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The Galactic Butterfly


Grace and Ease has become the way I view & live my life.

When there's struggle, I know its time to move onto a new path.

For the past 5 or so months, I've been searching for a way to acquire this 'Land' to create a 'Safe House'.

With each turn, rather then having a clear passage, I would be presented with a road block.

12 / Flint Etznab

checking my email, seeing a name I hadn't seen in many months.
I was confused by what I was reading, emailing him back, I requested he call.
Our conversation lasted two hours.
His desires, consciousness is in total alignment with mine.

He lives in Asheville NC, four acres, house that will be home base for 'Safe House'
for the year and a half he's been there, with the desire to bring in like minded peoples, no one has shown up.
About a hour into our conversation, he said, “I don't know where this is coming from,
what I was told is, you're to come here.” my body vibrated, every hair stood at attention.
Knowing within every molecule of my being this is where I'm to be.

Grace and Ease.


The first gift Ian had given me was a ring he created.
I've worn it every day, until four months ago, my fingers swelled from the heat here.
Over these past few months without wearing the ring, I would 'feel' the ring,
touching my pinky with my left hand, not even realizing until my
fingers touched 'skin' that the ring wasnt' there.
I felt Ian, knowing he was right here with me, next to me, inside of me, touching me.

After the phone call, I returned to the party my neighbor was having.
Standing under the trees, looking up to the star studded sky, there was an intense light,
keeping my eye on it, watching the red and green lights flash, one can only know what this object is.
Finding my left hand on my pinky, feeling the 'phantom' ring,
I felt Ian smile, the smile was so huge that my belly distended with his energy.
Bliss. Telling me that Asheville is where I'm to be.

I'm ready to leave, I've put a sign on my van, the sign read:


Needs a New Home


$2000 will get me to NC. My only criteria is a comfortable ride for Spirit.
After all he is a senior, and his comfort is number 1 on my hit parade.
So, anyone want to take a road trip with me, I've got a few things that I will be taking.


Must have my bed. And my rocking chair. Once the van finds its new home,
I will be on the road. The quicker the better.

Today is 1 / Sun Ahau

Ian's Maya name is Ahau /12 ...powerful 13 days for sure.

Blessings dear family. Blessings

6 / Road

I am all that I am
There's a constant voice that continues to 'remind' me that I am all that I am.
Whatever else I might hear, creating/manifesting, being with the 'divine' energy of the one heart, one love, ONE. . .
anything outside of this, truly is the grand ILLUSION!

Lying in bed, speaking with my guides (as I do each night) saying,
“If you want me to see the lunar eclipse, you will have me wake up at 3:30.”
Opening my eyes, looking at the clock, it was 3:30, the voice within had a different agenda,
I don't want to get up, I don't want to go outside.' Finding my feet on the floor, walking into my closet,
knowing it was chilly outside, in the dark finding a long sleeve shirt.
The moon had just started to darken, the en-tenseness of light was staggering.
Walking over to a spot where the trees separated for a clear view, standing there in 'awe' of what I was witnessing.
It was 1/3 complete when my body knew it was time to complete my rest.
Checking the time, it was 3:55. . . peaceful rest.
Thank you Guides, Source, Angels.

This video will bring more clarity, and magical visuals. enjoy

“A human being is the kind of machine that wears out from lack of use. There are limits, of course, and we do need healthful rest
and relaxation, but for the most part we gain energy by using energy… It might well be that all of us possess enormous
stores of potential energy, more than we could ever hope to use.”

~ George Leonard from Mastery


9 / Wind

Madaline Kathie and Carl
Kathie, Madaline and Carl

Carl Calleman came to Sedona to do a presentation.
What a magical night. I went to Phoenix on Tuesday to see Carl and Kathie.
This was a very special moment, I hadn't seen Carl since Ian and I went to Sweden in 2001.
I felt healing energy being exchanged between Carl and myself.
His presentation was brilliant, clearly understood, he had all of us captivated.
For the Thursday's gathering, I opened with Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Gulf Prayer.
My request for the listeners was to ingest this energy, own it, be one with it. . . here it is:

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the
Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, and shellfish, plankton,
coral, algae, and all living creatures . . .I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

"Your imagination is your preview
to life’s coming attractions."

-- Albert Einstein

What I feel at this time for all whom are aware of 'these' consciousness shifts.

ETHICS is louder and clearer then ever.

Holding space for the divine to work thru us.
To hold the 'LIGHT OF LOVE' for all of life, every blade of grass, every fly
that walks on my body, sending love in all directions.
Panic and fear will bring more panic and fear.
Love and Gratitude will bring more of that.
After the tree fell on our house, we've been more conscious of everything In our world.
We've been given notice to vacate.
At this moment we're here, watering the food growing, taking care of this land we've make our home.
The Land I've been speaking about awaits my arrival.
I spoke with the realtor the other day, standing in the house, he said,
“I'm so surprised this house hadn't sold!”
I looked in square in the eye. “Marc, this house is mine!” he looked at me,
he knows about my project for this land to be a Safe House.
He got it, he shook his head, I asked about renting it, he said the owner said no. they want it gone.

There are so many who still have funds to play with, yet for what ever monolog that they're hearing.
Fear of using what they have is way too frightening.

This story happened in Europe during WWII

A man brought a wheel barrel filled with money to the bakery to buy bread.
He left it outside while asking to buy a loaf of bread.
The baker wanted something else in exchange, not money.
When the man returned outside the money was on the ground, the wheel barrel was gone.
The one thing that frightens me, people who walk around with 'blinders' thinking
that this will pass and everything will go back to 'normal'. . .Not this time, this is a one way ticket, an E ticket for sure.
Someone asked me how I was going to get people to find me.

“Build it, and they will come”

check out - Matty and Devon's Facebook page



"Be not afraid of going slowly but only afraid of standing still.
Chinese Proverb

Remaining centered while all around seems to be filled with energiesthat most of us hadn't ever experienced,
nor would weconsciously CHOOSE this, yet, all there is to do,
BE,knowing that indeed we have chosen 'this'...
those who struggle with 'not' wanting 'this' might find it terribly confusing,outlandish in a sense.
Allowing, is the 'E' ticket.Take that ticket and ride.

The alternative of course would be leaving this 'magical'mystery tour.
I, for one wouldn't want to miss one single moment of it.

On the 7th of May, a huge mulberry tree fell on our house,covering both cars, came thru the picture window.
The following week, Gary's brother dies,then I hit a car.

The magic number '3'. . .
yippy, it's clear now, all the juju is complete.
Being present to the emotions that are filtering thru,being present and allowing
whatever comes my way, filling it all with acceptance,
grace and ease.

Some feel that a particular task might seem impossible.
Concentrating on one task at a time, there are times when eventhinking about 'one' task is asking too much.

I consider myself an excellent driver, the other day, I hit a car, he was in my blind spot, even after hitting him,
I couldn't see whom I hit. My entire body shook, I couldn't control the shaking,
it took about 10/15 min.before I could drive again.

Then I continued to hear (in my head) how could I be so stupid?
Where was I? What now?
About an hour later it dawned on me that in order for me to return to center,
I had to 'change the channel'

Mother Earth has been and always will be on our side, she wants us to besuccessful,
to thrive, to be ONE with her on this journey we've chosen.

As of today10 / Dog (Oc)

we have 510 days until 28th Oct. 2011

at the Santa Monica Pacific Ocean Park pier, better known at the time as P.O.P.
there was a ride where you would stand holding onto rails against the wall, the centrifugal force
would keep you pined to the wall as it spun and tilted,
then the floor would drop out.
Sounds like maybe this is what we're experiencing now?Loosing our footing, questioning ourselves way too much.Wanting answers to questions that at this time might notbe available for answers.Relax, breath, stay in 'this' moment.
Remind yourself to 'change the channel'

from the beginning of this incarnation,Comparisons is how I learned everything, hot/cold, up/ down,
seems theseare all the patterns that 'mold' our consciousness.
Seeing what is being presented at these moments is all there is.

Judgment and being Defensive
A friend came over the other day, he was telling me that 'they' arguealmost all the time.
Listening to his story.
I said, “what ever she is saying to you is her truth, doesn't mean you agree or disagree, she is 'right' for her,
to create peace and harmony, let her know you hear how she views this situation, and you have a different point of view.
By having her be 'right' (for her) her defenses melt away.Then there are times when you might say,
'lets agree to disagree and move on'Ian and I had done this, the first time I said this to him, he smiled,
feeling his love, sending it back, its complete.”

Then you can hear one another, knowing each had been heard. We use language to stay connected.
What are we doing here anyway. To connect, to witness our evolution of consciousness.

Truly, I've been thinking a lot about 'why' we're here?

To share LOVE, this I handle well. To witness destruction, watch people kill one another.
Is this what were here for??? To destroy our beautiful 'Mother'...

Speaking to sister Melanie about 'knowing', feeling an answer, then acting on it.
She looked at me with the questioning eyes. I said, “when you were telling me about going to Florida to be with
yoursisters, you thought about it for a few days, then you made your flight
in that instant you 'knew' what your soul desired,there weren't any more 'questions'.
The struggle or questioning the self is complete.”

She said, “that's perfectly clear.”this is the evolution we are in, time with ~ no time.
The shift of consciousness must be first and foremostin our awareness, not being conscious,
you might hit a car. Hahaha.

Following your intuition, allowing love to filter all areas of life
It was close to 100 degrees today, thinking about statements made when it
was heavy jacket weather, and hearing complainants that theywere tired of the cold.
Now hearing how hot it is.
Are people ever satisfied?

Get a grip. We went to see the movie Shrek tonight.
Amazing film, (didn't see it in 3D) Cottonwood is a small town, a one theater town, I love it.
Real butter on the popcorn. (ever ask what they put on popcorn when they ask if you want butter) wild, its not butter.
I love the messages that are being broadcast for all to hear, pay attention,
everything is available, where you put your attention,
you will hear what you want,
and you will get what you ask for.

I hear messages daily, sometimes every moment, what ever comesmy way is the 'gift' for that moment, never over looking what appears. Driving down the road and the light stays green until I pass.Coming out of a parking lot and having the road clear for me to turn left.The perfect parking space in front of the place I'm going to.I give my 'parking angels' a heads up, telling them I'm about 10 minutes away,and that I request a space right in front of the (where ever) I'm going to.
Works like magic, because it is. Its' all magic.
I'm sure I say 'thank you' a kazillion times a day.THANK YOU



There is one great truth on this planet:

whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do,when you really want something, it's because that desireoriginated in the soul of the universe.It's your mission on earth... And when you want something, all theuniverse conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist:A Fable About Following Your Dream

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