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5 - Eagle

The Brain, a Dumb Organ so

Primitive it bypasses

Logical Thought

Intuition is mans Highest


Intuition is the Heart of Reality

Enabling us to Reason

Philosophic Truths

Walking in the Spirit of Time 

From  Rev.  Martin Luther Kings 1963 gathering

At the Capital.

He states;

“I have a dream.”

I see the virtue in his words, knowing we’ve waiting,

spoke about, prayed for  this moment to arrive.

The color of our skin hadn’t ever been the issue.

Money,  power,  control.

We’ve stepped into our  (ethical) ‘power’  we know who we are.

The light shines where ever we go, whom ever we are with.

Something I had said some 40+ yrs ago.

“If we were all color blind, how would we know what color we were looking at?”

From my point of view, being a ‘racist’  is one of the greatest  illusions.

It’s antiquated.

Women’s suffrage  is antiquated.

Slavery, antiquated.



I’ve spoken about ‘writing’ my own script.

How I view these occurrences now,

It’s all IMPROV. . .

Each word that comes out of my mouth, hadn’t   been spoken until

that moment,  it’s all  IMPROV.

When that showed up,  I laughed from my belly.

What fun.

I am the creator,  the creation,  creating it all the time.


I just got invite to do a radio show out of Australia

I’m looking for sponsors that would be willing to  fund this new adventure.

 February  is  target



Quantum  Technology

This evolution who’s time has arrived.

As primitive as we ‘earth’  beings are,

we sure have come a long way

Reliving history in my mind, seeing from

which we’ve come,  from  cave dwellers to

our today’s reality.  One where most of us

know that almost everything is possible.


Teleporting microscopic particles, to close up

views of the ’Milky Way’ .

Tools are to be honored and used to achieve

 the proper outcome.

Without Hubble’s powerful microscope we might

still have thought the world  ‘is’  flat. 

So,  this  quantum  field that is being experienced

 many who ‘feel’  and  know that by wearing a

Galactic Transformer,  having their personal vibration

raise from 2 to 10%,  giving the wearer, (what many

have recognized)  a heightened sense of clarity, centeredness,

sounder sleep.  Less appetite.

Albert  Einstein (whom is my hero) is the founding father

around this  quantum  theory,  which is no longer a theory.

It’s been proved with out a shadow of a doubt.

The infusion is in the stone for life.

When you want to drink water, you know it is best when it’s in

A container,  (glass, cup)  want to cook up an egg, you most likely

will use a pan of sorts.  Using the proper tool for the project is the

key,   heighten your awareness,  wear a Galactic Transformer,  that

is how easy it is. 

The most fun part about these,  it does what I want it to.  I’ve used

them to heal parts of my body.  



2 - Road (Eb)

Do you know your purpose?
Madaline W

Sitting on my girl friends bed talking about what we wanted when we grew up.
We were 13, filled with the adventure that lie before us.

I will have four children, two boys, two girl, I will have them before my 30th birthday, so when they're grown,
I will be young enough to play and watch them grow with me.”

Two months before my 19th year my first boy was born. The fourth (my girl) was born right after my 28th year.
As I had spoken my dream about 2 boys and 2 girls, this is exactly how they came.

We got to grow and learn from one another, there weren't any guides to teach me what to do,
or how to be with them. Truly a hit and miss type of deal.

Years pass, I am about to have my 8th grandchild. Our collective desire to communicate powerfully is the catalyst,
the driving force behind our desire
to raise the consciousness for this and the next generation, and the next again.

The past ten years I've been learning about the Maya, their way of entering into the world.
They knew ahead of time what they were coming to earth to complete, and learn.
I think about how wonderfully easy my life could have been if I had known my purpose rather then stumbling all over the place.
I love where I've come to, being a “Way Shower” giving the young ones their Mayan name and purpose.
I've watched them light up like a Christmas tree.

I've discovered the 'key' to happiness; 'Never make another wrong for what they say or do.' no one does me better than me,
no one does you better than you. So, what's to make wrong?


Everything is a gift, every experience, no matter what it looks like, even those moments when you might call the experience fearful,
or 'not what I really asked for.' Seems when an event occurs that fills the heart with joy, there's no judgment.
Judgment comes when one is not 'pleased' with the outcome of the event.

So, wouldn't life be fantastic if we were born into 'knowing' our purpose?

I work with the young ones, they love hanging out with me and I them.

This is the grand gift I had been given this life time, to express from my heart, to have the energy exchange where
we know we've taking a quantum leap beyond anything we could have experienced alone.


7 - Seed (Kan)



Don’t trust the man behind the curtain


Have you thought about why he would hide himself

Why he looked to make excuses for his actions


As soon as the curtain was pulled aside,

the Fraud was exposed


Are we the witness of this exact scenario right now?



January 1st  2010

A shift occurred the likes of which I hadn’t ever experienced.

Speaking with others,  their experience resonated on the same level.

The curtain had been pulled back to expose ‘The Truth’

The truth that in order to build a solid foundation

there must be a level field to work the magic


Our world is all about Magic,

Magic to  instant manifest,  to teleport,



These gift are our birth right,  don’t know about you

I’m feeling them,  tasting them, 

having them for breakfast.


Seeing what will occur before it happens.

Being    I’M     feeling them,  I know you are as  well.


Our old patterns are no longer,

Everything might feel totally toppsy turvey


The grandest gift I give myself is;  never

NEVER  making any of the wrong.

Everything is a divine gift, 

Source only knows



Give it up,  give in,  give it all  away.

Being in total





Seems right over here.


what struggle

Being cognizant

of all the words that I use


My divine birth right


It’s all fantastic


“Few are Those Who See With Their

Own Eyes & Feel With Their Own Heart.”

Albert Einstein



Ilchi  Lee  presented this prayer at the Opening Ceremony of the

Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders in the

General Assembly Hall of the United Nations of August 28th 2000


Prayer of Peace


I offer this prayer of peace

Not to the Christian God

Nor to the Buddhist God

Nor to the Islamic God

Nor to the Jewish God

But to the God of all humanity


For the peace that we wish for

Is not a Christian peace

Nor a Buddhist peace

Nor an Islamic peace

Nor a Jewish peace

But a human peace for all of us.


I offer this prayer of peace

To the God that lives within all of us

That fills us with happiness and joy

To make us whole

And help us understand life

As an expression of love for all human beings


For no religion can be better

Than any other religion

For no truth can be truer

Than any other truth

For no nation can be bigger

Than the earth itself.


Help us all go beyond

Our small limits

And realize that we are one

That we are all from the earth.


That we are all earth people

Before we are Indians, Koreans, or Americans


God made the earth

We humans have to make it prosper

By realizing that we are of the Earth

And not of any nation, race, or religion

By knowing that we are truly one

In our spiritual heritage.


Let us now apologize

To all humanity

For the hurt that religions have caused

So that we can heal the hurt

Let us now promise to one another to go beyond egotism and competition

To come together as one in God.


I offer this prayer of peace

To you the almighty

To help us find you within all of us

So that we may stand proudly one day before you

As one humanity


I offer this prayer of peace

With all my fellow earth people

For a lasting peace on earth.


By Ilchi Lee

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