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December 2008


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Make Money for my Education


Living life with the emphases on my future…  Educating the self with whatever endeavor one chooses.  Pick a subject.  For me it was being a mom, where does one look to get the best advantage about being a mom?   HUMMM.


The first place I looked was at my mom.  Could I have been a better mother towards myself then mom was?   So, I took what I loved about ‘mom’, and used that, then I looked at what didn’t work for me that mom did.  This too was stored so that I looked at the other side of what that scenario was.  Mom didn’t garden, she was afraid of worms.  I, on the other hand love gardening, and I love all the crawly critters. They fascinate me.


My brother chose to be an architect.  He went to college; he was good at what he did.  This was his path.  What’s yours?  Where’s your passion? 


I’ve been called selfish because I take care of myself before all others.  In the event I’m asked to participate on a project, I check in with my ‘soul’,  if it feels right, meaning, when my body is in total alignment, then I know this is the task that I will participate in.  With Kyle and Carson, it’s a no brainier.  Wealthy Affiliate is at the cutting edge of this fantastic game called LIFE.  Being passionate is the key, stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to play, (as far as I’m concerned) 


My passion for now is playing full out

it’s called the



Ethics comes from within the soul.  Those who play this game will always win.  Those who play a game that might be by others standard called ‘morally’ correct.  Morals and ETHICS are not, repeat, NOT the same.


If you’re not taking care of your well being, from the moment you wake in the morning, till you lie your head upon your pillow, then watch out, that’s where the s--t hits the fan and fly’s back right into your face.  Pretty stinky…  How many times have you gone against that little voice that is guiding you, protecting you, yet, you’ll do something else, and then a situation occurs that is so wild you can’t understand why that just happened? 


When you look for an answer to a new question, where do you look?  Most of us look at what is already known, you won’t find an answer there.  It’s the old saying, “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”  This Game isn’t for everyone; this is a good thing, being if everyone were alike, this would be a very boring planet.  The diversity is what creates excitement.

There are some who have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate  – what I was thinking about here was for us to collaborate, work as a team, get this game ‘rollen’,  how I see these changing times  is, by the end of 2009,  thru the coming year following, our systems will fail.  Getting prepared for these times will come from our collective beings, the light that shines will continue to illuminate.  It could be going what ever way one chooses.  Many will choose to leave; those souls who choose to remain will be the ones that will heal Mother Earth, creating our Garden of Eden.  So, if you’re interested, Click here and contact me… Let the games begin.


Where do you draw the line?


When someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true, most likely it is too good to be true.  How many times during your life have you had someone

tell you something some network marketing company that will make you 10,000 a month, they said it in such a way that you can only think , ‘wow, this is amazing, count me in.’  you put in your sweat labor only to find out that you’ve put more money into the ‘project’ then you could ever retrieve.


I’m talking from first hand experience.  My experiences has brought me to this place, this place within my soul that has me know, with out a shadow of a doubt that being an affiliate of ‘Wealthy Affiliates’ is the most ethical game around.


Ian and I would give everything away.  He’s the guy who came up with the copy right that read:   “Copy right;  “copy it right and give it away.” 

So, the Ethical game began.  It’s the wave,  “you can’t build a village alone.” 


I had made a commitment to be with my family for Thanksgiving,  it didn’t happen.

Knowing there was something other than what I had seen was lurking around the corner, at the time (of course) not knowing what that was to be.


So, when I was emailed the WA site,  started reading what they had to say, how they were assisting others to find their way around the internet in a way that with this step by step direction, and  with Kyle and Carson at the helm,  their how to’s, where to go, and what to do with it is plainly written, easily understood. If it hadn’t been this easy, knowing how I’ve viewed things from my past, I would have walked away,  it would have been to much info for me to comprehend. 


Having a how to, step by step, everyone from WA is there to assist, holding my hand all the way. Doesn’t get any better than this.This is the ‘wave’, We’re watching the entire system collapse, where are people going to go? Like myself,  to the internet. 


If you’re interested in taking a look click here


I’m still planning on getting to LA, my van hasn’t appeared at this time.

When it does, I will have my WA site working for me, creating the funds I need

to have this adventure work for everyone.


I will stay in touch so that where ever I go, in the event there are those whom want to

Meet with me, gather others to have discussions, I would treasure all of this.


Lifes game


“In a moment of decision the best thing you can do

is the right thing.

The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Theodore Roosevelt


Ethics vs. Morals


Ethics vs. government, using these words in the same sentence is a contradiction in terms.   Where does the government sit?  They are morally correct, (for them) yet, for those of us who live an ethical life, knowing that one holds the key of life by living honestly, ethically,  or not.  .  .   Greed, deceit, pretence, the list goes on.  .  .  how many lies does it take before someone wakes up to THE TRUTH . . . 


There are some that will argue that the Holocaust never happened.  Well if that doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what would.  .  .  Eisenhower made sure   there were thousands of pictures so that the documentation of these heinous crimes would be remembered for all times. 


This quote from Roosevelt states clearly how we view/live our life’s.  when you look at your life do you believe you make a difference in your world?  Do you know who you are?  Are you ethical in your actions, the way you interact with others, the way you feel about others.   Do you hold onto grudges?  Is your life geared around how others view you?   


“If the Freedom of Speech is Taken Away

then Dumb and Silent we May be Led

Like Sheep to the Slaughter.”

George Washington


Traps have been set, do you see them?  Sure hope so.  How many Freedoms will be taken away before we’re led like sheep to the slaughter. . . 


We’ve witnessed the demise of some of our greatest leaders,  Martin Luther King, the Kennedy Brothers, Gandhi, Malcolm X,  the list goes on.  If they hadn’t stood fast to their belief that The Truth would set ‘us free’, we would be living in the stone ages.

They were willing to ‘die’ for what they believed in.  and the did, ultimately they did.

The hand that pulled the trigger.  How do those people live with themselves?  How do they sleep at night?  How insane to take a life for no other reason then that person has a different point of view then you do. . .  


The truth is rising to the surface, like sweet cream floating on top of fresh milk.



  There seems to be an on going skepticism about OUR ethical system at this time.

Seems its on ongoing disease, searching for a cure.


Do you know that you have a final say about your life and the choices you make?

There aren’t any victims here.   You’re either playing full out, or sitting in the bleachers watching your life fly by, wonderful what the heck  are you doing.  .  .


Why do I struggle all the time, why can’t I have what I want, I’m a good person, god doesn’t give a hoot about me, if he did, I wouldn’t be in this position. I’ve lost my job, how am I going to take care of my family?    

(know what job stands for?  Just Over Broke)


Surrender is the name of  This Ethical Game.  .  .  when you surrender to the Divine, to the One, to the I Am presence,  what occurs is beyond one’s wildest dreams. 


This life is magical, I’ve lived as poor as a church mouse, and as rich as a Queen.

From the stand point of my soul,  there’s no difference.  To the outside world, it looks as though I’m insane.  From living in a grand home, to a 30 ft. trailer.

From Champaign to boxed wine.  Its never about what goes on ‘out there’ . . .

It’s about how you view your life, how the gifts are accepted, treasured, acknowledged.   The grand acknowledgement and gratitude I wake up to in the morning, grateful to have ‘This’ day to experience, to treasure.   


Madaline’s  Ethic’s  Game


“Tomorrow and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.”





“However you perceive what is presented to you, is how you will acknowledge it to be

your truth’ or an illusion’.    .  Truth brings joy, contentment, balance, LOVE, and a deep sense of PEACE.” 


When I look at this Ethic’s  Game, feeling this to the depths of my soul, recognizing that how I start my day, with grand appreciation for that first moment of my consciousness from sleep to awake, my gratitude is in the forefront of all that is. . . 


I’ve been asked while out and about in the world,  how are you?”  “Grand, I woke up, I’m breathing.”  The smile on my face is contagious.  I said this to a man that was walking with an oxygen tank.  When I told him I woke up and I’m breathing, he looked at me, said with his smile in return,  Yes, yes.”  His body altered from walking bent over, to straightening to his full 6’2” height.  Amazing what a smile does.  .  .   this is the ethic’s game I play when I’m in public.  Seeing how many smiles I can get in return for the one I give. . .


So, when you look at how you judge your day,  what are you looking at?

Are you seeing/feeling the joy, or are there complaints?  You know it’s all

your choice.  .  .  


Knowing that the ‘script;’ is your creation, why in the world would you write anything in there that didn’t feel  GRAND???  


When you recognize that you are the observer of all your thoughts’/actions, you will find you’re much more relaxed, content with what ever situation you’ve put yourself in.  .  .  take the ethical challenge.

your challenge is; if you choose to accept:

 who’s speaking?  Your soul,  Or your robot.  .  .


There’s a clear discernment here,  when your ‘soul’ is speaking, you’re grounded, what I call flat line,  from Father Sky to Mother Earth, direct connection through your body.  You feel as though everything and anything is possible.  When your robot is in control, you might feel agitated.   For sure off center point.

Being in the drivers seat of your Ethic’s Game




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