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November 2007


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There’s a Jewish word that describes how I feel sharing my daughter with you, {oh, the word is  ‘quvel’
  not sure about the spelling, fanatically it’s correct.}  I’m quveling, my entire body feels this amazing, deep, glorious feeling for my baby girl.  Kelly is my youngest of four.  She’s brilliant at what ever she sets her intention on.  I’ve learned a great deal about who I am by watching her, seeing, observing how she lives her life, she comes from ‘love’, joy follows,  contentment, yes,  . . .  


So, now that I’ve filled you with my quveling,  here’s my sweet daughter Kelly




Dearest Friends:

 I need your help.  It can be as quick as 30 seconds or as long as you are moved to share.

 I am doing research on the topic of problems.  We all have them.  They are a part of life.  As human beings we experience many of the same common general problems; such as, not having enough money to live your desired lifestyle, work stress, or difficulty communicating with your partner.  My research is on the specific problems that people face in their daily lives.  For example, ordering expensive custom windows and having them look like they came off the shelf from K-Mart, or having your puppy potty on your beautiful rug, or having your car break down and no access to call anyone.  I’m interested in learning about the specific issues that are meaningful to you that create problems and/or get you triggered.

Would you be willing to share a problem(s) that you are facing or have you faced in the past?  Or problems that your friends have discussed with you?  Could you take a moment to share with me the specifics of the problem?  What was the issue?  Who/what was involved?  Why did you find it a problem?  Any response you provide will be incredibly helpful.  If no problem comes to mind at the moment you are reading this e-mail, try to notice the problems you face throughout the day or the problems you heard others face and share what you observed. 

Your feedback will be part of a seminal body of work that will have profound influence on healing.  If you'd like to hear more about this work when it is ready to be launch, let me know in your reply e-mail.

 Please also forward this to your network of friends.

 Thank you for taking a moment to contribute!

 With deep gratitude, 


"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." John Ruskin


"Kelly Kay" 

Kelly Kay Wynn, ms, msw, lcsw
Life Coach, Spiritual Psychotherapist, & Self-Mastery Specialist
(708) 689-8050 home
(310) 749-6568 cell

2 / REED


Today is very family and home centered.  Traditions and knowledge are held up high today.  Being centered. Flexible and well balanced is the order of the day.   


Yes, staying flexible is the order of each day, knowing that CHANGE is one of the only stages of energy we can count on. 


Getting caught up in any  ‘DOGMA’  could have you be enmeshed in a web that might strangle you,  holding onto fear, upset, anger, blame, it’s time to let it all go. 


Hangin onto anything that isn’t     L O V E     is detrimental to your well being.


The 5th night is approaching,  what does YOUR   New   World  look like?


The   E T H I C ‘s train  is leavin the station.  The ticket for boarding this train is  



Any bag that has been labeled . . .   anger,    upset,   hate,   etc.



Will not be allowed of the train,    repeat,   will  not be allowed on the train.


I’ll be standing waiting for you,  you’ll know me by the hat I’m wearing, it’s the conductors hat,  very handsome, even though I’m the one saying this about me.  Well,  if you don’t know who you are, how will anyone else know who you are.  This is not ego,  this is knowing who you are, from the heart.  I know who you are,  being there’s only the ONE of us here, how could I not know who you are.  Sounds silly to think there’s any strangers out there. 


Wal*Mart is the most fun place to play with people,  see how many people you can get to smile back at you. 


My girl friend {funny, I’m a grandmother and still calling my lady friends my girl friends}  we really are little kids in these big bodies.  What a hoot.

Anyway,  Almon and I are in Wal*Mart,  I ask her to play the game that Gary and I play,  “see how many people each of us can get to smile back, she likes this game,  we did good,  giggling, now we’re in the isle where all the candy is,  wow, amazing choices,  there was one other ‘lady’ already in the isle, I said,

Oh no!!!  you’re in the danger isle,  she smiled, then we talked about candy, then two more ladies showed up, again, stating they were in a dangerous isle, they all agreed, there was laughter goin on, we had a great time.


Everyone that comes into your space is a member of your family whom you hadn’t met yet.  Now you’ve gotten an opportunity to meet them.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  Sure does thrill me.



Remember the movie   “Wag the Dog”. . .   its an oldie,  yet, what its saying has to do with what we’re observing from the media right now,

We watched it the other night,  Robert DeNero  has a line, here it is:

“Nice enough people, they just haven’t had enough time to see it through.”


Here’s the thought that came from this statement.  When you appose another’s point of view, do you allow your thoughts to look at the other persons point of view before having a negative judgment, or making them wrong for ‘their’  opinion? 


Each one of us does ourselves better than anyone else,  no one does me better than me, so why would you make me wrong for being me???


You’ve written your own script, you’re playing all the parts, then you complain that this isn’t working,  well   for   heavens sake,   you’re the writer,  CHANGE THE SCRIPT.  This isn’t Rocket Science,  this is living in the 3D world,  are you remembering who you are,  it is the most joyfilled place in the Cosmo’s,


Pay close attention while listening to the speaker.


Do you know where   ETHICS   starts? ? ?  with  YOU,  YOU ARE THE FIRST ON THE LIST, of all the most important people in your life,  YOU, must take care of yourself,  First. Second, and Third,  Mother Theresa said,  “If I don’t take care of me first, how will I be strong enough to take care of the children.   {I might be paraphrasing}   it’s very close, I’m sure.  And I’m rambling. 


Here, try this one on,   you’re on a treasure hunt, you’ve got all the clues, each time you get the ‘prize’, you get another clue, then, another, get the picture,  get the game? ? ?   sure hope so,  cause,  it’s way fun over here, way fun. . .  they’ve had it right all along,  the 12 step program,  “Let Go, Let God.”  Nothing  to  do,  give it all away,  watch what happens.  I’m a great writer, and so are you,  wow,  look at this life you’ve chosen,  it’s magical, filled with wonder,  THE CHILDREN WILL LEED THE WAY, 



While sitting here writing, something took over, this is what came:


We    are    the    CHILDREN. . .   all are invited. . .


Come play,  it’s what we’ve come here to do . . .


Don’t ask how,  the word  HOW  is a block wall, it will keep you locked where you say you don’t want to be, yet, you remain, go out into nature, hug a tree, talk to her, she will hear you, be there, feel her,  know she is there for you always, she will never desert you, there is only unconditional love, carry that as the most precious badge, let your joy fill every particle of memory, you know who you are, matty already told you that, you are the creator, the only one, re member,  well, do you, its time to remember,  wake up your neighbor, that’s all it takes,  one, you know that, one, plus one, equals one.  We’re growing with each heart beat.  I know you feel it, we’re here,  we’ve always been here, we’ve been your greatest fans, cheering you on, we hear you when you speak to us, and right now this letter is being writing by matty yet shes not saying these words, this is the first time she’s allowed us to come through,  we thank you so very much,  enjoy for now.  We love you.    



5 / Wisdom


Anger crept in, it snuck up like a guest of wind . . .


Hours trickled by,  my body became stiff,  a shower was in order,  feeling the warm water was over me.  Singing frees my mind from all the chatter.  Summer Time and The Livin is easy.  I love that song.  Shaving my legs, clarity hit like a bolt of angelic wings engulfing me.  It was time to put Ian’s picture away.  He’s been sitting on my dresser,  I love looking at his sweet face, talking to him brought great comfort.


This is the next chapter,  release all attachments.

Unsolicited advice could cause disharmony, anger and separation.

Open mouth, insert foot, must be why I was married twice. Took awhile to get that one straighten out.  Came home with a Migraine headache,  I’ve NEVER HAD one until that moment, and never since, {this was in the middle of the 1970’s} anyway, I knew The Shower was my savior, taking off everything that touched my body, the only comfort was, water.  This is what I heard while in The Shower.

unless asked, don’t tell.”

Those were the words that altered my direction, I’m a powerful listener, this allowed me to have peace of mind to where I am now.


Listening to how people speak, hearing how disconnected their words are from what they really would want to have in their life,  yet being the mouth moves, words emerge, the listening is out of sink with the intention.


Hearing people tell me how  ‘hard’  their lives are, and they don’t see how it’s going to get any better. Looking at them with as ‘serious’ of a face I can muster, and say,  yup!  You’re right.  They are right for them, because no one does that person better then that person.  On the other hand, if asked for my thoughts, well, thank you, glad to give you my thoughts.



Being attached to ANYTHING  is detrimental to ones soul. . .

After I had put Ian’s picture away, {I put him with my momma}  something shifted, later that day, I heard, “it’s time”. . . he’s proud of how we’re moving through these times,  the we’re, is the collective WE.


Finders keepers,  losers weepers. . .

Finding a treasure, joyfilled feelings flow through like a soft warm breeze. . .

On the other hand, losing a treasure, {which is an illusion anyway}  {when Ian traded in his 3D body for a light body} felt like his departure  created a void in my soul.


Where does one look to fill the void? 

Where did I look for my new treasure? Most likely it will show up when I least expect it. . .

As a rainbow appears after a shower, sun beams reflecting, creating that instant moment when I would suck in my breath, letting air out with the most pleasant sound of  aah, ohhh, wow,  look,  look at the rainbow.


Each time one appears, it’s a new sensation, a new  aah. . .

There’s the treasure, holding onto that  joy filled moment, such magic, bliss, breath of life. . .


Breath yourself back into yourself . . . {Gary said this}


Been feeling agitated, annoyed?  Don’t know why . . . 

Recreate yourself --- create your breath in rhythm with your heartbeat. . .  deep belly breaths . . .  move your body, take a brisk walk. . .


For me, walking is my fountain of youth.  And for sure, singing in The Shower. I breath differently when I sing, I know you know this, most who sing feel the different energy when singing than speaking.


Paying attention to the Oracle of the Directions on the Mayan Calendar gives me peace of mind.  I’m Red,  so when it’s a Blue day,  Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle, Storm. I know that those days are welcoming for me to remember that this energy is about

CHALLENGE  AND  STRENGTHEN.  So while it’s Challenging me, it’s also giving me great strength.  Allowing me to see beyond my already knowing of who I am, how I am with these emotions. 


Each day we pull an imaginary ‘ energy’  card out of the Hopper.  Gary pulled, “you will be annoyed today”. . .  when he came home that evening, he told me how everything and everyone annoyed him.  .  .  that night while we were sharing thoughts, it came to me that the hopper is filled with everything, and anything, what ever you’ve chosen, you can alter at any given moment.  In order to alter the direction, you first must notice, if you were driving down a one way street, driving in the opposite direction, you would notice pretty quickly.  where you are isn’t exactly where you really want to be, therefore you have the knowledge to choose once again. And again. 


This same energy applies with people in your life,  Ian’s Sun Sign is Yellow,

Yellow and Red, create the energy of  SURPRISE AND MYSTERY. And indeed, our relationship was about Surprise and Mystery. . .  sure had us grow quickly. . . 


That same day, as Gary pulled ‘annoyed’,  I pulled  “Stay Quiet.”

{this wasn’t noticed until the end of the day, it’s an imaginary hopper}


It was a grand day for me, Spirit didn’t walk with me this morning, he didn’t feel well.  Walking without him is strange, being this is ‘our’ time, to be alone with one another.  {He’s fine now, he decided he wanted to stay out the night before, and didn’t reappear until 3 am.  He’s an indoor dog.}


Fish were jumpin, breeze blowin, golden leaves floating to the ground, hearing the crunching sound under my feet,  Grandfather Sun warming my soul.  Doesn’t get any better than this. . .


Time, a man made concept of illusion.


I love the simple clarity, Time/Illusion, yup, I got that.


Clarity comes to me in so many different ways,  sitting quietly, being at the creek under a tree, Spirit sitting next to me.  Then there are times when soothing music is the ‘key’.   My new favorite is   “ILLUMINARA”,  The Collection.   Charlene’s voice sooths my soul.  This is what she said, “ META-SPEAK    Blending spoken word and music, utilizing energetic and vibrational intent to awaken, raise, and enlighten consciousness.”     e-mail:


Enlighten Consciousness,  “if not now, when?”


Most people don’t know how to take care of themselves!

Taking care of  ones ‘Temple’ is mandatory, being this is the only body we have, don’t ya think it’s important to take really good care?  Dah. Most of my ‘The Family’ eat for their blood type.  Paying close attention to ‘how’ my body feels when I put something in there that rebels. I love the taste from the  India Palace, everything has such  amazing sensations in my mouth, within the hour, my body was screaming at me, not happy, I ate there two more times, after the third time, I got it, in my being, Ok, mark that one off the list. I’m not willing to sacrifice the feelings in my body for thirty minutes of satisfaction of taste.  Wild how creative I’ve gotten.  OOOHH  so much fun.


Are you listening to whispers from people you don’t know?

This line is from Baby Face, one of his songs. Good line.

Thinking about how I would make other people  more important

then me, then I would get upset. What’s up with that?


What are you hearing?

The other night Gary said,  “This is the most powerful relationship

I’ve ever been in!”  he was so cute, so animated, this is for me as well,

Wild, who would have thunk. Yes, thunk.


How are you deciphering those words?

I’m in my early 30’s, I said to my husband, “I’m going to go to real state school”  he tells me,  “you can’t do that.”  I believed him, and didn’t go.

How did I decipher those words?  


Are you giving  ‘That’  more power then what your soul/heart/intuition is telling you?

Sure did


Remember, this NEW CHAPTER is  “Release all Attachments.”

Thank you god, I’ve got it now.


Washing my hair, ‘In The Shower’, a flood of memories returned.


So unhappy in my life, feeling any change from the outside world would make me feel better,  I’ve been almost every hair color there is. Cutting my hair within one inch of my scalp. . .  feeling every follicle, the nerve endings brought emotions to the surface, then I changed husband, thinking, this one I’ll get right.   WRONG.

These experiences happened in my 20s. . . they were so real, they were as real as knowing the light at the end of the tunnel was a train, no way out.


One day a path opened  that  hadn’t been visible to me until that very moment.

Once I  walked through this portal, there was no turning back, and I know, for sure, I wouldn’t go back, even if I could.  .  .


The clock read,  12:34,  Summer time, and the livin is easy, yes in deed.

Something else to ponder on..... It IS there. The conjecture might be true... or not. Ask Inside.What is the bright light in the sky?Have y’all seen the new light in the sky at night?  It is visible withthe naked eye, and has become the brightest object in the sky.  I’ve beenwatching it and searching for news reports and prophecy about it.  Is it acomet, a UFO, or a second sun coming into our solar system? This is what I’ve found so far: The scientists call it Comet 17P/Holmes.  NASA scientist, Dr. CaseyLisse, lead co-investigator assigned to the Hubble Telescope, has beentaking photos of it.  He claims it is the strangest shaped comet he has everseen.  The photos show it as being blue.  On October 23rd, as skywatcherslooked on, Comet 17P/Holmes exploded in size and brightness.  In less than24 hours, the 17th magnitude comet brightened by a factor of nearly a million.

The central coma (tail) exceeds the angular size of the moon.
The entire coma is over 80% larger than our sun, and has become the largest object in our solar system.The Hubble Telescope is continuing to gather information to get an accurate measurement of the nucleus (core).  Dr. Lisse is veryinterested in finding out if there is a second nucleus, as this would reflect upon Hopi prophecy of a twin comet. 

Do you suppose science and ancient prophecy
might be coming together on this? If it’s a comet, why doesn’t it appear to be moving?  I’ve beenwatching it for a month now, and it always seems to be in the same place inthe sky… just sitting there…  shining…The UFO Community claim it is a gigantic starship, holding itsposition to show us they are here.  They predict that during the Christmasseason there will be many unusual lights coming from space, like none wehave ever seen on earth before.  The extraterrestrials are here to preventus from blowing ourselves up with nuclear war, and to help us through theearth changes that are coming. The tribal communities around the world call it the Blue Star orthe Blue Sun, and say it is an ancient prophecy of the end-times. Hopi prophecy states,

“When the Blue Star Kachina makes its
appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge.”  This will be the dayof “purification.”  Hopi elders have said that most people will rejectthe sign of “blue sun” and stay with the “red sun.”  Those who are moreawakened will be drawn to the “blue sun.”  Reality will then split.  Some willfollow the “blue sun” and ascend to a new earth that is love based.  The vastmajority who are still fighting change will remain with the “known,” instead of beingopen to the “unknown.”  They will stay with the “red sun” andfind themselves stuck in old ways that will bring forth devastation andgreat harm to man and earth. Mayan prophecy tells us to watch the skies very closely fromNovember 14th  through the following 60 days. The Hopi prophecy states that the return of

the Blue Star Kachina (blue sun) will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new
way of life, a new world that is coming.  They will start as fires thatburn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do notremember the original teachings and return to the peaceful way of life.Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier, the “Red Kachina” (redsun) who will bring the Day of Purification.  On this day the Earth, hercreatures and all life as we know it will change forever.  There will bemessengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier.  The blue sun isbringing with it much debris from outer space.  They will leave messages tothose on Earth who remember the old ways.  These messages will come in the formof space debris which will land on earth and cause craters and changes toEarth’s lands.  They predict the Red Kachina will make its appearance in just a few weeks. 

There are 9 signs of Hopi prophecy.  They are:

1.. We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like
Pahana(Jesus Christ), but not living like Pahana - men who took the land which wasnot theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (guns) 

2.. Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled
with voices. (covered wagons) 

3.. A strange beast like a buffalo, but with great long horns,
will overrun the land in large numbers. (longhorn cattle) 

4.. The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (railroad

5.. The land shall be crisscrossed by a giant spider’s web.
(power lines, telephone lines and cable) 

6.. The land shall be crisscrossed by rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.  (highways  and their mirage-producing effects)

7.. You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living
things dying because of it.  (oil spills) 

8.. You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our
people, come and join the tribal nations to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies) 

9.. You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens that shall
fall with a great crash.  It will appear as a blue star.  Very soon afterthis the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.White Feather, an elder of the Hopi Bear Clan says they are the signsthat great destruction is here.  The world shall rock to and fro.  The whiteman will battle people in other lands, those who possessed the first lightof wisdom (in the Middle East).  There will be many columns of smoke andfire such as the white man has made in the deserts not far from here (the nuclear testing sites in our deserts), only those that come will causedisease and a great dying.  Many of my people understanding thepropheciesshall be safe.  Those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi also shallbe safe.  Then there will be much to rebuild.  And soon, very soonafterward, “Pahana” will return.  He shall bring with him the dawn of theFifth World.  He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in our hearts. Evennow the seeds are being planted.  These shall smooth the way to theemergence into the Fifth World.  The Fourth World will end soon, and theFifth World will begin.  The signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left. 

The nine signs are:
 The spiritual community (not the religious community) believes it tobe the “second sun,” which Mother Mary said would be appearing in our skiesat the end of the age.  They claim it is pure spiritual energy, and that itis bringing the earth changes, and our DNA changes, that will lead toascension.  As the Star of Bethlehem came to announce the birth of Jesus,this new star comes to announce the Second Coming of Christ.  Some havecalled it the “Fiery Messenger.”  Mother Mary predicted that as this newwave of magnetic energy nears Earth, some unusual sights will occur in theheavens.  There will be lights and sounds picked up from the furthestreaches of the universe.  (Could the new discoveries of distant planets inother universes have something to do with this?)  Perhaps only time will tell…





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