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The Seeming Opposition Between Life and Death is Now Cut Through.
Do Not Thrash or Lunge or Flee.
There is No Longer a Container or Anything to be
Contained. All is Resolved in Dazzling
Measureless Freedom.
-- from the Warrior Song of King Cezar

6 - Monkey (Chuen)

Hi Dean,   J. Krishnamurti   lived in Ojai California,  his library - home is still
there,  I lived in Ojai for six yrs. before coming to Arizona. 
so, yes,  I know of him very well,  listening to him speak, his way of being
is soothing to my soul.

I totally concur with your point of view upon our world today.
For the small percentage of 'us'  who have taken the time to
look deeply into  why we've come here,  and who are,
the 'we' that is being spoken.  and what is 'here'  anyway.

I found my 'key'  to happiness,   'don't make another wrong for
what they say' . . .    what ever  'they'  say,  or how  'they' act
is all they know,  all they experience.  .  . 

doesn't mean i agree with their point of view,  yet I won't state
a 'wrongness'  with the words they've chosen to use.  .  .

"That is intelligence.  This freedom is the only light to yourself. To have insight to all
this is the leap into freedom, by anyone who is attentive and trying to understand this
confusion of life.

this statement you've presented.  confusion of life.  .  .  looking to see where
confusion comes from???   what I see is this;  ,   confusion comes when what
is being experienced, the experiencer wants it to be different then it is.
when there's total acceptance, in every given moment,  then there's no
confusion.  .  .  ones' mind would rather continue to create confusion so as
to keep you in 'check.'  

the programming for 'humans'  have been put into place 100's of yrs ago.
keep the peoples happy,  give them cake.  tell a lie long enough, it becomes
truth.  .  .

4 - Offering (Muluc)

Truly,   I've been experiencing energy shifts through out my body at different
times,  mostly when I get into bed.  yet, a few moments ago, my body held
the sensation of 'prickly' movements all over, from the bottom of my feet
through out my legs.

at night with the room being dark, I will hear words,  got to write them
or they're lost.

turning the light on, having my pad ready,  this is what came;

"When we collectively  acknowledge the perfection in every given
moment we've chosen,  that's when our souls will reside in the heart of


that came earlier.  it's not ALWAYS true.  what I see is, when  'fear' comes
it's not in this moment,  it comes from something that had been,  yet, when
the thought comes,  its as real as it was when it did occur.  .  . 
pretending it is real  'in the now'. . .

it's all so amazing.  watching it manifest.  wild.

1 - Transformer (Cimi)

"Thinking brand new thoughts that you've never thought before, Madaline, is wildly more conducive
to creating big life changes than just thinking different varieties of the same old thoughts."
Think about it -
    The Universe

I'm giggling,  reading what The Universe told me today.

think  thoughts I've never thought before.  right on.

our land is so close I can smell it.  Even though this
thought has been with me for 40 + yrs.  each moment
where 'This Thought Appears'.  .  .  the 'newness'  of
it has me be titillated, each time, without a doubt.  .  .

We've got a new 'room mate' . . .  I met her about a
yr. ago.  .  .  then she left for about 3 months. she's nesting
here with me,  I love this.  .   .

Katie, a Star Seed Child, incarnated 23 yrs. ago on our
3D plan.  raised in Lou  is  i  ana . 
Kat  ( 22)  & Lornia (21)  came from  Louisiana to visit, their plan was to stay for a day then continue their journey to California.  .  .

They never left.  .  .  I had been calling in the 'young' ones
those that are honoring the 'torch' that had been handed
to them,  I wish I had taken before and after 'pic's '  of them,
they 'shape shifted',  they left on Thursday, 13/ Serpent.
their visit was 5 days. . .

Wednesday, I took them to the creek, before reaching the
creek,  we came to a spot where the creek rushes over large
bolder, trees surrounding the entire area. .  .walking on flat
red rocks, thousands of pounds each slab. (Mother at her
finest)  Standing at the very spot where Spirit and I would
sit, taking my shoes off, and putting my feet in a whorl pool.

A ceremony was being held. a wedding, the four of us stood
there in total 'awe'  of what we were witnessing. 
when that was complete we went over to the 'bride and groom'
for 'hug's'    the hugs were so familiar, we knew one another,
yet not in the 3D world.  (make sense?)  The warmth oozed
onto all of us, the gratitude. . . amazing.  .  .

we walked on.  .  .  sitting,     sitting,     listening, being with,    breeze,      gentle,      flowing,        harmony.  .  . wow.

maybe 40min. I scooped water from the creek, drinking deeply,
spreading the rest all over my face and arms. .  .  cool breeze
 comforting feeling.  .  . little was said, no need for words.

heading towards the path, a young family appeared, I said,
"wait a moment, I need to do something."
I asked the adult if I could build stones with the little boy.
(anyone who cares to builds stacks of rocks, each has their personal expression for what they create.)
It was clear to me that he wanted to play with the stones,
yet the older one told him to, 'put that rock down!' 

the boy, (about 6/7 yrs.) turned his head into his sisters
lap.  .  . he wasnt going to let his fear go. 
my intent was for them to find joy, which they hadn't
brought into the space.  with in the minute I had interacted
with them,  they started to breath deeply, and smile,
we laughed before I said,  thank you so much.
(From my heart, I felt so honored that they allowed me into their space).  .  .

I told the girls what I had said,  being they wanted to
know.  .  . they said, it was clear how happy they are
right now.  .  .

we're walking on the path,  20 or more Asian Tourists
were walking past us,  we exchanged nods & Hellos,  smiles.
Doesn't that feel good?  of course it does.

driving home, our next stop was for them to experience
one of the best 'labyrinths'  around,  they hadn't experienced
walking one, not ever. walking up the ridge, coming to the
top where the labyrinth sits, the expression is almost always
the same.   WOW.  .  . i had walked this daily while living
there for three months after Ian went thru his transition.

I rang the gong 4 times, once for
each soul participating at that moment.  on our return out
once again rang the gong.

we stopped at the Church in the red rocks, the one that
Frank Loud Wright designed.  sorry I don't remember
the women who had the vision to build a church in
the red rocks, and enrolled F.L.W. to design it.
I sat on the front pew for at least 15 min.  feeling the
sun beaming thru the glass onto my face.  .  .
taking in the view from uptop the mountain is spectacular.

I had asked the girls this question,  "how do you view our world right now."  (ages,  23,  22,  21 ) 
"this is a beautiful place, I believe there are some people
who have forgotten how beautiful this place is."  she looked
 into my eyes, seeing one another's soul.  the softness of
this one, to hold the container of love the way they are.

these are magical children.  handing over my baton to Katie,
being I will be moving on.  .  . while we were in the Womb
of Mother the other day,  I was saying good bye, I felt such
joy, to have had this experience. .  . and to know I'm welcome
any time.  .  .
Katie said,  "I felt you saying your good byes, I felt you, it was so sweet." 

Wednesday,  11~11~11,  what a magical ceremony,
there were 8 of us.  each person got cleared,
the C opal and the Peacock feathers cleansed the land
and each of us. . . sitting around a fire, the air was
perfect, we did good, manifesting the perfect day.

we talked about how we manifested one another.
how when asked, Source says,  'Yes Love.' 

I don't remember what I said, being it came straight
from Source.  .   .  we felt the shift, big time.

please keep remembering your journey, this 6th Night
is so thrilling,  don't miss a single moment.

blessings all.  my beloved Mayan Majix Family

10 - Wind (IK)

Where did our knowledge come from?

Hearing; ‘don’t be so selfish

Don’t think of yourself first

Who do you think you are anyway

The list goes on

Believing what ’they’ve’ said,

We’ve taken on this ’illusion’

putting our own desires before others

was not the way to make others happy

From where I’ve come to in my evolution

How I support the world I live in is by making sure

That all that I do is in order of my ’ethical’ way of being

What that looks like is:

What ever I do, ’I take ownership of’

Whether I’m cleaning toilets

Changing a baby’s diapers

Or creating a gourmet meal.

When Ian and I were living in our home,

I had gotten a bag of lemons,

Standing in the kitchen, squeezing the lemons

Putting them in ice tray’s, then bagging them once frozen.

My thoughts were: here’s Ian changing the world

And I’m here, squeezing lemons

I heard;

“one thing is no greater than another.”

Awe the wisdom from Source amazes me still. Sharing this with Ian, he looked at me, smiled And said, “so true, so very true.”
It’s all the same, while participating from a single place of being, centered, whole and complete, Being ethical in all arenas of life. Everything that’s done, when done from ‘Love’ and ‘Gratitude’ with out comparing oneself to another’s productivity
All is in divine order of the ‘ONE’

How Do I Take Care of Myself First?’

This could be a stretch for so many, being we’ve lived with this Illusion for so long this is the time to re-invent ourselves.
That box that we believed we are living outside of,BOX, WHAT BOX?There’s never been a box to live outside of.

“Let nothing Perturb You Nothing Frighten you. All Things Pass. God Does Not Change.

Patience Achieves Everything.”

Mother Teresa

 I’ve given myself a new title; Madaline AkaThe Rule Bender

“If You Wish to Know the Mind of a Man,

Listen to His Words.”

Chinese Proverb

To find any solution Most likely it started with a Problem, then the reaction

Followed by


So what’s the problem? Being selfish? Thinking about oneself before others. How many times have I done something that had been asked of meThat I agreed to do, then realized that I didn’t REALLY want to Undertake this scenario, yet, being I said
I would do it, I’m being my word with out my ’heart’ filling the space. Then there are times when I’ve gone to that person, saying I spoke to quickly that this task isn’t for me to do. Staying in communication creates great relations. When I come from my ’heart’ then what ever task it is, gets complete with all the love that I have with in my being. The solution, making sure that when I agree to doing a particular task, I’m sure that this is what my ‘heart’ wants for me. When I’m asked to assist in organizing someone’s home The feeling that comes from completing the task fills me.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

Albert Einstein

Checking in with yourself before committing to anything, wether you sleep on It for a night or two, and in the event the person asking needs an answer Immediately, then what they’ve gotten from me is a no. Knowing myself well enough now to recognize that when I’ve answered too quickly, I come up with mud in my face. I rather wait it out, see if it really fits into my heart comfortably. When I ‘feel’ my body react I look deeper into the situation. When I spoke about moving to Ojai, I sat with that for days before speaking about it. It’s still there. My desire remains strong. Having land, trees, water, fertile soil. Creating sanctuary for young women to learn a trade. Building Cob houses. Planting sustainable gardens. Goats to milk. My desire is solid. I’ve come a long way since Ian passed. the 16th of November Marks four years since Ian left his physical body.

Our dream of having land is stronger then ever.

Back in ‘02/’03 Ian spoke about his vision for the 6th Night Gas prices would be 5 / 6 $ a gal. Delivery trucks would cease because of the cost prohibited of fuel.The selves at the markets will empty. People would/could panic Winter is upon us. Fuel or food. Choices will be made. What to do, how to be. When we have enough land to grow our own food, And our village is filled with ’like minded’ peoplesInterdependent upon one another Rather then the illusion of Independence.
(the grandest illusion of all)

“Most of us are in touch with our intuition weather we know it or not, but we’re usually in the habit of doubting
or contradicting it so automatically that we don’t even know it has spoken.”

Shakti Gawain

 Driving in an area that I’m unfamiliar hearing, turn right, all the while I’m turning left.Then needing to double back because I didn’t listen. As if it hadn’t spoken. What a hoot. The insanity of my mind has become a comedy of errors.

“There is a Candle in Your Heart, Ready to be Kindled.
There is a Void in your Soul, Ready to be filled. You Feel it, Don’t You?”


2 - Jaguar (IX)

Sun 11/1/2009

I've been asking Source for over half a year where I was to be next.  .  . the answer came when Linda and I  were driving back from California last week.  .  .
Ojai California,  I lived there for 6 yrs before moving to Sedona area.  .  . 

My heart is there,  now I will get the rest of me to be there. all it will take is a plot of land.  .  .   trees and running water. . .
I'll do the rest.  .  .

OH yeah,  I need a van,  and a small  truck to move a few things.

My intention is to be there  THIS YEAR.  2009.  .  .

so,  If you know anyone that is giving away grants for a    sanctuary  that will assist young women who have come from 'deprived living conditions'  knowing they want more in their lives then what they had. and they want to learn  a trade.  this is part of what the sanctuary  is all about.                     SHARING LOVE.

this is so wild,  all these experiences that hadn't ever been
at any other time in history.   we're the first,  and most likely
the last to ever have these experiences.  so,  I say,  jump in
with both feet, and have a grand time.

8th of November,  6th Night,  instead of the dark side of the soul,   the collective energy we've created with our Mayan Majix family,

  ask someone you love to tell you who you  are.   I've been telling my sister who she is, she had forgotten.

Before the age of 20,  she played a solo piano piece at the Hollywood bowl  in Los Angeles.   she won a
Gold thimble for her dress designs.  thru my eyes, she could do anything.
when I told her I was moving back to California, she was
beyond excited.  we've grown closer  these past few years since
our Momma died.  We're it,  the elders, no more buffer.
Stranger than strange.  .  . on ward.  .  .

OK,  Got it?  KNOW WHO YOU ARE?  Good.  .  .  takeiteasy.  relax.   don't panic.  .   .

make sure you've got lots of warm clothes.   candles and
water. . .  know where the family is at all times.  .  . keep
your gas tank filled.  .  .  in the event you hear that voice
tell you to 'get out',  don't ask where, just move.

please take this not from fear,  the Hopi say, it's smart to be prepared.

You are what I Love about Love

In Lak ech

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