Matty's Journal
December 2007



12 - Wind (IK)

I didn’t think anything else I’ve heard would make my heart skip a beat.

After watching this presentation, and after you view this, you will under-

stand what I’m saying to you right now.


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You’ve heard me say that this is our time, our time to stand united with

ONE Heart, ONE consciousness, ONE understanding that OUR light will not now, nor at any time be diminished by what ‘they’ are saying.  Everything the government has feed the public has been, and will continue to be a lie.


Who can we trust?  Trust comes from our inner knowing, from the heart.

Integrity is the highest form of God.


There are some folks who don’t want to hear what I have to say, they want to believe that everything will continue the way they want it to, consumerism is their way, concern for Mother Earth isn’t a part of their consciousness,  for those who do, they gather, we gather,  this is the time to think outside the box, look within your soul.  Find where your comfort lies, where you walk with grace and ease through your life.


You are the writer, actor, director of this play, why in the world would you write anything that would make you feel fearful, angry, upset, why would you pass judgment on another?  You’re looking into your brothers eyes, seeing an angelic being standing in front of you, sending love, encouraging each other to rise to ‘this’ occasion. 


In 2003, Ian said, “you wait, gas prices will reach $5. a gallon by the time we’re in the 5th night.”  Keep an eye on this one.

After watching this interview, I needed to share this, there’s so much going on, so much beauty, so many of us gathering to create what we know is our God given right to have the freedom, joy, prosperity, there’s no lack, it’s a mind set that has been fed to us where so many believe the lie, they don’t know it’s a lie, they would fight for their right to stand in the muck of gun fire believing they have a right to kill another human being because they have a different point of view.


Remember, no one does you better than you, no one does that person better then him.  So when you make another wrong, you’re telling that person to change,  who are you to tell another to change?  Who would they be to tell you to change. 


We are re membering  who we are,   why we’ve chose this time, there’s more light than ever,  more vibration of love blanketing the world. 


The Star Ships are gathering, look to the sky,  they’re there, plan as can be.

Well maybe not in a big city.  Sorry. 


It was a little after 1 am,  Spirit needed to got outside,  {this is not his normal routine}  it was about 38o,  ok, we walked around for about 20 min. until he found, ‘His Spot’. . .  taking a deep breath of clear, sweet air, I looked up to where Venus sits,  right below her sat a ball of spectacular light,  it had a halo that was three times the brightness of the light. . .

I’m smiling now from the memory,  anyway,  I tell them I’m so very excited about them coming,  when I was 8 yrs old, I would sit in a tree and talk to, ‘whom I deemed, the other me on another planet,  and that someday we would meet in real time.  Well, the time is drawing near, I feel them smiling at me when I talk to them,  you can to, just be,  that’s  BE,   JUST BE.  Don’t need to DO anything,  when you’re  BEING, you can hear them.   Ok, call me crazy.  .  .   I’m writing my play, this one is mine, you have yours.  Want to share your story with me,  I WOULD LOVE THAT.  Truly. 


I’ve been ‘BEING’  allowing movement to occur,  {another way to state this would be, ‘waiting for something to happen’}  

Today I received a transmission from Ian,  “Write a book, use your own hand writing,  this will be a unique book”  sorry, he doesn’t want me to say to much more at this time.  Oh, one more thing he did say,  “you can do this in 30 days”   so, I’m thinking, that your stories can be in my book, our book, it will be an ‘OUR’  book.  Wow, this is so trippy, 


“I love you guys, thanks for making my dream become a reality, funny, it’s so {as Madaline says, ‘Grand’}   Grand here,  I’m with all of you,  God speed”


"Suzanna has a deep insight into an unknown area of life that
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