Matty's Journal
June 2009

Madaline Weber

New Mayan Calendar Talk - June 27 - Scottdale, AZ

New Request from Matty re: June Talk

Nu Skin - Reverse the Aging Process!

The Galactic Transformer

Ian's "One of a Kind" Jewelry pieces

Black Madonna

The Future That Brought Her Here; A Memoir of a Call to Awaken - In a poetic memoir both personal and transpersonal in our fearful post-911 era, Deborah DeNicola, among others, has predicted the world crisis we are now facing will initiate the global population into a new awareness of spiritual evolution.  



"House, Powerful, Logical and Organized.
  Today is about creating sanctuary & Security,  New ideas that have been
spread need to be planted in the "Earth Temple"  so they can germinate properly...

Firmly Grounded, reach your consciousness out to the starry night."

these are the most sacred times.  for those who will remain centered and clear of
their minds interruption, life will be blissful...  for those who might panic, or create
fear around them, that will or could be what they will bring into their reality.

  W O W

13 days of Earths energy
Hold yourselves centered
no-thing can rock you loose
from your core-
it is in the being of self
that keeps one in tuned with
soul energy.

the collective mind
is always at choice.

will you choose to listen to your mind,
create havoc?
drive you to insanity?
bring you to the brink where
you've lost your center point?

allow your truth to hold center stage.

remember, you are the writer
producer, actor.
all parts are you.

the curtain rises, lights dim.
words are spoken.

Is this a joy filled play, or drama?

these next 13 days are going to give us gifts we've
NEVER received.
we might think,  "I don't know how to handle this."

that's your mind.

your soul knows exactly how to be.
Breath it in.
that's it,
breath it all in.

you might think, I didn't plan that car crash!
the reality is,  you did.

you are always in agreement with what occurs.
conscious, or unconscious.

when you recognize that YOU
wrote that piece into your script, look at the lines
that followed, where you're at now.

change on thing,  change everything.
it's just a thought away

remember Ian speaking about
8 Division Sky Place.

Time        Place

Everything exists in this very moment.
NO-thing exists in this very moment

when I wrote this, Ian was right here with me,
I started arguing, he said,
"this is what is so."

blessings love ones.

Tell Me Why-Declan Galbraith

8 / Monkey


Viewing the human population through the clearest window of my mind,
witnessing an illusion that has been accepted by almost all who believe
everything their ‘mind’ tells them.

Having a conversation with Jodi, (my beloved daughter-in-love) she tells me
how miserable she is, that she’s working at a job she no longer enjoys,
she sits inside at a desk,  then she comes home and brings the energy that
she had at work home.

What she really wants to do is be with her family,  her son Reece (my grandchild)
will be 16 in November.  Maia will be 10 in December.

Jodi and Ray (my son) work to ‘pay’ the bills and rent.

They’re supporting the land owner to have the life they’ve chosen.
All the while Jodi, Ray and the children struggle.  There’s something really
off about this equation.

   This is not isolated.  I hear others speak the same,  daughter Jo-e tells
me she’s cut back on her way of life, no more movies, no more cable.
Entertaining is no longer a part of their life.

The mind is the culprit.

I’ve spoken before about ‘the mind’ how it would rather see one dead then be wrong.
Look around. 

Easy to see,  addictions are running rampant.

Eating disorder.

Drug and alcohol addiction.


Are you being honest when you ask yourself;  am I really happy,
am I living the life I love?  Am I teaching my children how to live a life they love?
What are they learning from me?  How to struggle?   This is the way it is!

Oh my  gawd.  What are we doing, what kind of legacy are we creating?
  When will it be ‘enough’!




1 / Seed

How absolutely amazing.

I’ve manifested a new lap top.

Now I’m learning my way around.

Discovery about everything that is appearing.

Foundations, creations, manifestations.

In the grand scheme of life.

What is there?


Holding hands.

Creating magic with music.

Holding a new born in my arms.

Awe, the wonder of it all.

Who is the one?


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