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August 2009

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13 - Deer (Manik)
August 26, 2009

Do  what  I  say
Not  what  I  Do!

Im back in Santa Monica after being on top of the world
At Wind Tree, in Santa Cruz Mt. learning about building a Cob house.
Amazing, beautiful, fun, and instant results.  Depending on how many people, how much time
is dedicated to the creation,  you can have a warm place to live in a short time.

Living in  a city seems to restrict one’s consciousness to the point where seeing anything
outside of ‘the concrete jungle’ could create mayhem inside of ones soul.
Or,  it could have one’s soul recognize that how one had been living their life no longer is suitable for the growth that you are searching for.

This has become my life, even though I don’t have the land I’ve been craving,
I’ve experienced living on land that serves my soul.

I know I’m complete in Arizona.  It’s the where that continues (at this moment)
to be in the unknown filed.

I walked to Whole Foods, about a 20 min. walk, warm, soothing sun shinning, trees swaying in the breeze. I feel them talk to me as I pass by.  It’s more of a welcoming smile.

Returning to daughters, there were two police cars parked by a retirement home.
One was parked in a ‘red’  zone.
I thought ‘if I parked in the red zone, I would have been towed.
No questions asked.
Yet, being this was a black and white vehicle and the driver has a gun, he can park anywhere he chooses.

‘do what I say, not what I do.’

How do children learn?  They learn from what they’re told,
They learn from what they ‘see’ and ‘hear’.
What do we want our children to learn?

To respect one another.
Honor our elders.
Be kind.
Say thank you.
Hold hands when crossing the street.
Ask what you can do to assist in all situations.

Yet, there he is,  parked in the ‘red zone’.
Carrying a gun.


Being threatened by that fear.
Feeling tension in your belly.

At least that’s what I experience when fear plays around in my mind.

What would our world look like with out weapons?

I see peace,  harmony,  contentment.

I see a world that works for all.

What does your world look like?
Share with me your view, share with me what your world looks like.
I say, collectively, we have the wisdom to create our world that truly is filled with bliss.

Happy hunting.

6 - Sun (Ahau)

August 19. 2009

Dear Mayan Majix family.

Three and a half years have passed since Ian transitioned into his light body. . .Our life (Ian and I) have taken on an energy that superseeds anything I've ever experienced.

Ian had been prodding me to be on the road.  .  .  visiting those whom are experiencing life the way I had visioned ever since I was in my 20's.  .  .

Land,  off the grid,  community.   at this moment,  this is where I am, the land is called   'Wind Tree'
64 acres . . .  3000 ft. above sea level. for California thats amazing,  Santa Cruz Mt.

there's a cob house being built.  I'm getting my hands into the earth,  creating with many whom are appearing here to assist.

a year ago May, there was a huge fire,  EVERYTHING around Wind Tree burned.  the trees stand, yet they are burned beyond regrowth.   yet,  Elaina's land was saved.

at the 'point'  of the land,  a 'peace'  pole was erected. peace was written in all languages,  colored ribbons tied around, crystals at the base.  the fire rages. when the fires was finally  put out,  the peace pole remained unscathed.  the ribbons hadn't lost there color.  true magic.

what is requested at this time is a travel van. I could sleep in,  travel to others land, work, share energy. this is the dream Ian ask me to keep alive.  

with our Mayan Majix family continues to be the most amazing support EVER,  I know Ian's  and my dream will be fulfilled.  

He named the land;   "Ever  Ever Land"

I love you.  my heart is filled with so much love.  the energy spills all over everyone that comes into my space. I feel from our amazing family. Tears cascading down my cheeks as I feel your presence.

until now.   blessings.  love.  harmony. bliss.

Divine  Magic


13 - Jaguar (IX)

August 13, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Wow,   I'm  in Santa Cruz Mountains,  above the clouds.   last night I witnessed my first sun set from above the clouds.  it was the most amazing site I've ever experienced there is 65 acres here,  over looking the ocean.  many dwellings for people to stay,  work the land, a wonderful place for work shops. fruit trees,  gardens.  amazing,   truly.  I'm going to continue to be on the road,  how this will occur i'm not sure being I don't have a car.   there's  a wonderful old   84 VW  bus I could buy for $800,  being   at this moment I don't have $800,  it's  in the mix of desire and with the Divine plan  if Im to have this,  it will show up.

My beloved Shar in Hawaii,  (my angel sister who is the one that Ian contacted  when he crossed over)  she and I have been creating our lives in  cyber space for over   3 yrs.   she is my rock,  my love. we haven't met in person  in  this  3D world,  we will,   our story  is one that  comes from source with divine guidance, a place of trust,  a place where few experience. I've surrendered a long time ago,  the one issue that had kept me in AZ was my beloved Spirit. Then one day while he and I were on our walk, I put a voice to him,  he said,  "stop using me as your excuse for not living the life you desire. Go!"

So, here I am,  Spirit is with Gary,  in good hands. being loved.

Come visit while I'm here at  Wind Tree

WIND  TREE  is her name,  address here:

31440 Loma Prienta Way
Los Gatos Ca  95033

I am at 3000  ft.for California thats high. There was a fire here last May. Almost every tree surrounding her property  burned.  This is truly magical land,  god was right here handleing it all.

There are pic's, I will ask  Elaina  next time she goes onto her email to send them to post.   I'm looking at getting a large van, so that Gary, Spirit and I can continue my quest.  So. maybe we/you could make a request that I'm looking for a van that I can convert ,,,,

I'm so very excited about this journey,  Ian   is excite  for 'us',  about time he says.  come share my journey,   this retreat center is magical.

I will write aagin when i can.


4/ Serpent


What does,
Being embarrassed mean?

being embarrassed, might be that the one
that  is   embarrassed would want
the situation/event, to be different then it is.

I know everyone could have a situation in life that could
trigger a memory of

the model walking down the runway,
she trips, falls to her knees.


what happened,
she tripped.

the embarrassment comes from one's mind
wanting the situation to be different then it is.
All of life stems from our personal
interpretation of each event that gets created,
by the creator. 
you, me, each of us are the creator of our lives.

falling off a ladder at work, landing on my knee,
there were five men around.  I could have been
I chose to view the situation as it occurred.
I fell off the ladder.
My mind wasn't invited to contribute anything into this

Could it be true that we believe others more then we trust

the big one right now is,  taking a flu shot.
believing what the media is saying.  most people
will believe what they hear,  what the doctors say.
yet, would the doctor take a flu shot.


WHAT'S  the deal?
when we allow our mind to dictate our intuition, our
personal 'knowing' (as Ian would say)
then we've given up our personal power.

Now more then ever,  it is imperative to be cognizant of
each and every word, action, deed, mannerism, jester, habit, energy shared and spread where
ever you are.
 'Freedom of Choice'

when you KNOW who you are,
a divine emanation
of the

all there will be for ever more
LOVE . . .

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