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Ian and I started a conversation back in 2002,

planning our 'future'




this land is for those whom are open to


experiencing 'oneness'

with all of nature.


There are many whom continue to struggle with themselves,

not knowing where to turn, how to experience all the changes.

The questions continue to plague them.


This land will be totally self contained.

Growing our food, milking the goats.

Gathering eggs.

Building cob dwellings.


While speaking with my 'guides' about the land,

wondering why it hadn't appeared.

I heard, “Be more specific”


a simple wake up call I hadn't been committed to until that moment.

Finding myself 'floating' above the earth, scouting around,

the area that showed up is right here where I live,

in Arizona, Clarkdale to be exact.

The next day while driving my 'soul' sister home,

Melanie said, “drive around the bend”

there before us sat 'my home/land'.


There's a home, barn, and one other dwelling.

2 ½ acres


the house has been empty for over a year.

'waiting for me'


my plan is to give young people a place to 'learn' a trade, have a purpose.

The huge missing in their lives, is knowing what their purpose is.

While visiting a friend in the Santa Cruze Mountains, on 64 acres

the vision grew clearer.

I learned and had hands on experience with building a cob dwelling.

There were a group of young women who came to assist in the building.

Working side by side with one 'girl', her telling me she has a daughter,

that she was studying to be an electrician.

She said, “my daughter is going to have a better life then I did”

again, the triggers went off.

Where will we be if we don't assist this young ones?

What am I about?

To be of service, this propels me, gives me the juice that feeds my soul.

I know there are others that I hadn't met yet that are in this same

conversation, wanting a simpler life.

To work the land, to be with those who are of the highest integrity.

Now the fun part, manifesting the funds.

In my minds eye, the project is complete.

Do you know who you are? Who will come forth, manifesting this for the collective.

This is our adventure, we're writing our own script.

My motto is; “If I'm not having fun, I won't do it.”

For anyone interested, or want further info,

please, contact me


with all my love, as we glide with 'GRACE AND EASE'

on our NEW WORLD.



"What is the one thing you have in the world,
if you lost it,  you would never be the same again?"

tune in next time for how I've seen this answer.

Old patterns


Being aware of 'how' we continue to bring patterns from our past

into our today's consciousness, thinking that how we're

being, how we can alter consciousness with the same

thoughts, same behavior that has created dis-harmony,

how much more will we stand for?


I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more”


is the name of this consciousness.


We're living on beautiful

Mother Earth.

One world, yet, how can it be that 'those' who dictate,

rule, have the last say, 'they' (money mongers)

perpetuate our being 'sheep' led to slaughter.


World War II is the foundation that lead us into

a paradigm that had many awaken to a reality

that 'change' must occur.


Has it? NO!

If it had, we wouldn't be 'killing' our selves.

We are 'one'. . .

the mind can and does create



poison in our food.

Obesity is common place,

what will it take for people to stand up for themselves

so they recognize that what they put into their body will

support them, or kill them.

I bought a bag of Sun Chips, they taste great.

Reading the ingredients.

'Natural Flavors'

'Corn Maltodexrin'

MSG is what these are, hiding the fact that they claim

to be healthy.

Educating ourselves by knowing what we're putting into our system.


Knowledge is power.

Having made a statement of.

'I didn't know'

get over it. Find out what you're ingesting.


What does MSG do in the body?

Monosodium Glutamate

A Dangerous “excitotoxin”

that should be avoided.


According to John E. Erb, author of

'The Slow Poisoning of America'

there may be an actual chemical responsible for the massive obesity

epidemic, and the chemical may be Monosodium Glutamate

commonly known as MSG. Scientists routinely use MSG to make lab animals fat
for research purposes. When given MSG, animals will become obese

without any increase in their food intake.

In studies done on rats and mice, MSG triples the amount of

insulin the pancreas creates

causing them to become obese.


Studies done with monkeys, dating as far back as 1969,

found that MSG causes lesions in the hypothalamus,

the portion of the brain that is recognized to affect weight control

(as well as functions of the nervous system).

The bad news for humans is that, based on tests of blood plasma levels,

humans are 20 times more sensitive to MSG than monkeys; and children

are 4 times more sensitive to MSG than adults.

Neonatal exposure to MSG causes a permanent reduction in the

secretion of growth hormone, leading to stunted growth and

irreversible obesity.

I could tell you more, at this time what I request;


read labels.

Write to company's as I am about to with Sun Chips

I'm mad as hell, and I won't take it any more”



While in a dream state

there seems to be NO


The resistance appears in our wake state.

A consciousness where judgment

or observations about the situation, choice of event

or, what ever shows up to 'judge' it.

Be the witness of.

What would have the dream be that different?

Altered state of consciousness.

I believe many of us have reached / re-member

this particular state

from which

'All Is Possible'

I know with every fiber of my being

that with each moment, I'm


my reality where, with complete and utter


that before this year is complete,

all of my senses will be re-awakened

where instant manifestation will be common-place.

Telepathy will be as 'normal' as the

computers we're using 'right now'

I'm looking thru a 'Majix' mirror.

These are my experiences,

they're not, the truth

while listen to others speak, I hear

from an expansion of words that are


words that come from 'fear'

'lack', 'doubt', 'blame'

'non-forgiveness' ,you get what I'm saying, Yes?


Some time ago, having a monolog with Source

my question;

please, tell me something”

I was feeling so outside myself, I didn't know what to do,

or how to be.

That was the 'ticket' 'to be'.

This is what I heard;

be more like him'


Spirit, (my four legged companion)

the first thing that came to thought was,

oh great, ( with an enormous amount of sarcasm)

what does that mean!!!???

it didn't take long before I got what gift I just received.

He doesn't hold onto anything from any other time,

he's in the moment, always.

He naps often, takes a long walk everyday.

Eats his veggies daily.

(steams broccoli and carrots)

mixed with my other food.

Mom is my companion. We love one another.

I'm over 11 now, mom put a blankie on my at night,

lies on the floor with me, puts her arm around me,

tells me she loves me, kisses me all over my face.

I'm so blessed to have manifested her in my world.

She's the best of the best.

She knows what I need and gives it to me.

I, in return make sure momma is taken care of.

We look after one another.

She manifested this van so I could ride with her.

Yet, it's hard for me to get into it.

It's high for me to step up into, I do

knowing momma wants me to come with her.

When she tells me she's going to Melanie's

then for sure I want to go.

It's good for me, and good for Data,

(Melanie's 16 yr old standard puddle)

he's deaf, and mostly blind. He falls dawn,

his pride is such, don't dare give him a hand,

he wants to do this himself.

He's so beautiful

I love him, he love me.

That was wild, Spirit said that.

Spirit runs in his dreams.

The rabbit chase.

What a trip.

Humpty Dumpty



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