Matty's Journal
June 2007



5th June ‘07


2 a.m.   Finished packing, bags sitting at the door.  Marla sleeping on the couch.

She’s my transport to the airport.  Bending over to kiss her on the top of her head,

It’s time to get going.  She stretches with a yawn, “what time is it?”  2:15 .


Our plan was to leave by 2:30 , get to the airport by 4:30 , the plane was leaving at 6, and being I’m on stand by, they recommended that I arrive early. 

This is the first leg of my journey.


Salmon Arm is my destination. My request to return there is for me to retrieve our belongings was answered.


Thursday  31st May.  Reading my e-mails, not having any thoughts about traveling at this time,  hearing from a pilot who’s offering me a ‘companion seat’,  I read and re-read his e-mail,  weeping from shear pleasure.  E-mailing him back with my phone number,  with in moments he called.  Fifteen minutes later I was booked on a flight to Los Angeles , then Vancouver . 


The first leg was a snap.    Los Angeles   to Vancouver was the issue at hand.


I’m backing up here for a moment.  I had written to Cory {she lives at 100 Mile}

I had lived there for a while back in 2004, we’ve stayed in touch ever since. She wrote back saying she would pick me up from Vancouver , and drive to Salmon Arm.  Fantastic, getting to have some time together was another one of those magical gifts.  I told her I would be in by 3:35 . 


Here’s the glitch,  I didn’t get on the first flight, being I’m on stand by, the plane was filled, I waited for the next and only other one for that day which would get me into Vancouver by 10:30 p.m.     there wasn’t any way that I could think of for me to reach her,  yet, I also knew that everything would be perfect in the end.


When we e-mailed one another I suggested we find an inexpensive place to stay over night in Van.  She writes back telling me her co-worker has an apartment and was given the key.  {how divine it all is} 


I called my daughter, {in L.A. }  asking her to leave a message on Cory’s home phone with the new flight schedule.  Cory phoned home to get the message. {I didn’t know for sure she would, yet I knew it would work itself out}


Sitting at the L.A. airport for 12 hrs, having met wonderful people, watching them come and go. It was an awesome experience. 


Now I was on the other side of tired. Being up for 22 hrs, feeling the adrenalin pumping through, knowing that when I landed I would be met by Cory’s sweet smile, and open arms.  Traveling with my back pack, I was off the plane, out past the check point, going through customs.  There she is, smiles, open arms.


I didn’t know how far 100 Mile is from Vancouver , she drove 6 ½ hrs.  getting to the apartment was a snap, just about 5 min. away.  We talked for about an hour, knowing it was time to put it to rest. 


Morning came quickly.  We talked about what to do.  Being I hadn’t ever been to Vancouver , yet, it’s a huge city.  We asked someone where to have breakfast, knowing we would be clearer in thought with a full belly.


Cory’s 86  GMC panel truck is a real trooper.  By 7 p.m. we pulled into Serah and Thyson’s in Salmon Arm.  Telling stories, just being together after the long break of time. It’s wonderful to e-mail, better in person.



Cory and I went into town, my first priority was to have someone inherit our Motor Home.  Ian and I had grand adventures with her, now it was time for her to move on.  she had to go somewhere where she wouldn’t be driven. Being she is registered in the US ,  and in Ian’s name.  the paper work to have it transferred would be so entailed with energy that I wasn’t willing to go there . 


It’s Sunday, June 10, 2007     . . .   just about an hour ago, the MH left its resting place, it had been in the same spot for almost two years.  I’ m f orever grateful.


Well, when this journey started, my thought was to fly here, then ship everything back home,  when I looked at what’s here, I knew change was in the air.  The cost of shipping would be prohibited for me.  Way to much stuff, yet, it would fit in a van, or a large trunk, it would fit in my ’86 Chevy trunk, yet, at this moment she’s in Arizona .


So, I had gotten contacted by Justine who’s leaving on Monday from Salmon Arm, and would have loved to have me along on her journey.  Yet, when I looked at leaving this quickly, my body reacted where I knew I need to sleep on the thought of this quick turn around.  I called her today, thanking her, yet this isn’t the right moment for me to leave.  I would like it to be at the end of this week.


Anyone out there wanting to take a road trip?  If you’re the one, please contact me,   . . .   it would be great fun.  Then you can stay at the Peacock Ranch, and explore Sedona. 


Well, that’s it for now.  Blessings to all. . .  I love you . . .  I know there’s only one of us out here,  we’re doing it, exploring what our NEW WORLD looks like.




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Matty at the Page Springs Peacock Ranch

baby Peahen


New Arrival - Baby Peahen

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