Matty's Journal
October 2007



October 8, 2007

One / Storm,



Talk about wild times,  today is the beginning of 13 days where truly

Anything can and will happen.


Storm:  Curious energy today that leads to lessons learned.  Not all lessons are easy or enjoyable, yet all are for our express benefit.  There is a youthful, even innocent quality today.  Be fresh as after the rain, forever young, always learning.  Don’t get caught up in the drama by personalizing.


As a species, we’ve abandoned our trust in the power greater than ourselves, we’ve abandoned our sense of accountability.  There are things we can not understand, something that we set aside, not wanting to be accountable for.


Looking beyond our minds it is obvious there is a power greater than all of man kind,  we’ve come to a point where we will either spin out of control or recognize that we’ve come here to experience the grand illusion, find your   humor, this stage of improve, comedy is the most joy filled encounter ever. 


No one does ‘YOU’ better than you, no one does Madaline better than Madaline, no one does Mike better than Mike,  when or if I make another wrong for being the best they are being, it lies within ‘me’ not them, to see the perfection of choices that is made,  this moment is the only experience we have, bringing past into this now moment removes oneself from being present in THIS  here and now.


“Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.”  Unknown author


Have you ever gotten angry at God, thinking your prayers hadn’t been heard?


Everything is given as needed in each moment,  when accepted,  there’s bliss and contentment.  When rejected, heart ach, fear, anger rises like molten lava . . .   The choice is yours,  always choose wisely.


The acceleration is being fueled by a rocket,  where have you put yourself?

Are you sitting in the front of the rocket, looking out the wrap around window exploring with your senses as the meteors fly by, or are you hiding in the back, head under a blanket, ears plugged, not wanting to be a part of this journey.


It is absolutely imperative now more than at any other time to pay attention to YOUR needs.


I asked a friend this question:   “Tell me how you start your day?” 

She said,  “I feed the dogs, and kitty, then make sure the bird feeders are filled,  then  I take my supplements, then I get on the phone.”


Next question:  “where are you in this equation?” 

 NO  ANSWER. . .


Taking care of ‘Self’  making sure you are first on the list of what the day looks like,  how in the world can you take care of the ‘family’ when you haven’t taken care of yourself.  What kind of example are you being for your family when they watch you take care of everything/everyone but yourself.


In loosing perspective of the self, not feeding, exercising, giving yourself at least 15 min, each day to be with YOU, there’s something amiss.


By the time we complete the 5th day, move into the 5th night,{on the 19th Nov.}  the collective consciousness might feel as though your entire body is thrown into warp speed…


Stay grounded, staying centered is mandatory. . .


The lift off has begun, choices being made,

Remain or leave, which ever choice is the right one.


Honoring those choices for oneself and others might be challenging.

                ALLOW,      ALLOW,      ALLOW. . . 









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