Matty's Journal
November 2008


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My mind was wondering, looking for a solution,  then I asked, “what is the question?”  It didn’t appear.  No question, well, no wonder there’s no solution. 


Knowing that the ONLY reality is change and LOVE, then asking myself, “why am I putting so much energy in looking for AN answer.


Looking at the power of the WORDS I use, knowing they either support my soul, or suck energy from me. 


I had made a commitment that “I WILL BE IN LA FOR THAKSGIVING, AND MY BIRTHDAY,  Wanting to be with my family.  The date I had set was the 20th Nov.  well here it is, and there it goes. Re-looking at the word,  COMMITMENT, being committed to. . .   there was no, or little room for comfort/change. 


Once altering my language, seeing that what ‘I’ wanted, and what Source/Gaia wants for me are the same,  the timing is in divine order. Giving up ‘control’ over what ‘I’ want, and in the time frame of ‘MY’ desires Then the freedom returned, it felt as though I had been carrying a 100lb bar bell across my shoulders.  There was physical relief.  Yeah.


So, the van hasn’t shown up.  I’ve put posters in every corner of this town, on creigslist, auto trader.  I’m clear I’m not to leave at this time.  Being my son is in Santa Barbara ,  FIRE. . .  


My road trip will start in the perfect moment.  So all there is at this time is to relax. Being with my ‘soul’ family here.  Having thanksgiving and my birthday here.  I know this is right, it FEELs right,  all the discomfort is gone.  Joy/ contentment has taken its place.


My 1986 Chevy Caprice Classic is shined and ready for her new owner.

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Sure learn a lot about myself living in a small trailer with Spirit and Gary.

Remembering how to bath by pouring water from a bucket over me.  We had

been here for 6 weeks before we had hot water.  Today (6/Deer)  is 8 weeks that we came onto this land.  I’ve never seen a bigger sky then in this location.  Watching the sun rise in the east, watching it set in the west. The colors that dance while the sun is making it’s last show of the day. Trees that are still golden, loosing their leaves.


The Emus have laid 5 eggs,  big black eggs.  They love being massaged, I love touching them,  from the peacock ranch to emus,  wild, wonderful. There’s chickens,  one of them sits on my lap.  What a hoot.


I’ll get some pic’s and send them on. 


I’m so grateful for this life, for being connected to you in this way. I love hearing from you.  I really do.  So many sisters and brothers in South Africa ,  I love you guys, I love what you’re doing, how you’re getting Ian’s message to our tribe there,  and Australia ,  Germany .  Wow. My joy runs over, filling my cup with ‘LOVE’


Blessings dear Mayan Majix Family,  Blessings

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