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My van is getting closer, thanks to my beloved Mayan Majix Family

Each contribution is a gift Source continues to present to me.

I am forever grateful.

From the depths of my heart I thank you.

9 / Reed

Looking to put into words a feeling that is occurring within
my body, it’s a sensation,
while speaking with Jo-e;
I continued to experience movement.

This is what was said;

“when I get my van, we can go around and teach people about

‘green drinks’

It would be great fun”

Jo-e replied;

“you can do that mom, I’m glued here.”

About an hour after talking with her, this answer she gave me was

speaking into a different time zone.

I said to Gary, to answer in the moment, knowing that this is what we’re in,

so, the answer could be; ‘OH, THAT WOULD BE A BLAST.’

Feel the jubilance, excitement, the thrill.

Where the other is retracting, feels better to expand.


Fills my chest with warmth.

We’ve been filled with so much crap, these dogma’s have gotten out of hand.

Being in THIS moment, staying in it seems to be the ‘trickster’ . . .


What is it about feeling good?

About being playful?

Living the truth



The only

T r u t h !!!

Language is subject to interpretation

“If one thinks of oneself as free,

One is free, and if one thinks of oneself as bound,

One is bound…

Here this saying is true,

“Thinking makes it so.”

Ashtavakra Gita 1:11


7 - Monkey (Chuen)
7:18 pm

Brushing my teeth, these thoughts filtered thru

“I haven’t written in a long time, seems as though when an incident appears,

the solution follows almost immediately.”

Being that’s said, I looked again, this time what I heard was;

“I listen how others speak, I listen to every word, sometimes I dissect a short sentence,

I like this one, ‘how are you?’ I hear, ‘not bad’.

Then the inquiry expands,

I repeat, not bad ,

What does that mean?

Not bad .

Humm, I’ll need some time to ponder with this one.

for those who’ve been on this journey

with Ian and I for years, you know what a ditz I had been in my writing.

Ian is ever present.

Being no bodily constraints has him, Ian is in multiple locations.

I was speaking with a Mayan Majix brother of ours tonight.

He lives in Australia,

I mentioned a Barrister that I know in Sydney,

Saying his name, Arthur tells me he knows him from Pro Ma Systems

This company that has extraordinary products.

I was introduced to this back when the company was new.

Talk about the world getting closer,

Yeah interned.

John Folley, are you on Face Book,

I loved Pro Ma ‘s products,

The gas additive, it’s still the best stuff on the market.

Hey, want me back in,

Give me back my original I.D. number,

There you have it, news from around the world.

Broadcasting from

Cottonwood AZ.

This is stream of consciousness speaking.

So, not bad, what does that mean?

I’m open for thoughts/suggestions on the meaning and why we use this phrase.

Here’s another,

‘ can’t complain!’

Why not? Of course you can, unless you’re tired of hearing it yourself! So, when are you going to _____ what?
Stop something. Stop what! Hum! Stop eating, stop complaining, awe, the list goes on. I sprinkled ‘fairy dust’ everywhere
I went while being in Encino , Santa Monica & Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA. My niece Sari (I almost said her age) there’s something else that doesn’t fit with me. When the media speaks about well known people, they seem to always add their age. What’s that about? They seem to NEED to say a number, referring to how long they’ve been on the plant.

Yet, with the ‘walk ins’ the old question, “how old are you!“ doesn’t fit any longer.

“Ageing is a state of consciousness!”mw

First, wondering what to do about it. Then you surrender, remember, “there’s only one of us here.” these Numbers don’t MEAN anything. {they never had. our mind what’s us to believe everything it says’It doesn’t know diddley} Remember, The mind is a dangerous place, Don’t go there alone.Those who’ve chosen to leave by their own hand. That persons mind had a strong hold (a noose around the neck) Can you see this? I know you can, because I see it, I know you do to, we’re one another’s mirrors. Sari said to me, “Aunt Madaline, just knowing you’re here brings me so much comfort.” The walk~ in’s are unique, the new ones, the one’s that have been here for a number of years have settled in. They’re the bomb to be with, to watch them experience so much that I’ve taken for granted, its all new, wow, Trippy times we’re in for sure.
Make a list; First on the list; Breath!



2nd on the list

Refer to step one


13 - Monkey (Chuen)

Artistic endeavors flourish today.

Clever & novel approaches come forward.

Multiple abilities are the nature of this day’s energy.

Keeping on task with so many interesting choices available could be challenging.

What I find challenging at times is staying clear of the ‘mind’ chatter
that continues to persists in my thoughts, taking me away from being ‘centered’
Breathing deeply is my key to that centered place
Reminding myself that all the mind chatter can only disassociate myself from myself
The veil seems to be becoming more transparentYeah!
Feeling the Galactic Federation’s presents brings comfort to my soul
I remind myself, as I remind others that when I want another to be different then they are,
and I find myself frustrated by the inability to alter their way of thinking,
I’m the one that stands to loose my foundation
Being witness to some who has everything they want, (or thing they need forTheir happiness)
a huge home, new cars, going where ever they want, being able to buy anything they desire
What I hear is constant complaints. I don’t get it! I just don’t get it.
When I wrote about ‘’Where does happiness come from?”
There’s a wonder about it all. Then there’s (the external) critic that comes at me with.
‘What are you going to do? You don’t have anything?’
They can’t see that the lack of ‘stuff’ has brought me more contentment than I’ve ever experienced.
Sure, I’m still asking Source for the Land that I see in my minds eye.
I feel it, smell it. When I ask, I’m told, “patience”.
So I breath, take in the energy that Source provides.
And on top of it all, I miss my beloved dog Spirit.
I want him with me. Until ‘my’ space shows up, and a van to travel in,
He’s in Arizona while I’m 500 miles away.
My heart hurts when I think about us being separated.


1 / Road (Eb)

When the road opens, there are unlimited ways to go.

Today’s energy are relaxed, courteous, careful and useful.

Also called the day of Grass, which is the most humble and prolific life on earth.

Grass and plankton are the base of the food chain on Earth.


Each day creates newness, new avenues to travel, new roads to explore.
Releasing old patterns, releases the mind for a novel way of experiencing life on ‘this’ day.
I had a thought about asking my Mayan Majix family if they would assist me,
What this looks like is:
If you could send me a dollar,
I will be able to get a van.
I’ve sat with this thought for a week,
being there’s a part of me that feels I shouldn’t ask.
Yet, here I am, asking.

With Universal LOVE



"You are what I love about love"


Magic is in the air,  everywhere,
sitting on the bench, over looking the Pacific Ocean.
Mollinie and I
what occurred in this time, creation at it's finest.

My British accent appeared.
greeting all who passed by.

"Ellow, ah r u this fin dy?
how delightful that you're passing by,"
(smiles are shared, conversations exchanged)

having been on Mother Earth for as long as I have,
knowing that 'suppressing' anything my 'child' wants
to experience no longer stymies me.

to frolic in 'joy', 'harmony' and for sure sharing LOVE.
Ian was very present with us,  sharing the joy and fun.
he loved being the Jester, Tinker. 

On one occasion, a man who stopped to talk with me,
stayed for 3 or 4 min.  when he left, I told Mollinie
he was going to tell at least 7 people about 'this'
experience,  speaking with a lady from England, carrying
on about the weather. how glorious it is.  how the Queen
would be so very happy to experience this energy.

all in all,  this day is stored in my  'Memorable Moment' folder.

Matty at the Beach 2009


There's a grandness that we're experiencing,
all the magical moments all rolled into NOW.
the stage is set, lights dim, curtain rises,
a hush falls over the crowd.  .  .

following the exhale of breath, feeling every
movement that's engulfing us all

we are the ones we've been waiting for.

enter. feel the  LOVE, own your LOVE,
share LOVE,  be  LOVE.  .  .

the willow flows with the soft breeze,
smiling, feeling Sources energy.

how magical this experience continues to
expand with in itself.  .  .  be the ONE,
share the ONE,  return to the ONE.

7 Serpent ~ Chicchan

Strong-willed, extremist and charismatic, today’s
Energy is of the sprout snaking its way up to the Sun.
Championing ideas and causes is the call of the day
Following your intuition, they are wise and strong today.

I’ve been In Los Angeles for eleven days.
Staying with my sister and brother~in~love.

I’ve always known that ‘things’ didn’t/hadn’t
brought me happiness.

Where does it steam from?
Can I buy it?
Is it given?
Can I own it forever?

My sister is concerned because I don’t have a ‘steady’ income. . .
She wants to know what I’m going to do!

What does that mean?

Just completing my 67th time around the sun.
Looking at all the experienced I’ve had.
All the joys, sorrows, pain.


AWE, love. Yes, love.
How precious this life is.
How fragile we are.

My brother died at 38.

I believe he truly enjoyed his life.
Eddie, like our dad became a baker.
Forth generation baker.

Everything baked with love

sign was hung over the entrance door of our family’s bakery.

How precious that time was, Daddy, Momma, Eddie, Dorothy
Aunt Ruthie
and Me
Daddy the bread man, Eddie the cake, cookies, pies.
Sam was a bread man that we adopted into our family.
He was a bread man.
Winky; what a trippy lady, she decorated cakes
There were others.
Many others.
I thank you for your love.

All the STUFF that we believed was soooo important.
The spot on the fork that didn’t come out of the dishwasher clean enough.
The ring on the table left by a glass that didn’t have a coaster.

Where did the fun go?
How did we allow the child to disappear.
When did we stop trusting?
How can one say they believe in anything if there’s no trust!

David, (my brother~in~love) encouraged me to watch a movie.
I don’t care for the noise, so I don’t watch TV.

I followed my intuition.
I watched
“The Day After The Wedding.”

Caricature Driven.
I love when I’m there with these people,
Feeling their energy, knowing who they are,
Being in the experience with them.
Fantastic film.

What I wrote above manifested from viewing this work of art.

We’ve been given a golden brick road to follow.
Our New World
is here, there’s no place to go.
Lives inside.
It’s our heart

That new pair of shoes might give you joy for a moment.
To hug a child will last a life time
Wrap your arms around yourself.
Close your eyes.
Feel you.

Really FEEL YOU.
Look in the mirror.

What do you see?
Can you smile at your reflection?
Who have you become?
Who do you want to be?

Are you your own hero?
Does anyone do you better than you?
No one does Madaline better than Madaline
How in the world could anyone do anyone else better then themselves?

Looking up at the night sky, seeing the moon shinning bright.
Feeling the magical energy coming from the moon.
Talking out loud.
“I need the land, I want to bring the children onto the land.”

Children that have lost their way.
Children that might need to be reminded that there are people who love them.
To give them the love that hadn’t been available until now.
Fear is deadly, horrifying.
Some have experienced situations that they would never do if ‘fear’ hadn’t stepped into
their consciousness.

My New World is one where all there is, is LOVE.
The foundation of all matter is


Polar Bear: I come in Peace

  Norbert Rosing ' s striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon
 tethered sled dogs in the
wilds of  Canada  ' s  Hudson Bay.

The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his dogs when the
 polar bear wandered in.

It ' s hard to believe that this polar bear only needed to hug someone!


The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs

May you
 always have Love to share,
Health to spare,
And Friends that care .

As we begin preparing for the holidays, let us count our blessings,
and remember to be grateful…

The Seeming Opposition Between Life and Death is Now Cut Through.
Do Not Thrash or Lunge or Flee.
There is No Longer a Container or Anything to be Contained.
All is Resolved in Dazzling Measureless Freedom.
-- from the Warrior Song of King Cezar

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