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January 2009


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ONLY  10%


Most of us know that we use 10% of our brain.  Have you ever asked, ‘WHY’?

Could it be that we’ve been programmed this way, to keep us ‘slaves’. . .

Fear is a huge factor that is being played out here. . . 


What if, this is a big WHAT IF.  Those from other planets, or star ships did an experiment,  they took their genes, mixed them up with lower life forms and created man.


By using this small amount of our ‘brain’, thus keeping us in check, making sure we wouldn’t cause them too much stress, or create too much havoc. 


The conversation that has been going on forever is,

 “Why am I here, What is my purpose.”?  

Our purpose is to be of service.   Service to whom? 

Can you see who you are, what your life looks like, how you wake in the morning only to do the same thing over again, the same thing  you did yesterday and the day before.  Step out of line and the boggy man will get you. 

George Orwell was right on with his tale  ‘1984”  big brother is watching,

BIG BROTHER has been watching from the beginning.


What I feel is occurring at this time,



They   don’t  give a hoot about us destroying ourselves, they had us here to see how these  ‘mixed’ breeds would turn out.  Well, from my point of view, we’re barbaric.

The animal kingdom has more wisdom then the humanoids.  They kill what their family needs to nourish themselves.  What they leave behind, other creatures clean  up. There’s no waist. 

The animal world isn’t driven by ego.  They take care of their own. Protect their tribe.


Humans are ego based, it’s a  me  world.   We’ve been told to be  independent.

Being independent is good, yet, can you take care of an entire village alone?


Being interdependent so that the village runs smoothly, the carpenter loves being a carpenter,  the baker loves being a baker.  The cook loves to cook.  Everyone is happy, everyone does what they love doing.  Therefore there’s harmony, contentment, all participate with ‘grace and ease’. . there’s a natural rhythm, there’s a natural flow, 


Being there aren’t any weapons, and everyone has everything they need and desire.

There’s no jealousy, no fear, no hatred. . . 

I hear people talk about how they want our world to be, how they crave contentment, where peace, love, respect, harmony, gratitude, and joy is the foundation that we live with.

We’ve been brain washed to be totally submissive. From the time we were old enough to understand what the ‘elders’ were saying to us.


 don’t talk back, respect your elders, the police will come and get you if you don’t listen to me.  Don’t talk to strangers.”


Initiating fear into our children, (we are the children) making sure we stay in line, don’t make waves, better not.  What will happen if you cross over that line?


We have so many codes, so many rules, so many laws, each one geared towards

Their way of keeping us in check.  Step on a crack, brake your mothers back.” 

That was a game I remember playing as a child.  So we would walk the streets, making sure not to step on a crack.   What about the nursery rhymes.  Rock a bye baby on the tree tops, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bow brakes the cradle will fall, down will come baby cradle and all.  Something like that.  This is what we sang to our babies.  How pathetic.  

We’re deranged.  Of course not all of us.  Yet, I own what I’ve experienced.


Hitler is the greatest example of how we were led to the gas chambers to be  slaughtered.   We’re more humane to animals then to people.  We send our young men to fight a war for the power hungry, to feed their egos. These young men come home, if they come home, most of them are discarded.  Are they being taken care of?

NO,  what is this?  What the hell is this? 


I had a conversation with a young man about guns.  Telling him, “if you take all the weapons off the planet.  What do you think would happen?”  he said,  “you can’t do that.  What would people do?”  If there aren’t ANY weapons, that’s a wonderful question, what would people do?  It’s time for LOVE and only LOVE to reside, take the guns away, and peace will be the foundation, it’s everyone’s dream, to have a peaceful life.  To live in harmony.  Being content.


How many men and women hadn’t had a chance to be with their children while they were growing up.  They were working to put bread on the table.  Is this how it’s supposed to be?  I heard Bush speak with a women about her job, she said, “I have three jobs.”  Bush said,  “three jobs, isn’t that wonderful.”  The audience applauded.

Three jobs, are you insane?

Are you living the life you love, or are you living a life to support the government, paying taxes, giving away your hard earned sweet labor, not knowing where this money is going, surly not back into your pocket. 


Is this how the indigenous tribes lived?  The village had its elders, they kept stories alive, making sure the young ones knew of their heritage.  The medicine man knew about the herbs, healing with natural remedies.  What are we giving to the people today.  We’re  injecting  poisons into our new born babies.  Then people wait in line for a flu shot.  Do they know what they’re putting into their body?  They’ve been told to take a flu shot, so they wait in line at Wal-Mart, freaked me out when I saw more the 50 people standing in line to receive a shot that they didn’t even know what they were receiving.  Blew me away. 


A few years ago my sister told me she got her flu shot, I cringed, yet didn’t say anything,  to late, she already took it.  The next year she told me she was going to get her flu shot.  ‘D’  don’t you remember last year when you got a flu shot you were down for three weeks.  She said,  “I don’t remember.”  I remember, I told her, she was so sick, so very sick, she had a hard time getting from her bed to the bathroom, yet, her she is, taking another flu shot.  She doesn’t ask what they’re putting into her body.

And even if she did, they wouldn’t  give her all the ingredients   No way.


My first son was born in 1961,  the doctor told me that ‘formula’ was better than mothers milk.  So I gave my children formula.  When I look back at that, thinking how insane is this.  Formula is better than mothers milk.  Totally insane.  Yet, I followed the doctors advice,  not knowing any better, I was 18, thinking he was god, he knew everything, so I didn’t question him, I didn’t ask mom what she thought about this, like sheep being lead through the maze, I did what I was told,  what a good girl.


So, what about the other 90% of our brain?  How do we go about waking it up?


The concentration camps have been built,  are you going to be the ones that are led

to the gas chamber,  do you follow  their  instructions.  Sure you will. They have the guns.               

             So, either you will do what I say, or I will shoot you right here.


   When the sheriff came to escort Ian and I out of our home, the only reason I left peacefully was, (1) they had guns,  (2)  I wasn’t willing to go to jail over a house.


There is  NO.   fair.  I Remember when I was young and I would say to mom,  ‘D‘ gets to go out, why can’t I, that’s not fair. Well, what now?  We’ve heard, and said,  “That’s not fair”.  Correct.  We weren’t there when the rules were put into place.  We stepped into this game much later. So, what there is to do is play by the rules.  We do this daily.  Stop at the stop sign. Walk in the cross walk.  Don’t speed. Don’t take what isn’t yours.  This one really had me chuckle,  on a dumpster, the sign read,  “No public use, $500 fine.”  Trash, its trash.  You’re telling me if I put trash in a dumpster, you’re going to fine me $500.  what a hoot.  Then if you want your trash picked up, you have to pay to have your trash picked up.  This is insane, more insanity. Then we load the hills with our trash, then cover it up and build houses on top of the trash.  OH, that’s cleaver.


The other day all these thoughts appeared, it dawned on me that everything that we believe in came from someone else, something that was heard, then deciphered through our 10%,  thought about it, or not, yet it’s all taken into consideration.

So, what appeared was, a while back, this conversation about  chocolate being really good for us.  The higher the percentage of Cocoa , the better it is.




What are we eating?  What are we feeding our babies.  I read about mothers that were feeding their new born baby soy milk.  THEY ALL DIED.


How much dumber are we going to have to get before the masses wake uP?


Still drinking soda?   Put a piece of metal in the soda, see what happens.

What do you think is going on in your body? 


Mother Earth is so unique,  I believe she’s the only planet that has water in the center of her,  this is one of the reasons the ‘plate’s shift.  She’s not solid like other planets.

If you took a rubber ball, you could shove a knife through it, that’s earth, now, take a round rock.  There’s no way to shove a knife through.  Mother Earth is a rubber ball, other planets are rocks.  They don’t function the way Mother Earth does.


Humans and Mother Earth are ¾ water.   We’re one and the same.


So, I end this with saying how much I appreciate our Mayan Majix Family.

That my dream, and Ian’s dream had been and still is to have land, land where we create our village, where there’s plenty of water, fertile soil,  where everyone truly has everything they desire.  Where love, joy, peace is always and ever present.


Here is where we heal our beautiful  Mother Earth,  she’s waiting for us.

Control and Manipulation


Looking at everything through my new view of life, seeing clearly what I hadn’t looked at until now.  These new thoughts came to me when I started wondering about the other 90% of my brain that is said to sit dormant. 


I wrote about this a while back,  10% is such a small percentage,  what’s up with that?

Are we mutants,  mixed breeds, an Arian race mixed with the lowest form they could find. Creating slaves to work the land, clear the fields. Do their bidding?  Watching films that are shot from planes, seeing the road ways, highways and byways, all the cars traveling in the same direction, it’s a ant colony, then seeing the way they build new communities,  all the roof tops are the same color, the houses are close to the same color, the streets are the same, the trees might be different.  The only thing that gives any of the houses individuality is the interior.     The experiment has taken on a life of its own.


I was having a conversation with my sister the other day, she said,  “I feel badly for the grandchildren,  they have no mind of their own.”  I tend to agree, on some level. Being born into an era of computers where ones mind is so easily diverted from thinking,  seeing these young ones working a cash box, they couldn’t give you change from your twenty unless they could punch it into a computer to tell you what your change will be.  Dumb ‘m’ down, lets keep ‘m’ dumbed  down.  No kid left behind. Oh, that’s one of the most brilliant statements.  Doesn’t matter that the kid cant read a second grade book at the age of 16,  who cares?   That’s what the children feel now, Who cares.  They don’t think anyone cares about them.  Talk to some of the kids that are in gangs,  they believe they won’t make it to adult hood anyway, so, what’s the difference?  


I’m thrilled to have grown up at a time when life was easy,  we were creative, finding ways to entertain ourselves,  almost everyone I grew up with had ‘stay at home moms’  we had meals with the family, we were a family, supporting one another, making sure that our needs were met, there was love in the house, love was expressed, given and received.  We were taught how to take care of one another, looking out for the neighborhood,  we didn’t have things, we had one another.  Living in a two bedroom apartment with eight of us.  Everyone had something to do, everyone took care of their belongings.  What sparse belonging we had.  My sister and I shared one doll.  There wasn’t ‘play dates’ set up for us, the neighborhood was filled with kids of all ages.  It didn’t matter how old anyone was, everyone played together.


I remember one of the kids got a red wagon, it became the neighborhood wagon, it was shared, everything was shared. 


For those of us who have a broader awareness of what is being presented and exposed at this time, recognizing the illusion that has been set in motion from what might be the beginning of time.   So, now that our memory of who we really are is so clear, the veil has been lifted,  the man behind the curtain is exposed.  In knowing who you are, knowing without a shadow of a doubt,  then no matter what any one says about you, or what they might be witnessing as their truth, you don’t have to defend anything.  It’s all so clear. 


I see this next faze, from here till  mid 2010 as a time for all of us to amp up our ethical way of living our life’s. 


“Consciousness is the awareness of being aware.”  Ian said this years ago.  He was and is right on the money.  Being aware of everything that comes into your life, everything you view, witnessing your life with   20/20 vision.  The blinders are off, the road is clear.  We know what  we’re to do, how to be, how to treat one another,  its all about love, hugs, caring for ourselves, making sure that all of our needs are met. Be it as simple as waking in the morning, knowing this is a new day, not one that has baggage from other times.  No, this canvas is bran spankin new, the paint tubs are waiting for you, the brushes are set on the easel,  what are you going to paint today.  What does your picture look like?  Allowing your mind to create from nothing, that’s so very exciting.  Who’s standing in your way?  Who’s runnin’ this show anyway?  If you allow others to dictate your life, most likely you feel stressed, feeling you don’t have a say as to how your ‘picture’ looks.


 Is there someone else inside your body that you’ve given your power over to, like your mind.  That’s the 10% that wants to keep you prisoner,  start honing that 90%,

You know it’s waking itself up, finding more and more of your memory.  The true divine essence of YOU.  Not the robot you, not one of the ants from the farm.

You’re either a worker ant or the queen, you choose.



Where Are We Now? 


"Think on the principle of the gyroscope. It is a centered axle with change all around it. The faster the change, the more stable the gyroscope. This is the basic benefit of the new information on the schedule of Creation. It allows a person to achieve the recognition of pattern, on a scale unprecedented in our human history. If you are able to pay attention to the unfolding pattern of Creation, this is what you will be conscious of. The speed of change and the continued disclosure of the nature of Creation will become a stabilizing force in your existence."-Ian Xel Lungold

'I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people

of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'
Thomas Jefferson



Look what we’ve done, our banking system along with religion, has deprived the people of our property, and the children are waking up homeless. 


You think this looks strange now,  it’s going to look a lot stranger real soon.


For the past couple of years I’ve been sharing my thoughts about what I see, what I feel is happening.  I’ve asked, suggested that you make sure you have enough food and water, warm clothes, survival stuff.  When the delivery trucks stop, the markets have three days of back up in the stores, once that’s gone, it’s gone.  Please don’t take my words for any of this, follow your intuition.  Know with in your soul what feels right, what you want, need to do.  Most of all keep centered. 

My love is always with you.  Blessings, tons of blessings.

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