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January 2007


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11 / Dog    Oc


Resolution, yes, I’m seeing, feeling resolution in my life, experiencing / feeling / remembering avenues that had been with me through out time, my time, all time, from each life that I’ve experienced.

When I lived in Ojai California , back in the 90’s, I had met an amazing healer,  Dr. James Chappell.  I found a paper he had written, I knew I needed to share this with you, so here it is;


                            Reconfiguring the Matrix


            An excerpt from  Only Sick People Get Sick”


                                    Dr. James Chappell


        What is the Matrix and how does one reconfigure it?


   As we act in this play on this stage we call life, it is quiet apparent, some of us, if not most, have taken our roles or character too seriously.  We have forgotten  who  we really are,  where  we actually came from and  what  our purpose is.  We have acted the part of this human experience for so long, we have  bought  into the illusion, the act, the play within the play.


   It would not be so alarming if only a few of us were locked in character.  Unfortunately, we literally have millions of us individually and collectively, creating and writing a script wherein dark drama and horrific tragedy are ever increasing.  This has a powerful and disheartening consequence.


   The existence, this experience we call life, Is merely a  mind energy projection, an illusionary holographic image  projected by our Collective Consciousness and brought into focus by our own choice and control.  Our image, be it in the now or future, is pure manifestation of our own doing.  As has been said,  When two or more gather together on one accord, there it shall be.”  Simply, we are the physical manifestation of the essence of our consciousness.  If only  one  creates a life of pain, suffering, ignorance, separation, hate, distrust, and darkness, that holographic  “reality” appears to be real only for the one that creates it.  Yet, if two or more focus and project the same script, play or illusion, their “reality” is easily accepted by others less in control of their own image and thus  “buy into” the illusion or lie, perpetuating it to it’s conclusion.


      To best illustrate this point, I wrote the following metaphor:


      “Before I projected into this play and on this worldly stage, I remember being with Source of all life, the Creator and Grand Architect of the Multiverses.  We sat for hours, playing and laughing, the Great Collective Mystery and I, loving and sharing, while in was learning the importance and significance of the experience yet to come.


      It wasn’t to long, especially since there is not time, that the Source of my identity asked me what I wanted to do beyond “BE” that which I was.  In harmony and as expected, I said I wanted to act in the play on the stage of life on the sphere called Earth.  I said I wanted to be a human.


      The Infinite Wisdom warned me that if I were allowed to physically manifest on Earth, I would temporarily forget my origin, my divinity and my true relationship with The Divine.  However, the Source said it would never leave me, for it would always be there to guide me back when I had had enough of the “game”.  After much thought, I slowly transformed from my glowing blue figure of energy to a physical being, we call human.


      Upon manifesting, I chose the humans needed to live out the script I had heretofore written.  As cautioned, I lost my memory. I lived as a human experiencing pain and suffering, disappointment and ridicule, joy and pleasure.  Yet all the while, I still believed in a Sustainer I couldn’t quite remember.


      After years of acting as a human “doing” I finally came to the realization, the re-discovery, of my origin, my purpose and destiny.  I finally saw the truth behind the illusion.  I realized I was a “being” playing human and only for the fun of it.  And that I was in total control as the actor AND writer!  Additionally, I could re-focus the projector to “BE” anything I wanted.


      I re-discovered the purpose of life in this dispensation:  In the physical sense, I was to merely express it; To live, love, play, create, procreate and reincarnate.  In the spiritual sense, I was to finally re-discover my own divinity thereby realizing the truth about my existence and why I came to be.  Additionally, I was to help others re-discover their.”


In Conclusion:

   We are vibratory energy, an omni present electrical field, if you please, with no boundaries, no limits, no beginning or end.  The most definitive word in our language to describe this harmonious frequency of energy is love.  Love is the unseen connecting link of every energetic field and subsequent projected thought/form manifestation.


   One reason energy configures within this Collective Consciousness/dot Matrix, is to fully realize and experience the feelings and emotions of the oneness of Love.  In this Matrix, it is the projected energy field that holds the physical dots called body together.  Metaphorically, our mind/energy projection sets the stage in which we act the part we are to play within the script we wrote and continue to write for the fun and experience of it.


   As I have said in the California Sun many times,  Dis-harmony leads to dis-ease.”  Spiritually speaking, vibratory chaos; dis-harmony or energy-in-motion  {emotion} blocks, causes dysfunctionality within the dot Matrix body or auric field as scientifically documented by Dr. Val erie Hunt in her video,  “The Human Energy Field  & Health.”  Therefore, since we are truly in control, we can figure or reconfigure our projected physical image and environment at whim, but only if we realize our own divinity, our origin and purpose.


   Together, through the realization of our conscious power and knowledge of how our thought create our termed “reality”, this civilization can  “Be” whatever we choose it to be; a loving, honest, pure, respectful and free existence for our expression and our children’s children joy or a dark, traumatic, infected, corrupt, despicable planet.  The choice is truly ours. . .







12/ Monkey    Chuen


Before turning my computer on, sitting, thoughts, what is purging through me?  The vision of ground covered with leaves, a huge rake hovering, glooming down onto the pile, where to start?  I’m that pile of leaves, the rake is clearing out all the ‘stuff’ that had accumulated from the beginning of time, it’s not comfortable, there’s sweet pouring down from the work it takes to clear the land, { metaphor for ‘me’ }  I know this is the only way for all of this to take place.  I know this because I’ve chosen this path, I’ve written ‘This’ script. So of course I wouldn’t complain. When I hear people complain,  I giggle,  write a new script if you don’t like the one you’re in, and in the mean time, accept the one you’ve written. 

We are a funny lot, truly funny.  What a hoot.



NO GOAL, SAVE ONE           

written by Eric C. Wyndham   9-19-99


At this stage in my life, I have no agenda, no goals, as it were.

I am not interested in furthering my institutional education.

I am still trying to unlearn the litany of misinformation gained

Heretofore in our state controlled and certified schools.


I am not striving for a better career.  Even though money plays

a part in this existence, it does not rule my life.

I may want much, buy my “needs” are simple.  And my wants,

thank God, are ever changing.


I am not hormonally driven to seek out and conquer sexual experience.

Although I am not celibate, I reserve intimate relationships for

tender, loving romance, not impersonal sex.  I have also come to

recognize meaningful conversation with time spent

together in harmony, as spiritual foreplay to true intimacy.


I no longer seek God for I have seen Her face and this face is reflected

In my eyes.  I have discovered the purpose of my life both physically and

Spiritually.  This purpose is to joyfully express life and assuredly claim my

own divinity in every breath I take.  I realize when one sees me,

They see that which sent me.

I am not trying to get to “Heaven” for as Jesus said, “Heaven is within you”.

I have long ago accepted this and live accordingly.


But if I had to state a goal, it would be easy; My goal is to out love everyone!

Please don’t misunderstand.  It is not for noble cause I love, rather for pure selfishness.  For as I receive and transmit our Creators gift of Love, I get to keep the original copy.  I get to “feel” the pleasure and privilege of Loving.


Can you imagine?  Love, manifested in form, projecting Love to itself for it’s  own joy and pleasure?


I do ………………….





This line, Please don’t misunderstand.  It is not for noble cause I love, rather for pure selfishness.


When I hug, this is how I feel,  to write this for me, it would  read,

“Please don’t misunderstand.  It is not for noble cause I hug, rather for pure selfishness.”  For as I receive and transmit our Creators gift of this hug, I get to keep the original copy.  I get to “feel  the pleasure and privilege of hugging.



7 / Storm          1/ 1/ 07


Being present to the energy being presented to me this past week, a week where  my enthusiasm about moving had me be blind sided. 

Wanting to move to Cottonwood , being in the hub of this precious town.

There was so much juice when I received the key to the house on the 27th,

This house is over a hundred years old, it had been brought down from Jerome, {Jerome is an old copper mining town} 27th, getting stuff that had been left in the house out, clearing space.


28th,  we worked on removing a wall, by doing so, we increased the living space by 8 ft.  Gary created a beam that would go the length of the living room, being this was a bearing wall.  While Gary and Ayande worked on the beam, I was taking six layers of wall paper off the kitchen walls. Exposing exquisite wood, the wood was in perfect condition, being it had been covered for the past 100 years. 


I couldn’t get warm, I had four layers of clothes, and my jacket. Normally my body temperature runs warm, so this was out of my norm.  Gary asked if I were ok, being he knows that he’s the one that runs colder then I.  we worked on the house until dark.  So after 9 hrs, we left, knowing we would start early the next day, and the other part was having Spirit alone for so many hours, and now we have Maxie. 


29th,  the beam got put into  place, the kitchen was looking good, still needing much work.  I lined the shelves in the bathroom, {for a small house, the bathroom was big, with a claw foot tub}  scrubbing the tub, and the kitchen sink, the stains were ancient.


The gas man showed up, yeah,  heat, I was looking forward to having heat.

Nothing was up to code, NOTHING, it could take weeks, or months to get the house to code, the floors were uneven, it felt as though I were walking on a ship.  Cleaning up the rubble from the wall  all the paper in the kitchen, we left at 6 pm .  again,  Spirit and Maxie were alone in the house, Spirit is so used to having me or Gary be there, and I had told him I would be back early, I’m a person of my word, even to Spirit, the discomfort that runs through my body when I’m not my word, wow, there are times when it feels as though there’s a rod up my spine.


Stepping over the threshold on the Peacock Ranch house, I said, “thank you God for heat, thank you God for hot water.”  I’ve heard the expression, “chilled to the bone.”  Now I know what that means, I was frozen to the bone, walking into the bathroom, turning the hot water on, the voice asked, “What do you do when you’re cold?”  answer, “Get out of the cold.”

I knew in that moment that this house in Cottonwood didn’t want me to live in it.  The cold left my body as soon as this clarity came.


Gary , I can’t live in that house.”  Telling him the question and answer that showed itself to me, he looked at me,  I’m ok with this.” 

We had transferred the phone to Cottonwood , we hadn’t brought much over there, amazing, when ever I would look around, I wasn’t drawn to pack, all the signals were clear, it was my desire to make this move that had me continue until there was a brighter light of clarity that had me change directions.


30th,  Called Fred, he has a pick up truck, asking him to meet me over there to bring the eight boxes we had brought,  and being the phone was there, I called Claudette, {we rent this cottage from her} sharing my process with her, all of it, she hadn’t rented this,  yet,  {what a surprise}  saying we wanted to stay for at least another month, not a problem.


I called John, {the owner of the Cottonwood house} left a message that I would be here until 11.  the night before have a plethora of words that I was going to say to John, when he arrived, I greeted him with my happy smile, he asked how I was, fantastic, “We’re not going to move in.”  “Ok, I didn’t think you would like it here.” 


Fred’s truck was packed, Gary had to return a few things to Home Depot, we were meeting back HOME. 


We don’t have a phone, not until Tuesday, interesting not to have a phone.


31st. quiet day, nice, after days of physical labor, my body was grateful to have this down time, and to catch up on my correspondence, I hadn’t checked my email in four days.



1 / 1 / ’07                      GRACE ‘N’ EASE


Dream, walking along a path, looking down, all the bulbs were popping up out of the ground, spring was in the air, the trees were beginning their new cycle.    I have a new dream book, called  I HAD THE STRANSEST DREAM”

Written by  Kelly Sullivan Walden…. She’s a personal friend, part of our family,  we call her Goddess Kelly, you can get her book on line.

Anyway, this is what Spring is;  Dreams of spring represent new life, young love, starting over, a beginners’ mind, and innocence. You are inspired as you are realizing that you have a new lease on life.”  Well well, what a surprise!


Each new year, for the past 20 years or so, I would have a word that became my guiding force through out the year, this year,  its more then a single word,                            GRACE  ‘N’ EASE . . . . .  yes, grace ‘n’ ease.

                                     Feels good, content.


This 5th Day, will end on the 19th November,2007  our collective ‘light’ energy could emerge with such velocity, that there will many who will be so afraid, they will hang onto the shore, and as the Hopi say, they will suffer greatly.   As long as we stay clear, knowing what our purpose is, knowing that what we’re here for is to create OUR NEW WORLD, be aware there could be many more whom will be leaving, as Ian spoke about,  his statement, “They wouldn’t like where we are going anyway.”   


                              LOVE    IS    YOUR    FOUNDATION


                           Carry it with you, it’s your badge of honor. 


Blessings to all, as we know one another, we know who we are, we know why we’ve come, we’re in the lead wagon. Being a pioneer is the choice you made.





                The Illusion is set in place

                  The Yellow Brick Road will lead you to no where

                     Unless your wide wake, heart exposed, eyes open

                       Follow your intuition, you are your own guide


I believe that the way out of ‘this’ illusion’ is to recognize that you’ve been in it.  While sinking in quick sand, there’s no illusion, you are sinking, you can feel it pulling you under.  The illusion set by ‘the few’ created an insidious program for all of us, slowly they’ve hand fed us, repeating the same fraise over and over until it becomes your truth,  WMD, bring our troops in, protect the america’s. 


Until we recognize that we are on ONE planet, and we are ONE, this continued separation will remain. 


There’s enough of everything on our beautiful Mother Earth, for every man, women and child, the only reason for hunger is; greed, power, manipulation.


To stop this insidiousness, we, the collective ‘we’ must stand in ‘the’ truth, this truth is knowing that we are ONE, the boarders that are spoken about,  well, show me, show me where the boarder are, SHOW ME, I want to see them with my own eyes. 


The man behind the curtain can not be seen, he / they would NEVER expose themselves,  Bush is THE puppet, you know this, we’ve come this far, we’ve come to our own understanding of what’s ‘True’ and what the illusion is, we’re not allowing them to gather us, have us bay as the sheep they want us to be, submit to their lies. 




Until we stand out collectively, knowing who we are, ‘Light beings’

Galactic Citizens


We’ve witnessed what had happened to those who spoke the truth, without them we would still be in the stone age. 


Dr. Martin Luther King,  the Kennedy’s,  Malcolm X, the list goes on, you know them all.


Ian spoke truth’s, where is now?  All over the world, his voice is being heard,

David Icke,  being threatened won’t stop him, even the treats are an illusion.


Bryon Katie says;


“The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is.  All the stress that we feel is caused by arguing with what is.”


                                   Was Bush, elected, or SELECTED? 

No one in their ‘right’ mind would elect a moron to run our country.

Seems to me that all those who reside in their left mind are the one’s who want to continue the charade. 


The Ego mind,  E ~ edging     G ~ od    O ~ out


The ego is so full of itself that it can’t see beyond it’s nose.

Thinking it could never, NEVER be stopped.




 Lagging behind the crowd, following the pack of ‘sheep’, being lead to the ‘slaughter’ house.  Ok what’s next?




Remember when Dorothy threw the bucket of liquid on the wicked witch,

What happened?  She melted.  Weather it was fear that brought her the courage to stand up to ‘The wicked witch’ or personal power, ultimately the result come to be, standing up for oneself, knowing that who you are is a gift, and the gift from ‘source’ is the ultimate gift.



Mother Mary said;


“You are the miracle you have been seeking

you are the Heart you want to find

you are God’s gift to the world

you have been created as Divine

you are my heart, I am yours


there is nothing between the two, you are my beloved child


my gift to you . . . . . .  is you !”




                                              David Icke said;


“The plan to microchip everyone at birth is designed to externally suppress our ability to receive beyond the body – the box – because once we open our minds to greater possibility the power of the body programs is immediately diminished.”


This is why visionaries have always poised a treat and deemed dangerous. The authority’s won’t have you changing others minds for the sake of freedom. some ten million ‘witched’ were burned, stoned, for the sake of keeping power under the ‘one’ authority,  if you didn’t have a substantial explanation for your words, for knowing how to cure another, to fix a broken bone, then you were deemed a witch. 


The blood line won’t be broken !   or will it?   To date, we’ve allowed ‘them’ to rule ‘OUR’ world,  it’s time to stand tall, to stand as we’ve never stood before. 


As our collective gathers, we’re the ones that have a say in our lives.  It’s all choice,  how do you want your world to be?  What do you want, how do you want to live.  What is your interpretation of freedom? 




This is what the dictionary says;  

“1.   Quality or state of being free; as 

a.  Liberation from slavery, imprisonment, or restraint.  b. Exemption from necessity, in choice and actions; as the freedom of the will.   c.  Frankness; outspokenness.    2.   A privilege”. . .


So,  where’s your freedom?  Where’s your quality of life?  Can this way of life continue?  Not a Chinamens change in hell, not now, not the way we had been living, without us stepping up to the plate, having our voices being heard, we can expect the same ol’ same ol’. . .  Personally, this is not the way of our

New World .  Our New World is about    FREEDOM.    no worries about someone, big brother looking over our shoulder, listening to our conversations, tapping into our private lives. 


The true wealth of a human being is the good he performs in the world.  Beauty is eternity Looking at itself in the mirror.  But you are eternity and you are the mirror.”  

                                       Khalil Gibran






And the condor said to the Eagle:


Oh, how I love my time~worn trail of polished earth, hardened by shuffled step,

From garden wall to the sweet water spring,

A daily ritual that pleases the soul.


Oh the bench I made, no sturdier found,

I sit for hours smelling wild flowers and watching

Sparrows, wing on wind, fly to and home again.


Oh, how I love my mind to soar in my secret place.

To take the time to commune with Him that sent me

For purpose I long ago achieved.

My just reward lies here with nature, in harmony.


Let the world spin at full speed, throwing those not

one with it to the universe.

I will spend my days here in my beloved meadow,

Never regretting a day in the life of this thing called me.


With no regret of life in total, I am all that was, is and will

be.  I am the sum total.  And only the Grand Architect

Knows why I’ve come this way.


Find your meadow, wear your trail and

Regret not your life.

A moment in time.  A chance to be . . .


For this is Bliss, you see.


From one who

Shares the wind . . .  I am,

Eric C Wyndham


3 / Crocodile


My beloved sister in Hawaii had a severe heart attack. . .

For two week I hadn’t been able to reach her, there were times

when her phone was turned off, I was having a panic attack, feeling

totally helpless, she’s at the other side of the ocean.


I knew she hadn’t left her physical body, yet, not hearing from her,

my mind was working over time, at the end of the second week of silence

she wrote, this is when I heard about her challenge.  Knowing she wouldn’t

go to the hospital, she would handle her needs at home, her husband had

been given strict instructions, “under any circumstances, do not take me to

the hospital!”


It’s been another two weeks, no communication.


A week ago today,  9/ Jaguar, Source gave me instructions.


“You’ve been using her as your crutch, you are whole and complete,

there’s no-thing outside of you, nothing,  you have all the answers within.”


Watching my body relax for the first time in three weeks. Not even realizing how tense I had been, the rode ran the full length on my spine. 

These paradigm shifts are intense, the only avenue I take is to allow what ever there is to work it’s way through.


Knowing I’m being given more than I can handle, being I’m not the one to handle any of it, Source/God is always here, always guiding, protecting, honoring, loving.  Being the willow, the willow bends with the breeze, never ridged, relaxed in its position.  where the oak, the stubborn oak, the one that holds itself unbending, the one that cracks, falls, stubborn.

The willow is soft, malleable. Given I am always at choice, I choose the willow. 


Having friends ask me, “what are you going to do now?”

Tilting my head, wondering what language their speaking.

I’m not going any where, my entire being is in THIS moment.

Where else is there, from my perspective, there’s no past, no

future, there’s only this moment, anything else is an illusion.


I have my moments of sadness, after all this body is my ‘temple’,

To honor and protect at all costs. 


Speaking with Ian daily, he’s my comfort, lying in bed at night, that’s

When I feel him, my body vibrates, I know he’s here with me.


Our Mayan Majix family continues to grow, this too brings enormous

comfort to my soul.  


Gary and I are staying on at the ‘Peacock Ranch’,  this is my sanctuary,

I’m so grateful.  My beloved Spirit loves it here, he’s thriving, acting

like a puppy, running through the fields, romping, playing with Maxie,

what more would I ask for?


Mike, {our Magic Man that almost single handily} continues to give us

up to date info from around the world.  I say, almost, being Scott found

Mike, they have been creating more majix then ever.


Alex, {Ian’s son} and I have communicated a few times vie email.

He’s told me he’s doing well, I’ve sent him a few things that I knew

Ian wanted him to have.  I’ve invited him to come visit, in the spring

when it is the most spectacular time here. Hopefully he will take me

up on my invitation.  In case you’re wondering, he’s 18. 


I have a prayer request for our sister. That she regains her straight.

My fantasy and hers is for us to be able to ‘play’, be little girls in the

Sand Box of life.


Being grateful for one’s health is the only avenue to travel. Without

your health, what have you got?

26th Jan. ‘07


We would be celebrating Ian’s 58th birthday.  Even though he’s not in his physical body, I am celebrating the life he lives.


Here lies his legacy, one that is being followed on a daily basses by

Mayan Majix family all over the world.


I thank you, Ian thanks you, he is filled with gratitude, mondo appreciation. His dream has become a reality. All he wanted was for those who were awake to awaken on a grander scale from the illusion that had been set forth by ‘the powers’ that be.

Ian’s beacon will continue to shine, where there was once darkness a gust on intense light prevails. 


While living in Venice Beach California , back in the ‘80s, walking amongst people whom I referred to as, ‘The Walking Dead’


We’re walking a new path, creating newly each moment. Being in the lead wagon is truly the most exciting, we are the guides, those that are following entrusted their lives with us.


The ancient paradigm where all ending occurred by destruction is no longer part of our equation.  We’ve awakened from a slumber that started some

16 + billion years ago.


This piece came to me today, {no mistakes}  I didn’t write this:


“The life of a warrior cannot possible be cold and lonely and without feelings,” {don Genaro}  said, “because it is based on his affection, his devotion, his dedication to his beloved.  And who, you may ask, is his beloved?  I will show you now.”  {he spins above the ground} . . . “This is the predilection of two  warriors,”  {don Juan} said.  “This earth, this world. For a warrior there can be no greater love . . .   Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one’s sadness,  don Juan said.  “A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved, the earth, embraces him and bestows upon him inconceivable gifts.  The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their beings.”  Don Juan again caressed the ground with tenderness.  “This lovely being, which is alive to the last recesses and understands every feeling, soothed me, it cured me of my pains, and finally when I had fully understood my love for it, it taught me freedom.”

                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY
               M Y  B E L O V E D




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