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July 2008


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1st  July  ’08



this thought came to me the other day:




Come one, come all,



Yes, you heard right

Free food.


Put out your arm, insert

This chip, 

No more worries




Once they’ve hook you,

Then they take

Your food away.


How much power are we giving to ‘Them?’  What will it take to wake up the population? 


I wrote this on  8/Reed


Lost Sight


I thought I saw you

You were there once

I blinked


Where did you go

How did you disappear

So quickly

I’m looking around

No where can you be found

The one that had

Shown me the way


How can it be, we

Were born free

Yet here I am

A prisoner

behind my own blind eyes


I’ve forgotten who

I am


Come show me

Once again

This time

I’ll remember.



Government is not reason; it is not eloquent, it is force.  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

                               George Washington


Now that we have a clearer ‘handle’ on what is being presented to us, and knowing our faculties are in perfect alignment with the divine, our ethical stance is balanced and pure, the language from this ‘New Dictionary’  is studied so that ALL words that are used are the ones that support the self, in that ‘self’  it then cascades to all whom are witness to the divine order, and continues to be centered. 


Fear hadn’t ever been ‘a truth’,  the illusion has been uncovered, “don’t trust the man behind the curtain.”  F alse   E vidence  A ppearing  R eal.


A man said to me,  “I don’t want to go to jail.”  If he continues to use those words as his mantra,  yup, you know it, he will end up right where he’s asking to go.  I suggested that he ask for what he wants, not what he doesn’t want.


The programming has altered, the curtain has been pulled aside, everything is exposed.  What ever the ‘worst’ thing you can think of is the grandest

Illusion,  to recognize This Illusion, thank it for it’s participation, send it on it’s way.  Everything seems to be an illusion, everything from my point of view.   The only reality is ‘Change’,  you can count on change, there’s no more,

well, last year it rained at this time, it wasn’t like this before, I knew I could count on  . . .  now what?    Judgments, wanting it or that person to be different then they are.  That’s insanity.  That person is the best at being ME, (you, your partner, friend, mom, dad,)  NO MORE JUDGMENTS.  Give it up. 


So, what do you think it will take for all of us to enter into our New World?


This is  a  powerful insight


 I’m reading;   The Third Eye     by T. Lobsang Rampa

The Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama


Not sure when it was written, the copyright is 1956


This is what he says about death


There is no death.  As one doffs one’s clothes at the end of day, so does the soul doff the body when the latter sleeps.  As a suit of clothes is discarded when worn out, so does the soul discard the body when the latter is worn or torn,,  another plane of existence.  Man, or the spirit of Man, is eternal.  The body is but the temporary garment that clothes the sprit, to be chosen according to the task in hand upon earth.  Outward appearance does not matter.  The soul within does.  A great prophet may come in the guise of a pauper  how better can one judge of Man’s charity to Man! While one who has sinned in a past life may this time be born to riches to see if he makes mistakes when there is not poverty to drive him on.


The Prophesy according to Don Alejandro states, 


“Those of the Center with unity the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South,  We will meet with our brothers and sisters because we are one, like the fingers of the hand.”


This guy Ed Carlson had lived in Sedona for some time, then moved away, not knowing what had happened to him. I had the pleasure of giving him a ride, and when he told me "stop here, this is where I will get off."  before he got out of the car, he asked me if he could 'chant' for me.  yes, please, I was taken to a place within my soul I hadn't ever experienced.

He moved to Cedar River, there was a flood of historic proportions, destroying their home, and all of their possessions.  

Two of Ed's friend from Sedona are asking for financial support on his behalf. This link has a video where one can hear him speak about how he got on this path.   I want to assist in any way we can.




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