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could be these are polar opposites,

could be that the electromagnetic energy contains within itself

these properties that connect us to the

'whole' that moves us into higher or lower


Placing your hand on a magnet, most likely you wouldn't

have the experience of the 'force' that the magnet carries.

Yet, when placing an additional magnet next to this one,

you would feel the 'pull', depending on the electromagnetic

energy, every move that is made is congruent with the other.


All this energy represent a line of force, as light force, photons,

neither wave nor particle, can they be distinguished?

Yes, by the results that one experiences.


Therefore, every move we make, every action, word, thoughts, deeds,

set up a reverberation into the world.

The 'Butterfly Effect'

the air moves, creating a wave that could create a typhoon in

another part of the world.


The technical term is “sensitive dependence upon initial conditions.”


our consciousness continues to expand

for those who are aware of these changes, these shifts are

most welcomed, then there are those who continue to struggle,

to 'fight' against the tide. Fear plagues them, keeping the

growth from occurring.

The Hopi say, “let go of the shore, those who hang on to

the shore will suffer greatly. ”


taking anything personally, most of all ourselves could be quite

detrimental to the self and our loved ones.


We've chosen this time to experience what Mother Earth is

offering, when I hear people complain, I wonder if they are

hearing what they're saying, being everything that is spoken will be given.

this video is one of the most important I've heard
especially, highlighting the fact that what
this land I'm about to acquire is about having
it be a 'safe house'


“Just because we increase the speed of information doesn't mean we can increase the speed of decisions. Pondering, reflecting and ruminating are undervalued skills in our culture.”

-- Dale Dauten


I'm reading;



the practice of mystical judaism


Rabbi David A Cooper


this is having me stretch way beyond where I had ever looked, ever.

I love that, the stretching part.


I'll read a few pages, set the book down, pay attention to

what manifests in my thoughts, where it takes me.


This chapter is;

Seeds of Sin and Guilt”

The voice of God “walks” in the garden. What does that mean?

God calls out to Adam. “Where are you?” Does this mean God

does not know where Adam is? God does not know the nature of serpents?

God does not know in advance that Adam and Eve will eat the fruit? God “wonders” whether they will eat from the Tree of Life? God has to send them out of the garden to keep them from eating other fruits? God has to set up cherubs to guard the garden, and a revolving blade to guard the Tree of Life?

This will not work. Modern readers would definitely reflect the presentation of a God that lacks foresight, strength, wisdom, understanding, and compassion.

No,” a modern editor would say, “this manuscript will never get past the critics.”


growing up in a Jewish neighborhood, I hadn't heard

these stories until I was in my late teens.


When I would hear others speak about them as if they

had been there, having their own personal experience.

Sent a chill up my spine.

What I was hearing hadn't resonated with me, not then, not now.

I've never been a follower, there seemed to be a pattern

that I witness from those who 'follow' . .

what are they following?

Had they lost who they are?

What their personal passion in life is all about?


Seeing the brilliants of 'their' desire to contain 'us'

the queen once said, “give them cake”.

Oh, happy little sheep we are!

Give them cake, indeed!


Look at all the track housing that pops up over night (it seems)

build a walmart, the people will come.


There's no separation, one house looks like the next, and, if you want

to change the color of your home, you must get 'permission???'

that's insane, when you have respect for yourself, and the

place you live, enjoying neighbors. Whats the deal here?



No one need to travel outside their little area.

People gravitate to these areas, it's 'comfort food for their soul.

They enjoy what they have.

For those who still have their homes, and jobs, what kind of life

are they living?

Get the children ready for school, get to work, get home,

have a meal, get the children together for their homework, then bed.

Oh fun!!!


this is not how it was meant to be.

The story of Adam and Eve is buried deeply in the Western psyche,

and in many ways it continues to influence the ways in which we relate to one another. The literal reading of the story suggests that Adam and Eve

were the first humans and that Eve was an easy object of seduction. She quickly succumbed to the wiry serpent.

Not only did she eat the forbidden fruit, but she rushed off to get her partner to do the same. For this act of “disobedience,” she has been reviled throughout the centuries.

All of womens suffering during childbirth is blamed on Eve's ignorance.

Worse, the entire downfall and degradation of humankind is said to be her fault.

A woman rabbi once said.

The story of Adam and Eve is perhaps the most obvious instance in the entire Torah in which the relationship between male and female has been contaminated by absurd implications. Any assumption that Adam and Eve represent a relationship

of gender as the first man and woman of creation is ludicrous. Rather, the mystics treat these and all major biblical characters—as divine principle. Adam and Eve

represent the principle of duality, each a polar opposite of the other.”


I know there are many whom haven't fallen into the 'trap' of

believing what they hadn't had first hand contact with.

Then there are those who would rather give up their life before

altering their belief that Adam and Eve were/are the cause

of all their suffering.


In this scenario, it's clear to me the indoctrination had/has

been set In stone.


When you have everything you need, there's no greed” mw

could it be that the Garden of Eden

only resides as a consciousness?

rather than a physical location?

So, in the event Eden is pure consciousness

then it's possible that Adam & Eve

were consciousness, not in physical form.


How I view our world today thru Ian's eyes.

Everything, everything IS possible.”

why would God incise Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?

Could be God's sense of humor.

Being 'innocent', totally trusting.

She wouldn't doubt anything, comparing one from another is how

we recognize who we are, wearing clothes, being naked.

That's a viable comparison.

Eden is bliss.

Everything needed is provided.


If the serpent were following orders

why was he punished?

Eden, is what one makes for themselves.


Mother Earth was 'new'

Adam and Eve were alone here.

Limitless light, pure awareness.

Our concept of time, ( dogma 1 thru 3)

while consciousness accepted this illusion as a truth

then we discovered a box to live outside of ( dogma 4 thru 6 )

there's never been a box to live outside of. . .

or inside of. . .


we've become so indoctrinated

with the language we use, for those of us born in the US, we take

for granted that we understand one another, seldom would someone

say a phrase that wouldn't be understood, or some slang sentence.


Yet, here I have living with me a women who's first

language is French.


There are words or phrases that she hears, then asks

what does that mean?”


When I speak with her, I observe her body language,

checking in with her to make sure she understands

what we all desire, to stay connected.


We thrive on staying connected, yet we lock ourselves in our own space,

have 'burglar' alarms, bars on the windows.

Fear begets fear.

Love shines with limitless light.


Here's a alternative point of view:

this again from “God is a Verb”

Once a physical universe is formed, we read a

metaphor that the voice of God “walks” in the garden in the

breeze of day. This is mystical poetic imagery to indicate that a

new materiality has come into the creation.

God asks of Adam and Eve, “where are you!” This is not a question. It is

rhetorical: “Look at where you are! You are in bodies, you are physical

beings. I told you this would be the result. Now you will surely die.” then what happens? God gives Adam and Eve clothing made of skin. That is to say, now

they have a sense of separation; they saw themselves as separate

beings. Prior to the serpent, the sense of nakedness did not exist.

It comes only when one has a identity, a sense of individuality.

Adam does not say that Eve forced him to eat, rather that she offered the fruit and he freely took it. This is an acknowledgment of relationship

rather than the placing of blame.”


a slant I hadn't heard.

Clears up much confusion for me.


One more piece from the Rabbi



Perfecting Creation

Kabbalists say that Ein Sof is perfect, by definition, and this

universe is constantly in the process of perfecting itself.

Indeed, Judaism says that the very purpose of existence is the continuous

perfecting of the universe.

Imagine an advanced computer program in an “intelligent” computer

that is designed to learn as it goes. Each time it does a function, it learns by its mistakes and does the function more efficiently the next time.

As long as it is learning, constantly improving, it is fulfilling its purpose.

However, if the computer functions in a way that it ceases to improve

itself, it is programed to self-destruct. Why? Because its purpose is to continuously perfect itself. If it achieves perfection, it no longer has anything to do.

Thus it enters a stalemate with no place to go.


Try this on;

Imagine an advanced 'human', “intelligent” that is designed to learn as it goes.

Each time it does a function, it learns by its mistakes and does the

function more efficiently the next time.

As long as this 'human' continues to learn, improve, the human is

serving it's purpose.


However, if the 'human' functions in a way that it ceases to

improve herself, himself, it would self destruct.

Our function is to recognize who we are as a collective.

To be interdependent, rather then (dogma 7 thru 9).


Our village runs in perfect harmony,

with 'grace and ease'

through the cooperation that comes from




please read my last posting,

this land awaits,

having a 'safe house'

a place that will naturally have those

who gravitate to this oneness, a desire to 'heal'

themselves, and family, to learn to work with

Mother Earth.

I've received emails for several 'young' one's

who state they want to participate,

I've invited them to come.

They will come.


Our Safe House awaits.




Ian and I started a conversation back in 2002,

planning our 'future'




this land is for those whom are open to


experiencing 'oneness'

with all of nature.


There are many whom continue to struggle with themselves,

not knowing where to turn, how to experience all the changes.

The questions continue to plague them.


This land will be totally self contained.

Growing our food, milking the goats.

Gathering eggs.

Building cob dwellings.


While speaking with my 'guides' about the land,

wondering why it hadn't appeared.

I heard, “Be more specific”


a simple wake up call I hadn't been committed to until that moment.

Finding myself 'floating' above the earth, scouting around,

the area that showed up is right here where I live,

in Arizona, Clarkdale to be exact.

The next day while driving my 'soul' sister home,

Melanie said, “drive around the bend”

there before us sat 'my home/land'.


There's a home, barn, and one other dwelling.

2 ½ acres


the house has been empty for over a year.

'waiting for me'


my plan is to give young people a place to 'learn' a trade, have a purpose.

The huge missing in their lives, is knowing what their purpose is.

While visiting a friend in the Santa Cruze Mountains, on 64 acres

the vision grew clearer.

I learned and had hands on experience with building a cob dwelling.

There were a group of young women who came to assist in the building.

Working side by side with one 'girl', her telling me she has a daughter,

that she was studying to be an electrician.

She said, “my daughter is going to have a better life then I did”

again, the triggers went off.

Where will we be if we don't assist this young ones?

What am I about?

To be of service, this propels me, gives me the juice that feeds my soul.

I know there are others that I hadn't met yet that are in this same

conversation, wanting a simpler life.

To work the land, to be with those who are of the highest integrity.

Now the fun part, manifesting the funds.

In my minds eye, the project is complete.

Do you know who you are? Who will come forth, manifesting this for the collective.

This is our adventure, we're writing our own script.

My motto is; “If I'm not having fun, I won't do it.”

For anyone interested, or want further info,

please, contact me


with all my love, as we glide with 'GRACE AND EASE'

on our NEW WORLD.



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