch note.

This went on for about 2 min.we were blown away.

He ate ice cubes, hydrating himself.

I heard my dad saying to me, “this is not quality life”

I knew what was next, yet, I didn't want to let go.

Asking Spirit, he agreed with 'daddy'. “this isn't the life I want to live with”


I stayed with Spirit on the floor until me eyes were so heavy I couldn't stay awake.

The entire time, holding him, smelling him, rubbing my face all over his.

Telling him how grateful I am that we had shared these experiences, what a great traveler,

all the people we got to meet along our journey, that he would reconnect with Ian,

that I was jealous that he would get to hang out with Ian.


4 / Jaguar


5:40 a.m.

Hi Spirit, lying on the floor with him, wrapping my arms around him,

his ears are the texture of velvet, his coat is so soft, so inviting to touch.

I brought more ice cubes, he chomped on 10 or so.


Putting up a pot of coffee, I made a huge pot, I usually drink one cup,

when I got to my 3rd cup, I knew to stop, being I was tempting fate I wanted

a cigarette, (testing myself big time)

Melanie asked me what I wanted. “This can't go on.” today is the day.


She made a few phone calls, they will be here between 11 & 11:30.

I sat with Spirit, feeling his heart beating, feeling his breath, kissing him non stop.

I told him what was going to happen. His calmness brought some comfort,

yet, this human is so emotional, Spirit thinks 'humans are funny'.


11:15, they've arrived,

Gary, Larna, Melanie and I are surrounding Spirit. He's totally surrendered.

Taking in his essence, they waited until we were ready.


Looking into his beautiful brown eyes. Seeing the universe there.

He was talking, giving gratitude for his wonderful life.

Then he put his head down, took a deep breath.

It was effortless for him, the rest of us broke down.


Spirit took his last breath.


The day went on, someone would ask how I was, don't know, too numb.

Daughter Jo-e called 4 or 5 times, Ray called, Jodi, Kelly.

The house feels strange, empty, Spirits presence is huge.

When he lied on the floor he took up 12 ft. easy to count the tiles.


His 12th B-day is on the 22 November.

I didn't think he was going to make it.


We had a great life, truly great.

5 / Eagle


first morning with out Spirits presence.

Putting my walking shoes on. Hearing in my head,

'come on, you ready?'

tears, more tears.


Its not that 'life' is cruel, its how I see/feel all things around me,

how I interpret what is in my space.

Wanting it to be different than it is.


When I'm in acceptance of all there is, I'm centered, and grounded.

Emotions is what separates us from other life forms.

I love my emotions, wouldn't alter that. No judgment on tears or laughter.


Altering Habits

I tasted my first cigarette when I was 12, 1955.

those were romantic times. All the movies, the actors would portray

energy with one another, the man would take both cigarettes between

his lips, light them with a flair, then hand one to 'her'.

They would look into one another's eyes, I could feel the sparks

flying right through the screen.

I knew I wanted to smoke, to feel what I witnessed on the big screen.


At 15, I was smoking daily, my parents didn't smoke, nor drink.

My brother smoked, as did my sister, it was easy to get my hands on cigarettes.


I smoked for 16 yrs. Then my brother died, I knew it was time to stop.

The question that came, HOW?


Driving home one day, there was a bill board,



The sign was there just for me.

At home, I called to find out more details.


Calling my sister to see if she wanted to join me.

Didn't matter if she did or didn't, I WAS GOING!

I waited a week before the date of the class.

During that week, I increased the amount of cigarettes to the point of being very sick.


The first night of the class, (there must have been 60 people) the energy was high.


A group of us walked outside. I had a half of pack in my bag.

Asking if anyone wanted them. (silly question)

I crushed the pack in my hand, through them into the sky.

They never came down. We stood there in awe.


Over the years I've started and stopped so many times, I've given up counting.


This last go around was about 9 months.

Ian and I stopped at the beginning of '05.

I picked it back up at the end of '09.

I know the harm it causes my body.

When I woke on the 1 / Flint day

I knew I was complete, (for now)


day one (1)


1 / Flint (Etznab)


the first day is the easiest for me.

Its the first cigarette in the morning that's the killer.

Not having the first one makes it easy for me.


So, that first day, no problem.


2 / Storm (Cauac)


the smell of coffee, that wonderful smell, then taste,

sitting outside in the bright early morning, listening to the birds,

feeling the coolness on my skin.

Reaching for the 'pack'.

Not today, not now!

Again, not having the first one makes it easier.

There was one other time during that second day where I 'really' wanted one.

I tell my mind, 'who's the boss here?'

gently hitting my stomach with my hands open.

Amazing, it took the craving away.


3 / Sun (Ahau)


First day of Autumn

sun beaming thru my window, 5:55 a.m.

Smelling coffee, yum.

Taking my cup outside, Melanie sits with me.

She lights a cigarette.

I notice the smell is repulsing me. (good)


after Spirit and I come back from our walk, I knew that I needed to move more energy.


When I went to this smoking clinic, the second night when

everyone got settled, one of the presenters asked it anyone wanted to

share their experience.

My hand flew out.


After dinner, (this is what I'm sharing with the group)

I felt a rage burning inside of me, the rage grew, I felt as

though I could kill my family. I felt insane.

The doctor said, “had you thought about walking, power walking?”

no, he said, “I suggest, when ever you're feeling the desire to do

anything that you normally wouldn't, walk.”


the next night after dinner, the intensity wasn't as strong, yet

it showed up. I said to the family, “I don't care if you do

the dishes, or not, I'm going for a walk.”


this is what started me on my path of power walking,

I've been walking for 35 yrs.


Bring Spirit back home, I told him I was going on a walk.

It's the best way for me to keep centered.

Moving my body, feeling the energy shift.

Yeah, it's the best.

4 /Crocodile (Imix)

I really want a cigarette. Working my stomach muscles with my open hands, amazing.

Feeding my body what creates the shift.


I know the desire will pass, whether I have a cigarette or not.

So giving into it, well, that's crazy, being I have a commitment to ME.

If I don't take care of me, who will???


5 / Wind (Ik)


Nothing grand to report on this day. No huge urges.

Grateful for that.

Melanie told me that she and Marla were going to Scotsdale on Sunday,
staying over night at the new Hotel / Casino

Marla had been given a 'free' nights stay.

They asked me if I wanted to go.

I declined.


The urge returned today, saying out loud,

I want a cigarette, I want a cigarette,

I want a cigarette.


Each time I spoke it, I said it louder.

Melanie said, “I acknowledge your desire!”

than it passed.


6 / Night (Akbal)


Sunday morning, awe, feeling the quiet all around,

people sleeping in, no one driving up or down the street.

Coffee brewing, 6 a.m. Watching the sky turn colors.


Sitting outside, Melanie's pack of cigarettes sitting on the table.

Checking in with myself, seeing where I am, would I, could I?

Hum, six days in, for sure this would be one of the more stupid moves.


Coffee is delicious, Spirit is waiting patiently for me,

taking a walk together is our 'high light' of the day.

We walked down a road I hadn't walked on, there was a house 4 sale.

I couldn't tell if anyone was living in it, or empty.

My thoughts immediately goes to my 'Safe House' would this work? Hum.

Marla came over, they're getting ready to leave.

Melanie said, come.

She knew I didn't have any funds, and not having funds at the casino isn't fun.

Ok, I'm coming with.

Being in the casino without smoking is the test of tests.

I was surprised and delighted that the urge was, on a scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 4, way cool.


We had a blast.

Sunday night we were as cold as ice.

7 / Seed (Kan)

Monday morning, Melanie looked at the clock.


Alrighty then.

There was a coffee pot in the room,

nothing to right home about, for sure.

Not the dark French roast I love, oh well, it was hot, and coffee.


We had the most amazing breakfast.

Arriving at 7 when they opened.

Talking with everyone that was on duty, wonderful choices.

I tasted the lemon curd, cream cheese french toast.

Wow, out standing.


I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, yet, without funds

there wouldn't be a reason to go there.


The decision was made to 'play' and win.

A couple of hours later the three of us left with close to

four hundred dollars.

What a hoot.

Trader Joe's here we come.

back home, Spirits entire body wiggles when he see's me.

Thrilled to have me back home. Even though it had been 24 hrs ago

that we left, he's so precious.

We shared our story with Gary,

the machine that kept paying.

Marla hit a 175.00 jack pot.

We squealed with delight.

There were smaller ones as well.

The machines are such fun when they hit.

All the bells and whistles.


Didn't think much about having a cigarette, wrapped up in the

joy the three of us were experiencing.


8 / Serpent ( Chicchan)


early in the day, I didn't have any urges, grateful am I.

After dinner, sitting outside, watching the sky change colors

waiting for the moon to appear.

The urge come so strong, stronger then when we were at the casnio.


Sharing the sensations with Melanie and Gary.


Talking about my desire, talking about taking the cigarette out of

Melanie's hand.

Watching it, listening as if I were the witness to someone else.


It took about three minutes, the urge vanished. The moment passed as I knew it would.

9 / Transformer (Cimi)


Having a tooth pulled today. I had an infection.

All thoughts were on my tooth, getting it out.

It felt as though it were hours, pulling, tugging.

In real time, it was less than 10 min.


today is a piece of cake, not one thought about having a cigarette.

Having this huge hole in my mouth where my tooth was.


Thrilled to have the emotional support here, being I've said;

'The mind is a dangerous place, don't go there alone.'


I met the realtor for the house around the corner.

Ken has been working in this area for about 25 yrs.

I immediately felt his warm energy.

Telling him about the 'Safe House'

about the children, about how I feel when I bring the 'Safe House'

into my awareness. My passion towards bringing clear communication into the fold.

He told us about an area I hadn't known about.

Melanie and I took a drive.

The area is Quail Springs Ranch.

A 4 sale sign lead us up a drive way.

Not sure if the house was lived in until we approached.

It was empty.

We looked thru the windows, walked around, the back side of the house

is surrounded by national forest

its on 2 acres.

Melanie and I stood there, feeling, breathing the energy.

Melanie said, “If I were looking for a home to buy, I would buy this.”


it's the best priced house that I've seen, and the one that would be a start for the 'Safe House'.


You can see it if you wish.

2375 W. Quail Springs Ranch Rd.


“You can hear the quiet from here”

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Black Madonna

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