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September 2007


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Being judged by someone offends us if the judgment is true and more so if it is false.  When we accuse or judge another, it has the same effect on us as being judged ourselves.”


Joseph Chilton Pearce:  From,  The Biology of Transcendence.

          A Blueprint of the Human Spirit



At this point what occurs in the heart is a huge disruption in one’s relationship, to the self and others, this in turn creates a barrier between you.  The stakes are high, the intensity that causes the relationship to take a turn in a direction you most likely hadn’t anticipated, or wanted, being the relationship started out in a loving place, to remain in that environment one could find that natural place when you look into your heart.


Our natural state of being is LOVE. 


This is where our sensory system is in complete balance.


Judgment is ‘The Wrench’ that throws everything out of balance.


This came to me while sitting by the stream.


“Fountains flowing over head, daffodils smiling onto the noon day sun.


Ah, but to hear the sounds once again, as those memories come floating to the surface of this old woman’s mind.


Darkness is what my life had consisted of, no more tomorrows of bright clear waters sparkling in the sunlight.


Sadness, nay, blessed life, fortunes come and gone, what  remains is a heart filled with love.”




“We all have those days when we wake up upside down.  The fact that we’re doing spiritual work doesn’t inoculate us from that.

In fact the more we grow, the harder our Opponent works to trip us up.  The more capable we become at resisting our selfish impulses, the greater the level of selfishness we have to tackle in order to keep growing.


This isn’t meant to scare you, just the opposite.  It’s to let you know that if there is struggle in your process, you’re doing something right.


We’re always given challenges at exactly the time we can handle them.”


We’ve all read books that have altered our perception of our life.  We encourage others to read those books knowing how powerful they were for us.  I’ve mentioned  Robert Schwartz’s book,  COURAGEOUS SOULS.


When I finished reading the last page, I held onto the book feeling that if I let it go, I would return to my ‘OLD’ ways.  Robert’s writing reminded me to

Re~member who I am, what I’ve chosen, why I’ve chosen THIS life.  The power in KNOWING you’ve chosen every step of the way, everyone that is in your life, all the agreements that had been made before you entered into this 3D world.  What a breath of fresh air.

Robert says about Consciousness,

“Consciousness is the most fundamental aspect of life,

You can’t have a universe without it.”


Is waking up and option  or  a  choice?


Who are you when you come face to face with yourself?

Do you have the courage to look yourself in the eye and speak the entire truth to this image staring back at you?


No more secrets, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Now more than ever is the time to release all those secrets you’ve been hiding in that place where you might be thinking, ‘if they find out the truth about me, they won’t want to be with me, they won’t like me any longer’.


Now is the time to release all of what you’ve been holding onto, no different then cleaning out your closet.  Get rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in so long, they don’t even fit now.  Those secrets don’t fit.  They’re collecting dust. 

Picture this:  In your arms, the sweetest baby is smiling up at you, eyes sparkling, sweet sounds that are music to your ears, your heart is wide open.  You feel light as a feather . . .

Your desire is for this beautiful baby to have joy, happiness, love, always.

There is so much love pouring from your heart onto ‘baby’, you want this warm fuzzy feeling to last forever.


That baby in your arms is YOU,  its all you my friend, it’s all you.


When you treat yourself the way you do that  sweet baby cradled in your arms,  that’s Nirvana, Eden, Bliss.


How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?


So, now that you’re _____years old, how will you live the rest of your life.


Since I’ve created my own reality, and the only thing that would stop me is my mind wanting me to ‘grow old and die’. . . well, that ain’t gonna happen.

I choose 35,  I loved that time of my life,  35, and holding.

Now that I’m {so to speak} starting over, starting newly is a daily occurrence, there’s absolutely no~thing that will stop the flow of energy that penetrates my soul.


We have 86,400 seconds everyday, there’s no rollovers, you can’t horde these seconds, you use them up, or loose them.  How many of these seconds do you give yourself to enjoy those moments, do you wait until you can take a vacation?  Do you wait for the week end so you can enjoy your life?  Take ownership in EVERYTHING you do, from cleaning the toilet to _______

fill in your hearts desire. 


So, how many of these 86,400 seconds have you used to experience joy, harmony, passion, love? 




If those 86,400 were $$$, I’m sure you would find zillions of things to do.

Remember, there’s no rollover, it MUST be used in one day. Each day the bank would give you $86,400, yet, you could be cut off without notice.

www.drboylan. com  


Future Scenario


Friends and Star Kids,


   A Star Being incarnated as a Human in this lifetime, and who is a trusted associate, shared the following remote-viewing information.

    Three persons were consulting in an out-of-the-way building's windowless room about the "Grand Story" that the Cabal plan to launch in the not-so-far future.

    The "Grand Story" would be that which Dr. Werner Van Braun had warned Dr, Carol Rosin about in 1974: the Cabal would use global terrorism [such as 9/11] to justify fear and panic; then that the Cabal would present a world-galvanizing catastrophe of an approaching killer asteroid, (they already did that with the 5/5/05 "Planet X"-return story, but it fizzled); then next they would present the Alien Invasion story, which would cause all Humanity, in panic, to unite under whatever fascist "world leadership" the Cabal would throw up to repel the Evil Alien Menace.

    The Star-Being-incarnat e further identified that the two men and woman who would help front this "Alien Invasion" story were noted ufologists Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Michael Salla and Linda Moulton Howe.   

    The "Grand Story" which these three were secretly discussing would unfold like this.

    Cabal scientists and/or government officials would "reveal" "alarming new evidence" that an all-out Alien Invasion is imminent.  Greer would say he has obtained "new information" corroborating this, and has been wrong all along about the aliens being good, and now realizes they are evil. Salla, who has said that "aliens are evil" all along would say, "I told you so." Moulton Howe would say that, on the whole, her "findings" concur that the aliens are evil. 

    The Cabal-controlled world governments would declare global martial law. Then fake "alien" attacks, featuring antigravity Cabal craft armed with Star Wars energy weapons, would annihilate whole populations, mostly in areas of the Third World, thus achieving the Cabal desire to thin "undesirable" (to the Cabal elite) populations, but with token attacks in the developed countries as well, for credibility.

    The Cabal "world leadership" would then counter-attack (with their antigravity craft) and try to shoot the "Enemy Invaders" out of the sky. Since the real Star Nations would stay away from this madness, the Cabal would simply send up drone antigravity craft to play the Alien Invaders, who would dutifully get shot down.

    A grateful world would accept the Cabal "leaders'" legitimacy, and allow them unlimited power.

    This glimpse into the future is presented on the rubric that: better forewarned than caught unaware.


          in the light,


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councilor

President, Star Kids Project, Ltd

Email: drboylan@sbcglobal. net

Website:  www.drboylan. com  

Diamond Springs, California 95619,  USA



Sticks and stones can,  remember saying that when you were a kid?

We said these words, yet, did we REALLY understand the power behind these words, THEY are powerful, and meaningful.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, names can never harm me.


YET    we sit with the grand illusion that when someone says something to us, we internalize those words and create havoc.  Rather then getting the person that is speaking holds words, not sticks or stones.  What ever the words are, one’s mind takes all into consideration, then responds as though there was something that ‘could’ harm you.  In the event your body has a reaction, you might want to check in, to see if there’s some truth in what is being said to you.


Kathleen and I were driving to Los Angeles, she was sharing a story, when she finished, I shared something that seemed to me at the time to possibly make her life easier, less emotional, less frantic.


She said, “It seems to me, when ever I share these kinds of thoughts with you, you have something to say that sounds as though you’re making me wrong.”  My first reaction was,  “I’m not making you wrong, I’m giving you my point of view.”  I was defending my position.  we stopped talking for a few moments.  Looking deep within, seeing that my emotional body had a reaction.

My body is my barometer,  I got what she was telling me, I saw a side of me that no one had pointed out until that moment.


It took a couple of days for me to assimilate  this event.  I called her, saying,  “Kath,  what you had said to me the other day,  you rocked my world, and I thank you,  I see how over bearing I can be, and righteous at times.”


In sharing this story with daughter Jo~e, her response was,  “She must really love you to be bold enough to tell you her truth.” 


I’m open to everything and anything any one wants to say to me, having a huge listening, being my foundation remains as always,


How do you know whom to trust?


Trust comes from a deep rooted space within ones soul.


When someone ‘goons’ me, shame on them,  in the event they

Goon me a second time,  shame on me.


W.C. Fields said, “Trust everyone, make sure you cute the cards.”


If you’re not your word, who are you being?  Being your word to yourself is the first step.  How many times have you over ridden a promise you’ve made to yourself, then to others.  When you loose trust, you loose faith in that person.  How many ‘friends’ that had once been in your life that no longer are there?  What was it that had the ‘friendship’  end?  


These are crucial times, for those who have read, “The Hundredth Human”

You can see that the collective ‘Light’ will dominate, the dark energy won’t have a prayer.  Either they will ‘get’ it, or they will parish.


Power without ethics can not survive.  My intuition tells me that by the end of 2008, everyone will know where they stand. No more sitting on the fence.


The 19th November 2007 we roll into the 5th night.  This could be the time where mountains could crumble.  Those who believe that everything is going to go on the way it’s always gone will have a rude awakening. 


For those of us who’ve been in tuned with the consciousness of the ‘ONE’

NO~THING can harm you.  Everything that is being presented at this time is for us to remember, REMEMBER! 


While the choice is always yours, choose wisely. Choose from your heart.

Be the light you want to see.  Shine it everywhere you are, everywhere you go, everyone that comes into your space. 


Also know that ‘your mind’ will want to take you away from being present.

Being aware of this ‘tool’ {mind}  you are in the drivers seat, YOU are in control, YOU have the last say.  Source wants for you what you want for you.

God says:  “YES LOVE.”  Doesn’t matter what you ask for, what you’re desires are,  God is here to please.


Our ‘neighbors’ are waiting for the collective to be in total harmony before they will ‘show’ themselves.  As Ian had stated, “we’re in quarantine”  why would they want to show themselves at this time?  We scare each other, let alone having others show up that we hadn’t met yet.  We would scare the shit out of them.  Yet, they’re watching us.  They’re rooting for us, big time.


I feel in my bones they want to meet us, to come play on our beautiful Mother Earth.  I truly believe that we’re the only planet that would kill his brother for no reason.  THIS HAS TO STOP.  


My trust for the government started to wane when I was a little girl.

Hearing my father talk about ‘paying his taxes’.  I clearly remember what my thoughts were.  “Why does Daddy give his money away, he works as hard for his money, who are these taxes?” 


I believe he believed that was what he was supposed to do.

‘THEY said so.’  THEY are behind all the dark energy that we’re feeling.

THEY are the ones that dictate what~how~where we go, how to act.


I received a black mail letter the other day from the department of motor vehicles.  THEY  told me if I didn’t get insurance, THEY wouldn’t renew my registration.  THEY told me if I didn’t have medical insurance, THEY wouldn’t treat me in the hospital.  THEY’RE telling me if I don’t follow THEIR rules, THEY will arrest me, hold me with out telling my family.

THEY want to put a chip in my body so THEY will know my every move.


This is insanity.  THEY wrote the rules/laws, I wasn’t’ there when these laws were written, I have no say, yet, I will stand strong in my conviction about who I am, a sovereign women, born free to choose how I live my life, whom I support, who my allegiance rest with.


Chief Seattle  {1788 ~ 1866}  his wisdom is a truth today as when he first spoke these words.







6 - Serpent

I put  my silk robe on this evening,  I’ve had this robe for more than twenty years.  My Momma bought it for me.  Don’t wear it much, so, it still looks new.  Bathrobes and P.J. aren’t what I wear.  Anyway,


Standing in the bathroom thinking,  wow, I label clothing, and where we wear certain clothing, I envisioned walking into the local heath food store wearing my silk bathrobe, and people saying out of the corner of their mouth,  ‘she’s wearing a bath robe!’   then my thoughts went to going to a wedding in a bathing suit when it’s called for ‘Black Tie’. . .  everything we do, everywhere we go,  we have a ‘suit’  that fits this occasion.  Wow, again, wow, we’ve been so brain washed,  we’ve bought into all avenues hook, line and sinker, having to have the right attire for each occasion.  Golf, you wouldn’t wear a long skirt golfing, oh my gawd,  what would people think???  What would they say about me, they wouldn’t even let me on the coarse .   how about wearing a wedding dress to the market.  Its all so wild,  the more I see how I’ve been put through the wringer, the funnier it has become. 


There’s no T.V.  Here.



Sitting on the couch with Gary, getting my feet messaged with, Young Living Essential oils, {yes, a little promo.}  having this thought,  ‘Gary and I have been living together for over a year and a half. We’re the best of friends, no sex,  by design and choice, tonight the thought that appeared was this,  in my past, when I would be in a relationship sexually, having my feet messaged  would have had my mind be saying, “I wonder if were going to have sex?” by having that thought, it would take me away from being in the moment, in this moment, I was getting my foot messaged.  So, taking the sex out of this equation, what remains is   BEING IN THIS MOMENT.  I sure hope this sounds clear.   It did when the thought first came.


The other thought that showed up was about intimacy,  I said to Gary, {after this first conversation}  this relationship is more intimate than any relationship I’ve ever been in.


We’ve watched one another grow to arenas that I hadn’t imagined, this went beyond my imagination, {and I’ve got a wild imagination}  our awareness of what we’re experiencing, the energies that are being experienced from Mother Earth, we’ve encouraged one another to look beyond, to stretch ourselves so that what we bring to the table is an acceptance, unconditional love and respect.  We’ve spoken about the power behind and in front of everything we do, everything we’ve asked for.


Ian’s wish was for us to have land, to create family, for all that resided on this land would know their strong points, hold what is near and dear, then put it into action.  To have everything that is needed to sustain ourselves.


So, now, we’re living proof that the power of desire, living with total ethics has brought to us.  This land and ‘family’ that lives on this land is all that had been asked for, remember God will say,  “Yes Love”  . . . Ian’s dream has become a reality.  We’ve done it. The collective WE.  I/WE couldn’t have done this without all the love and support that has poured in for Mike and I, having our Mayan  Majix family continue to grow, being the witness of consciousness wake with lightening speed. 


“Anyone that ignores reality would not survive to enjoy the Divine.”


Put your silk robe on and dance in the moon light.


                                        T H A N K      Y O U




I N    L A K’ E S H




24th November 2006

Reaching into the unknown,

THE 5TH  DAY on the Mayan Calendar,


On a personal note,  on that day, I completed my 64th year around the sun.

What an amazing year.  Once again my natal birthday is approaching, how strange to think back on situations that occurred 40 + years ago.

My son Ray had his 46th birthday on the 9th of Sept.  son Jeff had his 45th on the 10 Sept. Daughter Jo~e celebrated her 41st in Aug.  daughter Kelly will have her 37th in Jan.  I still feel a youthfulness, a grand desire to make a difference in the world.  Where has the time gone?  How much faster has my consciousness moved to create this ‘majix’ that surrounds me on a daily basses.


“We receive what we do in the exact moment it appears.”


How many times have you heard the same thing over and over, yet something hadn’t allowed you to ‘own’ it, to ‘grock’ it.  Then, in an instant, you heard it newly, so new that you wondered ‘why’ it took you so long to ‘get it’. . .


Its about paying attention, when I’m totally present to what I’m hearing, what I’m seeing, how I’m being with the moment, everything stays centered.


In these next two months I feel the energy accelerating even faster.  On the 19th Nov. when the 5th Night starts is patterns, being conscious of each breath we take, every action we make, every word that comes out of our mouth. . .  for those who believe they have all the answers, wow, watch out. No one has ALL the answers, we have what we have, and continue to expand our awareness so our light continues to shine as bright as possible.


I believe that by expanding our energy to continue our positive intuition on what we want, everything that is required for our today and into the future, {even though I don’t believe there is a future, everything is in the moment} there are those who say, we must block out the negative, when that is done, the energy that is used to ‘block’ out the negative is used, rather then keeping the energy in tack of all the beauty and grace that Mother Earth is providing.  She’s been doing a great job, way before we came to join Her this time around.  


I have a few of the charts that Ian did at presentations, in the event anyone is interested in having one, please let me know,  they will be by donation.


I’m so grateful for our connection, to all our Mayan Majix family, those who email me, the connections fill my heart.  I’ve been enjoying this quiet time.  Feeling what is coming around the bend will keep me quite busy.


This journey is by ‘design’,  you’ve designed it, you’ve chosen it.  Enjoy it.


Blessings,  I’ll see you in my dreams.


7 / Storm,   yesterday,  sitting at my computer, doors are open so the dogs can come and go as they please.  I look up to see, what I called a butterfly,  she fly's into the window, looking to find its way out.
grabbing my camera, she posed for me.  I told her I would take her out
side, cupping her in my hands, walking slowly out the door,  when i opened
my hands, she sat there for a heart beat, then went off, watching her,
she landing on the door where Gary was giving someone a massage.
sitting back down in front of my computer, a moment later, she flew
back in, came over to me, saying thank you, and flew back out.
I just sat there, thrilled that I got this pic of her.
I don't know how one distinguishes a moth from a butterfly. do you?
I would love for this little story to be shared.
blessings magic man.


13 / Serpent


Serpent is my energy,  I feel it traipsing around my body.  Feels powerful, I like it. . .


Waking up with this thought:   Being we’re in this moment of time, always in THIS moment,  when a question is asked I do my best to answer the question straight from my heart.  What I’ve noticed, from myself and others is,  when a question is asked that had been asked before, most often, one would say, “I’ve already told you.”  Where did that come from?  Again, in this moment, the question asked, is NEW in this moment, so answer as though you hadn’t ever heard the question.   This would save a great deal of heart ach. 


With patience comes centeredness, comes love, comes compassion.  This is our time to be one with everything, and everyone.


You are the creator of your life,  you are the creation that moves from one thought to the next, you are the love and light that brings all the angels to you.  This is the world we’ve been waiting for, this is the time for all of us to know from the depths of our souls that what we’re here for is to experience that which creator has wanted for all of us.  Don’t waste another breath being in up~set, or fear,  exuding energy into anything that doesn’t raise the level of LOVE is coming from your mind, not your heart.  Your intuition is your guide,  you know this,  I know you do. . .   


You’ve chosen this journey for a reason,  you don’t even have to know THE reason,  live your life  to the max,  enjoy everything you do, know matter what it is you’re doing,  you’ve chosen IT, so enjoy it, take ownership of IT, be IT, be proud of what you are doing.  Whether you’re flinging hamburgers, or building a castle, take ownership. 


The other day while waiting in line for a movie, I decided to sit on the ground, a young women was standing next to me, she was alone, sweet young thing, not knowing what to do with herself, being she didn’t have anyone to talk with,  I tapped her on her leg, {being I was sitting} she looked down, I said,  “come sit with me, come play.”  With a smile on her face she said, “I would love to”  before she finished talking she was sitting,  I asked her name,  then I asked her,  what was your very first memory when you were a kid,  she looked about in her memory bank,  a few moments passed, she didn’t have anything that come, so I asked another question,  where did you grow up, she said, San Diego,  great,  did you go to the zoo?  Her face lit up, she went right back to that first experience as a little one at the zoo. She shared that experience with me, the entire time she was back being 8 years old.  It was fantastic.  How often we will stand by people thinking the are separate from us, they aren’t.   we are all ONE, so whats the deal?


I was standing in line at the DMV in Los Angeles,   looking around at all the people, it was if the were walking into a torture chamber, I started to laugh, the guy behind me, said, “share with me, what are you laughing at?” Look around, he did, what do you see?  He shrugged his shoulders.  “what.” There isn’t a smile amongst anyone, its as though they didn’t choose to be here, yet, each and everyone of these people chose to come here today, they are putting themselves in a situation that is causing them up~set.  I find this quiet funny.  We stood there laughing,  by this time it was my turn, he said,

“thank you so much, I’m going back to Israel tomorrow, this story I will always remember, having a great time at the DMV.”


You are the party,  imagine walking into an elevator, everyone stands there looking at the floor lights going up or down, no one speaks to the other, no one stand facing the back wall.  It’s a hoot.  When I’ve been the first one in the elevator, I greet people, “welcome to my elevator.”  I always get a smile, sometimes, they will say, thank you. 


Watching children, seeing how they can break out in a dance while waiting for a light to change, they don’t care what anyone thinks about them. What happened to us?  When did we loose that innocents?  It’s time to capture all that joy we had, share it with the world.  




OK,  thinking about this statement,  what appeared to see is,

When one looks at their life,  what is  ‘your signature of aliveness?


I’ve asked Gary and a few others,  then it came to me that I would love

To put this question out to our mm family.

Click here to read last months results

What is your Signature of Aliveness?

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