Matty's Journal
July 2007


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What a wild adventure this last month has been, blessings to all who were on this journey with me, I felt your love, and prayers.

Serah and Thyson, my beloved family that Ian and I lived with, and again I was so welcomed into their home with open arms, and heart.


The motor home that Ian and I traveled in had been parked at their home for almost two years, now has a new home. She was given away. She’s resting on land over looking a beautiful lake.


The night of the full moon, Serah and Thyson built a

‘Mayan Medicine Wheel’ there were 28 of us, having Ian’s energy in the center, everyone felt him. Thyson gave me the honor to ‘smudge’ everyone as they arrived. Reminding each one who they are, and their purpose.


As the days unfolded, while each moment presented new scenarios for that moment, then the next, seeing how I was manifesting my return with Ian’s molds and our ‘stuff’. . .


29th June,  4/flint . . .  Serah, Thyson & I left Salmon Arm,  the next day  5/storm we reached Spokan, I was able to rent a car in the states that I could drop off in Arizona. Loading everything from their car to the rental, we hugged, bid one another safe journey, off we went.

It was 12:30 pm.  We had stopped at CAA {same as AAA} they gave me a map specifically for my destination. Piece o’ cake.  At 1:30 Sunday pm. I arrived in Flagstaff. 1300 + miles.  I was on a mission, to get home.



When you are confused, one can not make a clear choice.


Only in the complete centeredness of your being, in surrendering to the will of God can a decision be made that supports the whole.


Joseph Chilton Pearce said:  “Being judged by someone offends us if the judgment is true and more so if it is false.  When we accuse or judge another, it has the same effect on us as being judged ourselves.”








Everything is simple, once you know the formula.


When two mirrors are facing one another which one could we say initiates the first reflection?


With what I’m calling my ‘NEW’ understanding about how my world reflects everything that I’m gifted to see, feel, taste, experience, filled with LOVE. . . 


There’s an instantaneous recognition that what is set before me is  ‘ME’  . . .  whether it be a ‘two’ legged, four legged, a winged one, one that crawls.

Is it the tree, rock, sand, it’s all Gaia,  ALL OF IT.


From the first moment we stepped into this 3D world, everything, {with no~thing} left out, has been a reflection for us to choose how we perceive the gift. 


While visiting my sister and brother~in~love, a conversation was in the space, my sister said to me, “you’ve turned out to be a great cook.”  “Thank you, I learned everything from Mom.”  David turned abruptly, facing me,

“Are you kidding me, she was the worst cook on the planet.”


“Exactly,  everything she did, I turned around, I knew at a young age that I was going to make my food not only taste good, it was going to look pretty.” 


I could have followed in her foot steps, could have taken on her way of looking at preparing a meal. What I chose was much more empowering. What you choose dictates your entire way of living your life. 


I met a women while walking with Spirit {my four legged companion}  with fear writing all over her, she said, “keep him away from me, I was attached once when I was little, I’m still terrified of dogs.”


 Fear, {False Evidence Appearing Real.}  this women has been carrying around for more than 50 years is too heavy a burden for anyone. Until its recognized that it no longer serves you, it will remain within the confines of your being. Face it, let it go.  YES, IT IS THAT EASY.


The more chatter one listens to, the further away you are  from God.  Listening to all the commotion that plagues one, moment by moment instilling a constant fear so you want to stay one step ahead of your thoughts.  This is the illusion.  ‘They’ want to keep us dumbed, numbed down, ‘they’ don’t want you to learn The Truth.  The longer you continue to ride the ‘rat’ wheel, the less time you will find to quiet your mind. 









Hero or Victim……………   Follower  or  Leader


Intimidation  ………….   Free choice.


Don’t trust the man behind the curtain.


I’ve been following my intuition for as long as I can remember.  My beloved father told me, “You can have all

The book knowledge in the world, if you don’t have common sense, you don’t have anything.”  


Common sense has gotten me to where I am at this very moment.  With out it, I don’t know where I would be.


When I look deep within, seeing that common sense and integrity sits equally in soul consciousness.  Integrity comes from one’s heart. Ethics comes from one’s heart. 


Morals is an agreement, yet not integral.   Bush and Co. the entire company agree with him, therefore, he sits with his moral decisions, feeling as though ‘he’s right’ no matter what.


Ouroboros stands for infinity


Infinity ~ or the field of all possibilities


The World is not fixed in




Having this statement as one’s true, then you have a say about the outcome of your  life.


What is real?  What is an illusion?


The illusion comes from what one’s mind wants.


What is real, resides in THIS moment.


The mind can only remember things, while ones soul, spirit, heart has no limitations.  One limits themselves by sabotaging the moment with a thought from the past {fear}


Then you convince yourself with words “I can’t do that, I’ve done that before and got hurt.”  Then the illusion becomes real, you won’t allow yourself the experience.


Stepping outside ‘YOUR BOX’ is where the adventure lives.


IF  NOT  NOW  . . . WHEN?


Einstein said, 

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”


Fear is a thief, robbing us of joy, happiness, contentment

Most of all



Fear has a grip so insidious to our nature that there are so many of us that are blinded by it in such a way that finding comfort is out of the question for that frame of thought.


Fear is feed like a bonfire, the more wood you heap onto the stack, the bigger the blaze, the more intense the heat.

Fear robs your soul.


In this very moment, fear does not exist.





Have you asked yourself lately,  what the hell am I doing here?

What is my purpose?  Am I holding onto something that isn’t serving me?

How do I break the ‘spell’ that’s causing me to be so out of balance?

Would you believe someone that told you that you wrote your own scrip before
you incarnated ‘this time around’. . .

Courageous  Souls

Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

Ponder that one for a while.  Intense food for thought.

Robert goes on to say,

Through These Remarkable stories of
Pre-Birth Planning, You Can:

Learn why each of us decides to experience such challenges as illness, the death
of a loved one, and accidents

Understand how you as a soul create your life blueprint

Consciously use your challenges to foster spiritual growth

Understand that the people in your life, including your parents and children, are
there at your request, motivated by their love for you to play roles that you scripted

Replace anger, guilt and blame with forgiveness, acceptance, and peace

Deepen your appreciation of and gratitude for life as a soul expanding, evolutionary process.


We, {collective we} are taking a quantum leap into the 5th Dimension
There are many who vacillate between the 3D and 5D world, while being/experiencing the paradigm
of our ‘New World’.  LOVE  is the energy that resides in our New World, LOVE is the foundation, therefore those whom are sitting on the fence, waiting for something to happen, something that
would give them a push, one way or the other. Sitting on the fence will only give you splinters. . .

When I look at what  My New World looks like, I see vast areas of land, surrounded by every tree imaginable,  water coming from the springs of life.

My village is self contained, everything that is required is provided by source.
Those that love to plant, will,  those that love to build, will,  those that love to raise the children,

Think it can’t happen?  Guess again.  This is why we’re here now, we’re remembering how it
had been, how simple life had been, we’re returning to that time where all that we wanted, all the
joy that Mother, Gaia wants for us is here. Give up the struggle, allow every breath to take you
to the next. Be in your heart, allowing your heart/intuition to guide you, that’s where you
find peace, comfort, contentment, joy, harmony, LOVE. . .

We are gathering the Light, we’re finding our Kin.  Each knowing in a heart beat
when you come in contact with a soul brother/sister, god/goddess. . .

Ian’s dream has come to fruition, having this message blanket the world.
His presentation is in {4} languages, reaching every corner or the world.
He’s smiling, he send his LOVE and gratitude. . .  “Always remember who you are.
  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Big group hugs.

This is the journey, we are the pioneers,  the wagons are rolling out, the trails are marked,
  the songs are being sung. . .  everyone on our wagon train knows why they’ve chosen this
journey.  No more surprises, we’re experiencing life with our eyes wide open,
hearts exposed.

Know you are LOVED beyond measure. . .  you are blessed by the Divine. 



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