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4 Stability - Night (Akbal)

House, powerful, logical and organized,
Today is about creating sanctuary and security.
New ideas that have been spread need to be planted in the
“Earth Temple”
So they can germinate properly.

With Stability, residing as the foundation of
The Earth Temple
Today’s creation comes from the inertia of existence.

The willingness to change, the consistency that continues it’s patterns of change.
This could be one of the catalysts that I had been struggling with.

Yet, when I check in, meaning with Source,
Asking for direction.
The answer comes with the same
Loving tone.

All there is, is love.

Arrived at my sisters last night.
Encino California.

Linda and I had a fantastic drive from Sedona/Cottonwood AZ.

‘D’, my sister, and David, my brother-in-love, have lived
In this house for over 35 yrs.
The children were raised here.

It’s a beautiful home, filled with loving memories.

My sister and David are fantastic mirrors for me,
What not to say, how not to be.
I hear sarcasm coming from them.
What’s that all about.
That hadn’t been when they first met,
Fell in love, and almost 40 yrs later, they’ve forgotten
the foundation they built their lives on.

Something was said last night, that caused my stomach to tighten,
Standing next to David, I said, “Wanna know the key to happiness?”
He looked at me, said yes.
“The key is, ‘don’t make anyone wrong for what they say.”
Hummm, was his response.
I knew he heard what I said, he listens.

Upon saying good nite,
Hugging my sister,
Kissing David on his 3rd eye.

I said, “I love you David, I know I’m crazy, you love me anyway.”
He laughed.

Getting cozy in bed, calling ‘Helios’.
He showed up instantly.
This is what he said.

“Death, each moment, death. Not death that you’ve been indoctrinated to know,
No, not death of the physical body, death of the moment, each moment faster than you can snap your fingers,
(he physically wanted me to snap my finger on my right hand, I can only snap my finger on my left hand)
Don’t get caught up in the mundane, this will never serve you.”

Then he left.


2 - Crocodile

I was just thinking about how amazing these times are, our collective consciousness around the medical profession has come to;. . .
Need a new body part? We can provide that for you. . .
It’s truly fantastic being how we’ve evolved. . . We’re still the most barbaric creatures in the entire solar system. . . For everything, (which isn’t much)
I know, humans on plant earth are the only ones that kill others for no reason. . .

The animal world, they hunt to eat, and feed their family. . . What they might not finish, others come in to do the clean up. . . OH NOT HUMANS. . . We’re in quarantine, this is the reason for us not ‘meeting’ our neighbors. . . What would you do if someone knocked on your door, you open the door, and there’s someone standing there from another planet that doesn’t look ‘like’ you? Right!!!

Looking into my past, remembering when a pack of cigarettes were .18c . . .
My girlfriends mom smoked, she would send us down the block where a cigarette machine sat in the corner of this funky market, we would put in a quarter, and taped to the pack was a nickel and two pennies. . . “Memorable Moments” . . . thrilled I chose to be born in 1942. . . Growing up in Los Angeles, went to Farfax Hi. . . Amazing times. . .

The younger generations that were born into the computer age will never have an opportunity to have the experiences I had. . .

Growing up in a bakery, daddy was third generation ‘Polish, Jewish’ baker. . .
Here’s another Memorable Moment, I’m 16, we, the big WE, meaning we hung out in a group.
Innocent times , Friday night, around midnight, no one wants to end the evening, someone says,
“lets go to Madaline’s dad’s bakery” . . .
We knock on the big double glass doors. . . Daddy comes walking over, all in white, apron folded in the tie around his waist. . . The door opens,
he stand aside for us to walk in, the smile on his face, deep dimples, melted my heart, still does. . .

“Come in, come in.” following him to the back where we see the biggest slab of dough on his bakers table. . . About 15 ft. long butcher bloc,
two of them . . . Two huge ovens with rotating racks. . . A walk in freezer, and walk in fridge. Steam cabinets, then there was the other part of the bakery where the cakes were decorated . . . A huge vat of melted chocolate, I loved dipping the end of butter cookies in the hot melted chocolate. . .

Ok, I’m back, Joel asked;
“what’s this going to be?” “Corn Rye.” with (what looks like a machete) he cuts a smaller slab off, throws it on a scale, exactly 1 lb.
One more time, yup, exactly 1 lb. after kneading it for a while, getting the roundness, he took both (now round slabs) rolling them on his chest making perfect balls, then the bottom gets flattened, and set in corn meal. when the try of six were complete, he did the process over and over
until that entire slab was gone. . .

Ah yes, Memorable Moments. They continue to express themselves. . .

Today, where I live there are cottonwood trees, pines. One cottonwood is over 150 yrs.
She is so magnificent. . . There’s a bench made from a slab of a old tree, its about 6 in. thick. About 10 ft. long. . . My soul sister Melanie and I lied down on the bench, … wow, looking up thru the canopy of trees, wind howling, sky the most perfect shade of blue, white billowy clouds. . .
Hearing the sounds that are coming from the trees that the wind is participating in creating. . .
Golden colors adorn the trees, their cascading upon us, sweet kisses from the Angels. . .

I am filled with blessings, gifts, Memorial Moments. . . The Goddess are owning their power,
Re -membering our diving birth right. . .

Our land awaits. . . The Goddess are gathering. . . Cleopatra . . . All the Goddess pampering one another. . . Filled with Love and Gratitude . . .

Every nano second, you’re a new you. . . As long as you’re the one in there making it up,
I stand in making this my MOST extraordinary life. . .


One more thought popped in, I needed cinder blocks, looking across the street, I see that my neighbor is there, walking over
I ask Mike if I can buy 4 cinder blocks from him. . . (shorting the story) Mike carried two, I picked up the other 2, yes, they are heavy.
Picking them up, closing my eyes for a moment, envisioning they were two loaf’s of bread.
As I’m walking across the street, chanting, these are two loaf’s of bread. , ,
I ask for assistance, asking Ian to put his hand on me, it’s wonderful to feel how strong the collective is.
Major, I’ve been assisting another soul sister Linda pack and move from her home that she gave back to the bank. . .
(awe yes, the insanity continues) anyway, I’m very strong (for someone that’s been on the planet 66 yrs.) we had three young men
that Linda hired, looking at this box, seeing what was in it, (books) knowing this was beyond my power to move
I asked one of the guys to take the box, it was too heavy for me. . . He said, “being you’re saying its heaving, I know it’s gotta be heavy.”
he said later that most women woudn’t Do what I was doing. . . REALLY!

You are what I Love about Love


13 - Storm (cauac)

8TH Nov. begins the 6th Night............. Sunday, (tomorrow) Is 1- Sun, the next 13 days is all about A Day dedicated to our father sun, or as I call him (Grandpa Sun) I've written a song that I sing while I walk in the morning, anyway ... sure got off the subject. to the Ancestors and Their guidance. This is a light, Loving, Artistic day perfect for romantic dreamers. Simplify your life as much as possible so you can effectively rise and shine with unconditional Love...


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,STAY CALM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


YOUR MANTRA. ...............................


THE FOUNDATION OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love You El

ps. no, I hadn't heard any talk from the Maya about the Polar shift, yet I've heard it from others,
the the Tectonic plates are shifting, the 'under core' of Mother Earth, is sold, that it had been
impenetrable, what I've heard from sources i respect is this, 'the under core is softening, therefore shifting, which could be the reason for all the earth changes, being we're close to 26,000 years where everything will crumble,
in order for anything to be built, there' much be the space to build it. if you want to build a house on that piece of property,
it will be more convenient for you if the land is vacant.

we're re-creating our world, NOW. . .. everything must come from
the most integral place, the foundation of LOVE. what happens when you build a house on sand??? would be quiet silly.
everything comes from one source. the source of Love

The  6th Night is approaching,  I'm sure you've been feeling the energy shifting,
  as if you are being put into a vise,
  I've been sleeping ten hours a night, most nights, other times I'll wake at 2:30 and I'm complete with my sleep.  .   .

  some are sleeping  four or less hrs,  wondering what the heck is going on.  
being the  Ambassador  of everything around you,  your entire life most likely has shifted to a point where
others might not recognize who you are,  some won't know what your talking about. 

Patience,  and   CALMNESS, will assist in keeping the grounding solid,    being   Calm in the face
of all these changes creates the crucial  stage for our moments as we take one step at a time.
These are  mandatory actions. 

Taking extra care to be kind to oneself, and others,  the children are looking to us for stability.  they will take
what they see and hear from us as  the  truth,   make sure we speak to them the way we want to be spoken to.  .   .

in the event you get confused.  STOP,  BREATH. stay CALM.
remember,  the mind in a dangerous place,  don't go there alone.
You are what I Love about Love

In Lak ech

4/ Dog

Morning Prayer

“Please give me the sight
To witness the perfection
In everything I see.  To recognize all
That resonates in the
Divine plan”


Anything may be betrayed,  anyone may be forgiven,
But not those who lack the courage of
Their own greatness.”
Ayn Rand


“You were not born to be
A second hander”
Ayn Rand

If you haven’t seen Michael Moore’s new move, GO SEE IT.
Our collective energy, our collective ‘souls’  will and can alter our world.
Standing untied at this time,  knowing who we are as we forge thru
These amazing moments.

What will it take to get us to stand and so NO  to the authorities that are being perpetrated
on us.   Every  seven seconds someone is being evicted out of their home.
This is insane.
Ian and I were escorted out of our home in 2004, sheriffs with their guns.
  they’ve gotten more sophisticated
The fear that they spread,  it’s totally fascinating.
I’ve gotten to where I won’t read any more propaganda about this swine flu
The more I keep it in my consciousness, the easier it will be for this
Negative energy to enter.  Keep clear of the negative energy.
I will not allow anyone to inject me with poison.

The  entrainment camps are built,  Ian and I talked about this, saying, “well, if we end up there, at least we’ll be with our ‘family’  of like minded people.”  Those of us who will take a stand and not allow to be bullied into taking  this swine flu shot,  then wear a wrist band proving I’ve taken it.
Other wise I won’t be allowed to travel.


We said we wouldn’t allow  WWII  to show it’s ugly face,  yet
here we are, allowing   ‘them’  to inject us with poison that they wouldn’t take themselves.

For the past year when I’ve looked to see what I look to see
What has shown itself is
 by Oct. 2010
It will flattened.
The monetary system.  Banking systems, mortgage systems.
Insurance systems.  All of it.  In order for our world to thrive,
Is the only way I see us thriving.  Ego is passé.
It’s served us well.  It’s time for  the inner  ’soul’  to extend itself beyond  what any of us
has experienced to date.

Remember this is MY prediction.

Our enchanted  meadow is waiting, beckoning us to enter,
Waiting our arrival.
Cool stream, soft sound of the water fall
Birds serenading all who enter,
Deer drinking from the cool spring
Children giggling while they splash one another
Blanket spread with yummy tastes for all

Willow trees provide shade from the high noon sun
Watching the clouds float by
Seeing the angels  in cloud formation
Awe, for the sweet days of comfort
To re member why we are here.


Who Do I Think I Am?

The wise one that
Tripped on a crack
Missing the green
Light up ahead

Hurry, Faster, pick up
The pace, can’t now
I’ve fallen on my face
With scrapped hands, knees

Brushing myself off
Humbled at gravities
Core, torn pants, heart
Pounding, eyes running

If I move faster
Will I ever



Looking through the looking glass
Reflection fuzzy, can’t
See me thru eyes squinting
Back light dimmed

Frightened by shadows
Unknown, are they here
To take me home once again
Or to have me stay

In a hell that I alone
Created, my choice is
Clear my heart knows
Only one emotion





And The Soul Said to The Mind

How sweet and innocent I am
Recognizing my life given
This grand plan so magically
Presented for my care

There lies before me
This garden filled
With wonder, adventure
No finer garden exists

Birds singing, waking
From their peaceful
Nights slumber, stretching
Wings, singing morning song

Oh to remain in my precious
Garden all the days of my life
Golden wing take flight
As only the ‘one’ knows

Why I’ve come this way
Could it be as simple
As the chosen one knew
awe, it is true

Surely you’ve forgotten
Your soul if you question
These truths for the
One to guide you remains

In your hand,  look closely
You will remember Thee
All the chatter gone, only
Sunshine and smiling eyes

Remain  as ‘soul’ continues
To speak, ‘mind’ in jesting
These new thoughts
Embracing a calmness

Surrender to the one
Your garden awaits
Upon arrival  flowers
Awaken, grass stands at attention

Theres the sacred
Spot under the willow tree
This is the dream awakened
Time to call it ‘a day’

One moment in time
A beat for the rest
Of life so gracesly
Accepted on this soul

I call me

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