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Matty's Journal
September 2009

Madaline Weber

New Matty's Recent Interview on Saturday July 18th

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And the Condor said to the Eagle

Oh, how I love my time-worn trail of polished earth.
Hardened by shuffled step,
from garden wall to the sweet water spring,
A daily ritual that pleases the soul.

On the bench I made, no studier found,
I sit for hours smelling wild flowers and watching
Sparrows, wing on wind, fly to and home again.

Oh, how I love my mind to soar in my secret place.
To take the time to commune with Him that sent me
for purpose I long ago achieved.
My just reward lies here with nature, in harmony.

Let the world spin at full speed, throwing those not
One with it to the universe.
I will spend my days here in my beloved meadow,
never regretting a day in the life of this thing called me.

With no regret of life in total, I am all that was, is and will be.
I am the sum total. And only the Grand Architect
knows why I’ve come this way.

Find your meadow, wear your trail and regret not your life.
A moment in time. A chance to be . . .

For this is Bliss, you see.

From one who shares the wind. . . I am
Eric C. Wyndham

A Recent E-mail:

"Dear Matty, Yesterday, I became familiar with Ian and his explanation of the Mayan Calender. Today, I learned of his (body)death. Even though we know that the body is only one mode of interaction I feel a loss. Although, I am not one to voluntarily connect with that side I am completely compelled to attach an mp3 of a song I wrote and recorded in the early fall of 2005. It is called SuperGirl. As odd as it is for me to say this... I feel like Ian is yelling in my ear that he wants you to hear it. Perhaps this makes more sense to you than me." 

Check out Bradfor Jordan's song - SuperGirl:

9 - Offering (Muluc)


It was 5:30 a.m. in Hawaii when Sher called, I hadn’t spoken with her in a couple of months. (Ian contacted her when he crossed over to his light body)

She’s been my guide for over three years. . . Sher is challenged by having her body be riddled with Lupus. . .
There are times when I’m not aware of her checking in with me, seeing how I’m fairing in my world. . .

She called today knowing that there are issues that I’ve been experiencing that are keeping me from living my desire. . .

‘Living my desire’ what does that mean? what it means is, I’m not totally in
‘this now moment’, speaking about “getting outta here”. . . holding negative energy, all the while wanting to remain grounded and centered. . .

When I was in Alamo with Sherry, (Sherry is not Sher) there were energy’s there that snuck into my body. . . With all I knew to do to protect myself, surrounding me with the ‘Violet Flame’, I would invoke this every hour or two.

Something entered the left side of my head, behind my ear, down my neck. . . I was feeling pressure there, something I hadn’t ever felt. . .
I don’t get head aches, so this feeling had me look to see what was going on, yet, until I was on the phone with Sher I hadn’t a clue as to what was the cause of this pressure. . .

I hadn’t told her about this, she told me what she was ’seeing’. . .
She told me that by speaking “I gotta get outta here.” I’m sending mixed messages. . . And of course now that she spoke it out loud, I know that the words used is what will be presented. . . More of the same. . .

I had been feeling totally off balance for a few weeks, not being able to put a solid finger on what was occurring. . . In the three and half years that Gary and I have been room mates, we’ve been amazingly amicable. . . Yet, a couple of days ago a situation occurred where my anger flared to the point where I had to remove myself from his space, or I would have punched him out. . . Trust me, I’m strong, he wouldn’t have been happy if I got to that point. Nor would I have been. . . I knew there was something strong taking over, something that I wasn’t seeing clear. . .

After being on the phone for over an hour, she said she wanted me to sage the house, Gary, Spirit and me. . . I mixed Epsom salt with rubbing alcohol. . .
Walking thru the house singing, “love, love, love, endless love.” over and over. Then I asked Gary if it were ok for me to smudge him, I did, then he did me. I did Spirit. I also told Spirit that when we were ready to leave that he would be coming with me. . . In the mean time, this is where we are, to own, protect and honor THIS space. . . This IS where I am, this IS where I will be until source directs the next phase of my life . . .

I feel more relaxed then I’ve felt in a long time. . .
Sharing this with you, knowing we’re experiencing changes by the truck load.
Being flexible, riding the tide of change. . . Holding space for what ever appears. . . Holding space for others, whom ever shows up in my world . . .

Fear is the number one killer, it could destroy one’s hopes and dreams, one’s desire to be of service, my new
‘Signature of Aliveness’ is: Being of Service.

I’ve had the opportunity to be of service ever since I’ve come home from my pilgrimage. . . I know I will be traveling again. . . And when that happens it will be the perfect time. . .


Did we take a left turn instead of a right?
What happened between the light?
Have you forgotten what it takes?
To honor another for g-d sake.

The room is quiet, can’t you hear?
Arriving like a heard of elephants drawing near.
Respect the space is all that I ask.
Enter in silence were silence is at hand.

Keep your excuses to yourself.
Just acknowledge that you’ve come to the right place.
Excuse yourself for making such a face.
The adult knows how to listen,
How to exchange energy in kind.

It’s the child that wants to be right,
No matter the sign.
All that I ask is to be one with the whole.
Treasure our time is the gift that is told.

The child arrives on this sun baked day,
Happy to be here is all that he can say.
Sharing the space from one to another.
Gifts from source, you are my brother.

Emotions flair, hot spark fly.
Sacred harmony that wonders by.
How does it feel to be left in the dark,
Not knowing whom to answer to,
Whom can I trust?

Does your heart tell you one thing
While your head says another?
Do you know who you are
While you say you’re my brother.

We’ve experienced life unfolding,
We’ve danced, sang, and prayed.
We’ve come full circle in this
myriad of ways.


All I ask is to recognize
That an answer to the question
Is all that could surmise
Keep true to your heart.

Remember who you are
The god self is within
Knowing full well that
This is the start.

Madaline ‘09

Death of the Ego

Deep within
The soul unrest
Hovering, wondering
What world am I in?

Had the dawn
arrived? Can’t be!
I hadn’t gotten there.
Not now

Where you say,
Clearly you jest,
I feel me,
You feel me.

I remember blinking
Flash, wanton, gone.
Soul knows, take me
there, consciousness greeters

You’re luminous
Awe, sweet surrender.
Moments, gracious

No more needs

Madeline ’09

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