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July 2009

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The Galactic Transformer

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I am in LA... my time here is unknown,  I love the idea of an announcement for talks. telling  mm family that I'm  on the move and open for anyone who wants to gather a group. . . 

the energy from the 'eclipse'  is quiet intense, creating  soul movements the likes of which hadn't  been felt in this life time.  .  .

from the lack of sleep, to wanting to sleep more that ever.  .   .   eating patterns have altered.  .  .

life partners are traveling on alternate avenues.

now more then ever,  it is imperative to live in an arena of  'allowing'  .  .  .   no judgments, no have too's,  no make wrong. 

you're heart is a wonderful guide,  follow it.  be with  it.   honor it.  treating oneself as one would treat a new born.  .  .  rest when your body requires,  eat when hungry.  .  .  paying attention to what your soul  hungers for.  .   .

please share this,  it is what I've been experiencing at this time.  more later.  my sister is waiting for me.

Divine  Magic

2 -Earth (Caban)

Tue 7/7/2009

Hi Mike,   I'm in Los Angeles,  the first 5 days here were amazing,  in Santa Barbara,  assisting Ray and Jodi,  packing, moving stuff from their home into storage.  they've chosen a new path, one that is taking them on separate, yet connected journeys. 

Jodi and children are settled in a wonderful home that a dear friend is living in, so community is there. 

Ray will be coming to AZ with me,  we will leave LA on Tuesday.

I've been able to sit on the beach with my love, Karen.  her friendship mean the world to me, our love for one another is endless.

Ray's body is healing from the collidis that has plagued him  for some time now.   Jodi's tumor is healing.  they are wearing the Galactic Transformers.

Ray hadn't had a peaceful sleep in more months then he can recall. the other night he slept through the night,  he feels the energy healing him.  Jodi's tumor is shrinking.  she feels more energy. 

we had been working 10 hr days getting everything out of the house. amazing what got created.
I'm so jazzed about these stone, so very jazzed.

to witness the healing is a blessing.  watching my children be in pain is devastating.  my grandson chose a 'Red Jasper' infused stone. he felt the energy immediately.  he will be 15 in Sept.   Cole is very conscious
very aware of what is occurring here.  Reece will be 16 this year. he felt more energized by wearing the 'Hematite.'  he said, "I think I would have stopped hours ago if I werent wearing this." 

I will send you a new pic of me,  my hair is really short, and very blond. so fun,  playing. 

Please post this with Roberts news letter.

sending tons of love. 

"I want to know the thoughts of God;
  the rest are details."

-- Albert Einstein

"Mostpeople do not really want freedom, because freedom involvesresponsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility."
Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)


Dear Friends,

I am sometimes asked, “What is the value of knowing that we plan our lives before we're born?  What can I do with this awareness?” A few days ago, I received a touching email from a woman in the UK that speaks to these questions.


This woman – I will call her Wendy – is pregnant with her fourth child.  Recently, Wendy had a sonogram that showed her baby has no lower right arm or right hand.  When she learned of her child's disability, Wendy burst into tears, overcome with shock and heartbreak.


Wendy told me that she had read my book (the original edition of Your Soul's Plan) a couple of months earlier.  As the initial shock began to subside, Wendy started to reflect on the idea of pre-birth planning.  She wrote:

“Instead of feelings of 'why her' or 'my poor baby,' I thought, 'My goodness, what a strong soul she must be to have chosen this disability,' and 'I feel privileged that she picked me as her mommy.'

"This amazing soul (child) which I'm carrying has already taught me some of the biggest and most profound lessons a person could learn, and I am truly humbled. I know that she is here to teach me, her brother and sisters, my partner and others of the power of love. I know that this shinning unborn spirit is someone very special indeed, and we are blessed.

"I'm so grateful spirit directed me to your book.  Words cannot describe how it has helped me cope and the totally new perspective it gave me. I dont feel sad or angry on behalf of my unborn baby. I see her soul choices and feel nothing but huge love and admiration for her spirit.”

I share this with you with Wendy's permission.  Thank you, Wendy.

Wendy's poignant story illustrates the healing power of this shift in perspective, a shift from personality-body consciousness to soul consciousness.  When we see ourselves and others as holy, eternal beings, and when we live our lives from the level of the soul, life takes on an entirely new and much richer meaning. 

Call for Interviewees

I'm continuing to search for inspiring stories for my next book. I would like to hear from a divorced couple who want to work with the Your Soul's Plan mediums and channels to discover what they planned before birth in regard to their marriage and divorce. If you would like to share your story, please contact me at

Speaking Engagements

July 12 - East West Bookstore in New York City (, with Corbie Mitleid and Staci Wells, 5-7 PM
July 13 - Chappaqua, NY - Star Visions center for spiritual enrichment (; contact Helen at or 914-238-9640), with Corbie Mitleid and Staci Wells, 7-9 PM


UK Book Tour (July 16 - August 6)

July 16 - spirituality study group near Guildford (Contact Val Drummond at
July 17 - Alchemy ( in London
July 18 - Carpenders Park Christian Spiritualist Church in Watford, Herts
(Contact Chris at
July 20 - Spirituality study group in London
(Contact Philip at
July 25 - Dublin, Ireland workshop with medium Terry Taylor, 10 AM - 3 PM. Contact Mairead Conlon at +353 01 2809873 or
July 26 - Pembroke Dock Spiritualist Church, South Wales, workshop with medium Terry Taylor (Contact Anne McColl at
July 27 - Alternatives ( in London
Aug 1 - Full-day seminar at College of Psychic Studies, London, with Ian Lawton and Judy Hall
Aug. 2 - York Spirituality Center (contact Brigitte Rix at
August 6 - Glasgow, Scotland - Scottish Society for Psychical Research (; contact Tricia Robertson at
August 22 - Lily Dale, NY - Morning workshop with Corbie Mitleid, at the Lily Dale Assembly (click here for more information).


Nov. 21 - Columbus, OH - Columbus chapter of the International Association of Near-Death Studies, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Upper Arlington, 10 AM - Noon (Contact Nanci at
 Nov. 22 - Cincinnati, OH - Victory of Light Festival, time TBD


Feb. 20 - Virginia Beach, VA - Conference keynote address at Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment ( - 7-9 PM

Spreading the Word

As many of you know, my mission is to bring the healing perspective of pre-birth planning to as many people as possible.  As part of this effort, I ask you to ask your local library to carry Your Soul's Plan.  I hear from many people who tell me they cannot afford to purchase a book.  Libraries are the answer.


A second important part of this effort is to reach the prison population, a group of people who are largely ignored by mainstream society. If you work in a prision or can help to arrange a donation to a prison library, please contact me at  I will be happy to donate a copy of my book.


Lastly, if Your Soul's Plan has touched your life, please share your story with the producers of Oprah by clicking here

Spiritual Literature for Prisoners

Speaking of the prison population, I have been honored to make the acquaintance of Joe Wolfe, a sincere and deeply caring man who is putting together a booklet of spiritual literature for donation to prisoners.  Joe's booklet will contain excerpts from Your Soul's Plan, Gary Renard's writing, and others.  Joe writes:

“What would you say to a prisoner?
What words would you use to deliver a glimpse of Hope where apathy makes its home? How would you send a spark of Love where hatred runs rampant, Light where darkness encompasses every crevice, or Peace where fear, guilt, blame, and hopelessness saturate every molecule of air?
What would you say to your brother to ease his suffering?

Bird of Peace Submit your comfort and inspiration in 250 words or less to us via the Contact Page at Your thoughts and words may be selected to accompany our own.


Love, Light and the Peace of God,
Joe Wolfe
Author, writer, speaker and teacher of A Course in Miracles, Founder of Spirit Light Outreach  

If you would like to contribute to Joe's booklet,
please contact him through his web site.


Other Books of Interest

Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go by Mark Ireland

After losing his youngest son in 2004, Mark Ireland began a quest into afterlife research. His unique childhood prepared him well, for his father, Richard Ireland, was a prominent psychic-medium who counseled celebrities like Mae West, Amanda Blake, and Glenn Ford. Prompted by his indelible memories, Mark contacted contemporary mediums like Allison Dubois and Laurie Campbell, closely scrutinizing their abilities. His book, Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go, summarizes Mark's remarkable findings.

The Voice for Love by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle

The Doyle's book, The Voice for Love, written by the Holy Spirit, teaches people how to hear God's Voice. The Doyle's How to Hear the Voice of God 30-Day Audio Course teaches the effective 5-Step Process they offer in their workshops for hearing God's Voice as a distinct and conversational voice within you. Their web site is

Bringing Your Soul to Light: Healing Through Past Lives and the Time Between by Dr. Linda Backman

This book offers a detailed discussion of our Soul Purpose, and how we progress as a Soul. Based on 1000's of soul regressions, Bringing Your Soul to Light provides a new understanding of why we incarnate and how we progress in our present incarnation. Client regression details illuminate how elements of Past Lives and Between Lives lead to progression and advancement of the Soul. Please visit for additional information on Dr. Backman's new book, as well as how to order an autographed copy.


And on July 14th, I will have a special announcement about a new book by a Canadian author, a book that will interest many of you. Look for that announcement in your inbox.


Until then,
Robert Schwartz




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Black Madonna

The Future That Brought Her Here; A Memoir of a Call to Awaken - In a poetic memoir both personal and transpersonal in our fearful post-911 era, Deborah DeNicola, among others, has predicted the world crisis we are now facing will initiate the global population into a new awareness of spiritual evolution.