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June 2008


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June 2008

Wonder of wonders,  the other day while writing an email, my sister called, my phone is through my computer,  Skype,  (I love all this technology)  anyway,  ‘D’ and I were having an animated conversation.  I was telling her about the peahen that is sitting on six eggs.  How I go to her once or twice a day to tell her how excited I am about seeing her babies.  What a great momma she is.  what the  ~ ~ ~   I’m speaking into a void.  I heard a pop, then nothing,  looking at my computer screen, it’s black. 


This is Ian’s lap top from 2002.  so, hum,  this ‘gift’ wasn’t expected.  Wasn’t even seen as a possibility.  Ok, no computer, no phone. 


Putting my work gloves on, being in the garden for six hours is exactly what had been planned.   Planting, moving earth, being in the ‘oneness’ this is the gift that is being presented to me.  All gifts are welcomed.  Remembering conversations I’ve had  with myself at other times, wanting to reject ‘the gift’. My ‘Now’ ness of all is acceptance.   With ‘Love’ as the foundations of ‘all’.  The gift is ‘Love’, coming from ‘Love’, the beingness of ‘Love’.  So, worry, upset, fear.  Na,  that was cleared out,’ Internal house cleaning.’


Two hundred pages of writing that I hadn’t backed up. Six months of writing sitting inside the memory of the computer that is lying in a state of, ‘nowhere land’ . . .  


8 - Sun (Ahau)

Today is 8/Sun,  this is the forth day since I started writing ‘This’ script. Four days of being ‘what I call, out of communication’. . .  finding comfort in the garden.  Being with Mother Earth, everything is in divine order.


“Barbarism ends with the beginning of world civilization.  To be civilized, according to Cicero, is to reach that state of personal and collective behavior is which men can live together harmoniously and constructively, united for the betterment of all.  By this definition, we have never been civilized.  We have existed in a state of cultured savagery.”

From ‘The Secret Destiny of America    written in 1945 by Manly  Palmer Hall


We’ve lived with the illusion long enough,  blessed are those who have opened their consciousness to ‘remember’  everything that is our birth right.  The freedom to live a life that is loved, honored, respected in all ways. 


  All of the great leaders of ancient times realized and taught that the establishment of a state of permanent peace among the nations depended upon the release of human ideals, but through properly trained and disciplined minds capable of interpreting these ideals in terms of the common good.”    Manly P. Hall


The garden is surrounded by wonderful old trees, horses in the corral next to where I’m moving earth. Peacock’s coming by, checking to see what morsels there is for them to eat.


Spirit and Coco hangin together under a weeping willow tree. The soft cool wind making music along with the chimes I have hanging all around the cottage.


Recognizing how balanced my body is feeling, my soul content. 


Cass Phelps gifted me with ‘Sound Frequency Healing’ CD’s.  they are for the recalibration that we are experiencing. 


Sonic Foundation “Level One  Listening to this while lying in bed, peacefully being with the sounds. Cass speaks it this way;  “These sounds help realign with the earths Schumann wave,  ground, reaching a deep Delta state, rebalance the nervous system, drops you out of the fight or flight . . .  people had told him that they had no idea how much they were not getting deep sleep and how stressed out they were until using these sounds.”


I’ve experience this, yes, what a difference, and I sleep well, this is unique, peaceful on a deeper level. 


Check out   there’s a cool video where you can see the movement of sound
(Cymatics work) on the page “Power of Sound”



A friend had said;  maybe this book you’re writing is for you children only.”

Hum, could this be so?  Right now, its’ a   whatever. . .  


Getting everything off the hard drive, yes, of course I can,  then putting it onto my ‘new computer’,  when it arrives. . . the how or where is  ‘The Mystery’.


So, for now,  I love you, I honor your journey, We know who we are. Letting go of the shore, floating into the middle of the river, seeing who is there with me, and celebrate.  Splash around, allowing the inner child to experience what ever the child wants to experience.  This is our time, this is what we’ve come here for, this IS IT.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  “When humanity willfully ignores the Universal laws which goven its destiny, Nature has devious ways of pressing home its lessons.  Civilization after civilization has been built up by human courage and destroyed by human ignorance.  We stand again on the threshold of a great decision.  Once more the workings of time have revealed the weaknesses of our social structure.  Once more we hae come to a day of reckoning.


  In the postwar world one of two courses lies before us.  Either we will make the old mistakes again, and try to force our own concepts upon the Universe; or we will gather our strength for one heroic effort to put things right.


  If we make the old mistakes we will be rewarded by the old pain.  But if we make the new effort, we can set up imperishable footings and bestow as a heritage the beginnings of a better way of life.

According to our choice the results will be inevitable, for Nature will never change her ways. Let us consider her ways and be wise.


  Centuries ago, one of the secret masters of the Quest wrote; “The Eternal Good reveals its will and pleasure through the body of Nature and the motions of Universal Law.  Within the body of Nature and Law there is a soul which must be discovered by great thoughtfulness.  And within that soul of Nature and Law there is a spirit which must be sought with great understanding;  for verily I say unto you, my brothers, that it is this spirit concealed from the profane but revealed to the thoughtful, which giveth life.”


  This, then, is the design of our foundations;  that men shall abide together in peace and shall devote their energies to the common cause of discovery.


  Man is greater than the animal, not in strength of body, nor in shrewdness, nor in the power of his senses, nor even in skill and patience;  man is superior because he contains within himself the faculties and powers by which he can perceive his true place in a divine order of life. 


  His power lies in his dreams, his visions, and his ideals.  If these intangibles are left uncultivated, man is at best but a superior kind of beast, subject to all the ills and vicissitudes of an unenlightened creation.


  But, as man has locked within him, hidden from the public gaze, this diviner part, so it is true that human society has within itself concealed from our common view a nobler part composed of the idealists and dreamers of all ages and of all races who have been bound together by their common vision of man’s necessity.  This is the secret empire of the poets, this is the order of the Unknown Philosophers, this is the Brotherhood of the Quest.


  And never will these dreamers cease their silent working until that dream is perfected in our daily life.  They are resolved that the Word which was made flesh shall become the Word made Soul.


  The great Universtity of the Six Days Work must be built here in our Western world, to become a guide unto the nations.  About this shrine to Universal Truth shall rise the democratic Commonwealth-the wealth of all mankind.



  This is the destiny for which we were brought into being.  The plan, which was devised in secrecy long ago, and in far places, shall be fulfilled openly . . .  as the greatest wonder born out of time.”


By;  Manly Palmer Hall    1945   The Secret Destiny of America



10/Wind   Ix


  Last night while speaking with friends, the conversation came to ‘The New Dictionary’



  A new language is emerging.   when speaking, being aware that the words you are using, empowers
‘the self’, then it empowers those whom are listening to you speak”.  If, for instance I would say, “I can’t do that, I don’t even know how to do that.”  My mind is using energy to remove me from my dream.  Recognizing that this occurred, those words appeared, moving forward with my ‘dream’, knowing my mind isn’t ‘my boss’. . .   it work for me, doesn’t dictate the out come of my desire.


  When I finished reading The Secret Destiny of America, I felt a huge shift occur in my physical body.  As if I had been in a coma my entire life. Waking with the memory of all ‘Times’. . .


  “This is the destiny for which we were brought into being.  The plan, which was devised in secrecy long ago, and in far places, shall be fulfilled openly . . .  as the greatest wonder born out of time.”


We’re not waiting any longer, we’re in the glory, the Golden Light, wonder of wonders.


The Illusion





  Sun rising over the ridge.  Roosters announcing the birth of this magnificent day.  The smell of coffee wafts through the log house.


  The family is arriving, kitchen filling as one by one each member appears.  There’s excitement in the air, spring is in full bloom. Apples ready for pickin.  Cows trumpeting their song, ‘We’re full of milk, come and get it.’ 


  Sweet breeze coming through the open windows, lilac’s fill the air with their sweet fragrance. 


  Family gathering around the oak table that Grandpa built for his daughter as his wedding gift.  Hugs are exchanged, stories told while the ‘girls’ prepare breakfast.  .  

  The fields need tending to, cows and goats waiting to be milked.  Cheese will be made today, the fair is coming to town in a couple of weeks, everyone is excited about this.  .  the fair lasts for an entire week.

Family and friends that hadn't’t been seen all winter will rekindle their relationships.  Catching up on all the ‘gossip’ . . .  who got married, who’s having babies, all the important stuff.


  A simple life, Rewarding.


Fast forward.




  Alarm goes off, not ready to get out of bed, even though its spring, living in the city, hard pressed to find a tree, or flowers.  Five more minutes, just five, please.   Mom, get up, I’m gonna be late for school, we only have a few more weeks before vacation.  Come on mom, get up.


  Standing in the shower, thinking about the papers I promised my boss I would have complete today, no where near complete, I can’t loose my job. I need this job, how the hell am I going to keep this place, my car, insurance,  the kids, and me?  What to do?  What do I do?  I don’t know what to do.


  I didn’t do the wash, I don’t have any clean clothes.  Where are those papers?  No time for breakfast, I’ll stop for a cup of coffee and a roll.


  Dropping the kids off at school, no hugs, no time for hugs.  “don’t forget to come right home after school, call me at work when you get home.”


  Bumper to bumper, I’ll never get there on time, forget the coffee, can’t stop now.  Oh no, I forgot to put gas in the car, ‘please let me get to work, don’t have me run out of gas, please.’  Just my luck, I forgot to charge my cell, can’t call to say I’m on my way.


This piece is from ‘The Secret Doctrine of The Rosicrucian's’



“Time there was not; for Change had not begun.”


Time, in the strict philosophical meaning of the term, does not mean pure duration of existence – instead, it means “the measure of changing existence.”  An enduring existence in which there is no change of form, activity, or degree, mental or physical, is Time-less.  Time, in fact, is but the “measure of Change.”  Without Change there can be no Being manifests not Time.  Time is the result of Becoming, or Change, and is always measured by change or becoming in something.


We are also conscious of the passage of Time by changes in our mental states, our thoughts, our mental images, etc.,  both in the waking state or the state of dreams.  Without changes in the outside world, represented to our consciousness by perceptions of such changes, or without changes in our mental states, Time would not exist for us.


At the beginning of WW II, the phrase was coined, “Time is Money”


So, now what?   We’ve lived in the ‘Dogma eat Dogma’ world long enough.

How many illusions will you continue to live with?  How many stories will you allow ‘your mind’ to run your life?  Who’s the slave here?  Who’s the master?

Who’s winning the game, called your LIFE?


The group of young men that knew the Viet Nom war was insane, stood their ground, chanting;  “Hell No, We Wont Go.”


What’s our chant going to say. 


“Give us back our Constitution.” 


Our fore fathers died for us to live as free men.  Little by little they’ve taken away our freedom. Spoon feeding us more Dogma’s.  Telling us it’s for our protection.  Well, shove it somewhere that the sun don’t shine.


I know we all have our stories, I lived with mine for my entire life. I believed what my mind told me, I trusted that my ‘mind’ was my pal, my companion.  Bunk, it’s always been bunk. 


This morning my daughter was telling me she was in Beverly Hills, walking past stores that I used to shop at.  She said,  “Look at you now mom, you’re happier then you’ve ever been, more content, more peaceful.  It’s amazing what you’ve done with your life, what a blessing.  I love you mom”  I love you Jo-e.



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New Arrival - Baby Peahen

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