Matty's Journal
May 2007


2 / Seed ~ Kan

The germination of ideas whose time has come.
Abundance is gathered as with a fisherman’s net.

Freedom from past patterns or traps can be achieved.
Remember, you hold a net  that works.




Ian and I were at the beginning of our relationship.  They call this the honeymoon stage.  I had some errands to run,  the clothes were in the drier, asking Ian to pull the clothes out  when the drier stopped. He smiled, said he would.  Returning home from the errands, walking Into the bedroom, the clothes were neatly spread out on the bed.  Smiling inwardly, touching the damp clothes.  Ian was doing something in the

Kitchen, walking towards him, he opened his arms, I walked into him, we hugged, putting the groceries away.  I said, “thank you for taking the clothes out of the drier.”  With his bright smile,  you’re welcome.” “I just learned something about my communication, asking you to take the clothes out of the drier, you surely did that, again, thank you, next time, I will complete my request by saying, make sure the clothes are dry.”  We giggled.


Learning, always, I don’t care how long you’ve been with someone, there’s going to be times when a situation occurs that hadn’t been presented until that very moment, its what you do with it that makes it laughable, or upsetting. I could have made Ian wrong for taking the clothes out of the drier wet, what would that have gotten me?  Looking at my communication, that’s where I looked.  I had internal thoughts, {common sense would say, the clothes aren’t dry, put a few more minutes on the timer.}  So, that’s not what happened, what happened was he took the clothes out damp. Spread them neatly on the bed. Pleased that he did what I had requested, take the clothes out of the drier when the drier stops.  Clear communication.


When I have expectations that another thinks the same way I do, that’s a sad state of affairs.  Just like our thumb print, we have a unique way of looking at the same vista, with our unique interpretation. 


If we were all alike, this would be a boring place to be, the diversity, choices, that’s where the creativity comes from. If we were born with the talents that Mozart had, or Gandhi, we would be bored out of our skin.


What ever your talents are, those are the gifts from Source, treasure them, and for sure share them.  Take ownership, when someone tells you how fantastic you are, own that, know that they are your mirror, they’re reflecting to you what you hadn’t seen, not the way you were seen by the other, the one speaking to you about you. 


Ian and I would talk about this subject, taking ownership, Ian was the most brilliant man I had ever met, and at times the biggest pain in the ass.  We came to the same conclusion, that what lies with in oneself is what lies within oneself. Meaning, Mozart  was Mozart, he used his gifts, shared it with the world, he wasn’t special to himself, he was a man with a talent, recognized that talent, gave it to the world.  


Ian’s talents went way beyond his ability to take what could have been a complicated subject, presented it in such a way that our world is lighting up with glory from every angle. 


Ian sculpted miniatures, he made metal figurines for model trains that were used in museums. He sculpted the first Ninja Turtle in metal.  He would take piano wire molding it into a dragon. 


He was looking to do something new, something that the world didn’t know they were missing.  “Find a need, fill a need.” {This line was in the animated film, Robots,} not really knowing what that something was, he went to the library, scanning the shelves, finding a book on the Maya, their culture and designs. Pulling a book off the shelf, randomly opening  the book to see ‘The Crocodile Tree.’  That was the first piece he sculpted. To me, this is the most powerful piece.  Yes, I love the Galactic Butterfly, the one around my neck doesn’t come off, it’s a part of me.  The Crocodile Tree. Wow. 

By the way, that is truly how Ian started his adventure with the Maya.


There was a story about two women meeting on the street, one says to the other, “that’s a beautiful dress.”  Looking down at her dress she reply’s, “Oh, this old thing.”  By not acknowledging the gift that was given, you discourage the giver.  When my Momma was in her body, I shopping for something I thought she would love, it was her birthday, finding a beautiful scarf, {she loved scarf’s}  writing a love poem for her.  Handing her my gift, she said, “you shouldn’t have spent the money.”  I felt my heart miss a beat.  A thank you, I love it, would have filled my heart.   Well for years I stopped buying her gifts, then one year I found this tiny music box, it was for a child, with a crank on the side, a picture of a organ grinder and monkey embellished the front,  finding the perfect box, little pink ribbon tied around neatly, watching her look at this before taking the ribbon off, she turned it around in her hands.


I can still see us standing outside the restaurant waiting for the rest of the family to appear.  The smile on her face when she turned the crank on the tiny box, we went back in time, she was a little girl, my heart opened to her once again.


Who are you when someone gives you a gift, how do you respond to them. How do you want to be responded to when you give a gift to another. Speak the way you want to be spoken to.  Knowing that ‘LOVE’ is all there is, why in this beautiful world would you want to say anything that’s hurtful. 


Did you hear this when you were young. “If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”   Makes sense to me. . .


Robert Roskind  sent me his books,  “Rasta Heart    A Journey Into One Love.”

For those who love to read, {as I do} avail yourselves with these, here’s his contact info.  


While reading his adventure in Jamaica , feeling the people through Roberts words.  I haven’t explored Jamaica , sure want to. I know I will, it’s the when part that is out there somewhere. 


Our New World is ‘One Love’.  Those whom are drawn to one another through the energy and consciousness of the ‘One Love’ will find our way to our New World . 


As we approach the mid day of this 5th day, {21st May} the experiences have become more intense, I know you’re feeling what I’m feeling about this consciousness acceleration.  There’s nothing to do,  ALLOW everything, be the witness of your own divinity.  We’re remembering who we truly are.  The lessons are complete, the memory has returned.

                        Love, Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Love. 


Being in the lead wagon is for the ‘wayshowers’.  You know who you are, you know how exciting it is to be out there, there’s so much ‘juice’ when you allow yourself to explore beyond what others might call ‘insane’.  .  . 


I wouldn’t trade my life’s journey for anything, no~thing would have me want anything to have changed,  I love my life, this is the journey I’ve chosen.  This is the journey ‘YOU’VE chosen.  Since you’ve chosen this, keep it close to your heart.  In the event you don’t care for the first choice, choose again.



11 /Sun ~ Ahau

Six of us gathered around the fire, the full moon was coming up over the  mountain, speaking our intentions, creating a space for Mother Earth, Father Sky, all the elementals, water trickling in the pond, breeze uncommonly strong. The instruments were brought out. I hadn’t drummed in quite a while.

I was astonished that I was able to drum for as long as I did, I become one with my drum, not feeling my arms, not feeling any part of my body, it was the beat, nothing else existed, the sounds, Mother Earths Heart Beat. We drummed for a couple of hours.  The sensations of healing the planet, all the while healing our personal hearts.


We’re going to have a weekly drumming circle, it will be on Wednesday, it would be fantastic for circles to gather all over the globe on the same evening,  we gather around 5 or 6 pm .  Bring food to share, or not. What ever, it always is in divine order.


Then on the 21st. gather for a ‘Love’ circle, holding hands, putting forth the momentum as we enter into the second half of the 5th day. These are powerful times.  It’s time to choose your destiny,  are you going to be with us reentering a memory from long ago.


Blessings beloveds.  In Lak’ech.



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