Matty's Journal
August 2007


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  1 / Crocodile

Since we’ve completed one round of the Tzolkin 260 cycle, moving into

A faster pace,  look at it this way, you’re driving a race car, speed, 100 mph.

The rpm’s are at there maximum. Time to shift into a higher gear. Pushing the gas peddle to the floor, looking at the mph, reaching 120, you feel the torque , it’s bushed you back into your seat. Being you are the driver, in total control, you’re energized by these sensations. Smile on your face, the creator, in divine acceptance of this journey, what a hoot, how grand to feel this energy.


As I write this, on 3/Night {Akbal}  my manifesting has sped up exponentially.  I’ve been asked by many ‘what do I do?’  there’s nothing

TO DO,  we’re being asked to BE, ALLOW, and LOVE every moment. Yes, there are things we do as humans on the path, we answer the phone, correspond by email, eat, do all that’s provided on this 3D plan.


To remain centered, quiet your mind, turn off your TV, leave your cell phone off, allow yourself the luxury to sit in the silence of the ONE.  The longer you allow this quiet energy to embrace you, the less stress, fear, anxiety will be present.   


Recognizing to the depths of my soul that ‘EVERYTHING’  that is given to me, is the gift that  ‘I’  created and agreed upon.  I wrote ‘THIS’ script.  I can choose to alter the lines at any given moment.  When I listen to others complain about their lives, they believe they are the ‘victim’ of some plot that’s been given to them so they can ‘worry’ more, create more ‘fear’. . .

My beloved Momma was the great worrier, there were times when she would ask me, don’t you worry about the children?”  “No, Mom, I don’t see a reason to worry.”  She went on, “How can you not worry?”  “Mom, the task of worry is yours, you do the job so well, I wouldn’t want to take this away.”  Then one day I asked her,  Mom, what do you think your life would look like if you stopped worrying?”  after a few moments of thought she said, “I can’t”

There wasn’t anything else to say about this subject.  “I love you Mom”


When you find yourself in love with ‘YOU’  everything  will be in total alignment with source, the feeling of complete bliss will be all there is.


HAFIZ   is one of my favorite  poets.  This is what is written about him:

“ Hafiz, whose given name was Shams-ud-din Muhammmad  {c. 1320-1389}

is the most beloved poet of Persia . Born in Shiraz , he lived at about the same time as Chaucer in England and about one hundred years after Rumi.

He became a Sufi master.


The book,                         THE GIFT           is my favorite

While sitting here writing,  I asked, “what do you want me to hear at this moment?”  Hafiz came right in,  opening the book, this is what came.




We are at

The Nile ’s end.


We are carrying particles

From every continent, creature, and age.


It has been raining on the plains

Of our vision for millions of years


And our senses

Are so muddy compared to Yours –dear God,


But I only hear these words from You

Where we are all trying to embrace

The Clear Sky-Ocean.


“Dear one,  come.



My dear ones,





What are you carrying?  Is the package weighing you down? 


Ian and I had a dream, the dream was to have land, be totally off the grid,

He named the land,



Something huge has come to me, this something is going to allow me to have our dream come true,


This is going to be bigger than yahoo.


Its call   



Check it out for yourself, and if you want more info, let me know.  


come play,   if not now,  WHEN.


Helpful instructions:

Down load Boomarang

Upper right screen

Hit run, allow it to complete.

Each time this occurs,



OK,  thinking about this statement,  what appeared to see is,

When one looks at their life,  what is  ‘your signature of aliveness?


I’ve asked Gary and a few others,  then it came to me that I would love

To put this question out to our mm family.

What is your Signature of Aliveness?

First Name




Woke up this 8 / Crocodile morning,  it was 5:50, these thoughts wouldn’t go away, so I made a cup of coffee, and now I’m sitting here writing those thoughts down.


There’s no TV here, so I entertain myself by reading, writing and playing international backgammon on the computer, playing with nameless faceless people from all over the world, and yet, I feel I know who they are by the way they play the game. 


I’ve been playing for more than 35 years, and being a numbers person seeing moves quickly, there are three levels, I play expert level. Most often another ‘expert’ will sign on.   There’s also a means at which we can communicate, it is limited by what ‘they’ have posted, then you click on what you would want to say,  to start with  ‘Hello’,  ‘Good luck’.  There’s no way to ask  anything personal. 


The personality of the ‘one’ that plays as quickly as I do, is exciting, we feel it, I feel it through the ‘ethers.’  I’m receiving what I call a ‘magnetic force’  holding us in place,  there was one player I played with for three hours,  feeling as though it were ten or fifteen minutes, looking at the time, I know I’ve gone into a zone where there wasn’t any time.

One of us will click  ‘sorry I have to go’. . .  well, that’s perfect being its now two a.m. 


Then there’s the person that thinks before every move, to entertain myself while waiting for the move to be made, I’ll take my curser and point out the move that would best suit him.  {my opponent can not see this}   sometimes that is ultimately the move that is made, other times not, and most of the time when it’s not, my next move will have me ‘hit’ him, then his man is off the board, and he has to start from ‘home’ base. 


Choices, backgammon is a game played move by move, where chess is played with moves thought into the end result.  It’s the roll of the dice, some call it luck, or the lack of luck that is being presented at each turn.  Then its up to you to decide what you will do with that ‘roll’,  seems to me that there are  metaphors that ultimately  allow one to recognize the ‘gift’ that is being presented in each moment.  What is chosen dictates the outcome.  Knowing at this point in my reality, that everything had been agreed upon before birth, then what ever comes is because I had agreed upon  THIS experience.  Well then, why in the world would I be upset? I chose it, upset would be a slap in ‘Gods’ face, saying, “Oh No God, I don’t want THIS gift, give me another.”   In my past when that would occur finding that what I would receive would cause more discomfort.  Now, with a clearer understanding of my choices,  EVERYTHING that is given to me is accepted with an open heart, with grace, love and gratitude.  God saying to me

 “YES LOVE”  Doesn’t matter what it is that I’ve received, its all the same to God,  and the answer is ALWAYS the same.  “YES LOVE”. . . 


Ian left his physical body,  it has taken me what it’s taken me to come to an understanding, a place where I can stand strong, content, passionate about ‘his’ choice, ‘his’ agreement before birth to have the experiences this life time for him to complete the karma from past lives. 

Doesn’t mean I don’t miss the physical part of ‘us’, I do, yet it doesn’t consume me, knowing that we ‘talk’ to one another, there have been a few times where I’ve ‘felt’ him touch me. 


There’s so much magic that is being experienced at this time, the grandness of ‘this’ experience has given me so much more than I could have conjured up in my ‘conscious’ mind. 


A little over a year ago my friend Leah brought me into her circle of women friends.  We gather at least once a month, sometimes more often.  The energy we bring into the circle feels as though we could levitate, {soon we will remember how to do this} 

We gathered on,  8 / Crocodile,  one of the sister came in after we had gotten settled under the cotton wood tree, standing up to share a hug, she asked, “How are you?”   feeling my chest expand, looking into her eyes,“GRAND.”   She asked,  “what makes it grand?”  “By saying ‘grand’, and feeling my energy expand, I’ve created GRANDNESS, its in the creation, choosing how I speak, rather than how my body feels,  {by the way, my body is in total alignment with my soul.}  she smiled, “You are grand in every way!”

“thank you dear sister.”  Leah named our sisterhood,  “The Shifters”


We have become teachers and students for one another.  There’s total truth spoken, nothing is held back.  With ‘LOVE’ as our foundation, our agreement is to rise to that place of ‘remembering’ our purpose.  

We’ll correct one another’s use of words so that we empower the space.


We’re about the same age, yet, I am the elder.  We speak powerfully, listening intently to what is being said.  Calling a sister on her ‘stuff’  knowing what will empower all of us, being we are mirrors for one another, it’s not about  ‘her’  its about all of us, and not just the sisters in the circle.


Two women were standing in the park, they were there for some time, across from the park is a café, the people looking out the window noticing these two just standing there, not talking, not moving, just standing there, {this is a small town}  the people started asking one another what they were doing, they came up with all kinds of stories, a little boy chimed in,

“I know what they’re doing!” all ears were on this little boy. “What are they doing.”  “One of them is my grandmother, she’s going to heal the world.”  There was laughter, yet, something shifted in that moment.

The next day, these two women appeared once again, and about a dozen more came to stand in the park.  By the 3rd day, the numbers multiplied exponentially.

The mayor called the sheriff, saying he needed to have these people removed, they’re making the town look bad.  As the sheriff approaches telling them they must leave, one of the women stands in front of him,

“This is our park, we’re not causing a disturbance, we’re not selling anything, we will NOT leave the park.” 


The sheriff knew he couldn’t force them to leave, they were in their rights.


News of this traveled to a larger town,  the news media showed up, the mayors wife, the sheriffs wife, about 2500 people stood in the park to heal the world.


So, when you say, “I can’t make a difference.”  Think again. And again. Once more.  



Thanks to Ross Bishop for this:


The Golden Telephone


A man living in  Kansas decided to write a book about churches around the country. He chose to start in San Francisco, and then work east.

Going to a very large church in
San Francisco’s financial district, he began taking photographs and making notes. He spotted a golden telephone on the vestibule wall, and was intrigued with a sign that read, "$10,000 per minute."

Knowing that the
San Francisco area was very status and money conscious, the man sought out the pastor and asked about the phone and the sign. The pastor answered that the golden phone was in fact, a direct line to Heaven, and if he paid the price, the man could talk directly to God.

The man thanked the pastor and continued on his way. He visited churches in
Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta and other cities around the United States, he found more such phones, with the same sign, and the same explanation from each pastor.

Finally, the man arrived in
Virginia. Upon entering a church: he saw the usual golden telephone. But THIS time, the sign read: "Calls: 25 cents"!  Fascinated, the man asked to speak with the pastor.

"Reverend, I have been in cities all across the country and in each church I have found this golden telephone, and have been told it is a direct line to Heaven, and that I could use it to talk to God.... But in 20 other churches, the cost was $10,000 per minute. Your sign says 25 cents per call.....Why is that?

The pastor, smiling benignly, replied: "Son, you're in
Virginia now.  It's a local call."


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