Matty's Journal
October 2006

11 / Road  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  6ht Oct. ‘06


The storm came in last night, fierce winds, followed by torrential rain.

I giggled  as my inner child felt the immense joy that was being bestowed  upon me.


Wearing all white, feeling the angelic beings dancing with me as I  paraded through the grass towards the car,  my heart felt light, the smile on my face covered me from ear to ear.  Such joy there is in the moment of being~ness.


Hold fast loved ones, enjoy each moment, feel the love being gifted to you from source, granted there are moments when one could find upset, yet, when you look deeper, seeing that the creator gifted this moment to you, there’s no reason for upset,

Dance in the magic, dance as if no one is watching.  Sing, play, gather what it is that brings you joy.


Love is always there, love is the foundation of all that resides for our world, to be what we dream of, to witness this, is our birthright, choice, is our birthright.


Sharing love, giving and receiving love, these are our birthright.


The phrase, ‘Round and Round She goes, When She stops nobody knows’ . . .  Playing roulette, watching the ball, feeling the blood rushing through my veins, praying for the ball to drop into the number I’ve placed my bet on, holding my breath, when the ball finally stops, taking that deep breath, smiling, as the croupier passes chips over to me, hearing him say, ‘A winner, here’s the winner.’ 


Life, just the same, watching the ball roll around, finding oneself stressed or comfortable, the choice is ALWAYS there, it’s up to you to choose where you want to put your energy {bet}.  Watch it, be with it, know that which ever one is chosen, that is the one you will receive.  There’s no problem, ever, if you choose it to be a problem, then of course it will become that. 


In seeing the equation, you will automatically know the answer, if you hadn’t found the answer, it might be that you are in your own way, blocking your clear pathway towards the solution.

Our intuition is the clearest guide, Ian would say, “the first answer is usually the right one” when the mind wants to second guess you, well, you know from your own experience what the outcome is.


  What a wild day, pouring rain through the night, into the morning hours, sunshine through the day, then at a little after three, the rains came pouring down once again. It’s absolutely delightful, the front door is open, smelling the air, peacocks hanging out under the eaves.  What a hoot.


I make, wild rice with sautéed onions, walnut pieces, vegan refried beans,  crunched up tortilla chips on the bottom of the bowl, then the beans, rice next, red leaf butter lettuce, cucumbers sliced really thin, some kind of concoction I made for the dressing, and a half of an avocado sitting on top of it all.

Sooo good.  Never know what’s comin when I’m board.


Playing international backgammon. Cracks me up when I’m winning, whom ever is playing will leave the game.  Not always,




Raising children, Peacock fashion


Every day Momma Peacock teaches baby something new,

Finding food, making sure there’s water near by.


The first week, sleeping in the spot where the egg was

hatched.  Showing her baby her surroundings, talking to her, there’s a knowing that words would be obtrusive, their

instincts hadn’t ever failed them.


Today was about ‘tree climbing’ , first finding the center point,

Having baby look where momma is looking, momma jumps about three feet up.  Baby isn’t sure about this, yet, when momma gives the signal, baby jumps to be next to momma.


Each day the ‘climbing’ lessons continue, higher they go. At the end of the week, baby is up at the top of the tree where the entire family sleeps. {right outside my bedroom window}


When we had a storm, the momma gathered her baby, tucked her under her wing, they slept under a large bush, safe from the storm.


Baby was born on the 20th June, ’06 .  on the 13th of Oct. baby was crying, I went out to see what was going on, I’ve heard this cry before, the cry is,  Momma, where are you.’….

13th Oct. ’06 ,  Baby is running around crying, looking all over for momma, it seemed like hours, finally baby stopped crying. Momma still hadn’t shown up.


Today’s lesson.  Fend for yourself. Momma vanished, the entire day was about baby finding it’s own way with out the crutch of momma.

Next day momma shows up, baby is no worse for wear.

Two days later, baby is alone once again, this time, no cry,

Baby is being with her surroundings, being a part of the pack.


So, I’m sitting creating a new Majix Broom, thinking about how the peacocks teach their young. How being independent is their one objective, and of course keeping them safe.


Looking Into My Life


Seeing how I created dependency instead of independency.

Not that  its a bad thing. Recognizing the difference between species, I joke about us, {humans} that we’re supposed to be the superior beings,  personally, the joke is on me.  {and you if you want to take it on} 


The love that I receive from the four legged, two legged, and the winged ones. It’s the best, they don’t  harp at me, tell me I’m wrong for how I live my life.  Their love is pure, they don’t ask for anything in return, they don’t care that I didn’t get them something for their birthday, or holiday.  They LOVE. It’s the most blessed feeling ever. 


Watching the evolution of my consciousness, what a hoot, I’m so clear now that what I can count on is CHANGE, and ALLOWING.

With that there’s no~thing that gets in the way of keeping my

‘Love foundation’ clear of any shmutz {Yiddish word for dirt} that gets put on my foundation.


Well, thanks for listening. Back to making my Majix Broom.


Thursday was the last of our local farmers market,  I’ve been going almost every week, last week is when we had the storm so, the decision was made to have one more week.


I went with my Majix Broom, and two of them found new homes, I’m grateful because I get to make more. Anyway, I made a sign.


              F R E E      H U G S


The band was great, I was dancing with my sign, taking it over my head, someone would come over for a hug, it was the best.

This one guy, wow, when we parted after about 45 / 60 sec. said,

wow, you are so centered, I feel so grounded, thank you so much.”   Cool. So, now I keep my sign in the car.


I also had my sign at a gathering a couple of weeks ago, when I first put it up, 6 teenagers stood in line for a hug. 


                            I            LO VE            IT







Matty at the Page Springs Peacock Ranch

baby Peahen


New Arrival - Baby Peahen

Matty Peacocks