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Humpty Dumpty

Indeed the rhyme

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again....does not tell us at all that Humpty was an egg. However it's etymology has a number of variations, and it was in Lewis Carroll's 1871 book "Through the Looking Glass" (that used this rhyme), where the book's illustrator John Tenniel first drew Humpty as an egg, sitting on a wall.

An 1810 version of the rhyme also does not explicitly state that the subject is an egg because it was originally posed as the riddle as such:

Humpty Dumpty sate on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
Threescore men and threescore more,
Cannot place Humpty dumpty as he was before.

Furthermore, "humpty dumpty" was an eighteenth-century reduplicative (linguistic root) slang for a short and clumsy person.

"One of the great dangers of transformational work is that the ego attempts to sidestep deep psychological work by leaping into the transcendent too soon. This is because the ego always fancies itself much more ‘advanced’ than it actually is."

-- Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Words & Meanings

we've come to an age where, 'short cuts'

seem to have taken over our ability to communicate

from the 'heart'

for the past three months

we've had the pleasure of having a French

women live with us.

She will be leaving, then return in May

to marry Gary. (my house mate)

Her command of our language is limited.

I've taken my way of speaking for granted.

Knowing what I'm saying, and hearing others

Having Alexa here has given me a alternate way of looking

and hearing how I speak, how others speak around her.

She will hear something & ask, “what does that mean?”

there was a lengthy discussion

from a two word statement.

'GeT IT.'

hearing this she asked, what does get it mean.

Gary was giving it his best to clarify, he felt stumped.

Without getting into the entire explanation.

I said, 'it's agreement'.

Agreeing that we are experiencing, or witnessing

the same thing.

She understood.

I've also witnessed a lackadaisical

way we've come to communicate.

Using initials, TY for thank you


there are many around this one.

Lots of love,

Lots of luck.

Low on leverage.

So what is being said?

Have we become 'Humpty Dumpty?'

not being about to put ourselves back together again?

"The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation.
But the light would have you soar like the eagle of your sacred visions."

-- Alan Cohen



13 - Wisdom (Cib)

I was sitting outside,  watching the stars, the sky blacker then the ace of spades.
a song came,  all about my heart being totally open,  Ian was the final mirror that
had this occur.  .  .   I know that I want to record my voice.

I also know that when I'm singing,  I don't  FEEL  Madaline,  I don't feel me.
not until I stop,  take a deep breath,  then I return into my body.

this voice is out worldly.  I've never heard this voice.  really beautiful.

so,  that's what up,  and please Mike, post the last one and this one.
when ever.

Mike,  we could share this email.  HUMM




a thought,  in this substance

produces the thing that is

imaged by the thought.


Man can form things in his

thought, & by impressing his thought upon formless

substance, can cause the

thing he thinks about to be



A man's way of doing things is

the direct result of the way

he thinks about things.


There is a thinking stuff from

which all things are made, & which,

in its original state, permeates,

penetrates,  &  fills the inter-

spaces of the universe.


Wallace D. Wattles


What do I want from   Mother Earth






What will I give to   Mother Earth





Living my life to the


Playing full out

Expressing my exuberance

My child's innocence

My voice


Mother Earth ~ ~ ~  Gaia  ~ ~ ~

Itz um na


Surrender to it all, no judgments.

Observations!  Sure, watch the emotions

when you get caught listening to what your mind

wants to have you believe,  remember


'the mind is a dangerous place, don't go there alone'


two young men in their 30's decided to listen to

what their thoughts were to the point of

feeling there wasn't  any other way

out of this mess, so they took off their Earth Suit

for a light body.


We're hearin this stuff everyday,  this is in my







sooooo   easy.




for perfect measure.


Man can form things in his

thought, & by impressing his thought upon formless

substance, can cause the

thing he thinks about to be



In the event you have  'fantasies'  about

what our New World will look like,

Look no further

You're living in it.

Create  beauty where ever you are.

Take that smile everywhere.


There arent' any strangers out there.

There might be people you hadn't met yet.

Now that (S)he is standing in  front of you

speak with them as if!!!


I was standing in a return line

People in front of me

tons more behind

I'm watchen'  I dont see one

smiling face

As if they were being held by gun point to

wait in this line

I start to giggle,  the guy behind me gave me a half lip


I said  “I find it so funny that no one seems

happy to be here, yet they all chose to be

here at this time

Well, I wasn't speaking real soft,

I got a few people to start takin to one another.


Change a dark cloud to blue.



I     L O V E     Y O U





This  famous  line  is from the movie


1976 is the date it first arrived.

Winning 4 Academe Awards


seeing our world today, re-viewing this film.

For those who were around, (like me)  at that time,

I'm sure you remember seeing it, yet the impact from viewing it

in my today's consciousness has created a 'new' stir, re-awakening

confirming on a deeper cellular level  how are world is today.


Vincent Canby from the New York Times

wrote about this film in 1976

“Network is outrageous.  It's also brilliantly, savagely  funny.”


amazing, simply amazing.  FUNNY???

I can see how it was viewed then as being outlandish.

The truth is best told while 'the sheep' are asleep.


Those whom have grown up in front of a T.V.

Believe what they hear, see, then getting it home,  taste.

Where is the human?

What happened to our interdependence upon our community?


We've been 'led'  to believe that we are to be independent.

Being independent will never build a village.

The village is build by the community, team work.

Love for one another.


Have we sold our soul for the love of  THINGS?

When momma was 85 she gave to my sister and I, 'THINGS'


THINGS  she  and  Daddy had collected all the 50 yrs they were together.

Now, she's  given them away.

What is this about US!!!

are we storing up for the winter or what?


I've noticed that people with tons of money live in locked houses.

Burglar alarms,  petrified that someone will come and

steel  their stuff.

Where's the freedom?


If ya got any money,  use it now.

It aint gonna be worth much soooon.

BUy land,  start a community, gardens, fresh water.


Most of the population would be lost if they had to fend for


Where would they find food when the markets are closed.


If not now,  when?




What does Mother Earth want for me?

What do I want from Mother Earth?

What does Mother Earth want from the collective?


Write these questions down,  answer  them,  share this with


Don't think about it, do random writing.


Here's a tad more about the film;

It's a behind the screen look at the tyrants of television

and what they've done to us...

Peter Finch ~ ~ ~ Faye Dunaway ~ ~ ~ William Holden

Robert Duvall


this film is up there on my list with

“The Day The Earth Stood Still”


Black & White


A grand day it is,

no finer ever occurred.

GranpaSun creeping thru my window

greeting me with a warm kiss on my cheek.


Awe, to breath that first conscious breath

feeling my body alive

what gifts will I receive today

how marvelous to run around and play


dress warm, there's got a bite in the air

leggin's mittens are all fun to wear

Spirit is waiting,

shoes on at last, leash in hand,


we're off now, then for our morning nap

oh how sweet it is to allow source to guide me

following the energy, the flow dont-ya-no

cool freshness the air provides


White clouds,  blue sky, candy for my eye.

Spirit and I walk and talk, cajole and sing

talking with those who pass by

'A good mornin to ya'


they say the same, Spirit greets their companions

on the end of their string

happy he is when he's recognized

hard to miss him for his size


he's my four legged companion that fills my heart.

Loving him the way I do,  his love for me is true

we've had some tough times along the way

now we're commin around to stand.


If I don't see you tomorrow,

you'll know I've loved you til the end.





I'm giddy with excitement

talk about manifestation,

my van appeared.

A 1992 GMC Safari XT

she's in perfect condition,

sister Melanie found her, a mechanic owned her.


While I was lying in bed last night, I heard,

“paint the van  Mayan”


then I really got giddy.

She's white, a blank canvas

so, I'm putting it out there for anyone who would want to

paint her, and have your signature on her.

Then we'll post a picture all over the place.


Daily I receive a note from The Universe

I've saved everyone of them.

I ordered a book that their mom had written,


a small powerfully written through the eyes of a horse.

I was so moved while reading this, and my 15 yr old grandson

kept popping into my thoughts.


My soul sister asked me what I've named the van,


is her name.

Sharing the story of this horse, the depths of comprehending

what her purpose is.


Once she surrendered to how her life was showing up,

everything fell into place.


Well,  isn't this what we're experiencing?



Surrender is one of the key's.

Another key;

never make another wrong for how they  speak or act.

They are the perfect emanation of themselves.


So,  Dandelion is ready to have a paint job.

Ian's giddy now.

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