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The Galactic Butterfly

Spirit got skunked


3 / Eagle


Changes, constantly moving from one set of conscious thoughts to another.

Gary, Spirit and I had been asked to vacate the house we had been living in.

on Monday, the few belongings I have were picked up by my 'angel' Ken.

These belongings will remain with him until my final destination.

Asheville NC.


My beloved Soul Sister Melanie invited me to stay with her until I leave AZ.

The first night here, sitting outside, enjoying the evening. Spirit

took off, there was something we didn't see.

Upon his return it was clear what he went after.

The smell was over powering.

Melanie had some skunk removal stuff that didn't take the sent away.

She said, “I don't want Spirit in the house with that smell”, nor do I.

He's a house dog, sleeping outside would be new for him.

I told Melanie that I would sleep outside with him.

She has these wonderful reclining chairs. Getting my pillow, and a light blankie,

getting comfortable, Spirit next to me.

Looking at the sky, the stars were prolific. A magical night for sure.


There was a cloud that appeared that looked like four fingers, these were the only

clouds in the sky that I could see.


Not sure how long I had been sleeping, something fell on my throat.
It startled me awake.
I knew I had been out of my body, the jolt upon returning into my body was heavy.

Looking up, the clouds were covering all the stars. I felt a fascination surrounding me.

Sleep took over.


“two serpents, female & male.

They were engaged in a beautiful 'love' dance,

he came around to one side of her cheek, then slowly the other,

he came around to rest his lips on hers, as their mouths merged, they morphed

into human form.”

Great dream


I thanked Spirit for having his experience, so that I could have this one.

Knowing there's 'never' anything wrong, or bad.


I've spoken about the 'Safe House' . .

I have a out line on how I see this, how I desire to bring in those who

recognize that what they would be coming to is a place where support for the

soul, from the heart, to be surrounded by the energy they've known would

create more 'love' energy.


These are the times for all of us to come together, our village awaits.


"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."

  • - Plutarch


6 / Serpent Chic chan

My Mayan Birthday.


I know you're feeling these energy shifts as strongly as I am.

Those of us who follow the Mayan Calendar, experiencing the energy of each day

with gratitude, joy, love, this extends with everyone that

shares our space.


Our friends had a yard sale in our yard today.

At least 100 people came thru. Observing (as I so enjoy doing) watching the

children came in, when they spotted Spirit, each coming over to greet him, they would

sit on the ground with him, he was eating it up, getting love, and returning it.

They recognized the divine quiet soul he is, talking to him, touching

his feet, stroking his head. . . he would turn to look my way, checking in, sharing his joy.

His day filled him, what a precious soul Spirit is.

How grand it is when we see one another as our brothers & sisters.

Color doesn't matter, language doesn't matter.

The only thing that counts is our connection.

Knowing from the heart that we are


I spoke about moving to Asheville NC. I spoke about leaving AZ on the 13th.

Well, the laughter seems to have raised an octave or two.

Humans makes plans . . . God Laughs

what a hoot.

For two days I was searching for a mover. Connecting with

6 different moving companies. The first one that got back to me with a quote said,

$5000.00” the word what came out as a scream.


The last one's bid was 1,160.00...

I have one room, my bed, a small desk, sm. Two shelf book shelf.

Less then 20 boxes. It would all fit in a van. One problem. There wouldn't

be room for Spirit. His comfort is my priority.


Ken, the angel appears. He comes over, looks at my 'stuff', “I'll move you for

$1000.00 and, you and Spirit can ride with me. . .



Hum, Spirit is 11 ½ , he doesn't do the 'jump' in thing. He's taking being a 'senior' very seriously.


Tomorrow my van will find a new home. This will give me the funds to move forward.

Still not clear at this time, when I will be leaving AZ. Or how.

I'm in the hands of Divine Source, as we all are.

Staying out of my minds desire to turn it all into a pile of mush doesn't compute.

7 / Transformer Cimi


Around 9 last night the rains came, what a blessing. I sleep well hearing the rain on the roof.

Praying the roof would hold. After the tree fell, leaving holes in the roof, it was a prayer that kept it from coming in.


Spirit and I take a walk each morning, this morning he looked at me,

“no, not now.”

I walk alone. Returning, he hadn't moved an inch. My heart felt heavy.

Sitting on the floor with Spirits head in my lap, he put his paw over my leg.

Stroking him, feeling tears cascading down my cheeks.

Telling him how much I've learned from him, how present he is, how calm, how loving.


He's heard me talk about the challenges of having a four legged weigh in at 140lbs.

Not being able to pick him up, that having a comfortable place for him IS my first

priority. Yet, I was feeling that he felt as though he was a burden at this time.

I reassured him that my life would never be quiet as complete without him.


About 10 a.m. He moved from my bedroom, came to through the door, lied down.

Thrilled that he moved.

I shared my watermelon and goat vanilla yogurt with him, he sat up to eat that.

My heart sang.

11 a.m. I asked him if he wanted to take a walk, he did. Half a block.

He's back in my bed room, right in front of the fan. (smart boy)

8 / Deer Manik


Change, forever changing.

The only energy that is an absolute.



So, tomorrow is the 13, the day I said I was going to leave AZ.

I can hear 'Them' laughing . . .

what I find so amusing is, I've totally surrendered.

There's no-thing going on in my body. When I'm meant to leave, I will.


I don't ever remember being THIS clear. THIS present to Source.

The night of the 3rd of July, when Ian put the 'phantom' ring on my finger,

everything altered, the energy that runs through my body, my perceptions of all I see,

all I taste and smell.

I'm having a gathering here, (where I live) on the 17th July.

Kathie Bechmen is having her gathering in Phoenix

Walker Marshal is at the other end of Sedona,

we have our triad grid set in place.

Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome

6:30 p.m. on the 17th

sweet dreams, I'll see you there.

473 days until 28th Oct. 2011

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